Rinne no Lagrange – 03

Madoka-“Don’t make me choke a mecha, bitch!”                  Kirius-“You earthlings are so…strange.”

So here I am for another round of Lagrange! …Er, I don’t really have much to say, but maybe this will be the episode where Madoka finally gets off the ship she’s been on for the past 3 episodes? Or an awesome mecha fight would be just as good, if not better.
‘Sup, Kara! Welcome to another great tag review, yeah hopefully we learn the truth behind Lan and more about the Vox machines and the whole mystery behind this “legend”. So far I am in love with this anime, from the amazing opening down to the addictive ending. So what about you out there? Are you addicted to Rinnie no Lagrange yet?! Anyway time for the review.

Plot this week follows Madoka fights Kirius and Lan enters the battle and pushes herself to help Madoka. Thanks to her help Lan was able to bond with her Vox and successfully transform it into a lean mean fighting machine to chase off the bad guys for now.

Madoka-“Wait one second, hawt bishie!”            Kirius-“Huh? Bishie? WHY YOU! SOMETHING CUTE…”

Starting off, we jump right back into the action as Kirius shows up waving around his large beam sword. However she tries to catch the blade between her hands and fails! Oh Madoka…you need more practice before you can pull that off…or training from Takuto from Star Driver? During the fight with Kirius, he tries to communicate with her and explain why he is on earth in the first place. He’s not there to take over, in fact his unique team of “evil” space bishies are on earth to bring the Vox pilots to their home planet and help defend it. Madoka on the other hand wants no part of his speech because she is really worried about the town getting destroyed. She did however trash talk towards Kirius; I was so waiting for her to break out some YO MOMMA SO FAT jokes.

Mecha battles are the future of monster truck events! BE THERE SUNDAY…SUNDAY…SUNDAY!!

Moid-“Sigh…now I have to fix the machine…”                            Commander-“Can we “fix” the pilot too?”

DAMN IT, MADOKA! MY WEED– Err I mean “cabbage” plants are ruined…

Madoka-“Yo momma so fat she wears an astroid-belt!”           Kirius-“Are you saying my mom has weight issues?”

Kirius-“NO ONE TALKS ABOUT MY MOMMA LIKE THAT!”         Madoka-“Uh wait, can we talk this over first?”

Kirius finds he is unable to get his message across to Madoka and kicks her around for a while as they fight. In the meantime, Lan trys her best to summon some courage to help Madoka who was losing her fight with Kirius. Lan pushes herself to get inside her Vox and rushes off to find Madoka, but Lan gets jumped by Izo who grabs her machine. Madoka arrives and gives Lan a quick pep talk about the jersey club; their talk activates the best scene in this whole episode. And I like to call that scene the YURI SPARKLE OF HAND HOLDING! After touching Madoka’s hand, Lan gains the power to kick Izo’s ass after her machine successfully transformed into robot mode.

If you have your own giant robot! So ask your parents to buy you one.

This is just so BEAUTIFUL! Look at that dynamic hand holding and the sparkles.

Damn it, Madoka. NO! NOT THIS EARLY…Fine… Lan X Madoka all the way.

Izo-“Your metal armor can not hold back my love for blue haired girls!!”            Lan-“Do it harder please…”

Kirius and Izo attempt to rush the girls and finish the fight. Sadly they decide to retreat for now because they can’t fight off two legendary Vox mecha at once. Oh come on you guys YOU CAN DO IT! Then again those two have to run away to lick their wounds after getting beaten by girls. After the fighting finishes, Lan and Madoka are seen chilling together and they start to give names to their machines. Madoka calls her Vox Midori which means “green” and Lan calls her machine Orca…I have no idea why she chose Orca, but it seems those two are going to be the best of friends now.

Kirius-“ANOTHER GIRL OVERPOWERED ME!”                       Madoka-“Dude! You got owned by girls.”

Lan-“The whole woof thing is my thing! Don’t steal it.”          Madoka-“Fine….nyaa? Is that better?”

Array-“Green, blue and Orange are the scariest crayons…”

While Madoka and Lan talk about stuffs, we find Array locked up in a cell and he talks to himself about the legend based around the three vox machines and how each color means something important to the story and it goes like this.

The giant green demon will rip the heavensThe giant blue demon will devour the starsThe giant orange demon will spew out darkness…Through countless sacrifices, they will rule the land. Feeding off a tainted heart, they awaken from within the mind. The demons shall then rise. Do not let them loose. Do not let them, ever.

While Array finishes his long quote we cut to a scene with Muginami sitting alone watching the base as she stands up to walk away ending the episode.

Extra mecha power

Beware of mecha turbulence, Lan

Izo-“Pssh….I need more screen time! Wait, let me add more gel to my hair first.”

In the future, baseball will be played with vending machines, stop lights and giant robots!

Indeed you are! Just needed a giant rainbow for extra awesome.

End thoughts

….Yes, that OP is still the most fabulous part of my week. Also, LMAO the space bishie didn’t apologize! He MUST be evil! Let’s ignore everything he says! I assume that this is in the same line of Madoka’s logic that made her think “I must protect the town! Instead of luring the enemy away from it, let’s fight inside of it!” …Great thinking, Madoka. Well it worked out for her anyways, so I guess it’s okay. Would she have listened to him if he had apologized? Hmm, I wonder how that would have worked out. I’m sure he said something important to Madoka (aside from “Hi, we’re not going to attack your planet.”) when the rest of the Earth defense team were talking about how they couldn’t hear him talking.

Speaking of, kitsune face is a liar! …Probably. He said the space bishies were going to attack the Earth, but said space bishie says otherwise. …I’m more inclined to believe the bishie because he reminds me of Alto from Macross looks less suspicious. And normally bad guys in anime don’t question the good guy’s awkward fighting tactics in a comically ignorant fashion. …Also, it sounds like he went to school. Everyone knows real bad guys are too busy sitting in dimly lit rooms smirking to go to school. Like the guy at the end of this episode. He’s undoubtedly the true bad guy in this series. Just look at that beard.

So the blue, green and orange ones are going to destroy the world? Meh, they’ll be fine. I could have sworn that Mugi’s color was red anyways. Is that plot I detect?! Also, NO LAN, your robot’s name should be Aoi (…or Ao)! And then Mugi (I forget her full name) should name her robot whatever orange is in Japanese. They need a naming system! Where the hell did Lan pull ‘Orca’ from? …Anyways, I guess I got my mecha battle and a hint of the plot so I’m pretty content with how this is going. Sure there are still ridiculous things going on (like the fact that Izo took his sweet time joining the battle again), but really, it’s great for laughs at the expense of silly anime logic.


Whoa great episode this week! And yes Kara, I always look forward to seeing the opening, it just screams AWESOME! And I always think of Star Driver when Madoka breaks the glass…Anyway on to the actual episode. Madoka versus Kirius was kind of comical and badass at the same time, while Madoka was more worried about buildings, that is fine and all but damn…Madoka she wasn’t even taking to fight him and she still managed to survive the battle! HOW IN THE WORLD?! I thought for sure Kirius would have no issues owning her. You would think Kirius had more battle experience than a high school girl from earth…

One thing is certain, those space bishies are really misunderstood because they are not really evil. They just want help for their planet. That brings up a whole new question for me, like is Lan’s home planet really the bad guys here? Is she trying to bring the legend surrounding the three legendary Vox’s to life on earth? So many new issues to work out, but I think Lan is really attached to Madoka thanks to the epic scene of them holding hands. I am sure the yuri fans are screaming with joy after that. Well, I don’t really like yuri theme but why not? We have three main girls holding hands in the opening using that power to save the universe? That could become the new spiral power for Rinne no Lagrange…

I almost forgot to mention Madoka singing while fighting? That was amazing and made me laugh a few times, is she channeling her inner Ranka Lee? Her voice…yeah she needs some work, oh Madoka you are truly the best character so far. I almost forgot, Yoko got recruited by Moid and I am sure that is a way to keep Madoka around for a while, and Moid’s definitely a sneaky little guy…I still do not trust him yet. Finally we got to learn more about DA LEGENED OF VOX! So what is Muginami’s role? Is she the “trigger” for the end of the world? I mean how cool would that be if Muginami turned out to be an evil character and she breaks the universe? An evil moe girl; now who wouldn’t enjoy seeing that? So what do you think? Am I just crazy? Feel free to let me know…


Wild Tiger makes a special appearance!

Muginami visits Madoka and Lan?! And who is this mysterious older man who looks like Wild Tiger?! Find out next week…


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15 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 03”

  1. Jrow says:

    I really love the mecha designs in RnL. The episode looked animated maybe a bit differently, but the action was really cool. Madoka strategizing the best places in town to fight was pretty funny.

    That end card, Lan is such a cutie <3

    • Karakuri says:

      Oh yeah, now that I think about it, I swear some of the fight looked slightly CGI. And I think this is just me, but I swear Lan’s face looks slightly different every time I see her

      Ahaha, those end shots for this show are actually really well drawn.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same! The mecha designs have grown on me at first I wasn’t to impressed with them, but seeing them in action makes it more fun. LOL Yeah Madoka planned out every landing…and singing while fighting? So pro.

      Truth! Lan is very cute indeed <3

  2. skylion says:

    OK, Madoka x Lan FTW! (for the woof).

    I have to admit, I am watching this show to justify my love for both OP and ED. I’m not really a mecha fan (surprising since this and and EVOL have been my “under the radar” hits this season), so most of the combat and technical details fail to really involve me. But I do love our Madoka. I hope they continue to develop the characters.

    • akagami says:

      OP/ED: I know, deshou?

      Megumi love!

    • Karakuri says:

      Madoka x Lan looks pretty heavily implied so far.

      …I’ll admit that I’m not a big mecha fan either. I’m 100% watching this for the character development and plot …and the space bishies

      • akagami says:

        99% of my reason for watching this is Madoka’s “Maru!丸”
        The other 1% is the pretty OP/ED um…. bishies and Mugi.

      • akagami says:

        99% of my reason for watching this is Madoka’s “Maru!丸”
        The other 1% is the pretty OP/ED um…. bishies and Mugi.

        Is that wrong?

      • Foshizzel says:

        Hooray I will mold you into a mecha fan one day Kara! ONE DAY! <3 <3 Well I have to find more anime with space bishies hahah

    • Foshizzel says:

      For the woof indeed sir! Madoka and Lan forever <3

      OP and ED are great I always look forward to watching them even thou I have seen them over and over again...I just love the color they use and visuals the most.

      Yep! Madoka is learning hahah

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Yes, I approve of yuri themed animes!! YURI SPARKLE OF HAND HOLDING! Madoka x Lan FTW!

    The friendship between Madoka and Lan is so cute innocent. Good thing we’ll get to see it develop even farther. And Madoka showed an unexpected part of herself. With her pure-hearted appearance, I never figured she’d be the type to go for a choking move with a wire, it doesn’t fit her personality.

    “DAMN IT, MADOKA! MY WEED”. That part made me laugh. It should have been continued by “Now how am I supposed to get high when it’s a slow day?”.

    Ah mecha, the only place where giant robots get to beat the mechanical crap out of each other. The bad guy with the sword is hiding more than he’s telling. I wonder what his secret is along with the guy who described the soon to be three robots as demons.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOL Dat hand holding and sparkle effect? Yep definitely some yuri in this anime…then again friendship is often confused as such thins when both parties are the same gender xD

      Yeah Madoka’s fighting moves need lots of work! She might be a pro at sports and everything else, but hopefully Lan can help her improve.

      Hahahah of course! That old man needs his weed for uh…medical usage! Yeah “medical” After all imagine him seeing two giant robots in his backyard?

      Indeed! That is why I loveeeeee mecha anime! Something about two giant robots fighting always makes me happy. Yep the legend fits so well with the color themes of each vox machine, I am waiting for more information on Muginami.

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