Guilty Crown – 10

Hare looking so flat today! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?

Things sure are hectic this week in Guilty Crown! If you ever wanted a really bad summarization for this episode it would be: “everything happens.” Okay, now read a proper summary from Fosh to get a sense for what the hell went down.
Guess who just caught up with this anime again! Me!!! So yeah, I’m joining Fosh for this episode of Guilty Crown! …And it looks like I’m just in time to watch Shu go on another one of his self pity trips…. joy.
Another week of awesome anime and that means more Guilty Crown for us to talk about or hate on whatever you choose to do. So are you ready for Christmas? Do you have your presents ordered and tree decorated? Good, if not WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Before you go shopping thou we have a treat for you this week, a triple tag team with OC and Kara! Enjoy the review. Plot this week picks up with a traumatized Shu after he killed Jun last week, during a mission with the funeral parlor Shu freaks out and ends up screwing up the mission. After that Hare begins to stay beside Shu after he flips out at school; in the meantime Gai and the other Funeral Parlor members continue without Shu until they fall into a trap set up by Sengai and the Anti-bodies.

Arugo-“OH SHIT FIREBALL BEHIND ME! Oh cool look a quarter.”

Starting off with oh ma shoe dealing with some personal issues after he killed Jun last week, he joins the Funeral parlor on a new mission but he ends up screwing things up. Because he can’t shake the image of Jun getting killed over and over in his mind and it takes a toll on his ability to draw out Inori’s void weapon. After messing things up Shu avoids going to his house and hides out in his computer editing lair, we all need a place to hide but I would want a real bed. Coming to his aid is Hare this week she ends up staying close just to comfort him, but that doesn’t help him much as he flips out after he has a freaky day dream about the students getting infected with the void cancer.

Shu-“OH MY GOD BOOBS! WHOA!!”                               Inori-“…..why do I feel uncomfortable now…”

Shu-“I am just a simple oh ma shoe…no body likes me…”

Before Shu goes home he gets a short visit from Ayase and Gai, the two of them quickly learn he wants to quit the Funeral Parlor, Gai uses his gun to scare Shu and he walks away leaving Shu to sit alone and cry. Shu returns home and runs into Inori and he calls her a monster! Whoa what a jerk move I think someone needs to take some crazy pills or take a damn nap. While Shu takes a time out Gai has a talk with Arisa’s grandfather as he plans his next mission, this time Gai wants to steal the void stone back from the Anti bodies which is currently held by Yan-Shoushou.

Inori gets her heart broken by Shu, I guess he is not a true fan of her music?

Gai-“What do I fight for? Love of course…sorry Arisa I like older girls.”

Shortly afterwords Gai had to beat the old man with his own cane…

Ayase-“It’s not like I wanted you on my team anyway!”              Gai-“Can I test my new gun on you? Thanks Shu.”

Gai decides to rage quit on Shu and proceeds with the mission, while the Funeral Parlor prepares to make their move Haruka has a chat with Shuuichirou who is currently being held captive. He mentions a few things about Inori and Shu, Haruka learns that Shu has the void genome inside of him. D’aww a touching family reunion we have here, now where is that cake? Oh right I forgot Shuuichirou is actually quite EVIL. Gai and his team arrive on the base and they try to highjack one of the military planes, but they soon discover the plane is empty and Segai set up a cleaver trap screwing things up for Gai.

Dan-“Lets kick some ass today Scarface! WOO!!”          Segai-“Hmm what? You want to sit on your ass all day?”

Gai-“The Anti-bodies have hired ghosts to pilot! KILL THEM!”      Arugo-“……..”        Oogumo-“……..”

Gai-“I would be so angry right now if I knew how to freaking read….DAMN IT!”

Segai-“Stop this ride! I WANT OFF….oh wait this is fun weeeeeeeeeee!”

Unknown to Yan-Shoushou there is a bit of betrayal going on in the background, as the Anti-bodies take something called Vaccine D. Shortly after taking their drugs, the Anti-bodies begin to turn on the others thanks to Segai activating a special song that caused the void stone to suddenly activate. Shuuichirou reveals he wants the song to cause another outbreak of Void cancer so he can clean the world! While this new song is playing it causes Gai to have an outbreak of void crystals. The song also has an effect on Inori causing her to hold her head saying not again as she starts to see people get killed by the song.

Funeral Parlor members are having the worst day ever!


All hail the giant purple ghost Inori in the sky! Poor girl needs a hug…

Extra crowns

Inori rocking a new look this week, which suit shows more skin? This one easily!

Time for your daily dose of my little hacker can’t be this cute.

Full body shot of Inori’s white suit, very cool looking style.

Mustache power is the new spiral power yo!

End thoughts

I had a bad feeling that after Shu started to gain an ounce of confidence, it would be dashed away by killing Jun. He’s not only having vivid flashbacks of that moment, but he’s having nightmares about his past as well. The whole point was to build him up and then quickly shatter him, except he never really came very far from his usual, mousey self. He took two steps forwards from the beginning of the series, and then ran about a mile in the other direction. The mental scarring has become so severe that he’s started to make really bad decisions. Not just one, stupid mistake per episode…but a whole slew of dumb things within the span of a few minutes of air time. I want to say “it’s because he has PTSD! Cut him some slack!” but he should at least have enough decency not to force himelf on some girl who is trying to help him. He’s gone way off the deep end, and there is no reason to feel sorry for him. What good is a main character you can’t relate to or feel empathy towards? Or at least some feeling aside from making me sigh and roll my eyes.

I don’t hate Shu, but I’m frustrated with him. I know killing Jun took a huge toll on him – it would on anyone. However, understanding someone’s pain and being annoyed by how they handle it are two separate things. We’re still barely halfway through the series, and Shu is already like this. Can things be turned around? I get the feeling Shu will once again do something drastic and stupid to help Funeral Parlour, and end up working for them once again before the series is over. Maybe even in the next episode. It makes you wonder why Inori (and apparently some other girl in the past, according to Gai’s “so you chose him too…” line) would fall for such a guy. She seems incapable of showing even mild interest, and yet she loves him. She shows a sad smile and actually cries when Shu snaps at her. That’s the most emotion I’ve ever seen her show, and Shu is the only one who gets to see it.

Shu making some very, very unfortunate decisions and mistakes aside, I actually quite liked this episode. Yes, it was basically every dramatic twist (if you can call them twists) compacted into 22 minutes or so. Yes, it had Daryl being sad for a split second again for no reason. Yes, it was confusing. BUT, it was entertaining. Turn off your brains when you watch GC and you’ll like it a lot more. Stop thinking about the show we all thought it would be, and watch it as it is. It’s a lot more fun that way…at least for me. Segai’s sudden plan to accelerate the growth of the Apocalypse Virus to kill off everyone combined with trapping Gai and company in an airplane was unexpectedly brilliant. I had lowered my guard around him since he had failed to be a real threat so many times, but he’s really done it now. We’re halfway through and he’s about to wipe a huge amount of people. This is episode TEN out of TWENTY TWO. It feels like the second last episode, with the mention of alternate personalities, genetic resonance songs, the release of that stone-stealing guy, and Haruka learning about her son’s shady actions of late. I have no idea where this show is going, but I want to see what happens!


SIGH. Shu went through all of that character development just to fall into the trap of being a whiny useless protagonist again. I realize that he went through something fairly traumatizing, but COME ON. Didn’t we have enough of this in the first episodes? Plus he was a complete ass to Inori AND Hare. I wanted to slap the kid within an inch of his life and thank god Hare had the balls to do it for me. I like her better now for it. Though I still have no idea why she fell for him in the first place. …In fact, the same goes for Inori. Assuming that she DOES like him, I can only ask ‘why?’ I mean, I can see why Shu has a thing for Inori since she saved him a couple dozen times, boosted his pitiful self esteem and such, but what has Shu ever done for Inori other than occasionally reach for her chest? …….. Moving on.

Noooo! Gai!!!! I had guessed that Gai had pop rock virus (damn it Fosh, I can’t remember the real name for the disease anymore lolol), but to see it in action is pretty depressing. Gai can’t die! He’s the only source of awesome male lead that this show has!! …Unless they plan to pull a Gurren Lagann with this. Then I guess I’m okay with Gai dying as long as Shu pulls his head out of his ass for more than 10 minute intervals every 5 or so episodes. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m not exactly fond of Shu’s character at the moment. Fortunately, Inori looks like she finally found her personality… kind of. If anything, she’s connected to Shu’s sister in some way from the looks of things. The only question is how and why. It also looks like Gai somehow knows Shu’s sister. Or at least someone else who chose Shu over him. Why anyone would want to do that is WAAAAAY beyond me though.

Which leads into the whole tower/song/wtf is this?! thing going on at the moment. Why would it awaken something inside Inori? Why is everyone suddenly dissolving into purple crystals? Why do I keep confusing all of the old men in this show for one another?! That being said, lol for Daryl’s foreveralone.jpeg moment finding his dad making out with the secretary (at least that’s who I assume that woman is. Hell, that’s who I assume all affairs are with. It’s always the secretary.) in the elevator. The kid just needs some love! …Or a good punch to the face. Either or. Anyways, from the sounds of it, Haruka already knows about Shu’s void power. Could she have had a part in creating it? And what exactly is the whole Lost Christmas thing? So many questions!


OH MA SHOE! What are you doing!? Calling Inori a monster and breaking her song? Well I will say Shu does have a major problem on his hands. Killing Jun really placed a huge toll on his mind causing him to freak out in school, I already saw this coming because the end of episode nine he was showing signs of mental trauma. While most tend to hate Shu this week I would share in half of that, not just calling Inori a monster but he tried to take advantage of Hare just because she is a close “replacement” for Inori. Damn that was really screwed upon his part; thankfully Hare is a brilliant girl and gave Shu a good slap. Not that the slap is going to be a cure all for his mental problems but hey that is a good start right?

I found myself sort of cheering on Segai and the Anti-bodies! I guess we know who the true villain is now right Mr Shuuichirou! So another anime with the popular theme of my dad is really evil and my life sucks right now. But that is fine with me for a while there I think we all wanted to finally learn who the Funeral parlor should fight, it was also nice to learn why Gai is fighting! And that was for loveeeeee. So we can see Inori is really important to Gai! Not just for her unique blood, but she reminds him of someone he once loved or still loves. I could totally see Arisa’s heart suddenly blowing up after he made that comment about why he fights, poor Arisa…

I agree with OC on this! This episode feels out of place to me! It feels like this should have been episode nineteen? Not ten! The whole release of another void outbreak seems kind of drastic. Then again this episode might help people get back into why we enjoy Guilty Crown! We need more freaking action and less crying from Shu. Speaking of Shu! That Inori look-a-like calling him brother seems really interesting but I still want to know what Inori really is. Maybe she has a split personality locked inside a cloned body? One thing is certain she might have originally caused the outbreak with the first Lost Christmas.


Amazing artwork this week! Look at all the water effects.

Shu snaps out of it with the help of his friends as they plan a rescue mission to save the day…


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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32 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 10”

  1. Kitty says:

    One question, what the hell was that? Shu is back to his I can’t do this phases seriously? Thou, most intrigued by the blond boy at the end XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! Going back to his I suck at being a main character theme, yeah! Who was that?! I have no idea haha maybe he is evil Shu muhahahaha

  2. Reaper says:

    Inori’s new suit? I like, has the kinda of ‘clean’ stylish touch to it, especially with the skirt/flaps that look like wings (reference to the birds of that video Shu’s trying to make?)
    Okay, I’ll say it, out of the episodes that came out on the same day, Guilty Crown was the only one I didn’t say ‘I want next ep now!’…instead, it was ‘what the frack just happened?’
    Creepy song was unsettling, Maddo Scientisto! breaks out of his little cage for Operation *Insert Norse God Reference here*, and Shu is Ikari Shinji to the letter, but in the Code Geass world…have to say though, the bit between him and Hare reminded me of Lelouch and Kallen…
    This ep was a shake up, but to me, a weird shake-up…I don’t even know what to expect in the next ep (especially with that moment Segai twirling the camera around his face…oh, you mean he was twirling around the camera? Even better :S)

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahahaha you know, I’ve always thought of Hare as more of a Shirley character myself. Kallen actually did things plot-wise.

    • Foshizzel says:

      That new suit is amazing! I can’t wait to see cosplayers pull that one off it will be interesting to see, not sure what it was made from I just assumed it was a “sneaking suit” for missions.

      Yeah that ending left me wanting a bit more ah well…I guess we gotta wait for the good stuff.

      LOL Yep! He is ready for his world take over <3

      Ahahah yeah I couldn't help but use that spinning gif of Segai I just had to use it! Muhahahaha

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Now things are picking up. So much plot development in this episode. The creepy apocalyptic feel throughout the city made it even more dramatic which a plus. I hope they explain what Keido plans to gain by killing everyone in the city. Crystalizing and dying looks like a pretty ugly way to go. At least it confirms that Gai has the virus.

    I’m not all surprised that Shu had a psychological relapse. Was sort of expecting it. What got me was him trying to get a rebound on Hare after his chat with Inori. Didn’t fit his character at all. Shu, you underhanded bastard.

    Inori proves once again how sexy she can be. Where does she get these hot clothes? I wonder if she was getting Shiki fashion tips. Shu’s an idiot if he lets her slip through his fingers.

    Segai, you awesome evil badass. He mirrors Ao no Exorcist’s Mephisto.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! finally right?! Yeah things went from zzz to WHAT THE HELL! In a matter of minutes, I think it is one giant experiment to him in the end just to see what happens. Yeah that was kind of revealed in the previous episode, since Jun mentioned something about the virus gave people the power to see voids.

      Same I was waiting for that moment, a lot of shows like this follow that path like Evangelion and Eureka come to my mind. Thankfully Hare slapped Shu! He seriously needed a wake up call.

      Amen to that! Inori looking great as usual, but she is still boring…but hey she showed some emotion and feelings this time. I will grow to like her soon <3

      YES! Segai so awesome xDD

  4. Overcooled says:

    Thank God I don’t have to go looking for a gif of Segai spinning on my own. THANK YOU FOR THIS.

  5. Toori-chan says:

    OMG! With all these developments going on, what are you doing Shu?!!! Gai is being sent to Heaven, darn it!!! Can you stop freakin out just because you killed your friend?!!!

    Inori’s new suit looks sleek and cool. Wish they released it earlier so that I could have found the cosplay during my recent convention…

    Segai, you scarface badass. How can you be so awesomely bad. Shuuichirou is now a new type of evil.

    There was so much hype, when the episode ended, I was like “WTH! NO! Why can’t you be a 40min episode?!!!”

    • Foshizzel says:

      So much development! I love it, poor Gai what if he doesn’t want to go right now? Noooooo!!

      Yay Inori! Lovely new suit oh you should share them if you find any I can’t wait to see the cosplayers try to mimic it I have seen a few with that orange suit on my DeviantArt account.

      Segai and Shuuichirou are both great bad guys xD

      Agreed…40 episodes please…

  6. Gecko says:

    That old man had my exact reaction to Gai’s proclamation of …fighting for love or whatever. Whatever feelings I had about Gai and his character are just ruined. I am now fine if he dies. I don’t want a rebel leader who fights for love. No, thank you *insert K-ON! song here.* Fight for something that benefits everyone.
    I agree with everyone about Inori’s new suit- looks great on her, and it is a bit less crazy, which is nice for fighting, probably.
    Hare, Hare, Hare…
    As for everything happening so quickly and in the middle, honestly, maybe it’s a new twist or something- get through the rebels winning and all and show what happens after, when the society has to change. Every show avoids that, so maybe that’s how they’re being new? IDK.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Dawww poor Gai no love for him? T___T I think that is a great reason to fight, but yeah I can see that not sitting so well for a few fans. LOL Yep random K-ON! Song for the win I want that to happen.

      Yeah that suit might be more for fighting and providing some fan-service for the guys!

      Yeah you might be onto something, this might be the volt this series needs to get things started.

  7. obladi05 says:

    I loved this episode!!! So many things happened that I would have never expected so soon! Poor Shu, I think I’m the only one who actually doesn’t hate him, even though I admit I couldn’t stop laughing after that screaming part before the OP. And the situation with Hare, he was obviously not going to do anything to her, if he hasn’t even made a move with Inori living in his own house… I don’t know where that came from, it’s not his style at all.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but wasn’t Daryl so upset to see Yan-Shoushou with that woman because he is his father?

    Inori was really cute this episode, with the song and the cooking. She is the only one who can put Shu back on his feet, and he is the only one who brings her emotions out. I want to know her connection to that girl and Shu’s past as well. And what Gai has to do with all that.

    By the way, a pic with Arisa’s wtf face, please! hahaha

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah there are a few lovers of Shu and a few haters, I don’t really have a side but usually I end up laughing at how he acts during certain episodes. And I have plenty of anime experience to know a few main characters like Shu have to start from somewhere…and they always deal with killing someone.

      Daryl was upset yep! That is 100% True…yeah daddy issues…

      Yay Inori! She was looking cute this time indeed, well that is true but we hardly get to see how she acts around someone like Gai or the others. Same we all want to know more about Inori and the mysterious look a like xD

      LOL Yeah…

  8. Kencana says:

    It is just me but I want to punch Shu. Right at the face. He’s too emo at this ep. Yes, I know killing someone is traumating. BUT, he should ready for that! I mean, you are joining with a terroist. And what kind of terrorist that don’t kill? So the choice is being killed or kill.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Nope that is roughly how everyone else feels about Shu right now…haha they all want to kick his ass right now. Right killing someone is traumatizing and all and I was expecting this to happen to Shu! After all he is a main character.

      Right Shu doesn’t have any way to pick and choose his battles haha he has to fight or get killed…

  9. Miyu says:

    During this entire episode I just really, really wanted to slap Shu and scream WAKE UP YOU DOUCHEBAGGG into his face. Sigh. He was a jerk to all the girls in this episode ):

    At the moment GC really reminds me of Deadman Wonderland. Inori was all “oh no, she’ll wake up” at that moment when the “wrong song” started playing and this strikes me as familiar coz if I remember correctly Shiro’s other more sadistic side also wakes up when the lullaby stops playing! I wonder what this ~other person~ in Inori is like and what she is capable of doing. And what is her connection to Shu? O:

    And yes GAIIII ;_; he has the disease too. I keep thinking he’ll end up dying halfway through the anime or something and then Shu eventually has to take over. That is, if he grows some balls. And his entire “so you choose him too” was heartbreaking. I suppose Other Inori was also Gai’s love interest? It sounds quite obvious but I guess it might not necessarily be the case (getting mindblown by Penguindrum too often recently = suspiscious of everything)

    Anyway, the future episodes still look promising. Looking forward to learning more about the characters (AND SHU GROWING UP UGH)

    • Karakuri says:

      I KEEP THINKING GAI IS GOING TO DIE TOO and same goes for the whole other Inori=Gai’s love interest. Why else would he keep Inori so close?

      • Foshizzel says:

        Right! Maybe Gai wants this Inori to remember about the other one? Possibly hoping she would remember him haha but yeah Gai is keeping Inori close for her blood, and her looks I think.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I think Shu needs more than a few slaps…

      Now that you mention that I can totally see the Deadman Wonderland in this episode, with the use of “songs” That is really huge in the manga! Now if only Inori was more like Shiro I would think that was amazing! But…ya…

      Yeah Gai has the virus inside him that is 100% now! But I am not sure if Gai will die, I can picture Shu saving Gai’s life xD

      Yep! I want to learn more about the characters like Inori!

  10. sakura_fai says:

    Inori with her new suit reminds me of Orihime back when she was in Hueco Mundo.

    Agree with the other Inori being Gai’s love interest, he also said: “You look just like her…” speaking of which, could the other inori be the one in the picture with Shu’s mother? the one with long pink hair?

    Urgh! Shu made so much progress!! Why is so wimpy again??! T^T Seriously dude, I hope you weren’t like this when you were younger and that your memories were suppressed and the song unleashes the BA in you, cause it’s too late in the game to go, “WAH WAH I CAN’T DO CRAP” -_-

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhh yeah! Inori’s suit is very arrancar like.

      From what I gather that other Inori is Shu’s sister? Probably someone Gai loved back in the day.

      LOL Yeah…Shu was making great progress and them fell flat =/

  11. amado says:

    your captions are hilarious, guys! helped me gain back some energy after the discussion of why shoe is a hated character.

    I agree with your thoughts, the show would have been great had not the focus been on shoe. the plot is good now at least, just kill off shoe please.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thank you!! And no problem there are a lot of people that share in the hate of Shu, I wish there was more love for him but it happens with any series.

      Yep that was a bit annoying to focus on a character that is broken or dealing with some drama…Yeah plot is getting there! But I don’t think Shu will die being the main chara and all. However I could be wrong! After all look back on a few shows like this and you can already see anime lately has no second thoughts based on character death.

  12. akagami says:

    I’ve never been so annoyed with a main protagonist. I can deal with a horrible MC when it’s a horrible story (because I’ll stop watching anyways), but everything in GC is pretty interesting aside from Shu. I really don’t want to drop the show, because it’s interesting with redjuice character designs and supercell music ^^

    I know people have been saying it’s realistic since he is suffering from trauma, but sorry, if I wanted a realistic average person reaction I would watch the news.

    I have to agree with the posters above, Shu has absoltutely no redeeming character traits besides pretty boy looks. He’s an indecisive, plain, whiny-the-world-isn’t-fair-I’ll-just-sit-here-and-mope character. Seriously, what was the design/production team thinking? “We don’t have enough weak whiny characters these days. I know, let’s create a stacked anime and make him the main character. People will dig him!”

    • Foshizzel says:

      True, there is something that keeps me watching with Guilty Crown! Every week it is filled with a few interesting events. Yeah dropping it now seems silly when you are almost halfway though this 22 episode series.

      Yeah Shu is not the best main character ever…he is dealing with Trauma and what not…

      I know right? Damn what is up with Shu! Trying to get comfort from Hare just because Inori isn’t there? Ouch! What a terrible way to treat the one girl that is trying to be nice.

      LOL Yes! I have no idea what the team behind Guilty Crown is thinking when they decided to make Shu such a failure.

  13. skylion says:

    Nothing can save Guilty Crown. Well, Twenty minutes of Tsugumi. That will save it. You know this to be true.

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