First impressions – Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

Misaka and her amazing super powered friends are back!

I remember when I heard the announcement for the second season of Railgun I was so damn excited, but anyone that visits Metanorn knows I love that series even though Index leaves a bad impression on most of us for being boring. However, the spin off series Railgun is way better because it focuses more on the science side of Academy City and it is filled with some fantastic characters like Saten and Misaka of course and tagging with me once again is Highway! I hope you enjoy our review.
Railgun is back, although for me it hasn’t been that long. I only watched the first series within the last month, but was really pleased with the combination of slice-of-life and action that the show put together. After hearing about the series coming up, I’m a little worried about where the story’s going to go, because the Accelerator / Sisters parts of Index were pretty bad in my opinion (yet were some of the best parts of Index, which I really didn’t care for). So where did it set up for the first episode?

friendship superpowers

railgunS (12)

Misaka-“Whoa…who farted…”        Kuroko-“…..”     Uiharu-“……”        Saten-“My bad.”

railgunS (14)

Use extreme caution when stealing things from Misaka! She will fry your ass.

Fosh //Ah yes that familiar sound of a fresh Railgun ripping through the sky, yes my friends the Electromaster herself Misaka is back to shock us out of coma produced by that lame second season of Index along with her partners in crime Kuroko, Saten and Uiharu! I was quite pleased to see that this episode continues off with the final episodes of season one but of course I assume it is a month or so later because we joined Misaka, Kuroko, Saten, Uiharu and Erii Haruue who are paying Banri Edaski (a survivor of the strange ESP experiment arc) who is recovering in a local hospital. While it is always fun to see old faces appearing once again we have a few new characters popping up this season with another level five just like Misaka named Misaki Shokuhou, but I can’t really talk much about her without the chances of spoilers leaking out! That said all I will mention is her ability is quite overpowered and you will see why later on. I also thought it was interesting that Misaki is the queen and Misaka is the ace I wonder what that makes Accelerator then the joker or possibly the king; however there is another male level five out there in Academy City that might appear later on and fits the “king” status a bit more, but I know little to nothing about him and sadly my idea of each level five representing a suite doesn’t work all that well because there are exactly seven high levels and only five suites to choose from if you include the Joker.

Pew pew lasers

railgunS (1)

Saten-“Dude, what do you mean I can’t order a thousand pizzas?”

railgunS (15)

Fun fact Banri and Ritsu from K-ON share the same voice actress and character designs.

Highway // As I said in my intro, I really liked the combination of slice-of-life and action that the first series of Railgun exhibited, and one of the things that kept my interest in the show was that it didn’t get too heavy with backstory. Moving along at a good clip, it used additional characters well and even kept a great continuity between the multiple story arcs that helped tie everything together.

Seeing that same continuity carry into this first episode really helped, with Haruue and Banri-chan playing a large part. I’m hoping to see more help from Uiharu for the girls from Judgment, because I felt like she was most frequently the person who got hosed on being key to the action, but for now that’s a hope. Saten’s exciting grab sure was unexpected, tho. The first episode also was just about that perfect mix of friends, acquaintances, rivals, and action that I liked in the first series.

From the previews and the OP, it looks like Misaka is expanding the things her power can do, although the Queen that appeared this episode sure seems to be quite the problem (and is it just me, or is the power to make everyone else do your dirty work for you a pretty loathsome power?). She certainly has a different feel than any of the rivals or enemies had in the first series, so she could be a harbinger of a different tone for this series.

Fun with Misaka and friends

railgunS (7)

Kuroko-“I am always ready for my Onii-sama!”               Misaka-“Ehhhhhhhhh.”

railgunS (11)

Saten is on her own epic quest for Uiharu’s panties…

railgunS (10)

Misaki has some great eyes! I can’t stop staring at them.

railgunS (13)

Misaka-“No one escapes my power!”

kick ass opening!

Show ▼

End thoughts

Oh my god this episode! IT WAS AWESOME because it gave me everything I could ask for in a premire episode like Misaka showing off her amazing powers like climbing a wall? I totally forgot she could do that and she wrecked that helicopter like it was nothing, but the best was Saten’s heroic move that saved Erii from falling to her death and remember she has no powers. Speaking of awesome super powers the ending video which I assume is the official opening showed off a few of the level fives like the girl who was shooting those laser beams and of course we saw a few shots of Touma, Accelerator and the other Misaka sisters! I kind of hope that the long haired one is the “other” Misaka, but of course I can’t mention her name because it could spoil something later on. So yeah this first episode got me so hyper and pumped for the second episode and for those reading the manga this is following the story quite well, but if this is twenty six episodes we might have random filler aka yuri moments and comedic themes.

The return of Railgun brought the same chemistry that made the first series a huge success with me. It really does a good job with blending seriousness with the close friendship between Misaka, Shirai, Uiharu, and Saten. I’m glad to see that same mix of elements, and thought the action and excitement in this episode was at a really good level – not overdone, not boring. I’m eagerly awaiting the rest of the season, and excited about what’s going to be coming.


railgunS (16)

See you again!

Stay tuned for more Railgun S on Metanorn


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43 Responses to “First impressions – Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S”

  1. skylion says:

    Woot! We are back in Academy City; perhaps the best anime environ next to R’ylth on Earth (Oh, look the Mountains of Madness ride is only an eon long!). Great Tag, Team.

    Just a few points:

    Saten is on her own epic quest for Uiharu’s panties… Don’t forget the side quests Saten. Level UP!

    random filler aka yuri moments You mean, the Show, right?

    As you can see from my new profile pic, I’m pretty charged to this new series.

    • skylion says:

      As for the serious side, I am looking forward to some good character moments for all. They do capture that SoL so very well. Accelerator and Last Order, the sisters, and taking down that Queen…yes, loathsome. She is not Justice, Kuruko is Justice.

      • Foshizzel says:

        ++++ALL OF THIS++++

        Accelerator, Touma, Kuroko, Misaka, Misaki, Saten and I will have my fingers crossed for Last Order to meet her big sis Misaka <3 <3

        • BlackBriar says:

          But Misaka and Last Order did meet, if only briefly. They crossed paths in episode 18 of Index II when Last Order took one of the Misaka clone’s goggles in the underground mall.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I always wanted to return to my beloved Academy City without Index chewing on my skull every time…

      Saten is the bestest character evar <3

      Uiharu's pantsu are a epic rare drop...

      Yep I love it and I need to hunt up a new Railgun avatar

      • skylion says:

        Index and Agnese Sanctis are both very bad for Touma’s health. As is BiriBiri.

        • Foshizzel says:

          ahahah yes

          • skylion says:

            I hope to see a reprise of Agnese very soon. Rei-sama’s performance as Samurai Bride’s Yukimura reminds me of how much I miss her DFC awesome rolls.

            • Foshizzel says:

              Yeah Rei-sama does a lot of interesting characters! I wonder if they will ever finish off Familiar of Zero after what happened to the writer? I just don’t want anymore Shana…no…just no!

  2. CarVac says:

    Let me assure you that the railgun manga’s Sisters arc is incredibly good. It really gives you a better understanding of what Misaka goes through and why she behaves as she does. Plus the fights should be awesome.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed! This is a entertaining arc so far and I can’t wait for more and the reveal of Misaka’s past <3

  3. HannoX says:

    Yippee, Railgun and her friends are back! Misaka’s railgun is pretty cool as it is, but firing it while falling through the air upside down? How cool is that!

    This episode was a perfect blend of what made the first series so good–a balance between SoL, the interaction between Misaka and her friends and action. And with the introduction of the Queen we have someone who’ll be a credible rival for Misaka. And, yeah, her power is totally creepy. When the final showdown between them comes it should really be something. Especially if the Queen is controlling Misaka’s friends. You think Railgun put the hurt on the radicals in this episode? You ain’t seen nothing compared to what she’d do then!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Misaka has the coolest looking powers! I love all the ways she can use them during a fight~

      Yeppers that is what makes railgun so fun the mixture of badassery, slice of life, comedy and some hints of romance? Even though the “romance” is more about Kuroko having her odd fantasies about Misaka…

      Yep! Misaki gets really interesting later.

  4. Karakuri says:

    …That whole Misaka Misaki similar name thing is going to confuse the hell out of me.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Good ol’ Railgun is back. Personally, I like both this and Index on the same level because it’s the same universe but it’s just that the story is divided in two. Index focuses on magic while Railgun deals more with science. Since this is back, I want to see the dorm manager snapping Kuroko’s neck very soon. That’s one of my favorite things to see.

    Misaka is her usual tsundere and aloof self. She gets into so much trouble and takes out trash so often that she could save herself some lectures for interference if she joined Judgment since Uiharu is always around her but that would also give Kuroko more grounds for sexual harassment. No easy choices, I’m afraid.

    The unique thing about the show is Saten always inspecting Uiharu’s panties on a regular basis while at the same time completely suppressing the possibility that she has a yuri attraction. She does that non-chalantly in my opinion, like it’s a simple hobby.

    • Highway says:

      Misaka would probably get a lot more hassle if she was actually part of Judgment, for not following procedures, etc. Same with Anti-Skill, which is whose mission she’s usually taking over.

      I actually think my favorite thing about Misaka is her normal-ness. She’s really not worried much about her ranking, her power, her anything. She just likes to be herself, hang out with her friends (and that’s a whole ‘nother thing: why is Misaka such fast friends with folks like Uiharu and Saten? I think possibly because they just act normal with her), and get into some trouble now and then.

      Saten hassling Uiharu about her pantsu is, imo, mostly about just hassling Uiharu. It’s something that riles her up, is mostly harmless, and interesting because of Uiharu’s choices.

      • skylion says:

        Dat Saten has some self-confidence….

      • HannoX says:

        Yes, as a member of Judgment Misaka would be expected to follow a bunch of rules. She doesn’t seem to be the type that wants a bunch of rules hemming her in. As it is now she can be the good citizen type that sees a crime being committed and steps up to the plate and deals with it. And without at the same time having to deal with a bunch of regulations that she would see as pointless.

        Besides, can you imagine how many times as a member of Judgment she’d be getting a stern lecture for shocking a group of guys she saw hassling a girl? She could just demonstrate her powers and scare them off without leaving them shocked senseless. True, she gets lectured now by Kuroko but it’s of the exasperated “I know you’re not listening, but I have to say it anyway” variety.

  6. Sumairii says:

    You know what Uiharu needs? She needs Kurousagi’s skirt gift. What have I done?!

    • HannoX says:

      What Uiharu needs is one of those skirts in Bodacious Space Pirates that doesn’t fly up even in Zero G.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Ah, blasphemy! Don’t you dare bring up that abominable gift bearing skirt that denies us much deserved fanservice! Its existence itself is a crime!

      • skylion says:

        I find myself and my esteemed rival on the same page. This is blasphemy!

      • HannoX says:

        I didn’t say I liked that skirt. But if Uiharu wants to keep Saten from flipping up her skirt, she should get one. Since she hasn’t she must secretly like it. Is she putting out yuri bait for Saten?

        • HannoX says:

          Especially since Uiharu doesn’t wear identical panties every day, but different styles. Which would only encourage Saten to check them out.

          • Highway says:

            Nah, she knows Kuroko is wearing MUCH more ‘interesting’ pantsu, but she doesn’t go around lifting Kuroko’s much-shorter skirt to see. It’s all about poking Uiharu. 🙂

      • Gecko says:

        Don’t forget the Mondaijitachi skirt of Kuro Usagi! Short enough to bait, but then no one can see under it!

  7. PrimeHector says:

    Only yuri permitted in my railgun.

    • Foshizzel says:

      hahaha agreed go yuri go! ALL THE SHIPS

      • skylion says:

        …well, if that is how the trade winds blow, I bid Banri her best of fortunes on the Yuri Tropicano.

    • D-LaN says:

      Still shipping Touma x Misaka, sry. (But I do ship Uiharu x Saten :P)

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah Touma x Misaka is sort of canon I mean have you seen the opening? Then again that ship causes a lot of hate because people really hate Touma…

        Saten x Uiharu is great!

    • BlackBriar says:

      Yuri is justice so there better be some floating around here!

  8. Gecko says:

    I’m pleased with this episode. I had forgotten most character names, and the fact that they reintroduced a lot was helpful for me.
    I’m glad to see the new girls joining the group a bit, perhaps they will put a different spin on things and we can spice up the slice of life part. Obviously the action is great and doesn’t need much help.
    Yay for more railgun!

  9. lou says:

    i really hope for daihaisesai arc for be animated, or at least some side stories like liberal art city, or visit to russia…

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