Phantom Requiem: 01 – Pink is GARrr


Wow I just blogged Phantom’s first episode! It’s because of the pink car and the pink helicopter. Jealous. Nah just kidding. To be really honest, this had kept me (almost) to the edge of my seat ^^.



Pretty decent OP. It’s dark and really sets you in the mood that this show’s some serious thriller. The quality is bad though but the style and execution is cool. But wtf is Zwei always running around in here?

Now let’s start with the show. There’s a pink car (yay!) with a hot guy inside it, who’s probably our main character, and we’ll get to know more on him later. Just from the start, there’s action already. Gunshots here and there. And there’s a maid too, who’s probably just in disguise and the main guy’s acquaintance.

The next scenario though looked like a flashback. The main character is somewhat in a room as he woke up. He has no idea who he is, for he seemed to be in amnesia. He plans to escape but then, a masked girl was ordered to attack him. After all those chasings and some fight scenes, the masked girl was down with the main guy half-naked. When the mask of the girl comes off, her face somewhat brought nostalgic memories to the amnesiac guy.

Our main guy then leaves the facility, but ends up having nowhere to go since they’re in the middle of desert-like nowhere. The girl then comes back and tells him that his name is Zwei and her name in Ein. Ein then shot Zwei with a sleeping-bullet-thingy(doesn’t know what its called, lol) and Zwei loses his consciousness as the chief of Inferno comes.

Back at present time, Zwei is now a hired assassin by Inferno, along with Ein. They’re assigned in the beach villa, and when their target asks whom are they, Ein said “Phantom”, and shots the target. Zwei and Ein are successful in their mission.


A pink car~ Jealous. And hey, he proves that pink can be a color of GAR~


Ooo~ I see a gun!


“Who am I? Who am I?” – That’s will you be hearing a LOT of times in the first episode from him.


Wow that’s a fierce pose you got there, girl… Umm let me see the face…




Zwei gets the award of the fastest stripper this Spring season! For getting out of his clothes in a second, literally. He goes from this, down, and that.


Well I guess it’s an assassin ability after all.


And probably the highlight of this episode is the awkward “Oopsie I fell-down-on-you except I’m holding a knife and I’ma kill ya bitch” part. I knew that Zwei being half-naked is intentional.


Something to rant about: WHY do they have to make the pink heli AXPLODE?! T__T


ED: “Gates of Hell” by ALI PROJECT

I can’t believe I’m saying this but… I like the ED. Yeah, Ali Project AGAIN but I really found the ED nice. Not ground-breaking but just nice. There’s a lot of scenes and symbolisms. It’s elegant and gothic so I guess the music fitted it. So it’s a nice ending theme overall.

More screencaps [click them for full resolutions]:

Ok, first things first, I used “Phantom ~Requiem~” than the longer original title “Phantom ~Requiem of the Phantom~”. Why? Because I can’t stand two words repeating all over, you have Phantom here and there, and it’s really long XD.So I’ll settle with Phantom ~Requiem~ only (with added ~’s for eregansu XP) ^^.

Second… Urm… yeah. BeeTrain. We have a problem with the quality so much (or is it just the raws I’ve downloaded?). But I guess I still didn’t mind it and kept watching instead. I also haven’t watched the original Phantom yet either, so I have no idea how “good/bad” the first OVA were as well as I have no idea with it’s plot.

It was a pretty decent first episode in my opinion. I can’t say it’s disappointing as well as overly amazing but it’s worth checking out the next episode for me. I really love thriller and blood is my secret guilty pleasure, so I’m not letting this one pass by, even for the horrid quality XD. I really need some dark show to watch since all the shows so far this year that I’ve watched are all happy~lovey and bright. I think I’ve lost my coolness~ XP, so probably watching this one for the next few eps then I’ll decide if I should continue it.


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11 Responses to “Phantom Requiem: 01 – Pink is GARrr”

  1. warriorhope says:

    Pink is very GAR. Remember real men wear pink~

    I like this show so far. It seems interesting and entertaining. It will be a nice action show to watch once Heroes finishes at the end of this month.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..First Impressions-Pandora Hearts and Phantom~Requiem~Phantom

  2. MatamadPinoy says:

    Love this show so far! Looks so chill. But I’m wondering what kind of mask they have, i reallllly want to get both of those masks!

  3. Cohars says:

    Do you have te lyrics of these songs please !!
    Thanks ^^

  4. Kitsune says:

    I liked the music in this anime and will check out OST when it is available 🙂

    Kitsune’s last blog post..Hanasakeru Seishounen – Episode 1: Bishi Attack

  5. Jeremyv says:

    I like the music but I find the show a rehash of Noir and Madlax and El Cazador de la Bruja except with better quality graphics and longer bodies with better male to female ratio.

    Wait, this is a Bee Train show? …..Crap :-_-:

    Jeremyv’s last blog post..Dragonball Live Action International Trailer is Now ONLINE! Ong Bak 2 RULEZ Thai Box Office This Week

  6. cabal alz says:

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