「K」- 08

And call it, BANG DA SE~

fosh Whoa I just realized we only have about five episodes left of K! What will we do when it is all over? I guess we will just have to wait for another series with fantastic animation in the winter season. At least the story has kind of appeared so that is a plus I suppose, but what are you thinking about Kyokai? Are you prepared for the end of K?
kyo Time sure flies, Fosh! We were just beginning to enjoy fall but here we are, almost at the brink of another season and I can already feel Winter sweeping in. With just few episodes left, I am glad to see things moving and the plot chugging along with more information dump and discoveries along its way. For now Winter doesn’t seem as exciting as Fall but still, K has definitely proved to be a good blogging companion.

Fushimi, while looking at the disastrous delicacy combination, “… I’m fine where I stand, thank you very much!”

// Kranky Mad Fushimi – Within every organization you are bound to find the Fushimi-ish themed characters or better known as the super unmotivated. In the fabulous world of K, it appears that Fushimi hates being ordered around especially from the likes of Reisi or just about anyone else that works for Scepter 4. So, why does he act this way during this episode? Personally I think he would rather run around swinging a sword without the whole responsibilities of being a member of Scepter 4! Sure why not just do whatever you want bro and see how far you go in life. Thankfully Reisi is around to motivate Fushimi to work hard and stay on point, but how long will he stand by and take order after order from scepter 4? Surely he has some secret plan to become some rebel again right? However we are near the end of the series so I don’t think we will have time for that right now. With all that said what do you think about Fushimi so far? Is he really unmotivated or do you think he is truly working hard for scepter 4? I think he has something sneaky incoming for everyone. I mean he could back-stab Reisi somehow, but with his amazing king powers that might make his assassination attempt damn near impossible.

Reisi, “Clearly, my sense for techno music is higher than Scepter 4 combined.”

// With Love from Blue King – Meet the S again and as I pointed out earlier, we saw him in action this episode while ordering people around, planning heists over his head and even making tea. Reisi is definitely busy but this episode we finally glean on the fact that he’s very fastidious. He doesn’t just sit around in his office but actually keeps tabs of everything that is necessary, including the flying patter of Silver king’s spaceship aka blimp. The dude has definitely been up to something; though, I would really like to know more rather than just another ‘he’s mysterious, powerful blah de blah’. Supposedly, all kings are powerful but everyone has their own brand of power and I really want to prove my theory right on Adolf K. Weismann (I swear, this is a bad joke on Hitler with reference of Himmelreich line on his pimped up blimp), being the founder/discoverer of King powers.

Shiro, “I told you not to touch the red button, Neko!”

 //Kooky ol’ Neko– Time for your weekly dose of Neko! Because with very passing episode her adorable power increases; however even though she is cute all the time there are several moments when her moe power messes everything up, like the short event with her pushing and smashing ever glowing button in the helicopter? Because hey logic tells DO NOT TOUCH THE RED BUTTONS especially inside an advanced military machine unless you are in the crazy worlds of Upotte, Strike Witches or Girls und Pazer! Maybe there is a spin off series for Neko like cat-girls und helicopters? Even though Neko was bored and decided to shut off her brain for a bit and press lots of random buttons no one was seriously injured so I can’t possibly blame her for being herself, but damn who know that Kuro knew how to pilot? I guess samurai in the future are multi-talented in the art of cooking, saving people and possessing advanced piloting licenses for just about everything…so what other moe-themed-anime-characters act similar to Neko in terms of “OOOH WOW SHINEY RED BUTTON.” I can only think of Hakase from Nichijou right now?

// Krazy Shiro Progress – Oh, we are still figuring him out but I am fine with this as at least he’s not being completely useless. Of course, he still needs help and has found real nakama in Kuroh and Neko. Rather than being carefree about it, I’m liking that he’s taking responsibility and using his head in discovering the truth about himself (the gadget play was cool too; do we have another tech wizard like Fushimi here?). His play for arresting Silver King wasn’t the sharpest plan but I guess, Reisi was just looking for an excuse to at least question the mysterious figure for a certain imbalance in their supposed peaceful city. Even when there was a blatant bombing of the ship, I’m sure Silver King is alive and plotting his weird plan somewhere. Neither Shiro nor Scepter 4 should stop their plan of apprehending and at least questioning this mysterious culprit of his wrongdoings. The bomb was just a firework display of his power.

//Extra FUN Stuff

Kuroh, “I want to cosplay Sister… Can I?”

Fushimi, “Who knew, tanks could be…. s-ssso… moe….”

Tomokazu Sugita, “Which voice would you like? Gintoki, Kyon or Hidenori’s?”

Reading doujins during work has its distractions…


Awesome, another fantastic episode this week even though it was focused on Scepter 4 doing stuff, but I really loved seeing the various military vehicles appearing like the trucks and helicopters? The only thing missing were some tanks and missiles being fired in all directions. However, the CGI on some of the cars seemed to be a bit terrible? Then again I have seen worse CGI cars and trucks especially in the very first episode of Gyrozetter and yes I actually tried it out! Other than the military stuff I wouldn’t mind owning that MASSIVE BLIMP in the sky, I need one! Wait a minute I wonder how much that thing cost to build and maintain? I yelled at my monitor this week because that long haired dude blew it up! Wow really? How could you do such a thing bro! Maybe he just could not pay the high insurance and decided to have an “accident” while flying? Anyway that is enough rambling from me this week.

I must say, now I am really enjoying K. I have Shinsekai and Psycho-Pass to keep my mind busy but when I need an all around entertainer, K delivers with its spot on animation and nice pacing. What I enjoyed most in this episode is the underlying humour. It’s not on your face like Gintama but it’s not so niche as maybe Joshiraku that it goes over your head. I highly enjoyed how Reisi’s after tea delicacy was ruined by a blob of red beans paste. This fixation with red beans is almost similar to Sarutobi’s natto and Hijikata’s mayo-craze from Gintama and I did chuckle to myself as Reisi ignored it and Fushimi didn’t even come near in fear of being force-fed that. This subtle humour worked in lightening the mood of heavy dialogue that ensued later.

Silver King is definitely up to something and the way he’s been keeping tabs on Shiro’s progress and everything that transpired around Tatara’s death. The how and why is still foggy but I’m sure, we’ll know soon. From the preview, it’s easy to decipher that we will get more info-dump on Silver and Gold king and how they ended up sharing their territories of earth and sky. Some Homra action is always welcome so really looking forward to seeing them again. So, readers, how is your journey with K going so far?


Next week, it’s puzzle time da se on K~


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18 Responses to “「K」- 08”

  1. AllenAndArth says:

    Red button logic
    can‘t argue with that!

  2. Krono says:

    lol yeah who can resist the red button?

    Anyway does anyone else get the feeling that woman with the Silver King is either dead or a life sized doll? I’m just wondering if I am the only one who had that thought creep into their head.

    Gotta agree with y’all I enjoy seeing Shiro develop and use his skills to get out of trouble. This Is actually the 1st anime that has broken my not-so-great-theme-song=not-so-great-anime motto. Or it broke the trend I usually see anyway. Looking forward to the next episode!!

    • AllenAndArth says:

      Me!Me!Me! Pick me; i think so too…kinda creepy actually
      i like the opening…but not the ending, like usual…

      • Krono says:

        Now that I think about it the only anime where I loved the beginning song and ending was the 1st season of Shakugon no Shana. I loved that anime. Too bad the 3rd season ruined everything I loved about it so I could not even finish watching.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I think they’re good. I actually liked both the OP and ED for [K] just like both for Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Robotics;Notes, Psycho-Pass, Jormungand: Perfect Order, Sword Art Online and Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. The only anime on my mind right now that I think has a good OP but an ED that doesn’t fit would be Zetsuen no Tempest.

        On a side note: Congrats on getting a new POWUH rank. Keep going!!

        • Highway says:

          The longer the show goes, the more the Zetsuen no Tempest ED seems to fit the show. The shoujo feel of it seems more relevant given the love triangle in the show.

          Best OP and ED combos this year, for me, are also the shows I really like: Chuunibyou (which has the absolute best ED this season, although I like the ZAQ version a little more than the Black Raison d’Etre version) and Sakurasou. And the GuP OP and ED just fit it so well, and have BOUNCY CHIBI TANKS!!!!

          Total Eclipse’s OP I just can’t help think that it would be better with a better drop (and I don’t like dubstep, but that song needs it). SAO’s songs never do anything for me. And R;N’s OP song just doesn’t flow – the pieces are there, but it’s so choppy, I don’t enjoy it.

    • BlackBriar says:

      LOL. No one can resist the red button but restraint must be exercised somewhere, especially when hiding under the radar.

      I was wondering the same thing at first but I’m now leaning more on the life sized doll possibility. Its feet weren’t touching the floor when the Silver King was holding it and it sounded very light when he tossed it aside for it to be a corpse. The Silver King may have a few screws loose but I doubt he’s into necrophilia.

      • Krono says:

        Yeah that sounds plausible and probably right. I really would have thought they would have predicted Neko pressing random buttons.

        • AllenAndArth says:

          i don’t…maybe he is in to necrophilia or…she may be on coma or it’s part of his power…or he really is into necrophilia…

      • Kyokai says:

        For me on music, Psycho-pass, Zetsuen and Jormungand are really up there for a good combination. Though, the OP and ED of K are fine, I think the theme songs and bonus material (songs sung by seiyuu cast) are more awesome than what we hear weekly.

        About the puppet-girl, I theorized she’s connected to Shiro somehow but we will see what’s the deal soon enough.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Man, this season is just too good. [K], Psycho-Pass and Jormungand: Perfect Order are my top three favorites.

    Things have gotten a lot more interesting. Seems Shiro can be a badass strategist when pressure is applied. He was very lazy beforehand and the trick with the phone in the truck wasn’t something I think would be coming from him. I actually didn’t expect Reisi to cooperate with his offer but it’s become more of a convenience for him. And what were the odds of Reisi’s suspicions about the Silver King falling into place with the murder incident?

    Fushimi being upset about being ordered around by Reisi. I’m sure he left Homra for similar reasons since he likes to follow the beat of his own drum. He’s probably putting up a front until something worth his attention comes.

    I’d be hard pressed to bring Neko around when there’s a mission going on. She may be cute and have powers that are beneficial but she can also be a klutz. Bored or not, you’ve got to mind your surroundings. It’s an ambush they’re trying to pull off. I’m perplexed about Kuroh. Fighting, cooking, school organizing for the festival and now piloting a Blackhawk. The guy can do just about everything.

    • Kyokai says:

      I know right? What about Shinsekai though? After than last DUWANG episode, the recent episode was finally back on track for shocking us. I am enjoying too many shows this season and definitely would need a break next season.

      I wasn’t expecting Shiro to use his brain at all so it was a pleasant surprise that he did and he’s all serious to prove his innocence. About time! Reisi is a very shrewd guy, even when I don’t much like him, I can say that he judges everything and plans way too ahead. He must have some ulterior motives in capturing the silver king. Fushimi is somewhat similar to Reisi but he’s still rough around the edges and doesn’t know when to speak and/or remain silent. Let’s hope we find his reason for switching sides.

      Kuroh is an awesome wingman, while Neko is just for lulz and ‘what does this button do’ shocks! xD

  4. Moni Chan says:

    First the anime “C” Then the anime “K”. There needs to be an anime named “F”

    You know where I’m going with this

  5. bonk says:

    … is Black Hawk really that spatious inside?

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