Space☆Dandy S2 – 09

Space Dandy 900

It’s not a badass spaceship until you’ve decked it out with handelbar tassels.

I feel like I should be using a billion silly tags for this show, but for some reason I feel guilty using tags no one would probably ever use again. #TonJravolta? #IDancedSoHardIBlewUpAPlanet? #SPACEYDANCE? This show is just too weird for words sometimes…and this episode is just another one of those times.

Perhaps the Space Dandy staff realized how amazing the High School Musical parody was and decided that another dancing episode was worth visiting. Long story short: it was. I am so glad they decided to give us MORE dancing Dandy and MORE killer songs. When you’re got someone like Taku Iwasaki on board composing music, you should take advantage of it as much as you can. The OST already had a bit of a techno-disco spin on it, so it’s not a big surprise that Dandy would have a disco dance contest with a dance-loving alien. Well, maybe I couldn’t predict the whole dancing alien with a multi-coloured ‘fro and gold skin thing, but I can see where disco fits into the mix.

Space Dandy 902

Even I’d feel threatened by a guy like this

If anyone needed to know what Space Dandy was all about, I’d point them to this episode. Space Dandy is about cool music, crazy (and rapidly changing) visuals, having a good time, and going wtf over a silly yet surprisingly poignant storyline. This is simultaneously a story about a disco dance-off and how the cycle of life and death continues on without us even being aware of it. They’re two things that really shouldn’t go together, but somehow, they do. This marriage of absurd concepts and time travel/alternate universes is really the heart of what this show is about. As we get further into the series, I’m starting to realize that all these alternate timelines must be connected in some way. I hope the finale ends up being a more serious episode that addresses how this crazy cycle works, because it’s been mentioned so many times now that it really would be a shame to not follow through on such an interesting concept.

Space Dandy 901Space Dandy 903

But for now…we have dancing. Dandy isn’t very good at being a bounty hunter, but he is very good at doing random things like surfing or dancing. I don’t know where he gets it from. Anyways, most of the episode is watching Dandy and some weird-looking aliens party with Ton Jravolta. What an experience! I was into every second of it! Of course my favourite moments were Dandy and Jravolta dancing together, but even the other aliens were extremely entertaining to watch. I liked the random female alien dancing in the most provocative, fanservice-y way to ensure that every second of screentime had either her boobs, ass, or cooch shoved into our faces. Or some combination of the three. She makes Honey look tame! And then there was Meow and QT who got adorably into the whole dancing thing, showing off some Michael Jackson moves and God knows what else. Oh, and an MC Hammer reference was in there too. I just can’t even begin to talk about everything I saw because it was non-stop action and excitement from start to finish…ballet and all!

The ending was certainly a…special…way to end things. Everyone died and was essentially waiting to be “reincarnated” or simply “recreated” at a later time as Dandy #2 or Jravolta #2. So they just decide to dance until then. EVERYONE DIES AND THEY STILL DECIDE TO DANCE. This show is crazy. This show is completely bonkers and I love it.

Space Dandy 905

I want to join in with my COOL DANCE


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