ToraDora ED2 – Orange

[Update:] Here’s the 2nd ED for ToraDora

In my opinion, the ED was a letdown from the first one [Vanilla Salt]. I only liked the first parts with the instrumental. I think the chorus was catchy though, but still not as captivating as Vanilla Salt used to be. I can’t say I didn’t like it but I guess this one would be the typical ED where I’ll just fast-forward it.

2nd ToraDora ED “Orange” by Rie Kugimiya, Horie Yui and Kitamura Eri. Download below the jump.


1. Orange
2. Koi Kurage
3. Orange (off vocal ver.)
4. Koi Kurage (off vocal ver.)



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2 Responses to “ToraDora ED2 – Orange”

  1. sushi says:

    well this may be not as good as vanilla salt, but this has a better album cover than Pre-parade’s. school uniforms are no comparison to ami-chan’s hot pants and taiga’s dress. smiling taiga with a loli dress, fulfill every lolicons’ dream :kyaa2: thank ya, kanie! :omg:

  2. Bragin says:

    Отличная статья Спасибо огромное

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