Kuroshitsuji – Ch. 34


This chapter is smex. Hell yeah for more blood splatter and morbidity~! xD.

WARNING: Blood and graphic violence to children.


Bye-bye Joker~ Though I’ll really admit that he’s my favorite character among all the circus people (and I know others had come to love him too~)… But you really gotta go and nobody’s stopping Ciel ^^.


When the mad doctor revealed that he uses children’s bones as his materials, I found it quite disturbing. Hell who will not anyway if you found out that the materials used in your favorite stuff is made from a child XD.


These scenario just brought back Ciel into his traumatizing childhood. Poor Ciel T^T.


And this series just does what it do: blood and gore. And this probably is one of the most disturbing scenes of the manga so far because it includes poor children to get butchered by that mad doctor. Ciel totall threw up lol because of his asthma. But Sebastian constantly told him that he’s outside of the cage now, in his smexy demon way:


Oh my god I never found a scene which includes vomit to look hawtt  :nosebleeds: .


:nosebleeds: I might hear everyone already screaming “YAOI!!! YAOI!!!” right now but indeed that this shot is soooo sexy in so many ways and I think it indirectly speaks yaoi (short BL fanservice? lol). Haha Ciel moaning and saying Sebby’s name so much is hawtt~ XD. Lmao. One of my favorite fangirl-gasm pages throughout the entire manga so far XDD.


LOL Ciel seems to be mentally unstable right now and after all those yaoi moans he’s gone batshit insane to order Sebby what he’s best at doing: killing xP.


Well he did a great job though as always~ He just shoved his hand to the guy like it was nothing. If he ever used some nails, I would kill for nails like his XD.


And then Ciel continues on with his killing mode turned on as he orders Sebastian to burn down the place to delicious ashes.


We all know Ciel’s very much scarred by his own past as well with this caged children thing and he doesn’t want to be constantly reminded about it so he ordered Sebastian to burn down the entire place. And yes, that includes the poor children.

I personally find Ciel to be really awesome for being batshit mentally crazy and heartless and I think this act can be considered as euthanasia or “mercy killing” for the children because the children have no hope anyway and who knows that they might already be mentally dead. So yeah, Ciel totally gave me chills on my spine on how he proves that he isn’t your typical innocent rich kid that does all the good things.


:ehh: Uhhh… Umm…. Ok. I’ll say that it was pretty sad for the poor children though (and Joker too! Nuuu~ He’s double dead meat T^T). But Sebastian will obey everything from Ciel anyway, no matter how an order looks quite selfish or anything. Yeah, that was really morbid lol. But the cruelty of it just simply shows how this manga shows no mercy to be very awesome. And I’ll admit that I’m making my sadistic smile while I’m reading the entire scene XD. And this page in particular looks very epic.

This whole chapter is absolute smex. Everything’s going smooth to perfection and I must say that Kuroshitsuji continues to be currently one of my favorite mangas I’m reading right now. Epic chapter is just epic. I’ll be looking forward to the next arc, if this would be the end of it. Sure I’ll miss Joker and some members of the circus people though but just like what Ciel said to Joker, “The world is not kind to everyone.”. I wonder what’s currently happening on the Phantomhive household though~ But anyways, I totally can’t wait on what will happen next!!!


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11 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji – Ch. 34”

  1. Lacri says:

    I totally agree with you. Kuroshitsuji is doing all the right things to make it totally epic.

    Ignoring the fanservice which you keep mentioning, this chapter was pure win. Ciel, poor Ciel, remembering his traumatizing childhood after his parents death. Though his merciless orders and awesome. And he shows why he’s my favorite character in the manga (Sorry Sebastian)

    And Sebastian was just hot~ I love the scene where he set everything to flames. It was pure epicness.

  2. Rapture says:

    I had just finished reading the chapter before coming to this site! You’re right, that chapter was petrifying but sooo cool. I’m honestly really glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that Ciel bile looked sexy.

  3. Shi says:

    So epic, this chapter became one of my most favorite chapters in Kuroshitsuji after reading it~ I feel so sorry for Ciel. I somehow knew that he’ll eventually have a big mental breakdown. Can’t wait for what happens next~ Doll and Snake are still alive, I wonder what will happen to them.

  4. Ashelea says:

    Poor Ciel 😥 He’s just a kid and he already faces these stuff… And I didn’t quite get him when he didn’t even showed mercy on killing the children because if I were in his situation, I wouldn’t let those children suffer the same fate as me. So yeah, I’m all :ehh: when Ciel ordered Sebastian to burn down the place.

  5. Auntie Heng says:

    :nosebleeds: very smexy indeed

    *wishes for plenty of fanservices*

    *leaves cookie*
    *runs off to read the manga* :cute2:

  6. Jamie says:

    :-_-: Never read the manga but I will now(*_)

  7. kanzeon says:

    @Lacri: Ciel really does prove that he’s one heck of a character, that’s why we love him :love:

    @Rapture: Lol yes it was really weird for something like that to look sexy but it worked for Ciel and Sebby ^^.

    @Shi: Yes. Especially by the fact that he’s so young (like 12-13?) and he’s already facing a lot of crazy and dark scenarios in his life, who would not be crazy? Poor Ciel T_T.

    @Ashelea: I really didn’t get it too but I think Ciel is still a child so he rushes orders so much.

    @Auntie Heng: Lol *takes cookie*. Fanservice never hurts~

    @Jamie: You’ll definitely love the manga if you’re a fan of dark comedy and bishies ^^.

  8. Kimberly says:

    I completely agree with you! That page was sooo a fanservice page. I blinked and double taked when I first read it, and yeah. That last part was truly awesome.

    And with Sebby just saying “Yes, my lord.”…wao. Epic coolness.

  9. Rokil says:

    So amaizing
    this chapter is amazing man XD
    i just can’t belived what happened 2 Ciel
    he was scared of his paineful past
    i loved when he screem seby’s name
    especially when he ordered hem 2 kill the doctor
    i love this chapter so much
    hoping and waiting 4 become it 2 in the Anime ^^

  10. jessica tran says:

    ewww its scary !!!!!!:( :11: :eh2

  11. oiasjdoasjdosaj says:

    this just show an antihero characteristic of a protagonist in the story, full of EPICNESS!

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