Aoi Bungaku – 5-6 (Sakura no Mori)


Heads will roll once Nana Mizuki sings, literally.

I’ll be the one to handle this arc of Aoi Bungaku, “In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom” /”Sakura no Mori no blahblah long mouthful title so I’ll just go with Sakura no Mori”… This is a full wrap-up of the two episode-arc in one post anyway, so Tsui will be back again next week to cover the next arc, “Kokoro”.


The first arc was really good, but that’s not to say that the next one following it can’t be impressive as well. Aoi Bungaku pulls off another awesome arc with this one. It’s started off with a really enjoyable comedy romp, then gets on with something really crazy awesome later on, with a touch of male-female relationship and traditional roles.

OP-esque part-OMGOMGNANASAMAAA!!! (with extremely annoying HUGE subs ftl):


Our main character for this arc is Shirimaru, a bandit with his signature line “I may be a bandit, but I’m a nice bandit”, and makes his victims take off their clothes. Even though he’s very manly, muscular, scary and all, there’s something that scares him so much, and that’s the Sakura tree. Once he saw cherry blossoms and had a hallucination about them bleeding, he runs and goes home with his robbings, and hunted animals for food to his wives (yes, plural).


Shirimaru has lots of wives, with different characteristics xD. Everyone is funny AND looks funny. I lol’d so much at the blonde wife that speaks ‘English’ xDDl;


The glasses wife is dumb for letting the boar live, even though that thing is going to be their food. Lots of comedy starting off this show xD;


Where can you find a mountain man with bubble gum?


Where can you find a mountain man listening to iPod? xDD;


Shirimaru encounters a maiden and her servants. He kills th servants… Yay for violence!



She’s Akiko, a maiden from the city. Nana Mizuki is her seiyuu, so that should be taken note of. Later on you’ll know why~


Shirimaru already asks Akiko to be his wife. Lol so fast. We get to see that Akiko is quite spoiled already, as Shirimaru always obeys and carries her.


Akiko’s lolface seeing Shirimaru’s wives once he takes her to his home.


WOW. Akiko commands Shirimaru to kill his wives! Shirimaru can’t decline though since he’s head over heels for her already. So let the killings begin~!


OMG!!! YAY!!! Nana Mizuki is singing!!! Gawd, can’t this arc get any more awesome with the art direction?! Nana Mizuki singing in a background of bloody massacre?? Woot~


Wife got her head cut off, then it’s now animated to look doll-like now, since real heads would be pretty disturbing lol.


Shirimaru is killing his wives one by one while Nana Mizuki sings along and makes it a musical xDD. The megane-loli was kept alive though, since Akiko thought she could be her maid.


Akiko singing beside the heads of Shirimaru’s dead wives O___O


Wives are dead, his harem already got killed off in ajust a single episode. Akiko can now be happy~


Creepy look


Chibi-cpoiled-cute Akiko mode xDD; Akiko wants to be in the city instead, and of course Shirimaru will obey her. Btw, Nana Mizuki is really bringing the ‘it’ to Akiko, awesome job playing this spoiled yet sinister wife!! *bows*


~City~ *episode 2 start*


Akiko is still spoiled as ever xDD;


That was creepy for Akiko to ask for heads of people. She’s asking heads of different persons, from hated people, priests, etc. But Shirimaru still can’t disobey her because is a woman. And females always get what we want ;3


Heads O___O


Akiko treats them like dolls, it’s scary and twisted!! Btw, here’s another musical part. (YAY @ Nana Mizuki singing a lot!)


So pretty!! But freaky as well with the fact that it’s from a dead human head O_O.


Akiko really has an extravagant head collection~ WEIRD hobby.


Kissy-kissy~ Lol she plays with them like dolls xDD;




OMG @ the anime for still making it less disturbing and making the human body parts look like mannequins. But still, bloody awesome~


Hey dude, you dropped your eyeball.


Hell wife. Picture is self-explanatory.


Akiko is really crazy xDD; But it’s really funny how enthusiastic she is. Even saying words like ‘moe’ and stuff (LOL even when the ‘moe’ word isn’t invented yet at that time xD) Nana Mizuki is really doing a freaking awesome job with her character to the core, well, as usual~


Shirimaru says he doesn’t want to give her heads anymore and says he wants to go back into the mountains where he feels he belongs.






*uses moe-moe powers*


Shirimaru can’t resist xD; but they made up though. So sweet~ Akiko finally gave up her head-collecting hobby and decided to go with Shirimaru on the mountains.


When you thought it’s already a happy ending…


Akiko turns out to be a demon, who kills him. But at the moment, Shirimaru is also furious as well. Sakura scares him a lot, plus he’s fighting a demon. Freaky scene!!! The demon switches to Akiko’s human face while being choked to death by Shirimaru too and it’s really freaky!


WTF??? After that, we find Shirimaru lying on the sakura, with long hair, and it looked like he’s the one who got strangled to death. Did everything was just a hallucination to him, and he ended up killing himself because of loneliness? I’m totally mindscrewed in this moment.

And that’s it for the second arc of Aoi Bungaku. They tried to be more experimental with this one and I personally liked it more than the first arc because this definitely had a good balance of comedy, romance, violence, twistedness and Nana Mizuki <33

If this is already a mindfuck, then I’m really excited what the rest of this series could offer. Btw, that’s it for me blogging this arc ^^. Tsui will cover this show again on Aoi Bungaku’s 3rd story, “Kokoro”.

>> Screencap Gallery
Huge screencap gallery ahead for two episodes.


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