Aoi Bungaku – Run, Melos


I was completely speechless after watching this arc. If I’ll score it up to 10, I’ll give it a 20/10.

WOW. This arc was just beyond fantastic, amazing, superb, phenomenal, etc. This arc was just powerful, not to mention it keeps up with awesome animation/visuals, music and direction. I was eagerly waiting for darn subs that’s why it took a while for me to watch but it was damn worth it! The dialogues are just complex so it’s understandable about the delay. The voice acting was also superb at best! Everything is just awesome it’s like I’m watching some real film on a cinema.

What I’m gonna say about the visuals is that it just can’t get any more excellent. Amazing use of lighting. There are also cherry blossoms falling everywhere. Not really as much eye-candy as the second arc, but it was still amazing in terms of character movements and many more aspects. Everything is just well-executed. The fight scene happening from the stage play to Takada’s desk while he’s writing the story was really creatively done.

And then the story, at first I got surprised about the BL vibes it got me from the start. I would just going to pass it for kanzie to blog (since that and shoujo are mostly stuff I obviously keep away from), but I tried to open my mind and just go on with it, and it really wasn’t like that at all.

The story being told in two perspectives at the same time was just AMAZING. The first perspective is actually about the play itself. It turns out to be the actual outcome or product of the playwright (Takada). We have Melos, a Greek country man who’s under arrest by the King. Melos only has three days given to him to go on his sister’s wedding, or else his friend Selinentius will be killed, as he is taken hostage. The other perspective is from the writer Takada himself, who finds himself getting related with the story and it brought back memories of him with his friend, Joshima. It’s all genuine friendship that turned to be thought as betrayal. It’s just because Joshima invited Takada for the two of them to travel to Tokyo, but Joshima broke his promise. Takada really lost trust with his friend, and just went on angsting throughout making his play. Turns out that Joshima actually is dying already. It wraps up really well that Takada’s work was successful in the end, and the ending was actually the first scene in the arc.

I really like the tagline about if which is more painful between the person who waits, or the person who keeps him waiting. Shows how you can say something so easily, but it can be hard to put it on action.

Overall, what a powerful arc for an already-powerful anime. Aoi Bungaku is definitely keeping it up with amazing quality both in animation and in substance. A truly must-watch because it’s a shame if you’re missing it. The next and last episodes (to be blogged by kanzie) would be The Spider’s Thread, followed by Hell’s Screen,  in a double-episode special again this December 26.

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7 Responses to “Aoi Bungaku – Run, Melos”

  1. Dop says:

    That was absolutely brilliant, I think it’s the best story from the series so far.

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    I was speechless after watching this one. jajaja
    This was just AMAAAAAZING :thumb:

  3. Yumeka says:

    Agreed, this was a great arc. I also liked how it would shift between the play and the real story. I just wish it wasn’t so vague about why Joshima broke his promise. Did he just find out about his illness on the day he was going to meet Takada? Couldn’t he have told him?

  4. Mu says:

    I loved “Mouryo no Hako”, I love “Hashire, Melos!”

    Nakamura Ryousuke is a damn genius.

  5. issa-sa says:

    Now I know why Run, Melos was tagged as ‘BL’ in Seitoukai no Ichizon.

    Jokes aside, really well executed arc (and it absolutely helped that I got to hear Seki Tomokazu as Joushima after what seemed like ages!)

  6. HerrySis says:

    Bl desu ne? :freeze2:

  7. MrSweetF says:

    ‘Xcuse me, but were did you watch that anim please? I can’t find it!! T.T
    And it looks so cool, I do want to watch it! ^^

    ( excuse me if I made few mistakes, I’m french so… but if the site where you watched the anim the subtitles are in english, it doesn’t matter =D )

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