Letter Bee – 03


Packages doesn’t need to put on underwear, but Niche needs an exception -__-;;


Five years already passed since Gauche delivered Lag to his aunt, and now Lag has grown quite a bit and aims to become a Letter Bee just to meet Gauche again and find his mother too.

Uwaaaaah~ T^T I miss Gauche already T__T. Yeah, there’s no Gauche in this episode. Probably the thing this one will be focusing on the meantime would be Lag Seeing first and how he can be a Letter Bee. Exams are ahead, and I bet all the five years that passed by only had Lag training and studying to become one.


Yeah, hooray~ We finally get to see Niche! Well, she’s still unnamed at the moment though. She’s also a package, and that’s why Lag sees himself in her and wants to help her as well just like how Gauche did to him. Yep that’s nice~ Pay forward the good deed, Laggy ^^. OMG @ her eyes O____O!!! They’re so eerie yet stunning~ She’s like a kitty with those eyes ^^.


Maka, Jenny Carol, Susan, Elizabeth, Kerry, Jinmei, Abbey… LOL @ how this girl introduces herself xD.

Niche’s seiyuu is Ayumi Fujimura, which also plays Cecily Campbell in The Sacred Blacksmith, another show airing this season. I really like how she voices Niche! OMG she’s doing an awesome job on her~


>.>… She doesn’t wear panties. lol. Lag Seeing is getting a view there xD.


I just love blushing in my anime~


Lag Seeing, you are the very first man to make her wear underwear! xDDD



So this episode only covered like, half of a single chapter (Ch 2) of the manga. The pacing in this show is just weird tbh, but it’s totally enjoyable that I wouldn’t mind it so much ^^. It just felt like time flew by fast when watching this show. Are they really sure this isn’t some 10-minute show? xDD.

This episode is very cute yet again. Lag and Niche’s first meeting is totally interesting. So Lag now finally has a companion, or a Dingo, but the case it that it is a human. I’m excited to see more of fun interactions between Lag and Niche now~ Can’t wait for next episode ^^.

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6 Responses to “Letter Bee – 03”

  1. Ani_San says:

    Omg, I waited all week for the next epsiode of Tegami bachi and I wasn’t disappointed! This was just so sweet and omg, soooo many cute scenes XD Loved seeing Lag blush and that line where Niche says he’s the first man to make her wear underwear. That just like killed me XD Peeps were staring at me funny for laughing so loud o_0. can’t wait to see what happens next! Also can’t wait to see more Gaughe *clings to him* lol XD. I originally started watching it just because I read up that Fukuyama Jun was gonna be in it; but now I just love it anyways 😀 not normally the type of anime I’d give a try, but so glad I did 😀

  2. This episode has been so cute but lack of Gauche will always be low when it comes to awesomeness for me. Haha!

  3. warriorhope says:

    Niche is adorable, and lives up to the ideals of awesome tsun-tsun girls.

    (BTW NichexLag y/y?)

  4. Xiao says:

    OH gawd, Niche~! <333
    This whole episode was made awesome just because of her.

    Kyaha~, I really love Ayumi Fujimura's acting as well. Even though her voice sometimes remind me of Rie Kugimiya's flat tone, it's better cuz it's not full of annoying tsundere "URUSAI!URUSAI!URUSAI!"
    And the blushing is indeed cute. <3

    Ah, gotta get around to reading the manga WTF is chapter 1 120 pages long?! D8 but hope we get an explanation of what Niche actually is soon. Whatever, she’d make an awesome Dingo, nonetheless, haha. XD

  5. Aw, reading this makes me want to start the anime so much more. Anyways, totally cute scene. Both of them are just adorable. >w< I already have an urge to ship them already. XDD

  6. Melanie says:

    this is so cute~~

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