Ano Natsu de Matteru – 04

“What do you mean you’re not watching Ano Natsu?”

This season seems to be going by so fast, but four episodes in and I’m still just as interested in the lives of these “average” anime teens as I was four weeks ago. I guess it’s only natural considering the people behind this increasingly addicting series!

Not a second passed from Kaito’s “confession” last episode and what are we left with? The muddled feelings of an alien girl who doesn’t quite know what to say. Ichika boards the next train out of there without saying a word, leaving behind poor Kaito in a state of bewilderment. The next morning both try to carry on with a “normal” morning, acting as if last night never even happened. Unfortunately, this almost leads to the brutal murder of our dear alien friend Rinon. (… but then again, I’m sure he/she has some weird healing powers.)

How could you be so inconsiderate to poor Rinon!?

Once at school Kaito is greeted by Kanna and Miu, which leads to a little discussion about last episode’s events. Miu see’s through Kaito’s “just another day”-facade, but quickly denies being any different. Elsewhere Ichika is confronted by the all-knowing Remon, who somehow knows about Ichika’s little outing yesterday and about meeting with Kaito. (Remon is so funny when she teases someone. x3)

Kaito is now outside alone, and I’m sure you can guess what happens. FANTASY GO! This time it’s of Ichika confessing her love. He tries to embrace her … but ends up latching on to Tetsurou instead! After passing on the lunch Ichika made to Kaito, Kaito asks Tetsurou for a little advice. At the same time Ichika asks Remon for some hypothetical advice, but of course Remon sees through this and plays along. Ichika admits to thinking Kaito is cute, but doesn’t want to return his feelings because she’ll eventually have to leave. Tetsurou also sees through Kaito’s hypothetical situation and suggests not rushing into anything.


In P.E. Kaito once again sits alone lost in thought, but is snapped back to reality by Kanna. She asks Kaito about what happened after he left yesterday, and he hides the fact that he met up with Ichika. Kanna naively wonders if he went looking for her, but before he can answer Remon shows up in her swimwear, followed by Ichika wearing the same. They soon leave and Remon refers to Kanna as Ichika’s rival. Miu and Tetsurou watch on as Kanna shows her support for Kaito, as she believes they still haven’t made up from the previous episode. Tetsurou sees this as making her chances worse.

On his way home Kaito has another fantasy where he sets things back to normal with Ichika, but in his moment of glory a car pulls up behind him. Farther down the road Ichika is walking home and has a fantasy similar to Kaito’s. She notices Kaito and an attractive older woman driving off into the distance and mistakenly thinks he’s found a new romantic interest.

Angry at Kaito for already moving on, Ichika calls forth Rinon to teleport and follow the two. By “calls forth” I mean forcefully threatened. She follows the “couple” as they go shopping and catch a viewing of HoTD (awesomeeee.), and eventually arrives at an apartment. She has a fantasy of the two … doing romantic things, and decides to teleport inside.

Is this a normal thing to do with your best friend’s sister?

HoTD! Woo!

She attempts to bring Kaito home and gets upset over his reluctance. The black haired woman, Manami, walks in and thinks the two are dating. Manami plays along with Ichika’s misunderstanding, but is interrupted whe Tetsurou, her brother, walks in. Tetsurou explains that his sister is married and is only there because she got in a fight with her husband.

Ichika makes it up to Kaito by tutoring him all night long. She even pulls him aside the next day to study during their lunch break. Kanna, Tetsurou, and Miu watch on and Kanna thinks it’s nice that they made up. It’s too bad Kaito still doesn’t end up doing so well, but at least things between Ichika and him are less awkward! And so ends the prologue to the much more emotional side of the story.

Don’t just accept it, Kanna! D:


The biggest thing this episode did was make me incredibly excited for the upcoming episodes. This week made up for any of the small complaints I’ve had before, and if what we’ve been told is true, the rest of the series should be full of the drama and emotion that I’ve been craving up until now. These first 4 episodes have done a great job of bringing us into the complicated lives of our protagonists, building their relationships, and generally leaving them with a likability too many shows seem to forget, in my eyes at least, and now it should be a (hopefully) emotionally thrilling ride. I guess now would be a good time to throw my full support behind “Girl-C”! (… though I wish the best for Ichika as well.)

I was very pleased by the focus on Ichika this episode because up until now, as a viewer, I’ve felt kind of distant to her. We’ve had all this time to pick away at Kaito, and I’m glad we were given a much clearer view of Ichika’s feelings this time. The dilemma between romance and her eventual departure seems to be weighing very heavily on her. Although she said she’ll have to leave the planet, how would things work out for Kaito? After all he still has that strange alien disease going on that would probably kill him without Rinon/Ichika.

I haven’t written all that often about Remon, who is obviously a big part of the story despite not being apart of the romantic aspect. For one, she’s very mysterious and wears a different uniform than everyone else. Two, she’s always there to interrupt important moments (e.g. two separate moments between Kanna and Kaito, one this episode and one last, and a moment between Tetsurou and Miu last episode, and I might even be forgetting some.) Three, she’s best friends with our alien red-head and has a bit of an influence on her. She also seems to know the most out of anyone about the inner workings of everyone’s relationships. She has to be more then just comedic relief, right? Which makes me wonder how she’ll play into the story other than simply being a catalyst … or rather, hindrance?

Ugh, I feel like I’m really starting to get into this series, finally, and thanks to that last 30 seconds before the credits rolled I feel even more attached. I’m nervous, and excited, and hyped for whatever will be happening in the weeks to come. “Unforgettable summer”, “happiness, sadness, and pain”, “summer unlike any other” … I WANT IT TO BE NEXT WEEK. D:


I enjoy watching anime, when I'm not burning toast or sleeping through college.
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11 Responses to “Ano Natsu de Matteru – 04”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    Lemon is the best character in this show. I don’t think she is actually evil. She is just so much smarter than the people around her that she enjoys stirring the pot.

    • skylion says:

      Hey, Lemon is the pure distilled essence of evil. Don’t you forget that. And you better love her for it. This is a demand. LOL>

    • Hawthorne says:

      I agree, she’s my favorite of the cast, but they’re all starting to grow on me with each passing episode!

  2. skylion says:

    I don’t know what made me laugh/feel more uncomfortable with. That Older Sister was trolling for fresh meat or that her brother was sooooo very blase about the whole thing. “Hey, Sis, trolling for tadpoles again, huh? I get any mail?”

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Boy, are Kaito and Ichika insecure about each other. There’s so much tension because of them. If were Kaito, I wouldn’t see any problem wanting to be with Ichika despite her being older than him. Kaito is like a cougar magnet. No matter where he goes, he attracts older women.

    Nice twist. Anime watching anime. Whoever chose to put HoTD in this is a genius. More Lemon mischief. This loli so enjoys torment it’s almost evil. Demon loli. Stalking everyone like a wraith.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Very insecure! But it makes their relationship that much more interesting to watch. ^^ I think it might be his insecurity in general holding him back still, since he lives with her and all. Plus, after the way Ichika reacted to his little “confession” he probably felt even worse about it all.

      I loved the HoTD reference, I haven’t seen Onegai Teacher, but there’s supposedly a lot of references to that too.

  4. tatsuya says:

    Ichika is a nice person to tutor kaito all night long

  5. Reaper says:

    Poor Rinon, now he’ll forever have a sword over his head…

    And yes, going shopping for certain…items…with best mate’s sisters is more common than you think…eep, anywho, SURPRISE YAOI MOMENT! I’d hate to be in Tetsurou’s shoes whenever Kaito’s gone daydreaming like that…makes for awkward situations…
    Apart from the anime watching anime (which spoiled it for me!!! ARGH!) not much went down apart from Ichika’s suspicion of Manami and Kaito, but the seeds have been planted for future mishap between the ‘close’ friends. Girl C Chie-clone Kanna’s denial of herself with her ‘acceptance’ of the averting ‘couple’, Remon’s powers of deduction and foresight (huhuhuhu), and Rinon’s state of mind watching Manami seducing Kaito…JK 😀

    Next up, SUMMER VACATION! Too bad I’m already off mine and alreayd back at uni (where did you go holidays?!?!). Get to see the team start on their film production and the ‘snags’ they’ll undoubtedly hit on the way 😛

    • Hawthorne says:

      The “snags” are what I’ve been looking forward to the most! ^^ I feel like everything has been set up so nicely for an awesome story from now on.

      Agh sorry! Apologies for spoiling the HoTD reference! Dx

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