Rinne no Lagrange – 06

Lan-“Your tears might make the coffee taste better…”

Tired of all the love yet? ….How about now? In any case, if you are, then I’m sure Lagrange will take your mind off of things. There’s nothing remotely romantic about fighting robots and complicated girl friendships… Okay, nevermind.
Yes love is in the air here on Metanorn! Raining hearts and lots of romantic themes, but now we have fighting robots and special friendships between Lan, Madoka and hopefully some with Muginami…once she gets over this whole big-brother-doesn’t-like-me phase. Plot this week follows Lan and Madoka as they head into the sky to fight the evil Villagiulio. Moid convinces Muginami to switch sides and fight against her brother.

Lan-“This coffee stuff is amazing! I have had like twenty cups…”

Starting this mecha adventure, we pick up after Muginami was thrown out of the evil bishie club. Madoka on the other hand stomps out of her house full of rage, because she wants to kick Villagiulio’s alien ass for revenge against Muginami. Before Madoka takes her machine out, the others need to prepare the base for a possible alien battle. Silly main character, you can’t just walk into the base and steal your mecha! After all, this isn’t the Gundam universe.

Madoka-“Oh hell ya! I STOLE THIS…Wait why isn’t it moving? Damn.”

With the new plan set, the girls wait for morning to attack Villagiulio and his bishie friends, who apparently love energy drinks as much as Madoka. Who downed at least twenty of them… Holy crap, she is going to be wired for days after the battle. Lan even knocked one back, but she almost had the same reaction as Kirius…maybe the aliens are weak against energy drinks? If so they should stock up on redbulls. Meanwhile, others prepare for battle, Moid arrests Muginami and carts her off to the base. Those two look more like siblings, anyone else feel that from these two characters?

Commander-“Yes, yes, I know…Maru and all that jazz.”                 Madoka-“Whoa! You can like…read my mind?”

Lan-“Never challenge Madoka to a energy drinking contest…ugguuu…”

Hours later, Madoka and Lan are ready to FIGHT!! That is until the two find wave after wave of drones, which they have to fight through before they can go against the main boss. Moid in the meantime chats with Muginami playing into her emotions towards Villagiulio… Sneaky bastard! His chat actually works as she steals her machine and flies off to take on her brother. Once Muginami arrives on the scene, she rushes past Madoka and Lan and head straight for her main target. Whoa! Slow down girl.

Muginami-“What do you want? Huh?”                                 Moid-“If you fight for us, I will buy you a kitten.”

Commander-“Hmmm five hundred versus two?”              Yoko-“Pssh I can fight them blindfolded with my bare hands.”

Madoka-“Swords sure are fun! Look at all the cute pink clouds they leave behind.”

Shortly after Muginami’s fiery entrance, Villagiulio decides to take a walk with his giant cannon of death. Seriously that weapon of his packs a mean punch. Madoka and Lan charge right in after Villagiulio, but Muginami defends her brother…Why?! I guess the poor girl still has some feelings for him. Madoka and Muginami fight and end up arguing, this triggers a strange power in Madoka thanks to her emotions going crazy. The hidden power makes it rain flowers! Yeah I know FLOWERS? WHAT THE HELL? The reaction of snowing space flowers sends Lan, Madoka and Muginami’s machines back to earth after they all pass out. Those must be some powerful space flowers! I wonder what happens if you eat them? According to Moid they must be really great because the episode ends with him freaking out while the flowers fall from the sky.


Muginami-“I am sure brother wasn’t trying to blow me up…right?”

Muginami-“BLARG! I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW!”               Madoka-“Can’t we just hold hands and do the yuri?”

 Muginami-“Can’t you see I am being emotional right now?”                Madoka-“So, I can call you later right?”

Madoka-“So that’s why my machine is green?! I CAN SUMMON SPACE WEED!”

Moid-“What are you talking about? I am not high…Oh wait those pink elephants are waving at me.”

Extra Lan and Madoka adventures

Madoka was twitching earlier…

Villagiulio-“PARTY TIME!”


That is my favorite night.

Wallpaper worthy screen shot!

End thoughts

Okay, scratch what I said last episode about not pitying Muginami. Seeing her crying at the beginning just broke my heart. Even after she defended Villa again like a fool, I still felt sorry for her instead of wanting to take her down a notch. I have no idea what changed between this episode and the last, but the important thing is that the feeling is there. I think I like her even better now that she’s telling Madoka off and being a bitch. Again, I have no idea why. I think it’s because she’s finally being honest. …Which is weird since I normally like the more secretive characters. Well, whatever.

The space bishies minus the blonde got some screentime! Yep. Still my favourite characters. Same goes for Villa. “Harem time” is now going to be my new catchphrase. Anyways, I’m still amused by the character gap going on with Villa. Was he actually aiming for Muginami with that GIGANTIC LASER OF DEATH, or was he just pretending to aim and Madoka pushed him away anyways? I’m looking forward to learning more about his motives. There was also that giant mecha battle in this episode! I’m sure Fosh enjoyed it more than I did, but it was still nice after 2 episodes of awkward yuri love triangleness.

Finally, something that looks like plot! Just what were those flowers and why do I get the feeling that the destruction of the world rests on the emotional state of a bunch of underage girls? Here I am expecting something big next episode, yet in the preview I see school. What is this, Guilty Crown? …Though I saw apples as well (obviously I thought of Penguindrum). …Maybe they’re trying to say that this anime is somewhere in between? LOL. Either way, Balance or whatever his name is obviously knows something. I can’t wait until things start falling apart.

Yep there was little to no time for Muginami to deal with her brother issues, but that works for me as I really did not want to sit through that girl crying for an entire episode. Sure it was sad to see the happy go lucky alien girl break down like Kara said…damn! Anyway, at least we got to see her suit up and take her orange machine out for a spin. Anyone else thinking Moid has some hidden power? Like the ability to bend people to work for him? It really did not take him long to get Muginami fired up to fight.

There were a few comical bits like the alien bishies drinking energy drinks! Wow Kirius really did get a bit over dramatic…and Lan was feeling quite sick after drinking hers. HAREM TIME! That is the best time, unless we are dealing with Muginami…I don’t think she approves of that too much and boy did she bite Madoka’s head off with their argument…wow… Don’t be mean to Madoka! I did enjoy watching her get super angry instead of shaking it off or hugging Muginami…Can you imagine the mecha hugging each other? WAIT I CAN SEE THAT HAPPENING…Oh my Madoka.

Action this week was amazing! I just loved the cool neon colors after the night launch for each vox. Those machines look great when everything is dark. Fight wise it was great. Hooray the girls finally get weapons! Madoka’s sword reminded me of the dagger weapon from Evangelion, while Lan got the high powered rifle but nothing compares to Anti-Kotetsu’s BFG! Damn that thing can create massive holes in the ocean…DO WANT! I would laugh if one of the girls stole his gun. And now to space flowers! What the hell are they? I think they are used to alter earth? As in change earth into an alien planet… Halo, anyone!? I don’t want those plant zombies again…Anyway they sure made it seem like Moid was turning evil on us. I wonder what his deal is in the overall story.


Ending artwork: Muginami’s plot

Madoka, Lan and Muginami go back to school to do stuff.


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24 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 06”

  1. Jrow says:

    Muginami’s plots were drawn in particularly high detail this week. That first shot of her sitting in the interrogation room, you get a greater understanding of her.

    This is my personal favorite so far, no doubt about it. I like all the characters (even Moid who you knew for sure is up to something fishy) and I love that sweet mecha action!

    • Foshizzel says:

      DAT Muginami plot! Woooo Hoooo! Hooray interrogation room…

      Agreed Jrow there are fun characters and amazing alien characters like Moid! I have no idea what he is up too but damn is it ever fun <3

  2. HannoX says:

    When Madoka was sitting in her mecha after drinking all those energy drinks, I couldn’t help but wonder if it came equiped with toilet facilities.

  3. tatsuya says:

    Oh F .!!! Madoka is HOT ..!!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Muginami is so torn up inside she doesn’t know what to do. I thought taking a direct hit from Villagiulio and seeing that huge hole in the ocean would set her straight but she still chose to defend him. She’s certainly won the sympathy of everyone who’s seen or heard what happened to her.

    Note to Lan: Energy drinks are not made for pale skinned princesses. It looks like it makes her irritable. Leave it to the professionals like Madoka who seem to be hyperactive since birth.

    I think the flowers from Madoka’s vox has something to do with the prophecy the escaped prisoner said a few episodes back. The flowers could be the first stage to begin the entire thing.

    @Karakuri: LOL. Recover well from the yuri triangleness because there’s no telling when it’ll be back.

    Moid’s been a shady character for from the moment he was first introduced. Everyone’s set on Villagiulio but they should watch their backs with him around. He’s way too cheerful despite a slightly condescending tone at times and reminds me a little too much of Blood-C’s Fumito and we all know how badly that ended.

    • Joojoobees says:

      I agree. He has a Fumito-like vibe. I wouldn’t trust him.

      • anaaga says:

        Not to mention his eyes are closed. Anime rules number XX: most anime characters with their eyes closed are evil

        Except Brock, but he’s a character from Pokemon. Everybody loves Pokemon. I think.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Really? I didn’t know about that. I’ll have to keep that important information in mind whenever I see a character with closed. By the way, how can they even see where they are going? That’s a very interesting question.

          Pretty much everyone loves Pokemon. I grew up watching that great show. Next to Dragon Ball Z, it’s a classic. I still watch it from time to time.

          • Karakuri says:

            They can sense things. Kind of like bats. Bats are generally associated with evil (…and vampires.) xD

            • BlackBriar says:

              LOL. Nice one, Kara. I didn’t see that one coming and didn’t even consider the vampire part. That’s pretty tricky of you. I’ll have to re-evaluate everything based on what I’ve just learned.

          • Foshizzel says:

            Sonar? That must be how Gin from Bleach fought Ichigo?!

      • Karakuri says:

        The minute guimauve is involved, Lan better get the hell out of there.

  5. anaaga says:

    Either I’m a bitch or I’m a bitch for not pitying Muginami until now. Like, who cares about her? I wish she was shot when Vila aimed at her, but it’s obvious that the robot is needed for da plot, so I know at the same time it’s not going to work that way. Boo.

    Space bishies are there! Kirius still amuse me to no end with his eccentric remarks. I wonder where the blond bishie is. And who released him?

    I have a feeling that Vila is going to be the good guy in the end. He did mention a female’s name right? Is that Madoka’s mom’s name?

    By the way, Rin-ne flowers are just fecking gorgeous. And so is the earth robots’ base. And the space. GOD SCENERY PORN AGAIN

    • Karakuri says:

      B-b-b-but her tears! HER TEARS.

      Oh yeah! Where the hell did space bishie #3 go?! The plot thickens…

      Yeah, agreed. There’s no way someone that fabulous could be pure evil.

      This whole anime seems to have a pretty big budget~.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I am with you Anaaga! After all that trolling from Muginami I felt the same way…hopefully she comes around to being more friendly! I am happy the girls have emotions…even Madoka can get angry <3

      LOLOL Yes Kirius was great I died laughing at his reaction to energy drinks xD

      Right I have a feeling the space bishies and Vila will come around to the earth side of things, there are several shots of Vila's face before he pulled the trigger on his giant canon.

      Agreed with all! SCENERY PORN xDDD

  6. The_Magus_Killer says:

    Kirius was kinda acting like Lucius Modestus (from Thermae Romae) after tasting that energy drink. I can imagine him invading Kamogawa and demand they hand over all the energy drinks they have. XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      THIS! Is perfect…I always died laughing when Lucius traveled to the other side and had food or drinks! Every time it happened I laughed <3

      • The_Magus_Killer says:

        *Kirius tastes energy drink e.g. Morning Rescue LOL*

        Kirius: “Umai!!!”

        Madoka: You alright, bro?

        Kirius *facepalms* I thought Le Garite and De Metrio were the pinacle of galactic civilization! But this…this drink…this is perfect! The taste, the texture, the color! This planet and its inhabitants have perfected the pursuit of pleasure…they’re not to be underestimated!

        Lan: “woof!”

        • Foshizzel says:


          Best lagrange story ever.

          • The_Magus_Killer says:

            I forgot to add the part where MorningRescue!Man drops in, declares “Rescue, kaishi!”/”Commence Rescue!” and gives everyone in Kamogawa a bottle of Morning Rescue. XD

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