Maiden Rose OVA: 01 – Butt Bleeds, Stop Nao.


Yaoi + Valkyria Chronicles + Annoying shoutas + Some butt bleeding + a cute extra in the end is = this OVA.

[WARNING: YAOI. Not safe for work, or whatever you call it xD]

I haven’t read the manga yet, though I’ve heard a lot saying that it’s good. So I’ll be taking the route of watching this OVA first then check the manga if I’ll be interested.


Taki and Klaus are two soldiers from warring countries. They’re bound to be pledged as master and servant. Klaus has sworn his loyalty to him as his knight.


First look at the characters, there’s Taki Reizen, who seems to look the part of the uke already with his soft features and beauty. And his partner is Klaus, who swore to him to be his knight. My only qualm about Klaus’ s design is that I’m not a fan of his square jaw -__-. It doesn’t look gorgeous on him.


This flashback is probably where Klaus had pledged to Taki that he’ll be his knight.  On to their relationship, Klaus seems to be Taki’s secret “master”.


:nosebleeds: …And here’s the first smut scene. Poor Taki, because he seems to be the one who’s punished by his own knight T__T. Plus his look is also too pretty that I go “awwww T__T” when he gets did hard by Klaus. The smut is… smutty of course and this doesn’t disappoint when you’re looking for one XD lol.


So yeah, I’ll say it again and Taki is so gorgeous. There are some instances where his hair gets in the way of his eyes and it looks pretty distracting but with this emo shots, he’s gorgeous ^^.


And we’re getting to the part that’s totally reminding me of Valkyria Chronicles XDDD. The war and the tanks stuff~ Lol this OVA is like Valkyria Chronicles meets yaoi of some sorts. The similarity ends there though XP.


Again, here’s the second H scene. I forgot to mention that the only thing I do not like that much is how the seiyuu of Taki (Chiba Susumu) moans. Quite not the type of uke that I really like. On another note, I love Klaus’ voice which is husky and deep ^^. Overall, both characters has their strengths and weaknesses technically, in va for Taki, and Klaus’ so much bara-ness.


I was supposed to take everything so seriously though, until the latter half of the OVA XDD. Klaus continues to “punish” Taki 😳 , until the kid comes to ruin the fun. Lol, I was like “lnshkgcfansxgs you stupid shouta! F&%# off!!!”. But when you think he’ll be a cockblocker, Klaus still continues the smut WHILE talking to the kid. I totally like spazzed my drink while watching it lol.


So yeah more smut here and there, while the kid is talking. Quite disturbing though by the fact that Klaus is totally turned more on by the talking of the kid :ehh: .


Cute flashback~


And this part was like, WTF when I watched it. Guess what happened?

a.) Dude got f*cked to death, literally.

b.) His ass exploded.

c.) He only fell asleep because the sex was too boring.

d.) He has menstruation.

I… I don’t know either ..roflmao. But geez~ I haven’t read the manga but I guess he only fainted though XD. Or else that would be a really lame ending (and btw, this is a two-volume yaoi).


So yeah, overall I really love how the main plot flows. It sure has great direction. I just wished for a better quality, since when I first saw the PV, it screams AWESOME but for me it just ended there. I will watch the second volume and might blog it since OVAs are just plain fun and easy to blog. I might check out the manga too, because like what I said earlier, it’s given so much positive feedback for having a really great story and art ^^.

And moving from the main OVA to its cute extra…


Here’s Nikukyuuhen. And extra with cute little chibi-fied versions with animal ears!!!! JUST. SO. CUTE!!! I want plushies of them XD!!! And I definitely love how Klaus looks in this one because his jaw isn’t that square-y crazy than the normal. Plus he totally reminded me of Frau from 07-Ghost too~


Since this is just a crack extra, there’s nothing serious about it ^^. Same storyline though, neko-Taki gets his knight from their rival kingdom, Klaus (who’s always been mistaken as a dog XD). Taki’s guardians are not in favor of someone from the enemies’ kingdom, but Klaus proves himself to be worthy of Taki and everyone’s trust.


Endless beat-up combo ftw!


ROFLMAO XDD. Poor shoutas though~ Lol chibi violence is absolutely present in this one XD


And when you thought that since it’s a chibi part and it’s already safe, think again because there’s still yaoi XD. Klaus just can’t take Taki’s beauty huh? XD


Another gif~ Lmao at the faces of Taki’s assistants XD. And chibi Klaus is HAWTT.


Lol. Looks like Taki’s dog needs more disciplinary lessons XD.

Okiez~ Seems like this mini extra is the best part of the whole OVA, and I’m looking forward to more of this than the actual story instead XP. It’s just too adorable and funny!!!

>>More screenshots on the next page

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9 Responses to “Maiden Rose OVA: 01 – Butt Bleeds, Stop Nao.”

  1. Dryad says:

    I LOVE the manga to bits and I glad it turned into an anime :kyaa: . The chibi part looks so cute!!! And of course, the smecks are so hott :blush:

  2. masquerade5 says:

    Nice and funny review you got here. Taki didn’t literally died though, but I lol’d so much because it’s the OVA’s fault for making it confusing.

    But it is still overall HOT :kyaa: I’ve read the manga and trust me, the manga is miles better than this adaptation. This quite does no justice to the mangaka. And Klaus looked better there.

    I love the h scenes tho :nosebleeds: , so that part did not quite disappoint me. 😉

  3. cinderbird says:

    I seriously feel that I need to watch this one like now.

  4. […] kanzeon, now that I’ve got my cheesy WTFBBQ buttsecks ‘fix’ for the season, I can stop […]

  5. Auntie Heng says:

    :runs: :runs: :runs:
    thanks for blogging this one… the h scenes are indeed smutty..
    they left out one short bathroom smut scene from the anime adaptation ..


    :blush2: :blush2:

  6. Michelle says:

    THE BEST REVIEW I HAVE READ! 😀 I LOVE YOU. LOL. But really, we pretty much share the same consents about this OVA.

  7. mukyyaaaa says:

    i love this manga so much…i have seen short of this ova and i love the voice of kazuhiko inoue…he can potray so many character….love the story… :thumb:

  8. MochiMochi!!! says:

    I had to watch this!!! :kyaa2: I love your review. LMAO :haha: it was funny. b-but did Taki really die? :baww2: nu!!!!! :huhu: because that was a little bit too much blood while buttsecks. :red:

    ehhhh!! but it was amazing :blush2:

    Taki :aww:

  9. Paula says:

    LOL, great review! I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding Taki’s voice, in fact, I lowered the volume during the sex scenes because it was so fff annoying ¬¬ Chiba Susumu DOES NOT make a good uke, period. Kazuhiko Inoue was fantastic though.
    As for the adapt, they tastefully left out a scene that takes place in the shower (right before the bed) that is downright painful to watch, wich I’m grateful for. Still, it doesn’t make the manga justice, as it’s simply excellent.
    A word on the second ova (which I assume you’d have watched by now): it’s miles away from this one, both in quality and plot. If you haven’t watched it, don’t. Go read the manga and leave it there.

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