Umineko Character Song CD 2 – Beatrice… and oh, George too.

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Character Song Single Vol. 2: Beatrice (CV: Sayaka Ohara) …and someone who’s unfound anywhere in the CD. Poor George (CV: Kenichi Suzumura) :/ lol

First of all, here’s a huge ‘F* U!!!‘ to DEEN for this stupid pairing idea for a character single release. What the hell was that?! Beato is definitely STUNNING on the cover but still, I don’t know if I should lol or feel bad for George not found anywhere on the CD packaging xD. Is there some hidden hate from DEEN to him? xDD;

Anyway, I find both songs alright. Nothing really supercali-awesome about them. Beatrice’s is instant love because well, she’s Beato-sama~ I love how it sounds very soft and just lovely. On the other side, George sounds like he’s orgasmic and hung-over at the same time on his song. The first time I heard it, I fell on my chair laughing xDD; …especially on the last parts of the song O__O;

Both songs are fine. Nothing special about it and worth looping a thousands times for me. Give me Kanon chara song nao pl0x, or Battler/Ronove paired in one chara single to continue this traditional DEEN crack pairings xDD;


01 – Chain
02 – Declaration of Love
03 – Magical Fight for Beatrice’s Love
04 – Chain [off vocal]
05 – Declaration of Love [off vocal]
-with scans-


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13 Responses to “Umineko Character Song CD 2 – Beatrice… and oh, George too.”

  1. Marion says:

    The reason they probably paired the two up was because they might have been worried George’s song wouldn’t have been publicized as well with someone else like Shannon for example – thus they paired him with a more popular character. Besides the lead always gets their song last.

  2. Yanki says:

    Thanks for the download!
    and f*ck you DEEN :ehh:

  3. Faer1edust says:

    Wooh~ I’ve been looking for this one to download! Thanks for sharing. 😉

    I listened to them online before and I like George’s song so much~ It’s crack :15:

  4. R says:

    Thanks for sharing, though it’d be nice if it was uploaded on Mediafire ^^

    • kanzeon says:

      I was uploading on MediaFire before until it becomes an a$$hole. It seems like they’re pushing malwares into others’ computers :/

  5. Silvering says:

    I’m really looking forward to the Dr. Nanjo and Gouda characters songs, which are the next to be released. Delicious, smoky Gouda.

  6. LOLDEENXDDDD maybe they use some lottery to decided who paired with who. I like George’s song, its so WIN XDDD Beato on the other hand is just so-so, where’s the maniacal laugh?

  7. beato says:

    Frontier Works is in charge of the character song CDs, not DEEN.

    Yes, there are usually multiple companies involved in a franchise. What a concept!

  8. hika says:

    Really, Beatrice’s song is awesomely cool.
    And George…poor George. Poor Suzumura…

  9. Bluehimitsu says:

    Ahaha! Somehow I think Beato will lead this CD to a landslide? Or probably not? XD” But really I was missing her madman laugh!

    And instead they gave George the laugh. D:< Oh well, I still like both of their songs, its just that I like Beato's more. And poor George…… His not in the cover. D:

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