Maiden Rose OVA: 01 – Butt Bleeds, Stop Nao.

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9 Responses to “Maiden Rose OVA: 01 – Butt Bleeds, Stop Nao.”

  1. Dryad says:

    I LOVE the manga to bits and I glad it turned into an anime :kyaa: . The chibi part looks so cute!!! And of course, the smecks are so hott :blush:

  2. masquerade5 says:

    Nice and funny review you got here. Taki didn’t literally died though, but I lol’d so much because it’s the OVA’s fault for making it confusing.

    But it is still overall HOT :kyaa: I’ve read the manga and trust me, the manga is miles better than this adaptation. This quite does no justice to the mangaka. And Klaus looked better there.

    I love the h scenes tho :nosebleeds: , so that part did not quite disappoint me. 😉

  3. cinderbird says:

    I seriously feel that I need to watch this one like now.

  4. […] kanzeon, now that I’ve got my cheesy WTFBBQ buttsecks ‘fix’ for the season, I can stop […]

  5. Auntie Heng says:

    :runs: :runs: :runs:
    thanks for blogging this one… the h scenes are indeed smutty..
    they left out one short bathroom smut scene from the anime adaptation ..


    :blush2: :blush2:

  6. Michelle says:

    THE BEST REVIEW I HAVE READ! 😀 I LOVE YOU. LOL. But really, we pretty much share the same consents about this OVA.

  7. mukyyaaaa says:

    i love this manga so much…i have seen short of this ova and i love the voice of kazuhiko inoue…he can potray so many character….love the story… :thumb:

  8. MochiMochi!!! says:

    I had to watch this!!! :kyaa2: I love your review. LMAO :haha: it was funny. b-but did Taki really die? :baww2: nu!!!!! :huhu: because that was a little bit too much blood while buttsecks. :red:

    ehhhh!! but it was amazing :blush2:

    Taki :aww:

  9. Paula says:

    LOL, great review! I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding Taki’s voice, in fact, I lowered the volume during the sex scenes because it was so fff annoying ¬¬ Chiba Susumu DOES NOT make a good uke, period. Kazuhiko Inoue was fantastic though.
    As for the adapt, they tastefully left out a scene that takes place in the shower (right before the bed) that is downright painful to watch, wich I’m grateful for. Still, it doesn’t make the manga justice, as it’s simply excellent.
    A word on the second ova (which I assume you’d have watched by now): it’s miles away from this one, both in quality and plot. If you haven’t watched it, don’t. Go read the manga and leave it there.

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