Umineko no Naku Koro ni: II-VI


Warning because I’m spamming gifs like crazy in this post.


We continue on from the previous episode where George and Shannon were struggling to open up the box, while Beatrice and her goats are cornering them. So we have Shannon showing powers as well just like her brother Kanon before. This time, she gets her powers from the magic mirror thing George got from the box, which was finally opened. So yup~ Mahou Shoujo Meido Tiem now XD.


Beatrice summons Kanon looking hawt as ever when evil~ just like he’s simply one of her Pokemons lol.


Err… Belive it or not, Shannon’s magic comes from the repelling mirror, not her boobs.


Pssh~ Like the power of LUV would ever work for the fierce Beatoriche-sama~~~ And I really don’t like the George x Shannon pairing much because they just looks like a couple who only wants to sleep with each other everytime until they get impotent >.>… And how dare Shannon for pitying Beatoriche-sama!! D:< Ok, Beatoriche-sama, kill these two nao~ >8DDD


Bai bai~!! Btw, too bad that there’s no stake girls being shown in here though T^T…


After Genji finding the corpses of Nanjo and Kumasawa outside of the mansion, and letting Battler and Rosa know about it, They also encountered bloody marks in the door of Natsuhi’s room, wherein there’s dead Gohda, George and Shannon there. So far now, we have the final five of this arc: Genji, Rosa, Maria, Kinzou and Battler.

Meanwhile, Battler finds a letter,but when Rosa saw him reading it, she already accused him because he could be a wolf for placing the letter there. Rosa and Battler are now fighting because they accuse each other of the murders, while a crying Maria stops them and tells that it’s no one’s fault between them, because the awesome Beatrice is behind everything.


I actually like Maria in this episode because she just balances the d’aww moments with her and the freaky faces.


And about Genji, can’t blame why Rosa’s suspicious of him. I would be as well too. Besides from him always being on the scene of the crime, now he’s inviting Battler over Beatrice and acting like another one of her assistants.


Definitely one of the highlights on this episode: NEKKID BATTLER.


Lol epic Engrish. Bern-chan is just pure win.


Lol when Beatrice is showing off Battler like a pet. Too bad Bern doesn’t easily get jealous of Beato’s weird hobby XD.




And here’s a gif with nekkid slave Battler getting pulled by Beatoriche (yeah, I intentionally paused the last frame because Battler’s face was just epic lulz).


Oh god I’m shipping them more and more looking at this frame XD. Dominatrix-fierce-witch x Slave FTW.


I hope there’s gonna be a more wider-screen version of this because Battler just has the smexiest ass of the season XD.


Err… Battler got mass raep’d by everyone. The end? XDD… *SHOT*


And speaking of raep~ (god this post gets weirder and weirder..)



Haha, so yeah~ She’s now my official favorite out of the parents there. Battler’s father comes a close second because he’s hot though, while Eva’s down to third XP.

So anyway, HELL F*CK YEA for gunslinger mom!!!


I was totally cheering for Rosa beating the hell out of the goats! GO ROSA!!!




But oh wait~ Looks like Beatrice got irritated on how Rosa’s been stealing the spotlight so in a FIERCE! snap of all ages, she had Rosa in her hands and made a very “special” buffet for her, Rokkenjima style.


IT’S AN ALL-STAR DISH SPECIAL!!! But literally, that felt like Fear Factor meets Cannibalism for a second there XD. Poor Rosa T_T I know you’re on a strict diet…

But probably the best dish of all…


TA-DA~!!! It’s Horie Yui ‘ala loli on a platter deluxe!!


OMG I absolutely love Maria in this scene!!! Probably the only few moments where her distorted faces get to work so well in a situation~


Haha~ More disturbing Maria head gif spamming for you, since I know you like it XD.


ROFLMAO. Well, I know Rosa talks a lot but she liteally don’t have that big of a mouth to fit in that brat’s head at once XD. It would have been bette to see Maria’s head getting chopped to pieces while Rosa indulges in them (ok, puke now…)

“IT’S PERFECTO~!” -> Beatrice…


But when we thought everything ends and Maria gets eaten, Battler is BACK!!! Yaaay~ And he does not give up yet (in Meta form).

And also: “Slice up your cow tits of yours and make me a sandwich” part had me laughing XD! Lol this episode has so much epic lines.


Oh lookie~!! The showdown is still on!!! Haha hell yeah, I gotta love the awesomeness of Beatrice and Battler (and the chemistry! XD). Well of course it wouldn’t be over, or else this show is one… lol.


Then the second round is over!!! And we have Beatrice and Bern in the white room again having tea. Bern this time shows a very competitive side, and it seems like she’s siding on Battler. Bitch, get enlightened because Beato will own~. But anyway, a new witch appears and it seems like she’s gonna be Beato’s ally.


Lambdabadabaldabaldelta Lambdadelta makes an appearance!!! …only for a second. Kinda like, “Hi I’m Lambda, bitch~ Bye!”. Lol.


That was a very crazy episode! Yep~ I guess crazy’s the word since I can’t really tell if it’s good technically anyway but it’s sure damn amusing XDD. Looks like they’re finally taking the disturbing element of the show in a new level. If that would happen to be true, then I would be very excited for the upcoming arcs and what would they show next ^^.

The pacing is very fast and it’s just… a hot mess. Maybe because of all the slowdown of the previous episode, this felt like they splurged out everything that’s left in here only lol.

And that’s probably it, I would probably edit/add more on Monday since I won’t be able to blog anything until Sunday/Monday because we have a Cheerleading Competition to face on Sunday now and we’re giving it all out on the practices. So yeah, Tsui will probably be the one in charge of the blog at the meantime. Please wish our team the best of luck! ^^.

Preview for episode 12 [III-I] – castling


With all the new characters and their seiyuu, I just feel like making a really lame seiyuu joke XD.


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10 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni: II-VI”

  1. Eri says:

    OMG I made this Maria rape .gif too ;p And the one with Maria’s lalala~ on the plate

  2. Xiao says:

    I felt let down so much by Shannon’s magic, or her way of dispelling it anyways. Sure, Shannon is meant more for defense than offense but she just stands there and activates it when George breaks open the box. And she’s third-ranked servant? Pfft! Too bad Gohda went byebye before he could usurp her. 😛

    And I was so cheering Beato-sama on because her sap speech annoyed me to no end. Unfortunately, the eien love you speak of doesn’t apply to a little measly little wench who had to rely on someone else’s MAGIC to get you together with your man. Then she had to nerve to be ungrateful and not bow down and kiss Beato-sama’s feet and call her benefactor “pitiful”! Know your place, you wench! *bitchslap emoticon here*

    Feh, was really ticked off with the delivery of her lines, too. I mean, Rie Kugimiya can do so much better than that. Shannon’s voice fell very flat, had barely any support behind that “Yurusenai!” and then switching to useless moe blob “I’m sorry, George-san…please tell me you love me…”
    This George also pretty much sucked. 😛

    I wanted to see the Stakes! *tantrum* >A<

    Genji is like the perfecto furniture for his immediate obedience. :3

    Bern-tan having her own goat mask = WIN. 8D

    And woot! HELLYEA for Beato making an entrance. “‘Sup, minions! Look at my new man-bitch and his sexy ass!” XDDDDDD

    On Rosa, she went up to the same crazy-gun pointing level as Natsuhi (maybe even more) but made up at it for the end with the gold-smacking and OMG! She actually shot a goat! 8DD
    And d’aww indeed for Rosa-mama and daughty moment. <3

    Lol, and it gets even better with the family dinner. xDDDD
    Effin’ freaky and grotesque! Beato, such a great hostess. :thumb:

    Looks like meta-Battler is getting the hang of that dimension.


    OMG, BATTLER~ :kyaa2:

    And woot, the witch gang’s almost all here! :oha:
    lol Lamda looks adorably bratty and yay for the preview! Chibi-Beato~!!! :aww:
    I hope they keep this fast-pace up but don’t let it get too much out of hand. I had to watch this ep a second time to really let the confusion wear off.

    And good luck to you and your team in the competiton! Woot! Go kanzie! :cheer:

  3. TJ says:

    LOL love the gifs. It was such a bizarre episode. I wonder if anything will be ever be resolved in this show.

  4. maya-nee says:

    George x Shannon pairing much because they just looks like a couple who only wants to sleep with each other everytime until they get impotent

    We think the same. But i only think more of it in anime.

    Maria’s gifs were totally amazing ^^ especially the one with her rolling face

    Slice up your cow tits of yours and make me a sandwich


    Yay! for 34 even she only got a second in the episode.

    CHIBI BEATO!!!!!!!!

    OMG! they better not messed up in this arc or else!

  5. Bill says:

    I love Lambda…

  6. Faer1edust says:

    I kinda don’t like George x Shannon as well compared to Jess x Kanon >.>… George is an ass while Shannon is irritating. Boo! I kinda cheered for Beato while she’s pwning them to death. Nuu~ I would have want to see stakes too >__<

    GENJI LOVE <33 Lmao~ Idk, I just like Genji… He's kinda suspicious but yup~ I love mysterious butlers XD.

    NOOOWD BATTLER :blush2: :nosebleeds: :haha: … Err well that sums me up seeing it. I kinda feel bad for him getting mass raped killed but yay for him coming back later on~

    UMG Rosa is pure awesomeness!!! And I also like Maria in this episode!! I totally d’awwww-d in their scene because after all the psycho-ness both of them has (lol), Maria still loves her mom~ D’aww…

    Lol and eww @ the buffet XDD. :red: Kinda felt bad for Rosa… but LOL at the Maria head though XDD. I love her expressions!! Kinda creepy but win~

    Roflmao!!! So much epic lines in this episode indeed! Battler’s “cow tits” line was just pure gold XDD.

    Lambda is soooo cute!!! I want to see more of her, hope she gets more screentime and not just 15 seconds of fame like what happened in this episode lolz.

  7. Ashley says:

    I’m not even gonna lie, I totally want Battler to PWN Beato….

  8. meteorhouse62 says:

    Beato’s dishes were awesome XD.
    Yeah, the pacing was a mess, but it still wins over entertainment factor.

  9. LuluChan92 says:

    LOL, now that I’ve read yours and my bro’s post, I can’t make one myself ’cause you’ve both done such an excellent job! *jealousy*!!!

    Thanks Beato for killing Shannon and George, they really irritate me sometimes, so they deserve it, especially that ungrateful bitch! :rage:

    Great mom Rosa made up for all her bitchy moments with mom-daughter interaction! :thumb:

    Battler gets the smexiest butt’s prize today! Too bad he gets ripped into pieces so quickly… And Bernkastel-sama HER AWESOMENESS! :kyaa2:

    After the mom-daughter interaction, Rosa finds herself in Beato’s high standard cuisine restaurant! Poor Rosie… But wait, what did Maria’s head-dessert said there? Mama had fun with many males, it seems… :freeze2: Didn’t see that coming, congrats, mama Rosa! :thumb:

    And while Beato laughts her ass out for her win… OOPS “Slice up these cow tits of yours and make me a sandwich”! Battler makes his unexpected appearance (he, he, he, since he teams up with Bern Her Awesomeness, I want him to win)! LOLZ for Beato’s face and their very good chemistry with Batto(why don’t they make out, those two, they really need it, after all (ha, ha, ha)! :XD:

    LambdaDelta’s such a brat! But bratty kids are fun, so welcome, bitch! What? You go with Beato’s side? What a shame…

  10. Auntie Heng says:

    wow!!! so many reasons for me to pick up this series again!! Nekkid Battler and raped Maria.. Can’t find another reasong to NOT watch it!! LOL!! fantabulous posts with all the EPIC gifs!!! ^___^

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