Anime’s Next Top Model C3 Epi7 – Spotlight

The final round is here. This is it, people. Last chance to vote, support and get to know your heartthrobs.

Rather than going the challenge way like every other episode, we thought to spice things up this round with interviewing our final two contestants from Bishounen and Bishoujo camp. Not to mention, showcase them in a gorgeous spread that you can ogle over late. Before that though, I would like to thank to Ness, Overcooled and Zabo who contributed endlessly to make this a possibility with many a write-ups and scenario building. Also, shout out to the judges, who scrutinized every challenge and photo shoot: Fosh, Hoshi, Kara, Jrow, Junko, anaaga and Hato for contributing comments.AND, we are finally at the end of this contest so without any further ado, let me bring in the interviewees.




As opposed to the usual catwalk or stage, this week’s challenge takes place in a relatively casual setting. There are two couches, one with the judges and another empty couch across from them. This week, Anaaga joins in the fun of putting the models through torture. Then again, how out of hand could a simple interview turn out, hmm? The camera pans towards Kyokai, who starts with business as usual.

“Welcome to the final challenge of Metanorn’s Anime’s Next Top Model Cycle 3, where we will be interviewing all of the contestants for our official magazine,” Kyokai pauses as a rather devious look crosses her face, “and uncover any dirty secrets we can in the process.”

Ah, right, Metanorn can turn any challenge into something hellish. This is not just going to be cover page and spread showcase with one judge interviewing each contestant. Can they survive? Let’s find out.

Sakata Gintoki

Anaaga: Gintoki~~~!

Gintoki: Yo!

Anaaga: Let’s start off with the most important question. How’s your love life? Tell us about it. It can be kinky, I don’t mind. *winks*

Gintoki: Boys, if you have money to spend for your hair, spend it. Make sure there’s no single perm on your hair. Look at me. I don’t have a girlfriend, and my female friends are total weirdo. I have a violent gluttonous pale female alien invading my house and a masochistic ninja stalker is residing in one the drawers in the living room. Hell, even my weather girl crush was married a couple of years ago. This is all my hair’s fault for having a permanent perm.

Anaaga: So no girlfriend then. At least the guys are learning some advice about how to be hot from you.

Gintoki: Maybe I should have given them bad advice so I look cooler….Aw, dammit. Too late.

Anaaga: So, why do you want to be Anime’s next Top Model?

Gintoki: The advertisement said that the winner will get money as prize. That will provide for a one year supply of parfait. I can eat proper dinner too! I’ve been longing for a day when I won’t have to eat Kagura’s raw egg-on-rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I should visit the pachinko first when I win though…

Anaaga: Wait, we’re giving money as a prize? Kyokai, just how much do they get.

Kyokai: That…will be a secret.

Zabobinator: Wait, guys, where did the money come fr-

Kyokai: Shhh.

Anaaga: Oh, right.  *cough*  Let’s just go to question 3. Which photo shoot was your favorite?

Gintoki: All of the photo shoot were a hassle. I’m not old, but I’m not a violent teenager like Kagura either. You guys are giving me too much work.

Anaaga: Aww come on, you have to pick one.

Gintoki: I guess I had a good laugh when the boys and I dressed up as girls. I had fake boobs, but I was given a lollipop so it was whatever. Since I’m a laz-er, busy man, the Summer Heat photo shoot was probably the best.  I just got to sit there with my yukata while fanning. I didn’t even have to pose for it.

Anaaga: And yet you can still look good without posing!

Gintoki: It’s an art form. Comes naturally.


Natsume Takashi

Kyokai: Hello, how are you?

Natsume: Mm, a bit tired but alright.

Kyokai: Modeling is hard work, isn’t it?

Natsume: I’d rather be chased by youkai all day. At least they don’t humiliate me. *sighs*

Kyokai: Haha, but it’s all in good fun; the fangirls love it. In fact, you’re one of the most popular.

Natsume: *fidgets uncomfortably*  Err…r-really?

Kyokai: Check our polls. Anyway, enough chitchat, since you look like you’re itching to get this over with. So, tell us about your love life.

Natsume: None. I’m too busy being chased by youkai and solving their problems. I’d rather not get involved with anyone right now because I don’t want my loved ones to get harmed by violent youkai; the reason I keep a close watch on the Fujiwaras. My life is quite satisfying, so I don’t see the need of a girlfriend right now. I just want to spend more times with my friends and make Touko-san and Shigeru-san happy.

Overcooled: That’s the kind of answer that makes girls want you more, Natsume~ No one likes those nice guys who treat every girl as if they’re special!

Natsume: Are you sure that’s how it works?

Overcooled: You push them away and they want more of you. Of course, that’s how you do it. You know Natori and Matoba—

Kyokai: *coughs* Getting back on topic! Natsume, tell us why you think you’d be best suited for Anime’s Next Top Model?Natsume: It’s embarrassing to say this, but I had no intention to win at first. Natori-san was the one who tricked me to audition for Metanorn’s Anime’s Next Top Model, but I ended up continuing just for fun. But seeing the supporters’ faces when they cheer for me makes me… happy, somehow. Their cheers touch my heart. I want to meet my fans’ expectations, and  if I have to be the Top Model for that, then I’m willing to.

Kyokai: Aww, that’s really sweet of you.

Natsume: Haha, wanting to make people happy isn’t so special.

Kyokai: Of course. It’s not just people but youkai as well, who sing your praises.

Natsume: I don’t do that much. Though, your familiars don’t look too happy, you should give them some break you know… Especially that bunny looking one with pink eyes? Looks just creepy to me, I would never write its name on my Book of Friends.

Kyokai: Uh… You shouldn’t even think of talking to that furball because I won’t be able to take the transformation!

Natsume: What transformation? What are you talking about.

Kyokai: Nothing, nothing… My last question for you today is which shoot was your favorite?

Natsume:  I enjoyed most of the photo shoots I did since all of them were challenging and fun, except for the Loved photo shoot since it was pretty uncomfortable to have my grandma kissing my cheek in public. I’m not a little kid anymore, you know…? Though if I have to say specifically which one, then it’s the Cross-Over photo shoot.  I met a lot of people there, and most of them were very friendly. The duo I met when I was in Ikebukuro with Tanuma was pretty… Interesting…

Kyokai: Thanks for your time, Natsume. You’d better go, it looks like Nyanko-sensei is getting restless behind the scene.



Anime's NTM C3 Epi7 Voting for Spotlight (Bishounen) - Choose ONE

  • Sakata Gintoki (37%, 65 Votes)
  • Natsume Takashi (63%, 113 Votes)

Total Votes: 178

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Senjougahara Hitagi

Zabobinator: Yo, Senjougahara! You’re looking as good as ever! How’s everything going? Ready for your interview?

Senjougahara: Fine, thanks.  And I’m as ready as I’ll ever be…

Zabobinator: Hehe. So, I’m gonna start with the interesting stuff. How’s your love life going? *grins*

Senjougara: It’s…nice.

Zabobinator: Uh huuhhh? Just nice? Well, I would imagine so after the stunt you pulled off with the pants!

Senjougahara:  *glares* It was not a “stunt.” It was a legitimate display of my affections for Araragi-kun.

Zabobinator: Right. Ah…hehe…watch it Senjou~ Your dere dere side is showing!

Senjougahara: *raises eyebrow* I have no clue what you’re talking about.

Zabobinator: Hah. Riiiiiight. So…How has Araragi been supporting you throughout this new venture into modeling?

Senjougahara: …It was all his doing in the first place! He persuaded me with the challenge that I should talk to more people and make… friends… He’s such a pervert, he has done nothing but ogle each and every outfit that I’ve worn for the photo shoots.

Zabobinator: Hehehe.  But that’s gotta be flattering you know? The whole… ogling and drooling part?

Senjougahara: I suppose so. Doesn’t make him any more refined though.

Zabobinator: So, is going out with Araragi Koyomi fun?

Senjougahara: My definition of fun is a bit different but in normal perspective, it’s been interesting. He’s pretty straight forward and helpful in most parts but there are times that I have to yank information out of him. He likes to be a busy body.

Zabobinator: I gotcha. *winks* You do seem to be having fun with this whole thing though, Araragi or not. What has your favorite photo shoot been?

Senjougahara: Well, I can tell you about my least favorite one, the so-called “Innocent Seduction.” It was ridiculous!

Zabobinator: …Why?

Senjougahara: Why should I have to try and seduce anybody besides my Araragi-ku—ahem. *coughs* However, I did enjoy the Beach theme very much. It was nice to get out there and relax in the sun. Of course, I won.

Zabobinator: Um… sure. So, finally, the question of the night: Why do YOU think you should Anime’s Next Top MODEL!

Senjougahara: Because I deserve the title.

Zabobinator: Huh. I guess that’s…a legitimate reason.

Senjougahara: It is.


Stocking Anarchy

Overcooled: What’s up, Stocking?

Stocking: …

Overcooled: …Stocking?

Stocking: …Sorry, I was thinking about what to have for dinner. You guys need to re-stock the refreshments, they’re all gone.

Overcooled: Ah…I wonder who else could have eaten all of the sweets we put out…

Stocking: You should find them, because they ate all of my favorite ones! I was so happy when I found out you had my favorite type of cakes, but now they’re all gone!

Overcooled: I’m sorry, I’ll try to get more…Wait, this isn’t an interview about food! Stocking, please focus and tell us about your love life.

Stocking: I don’t have one. Maybe if I didn’t have some lame afro-perv telling me to hunt for ghosts every minute, I’d have time to get one. But I’ll have you know I’m extremely picky and won’t settle for any guy. There’s only one guy whose ever caught my attention enough for me to date him and…well… now he’s…. A-anyways, I’m fine being single for now!

Overcooled: I’m sorry that your hideous, poo-ghost boyfriend died.

Stocking: HUH?!

Overcooled: What? Did you hear something? I didn’t say anything. You’re hearing things. I think you should just tell me why you want to win this competition to take your mind off of it.

Stocking: You bitch…Ugh…

Kyokai: *gives Stocking THE LOOK*

Stocking: Alright, alright. Well. I have a certain annoying sister who is always in the spotlight, and I want to show her that I can do so much better! I always get stuck in dumb commercials or just writing for an unpopular blog and it totally sucks! I need to be more popular than her and her stupid porn tapes! …*puts on cute look* So, vote for Stocking-chan, ne~!

Overcooled: Was that jab at bloggers not getting any payback?! Anyways, you seem determined, so that’s good. Which shoot was your favorite?

Stocking: The gender bent one because I got to bring some candy on-set. It really helped me focus on nailing the shot, with all that wonderful sugar in my body~ The intense one is a close second, because I just imagined my sister was the target of my swords.

Overcooled: Let’s hope you don’t end up stabbing her in the forehead and chopping her into neat cubes for a troll ending any time soon!

Stocking: Hehee… Don’t be ridiculous, I’d never do that. *bats eyelashes*



Anime's NTM C3 Epi7 Voting for Spotlight (Bishoujos) - Choose ONE

  • Senjougahara Hitagi (56%, 97 Votes)
  • Stocking Anarchy (44%, 76 Votes)

Total Votes: 173

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This is the LAST POLL, so make it count, everyone! It’s a tough choice but vote for the best because this is a cutthroat business and who doesn’t want more fangirl/fanboy love, huh? The deadline is 23rd December. The decision is in your hands, so VOTE IT UP!


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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  1. anaaga says:

    My heart went doki-doki when I was interviewing Gintoki! It was very hard to resist the urge to drag him into the janitor room and strip him naked. Although I already have some sexy pictures of him I secretly took when Gintoki was changing his clothes

    *cough* Anyhow, go go Gintoki! I will hunt those who didn’t vote for Gintoki

  2. Ringo says:

    Natsume!!! >.<
    I'm sure everyone that voted for him in previous polls will put him ahead. Please vote everyone!

    And in the bishoujo side, I voted for Stocking, but it seems Senjougahara will win anyway…

  3. kluxorious says:

    If Gin didn’t win this, I’m gonna burn someone’s house down to the ground

  4. BlackBriar says:

    This is the end!!! And let’s put this thing to rest!!! Hitagi Senjougahara for the win!!! No one can stop the Stapler Queen. She has the bishoujo division in the bag, so, I have no worries. This Tsundere has what it takes!!!

    My hopes for the bishounen division has long since died. Pass…

  5. Toori-chan says:

    Natsume and Senjougahara are owning this already in early results. Of course I voted for both of them as well.

  6. Miyu says:

    Natsume! *fangirl chant* I like Gintoki too but I like Natsume better HAHAHA don’t kill me please ;_; (…Or burn my house down. The comments are getting scary HAHAHA)

  7. Overcooled says:


    It’s been a long contest….Whew. I’ll miss the weeklyish convos with Zabo brainstorming crazy challenge things XD

  8. Jrow says:

    The magazine covers are fantastic, especially the Gintoki and Stocking ones.

  9. Eri says:

    biased The ones I vote for always lose “orz

  10. ZeroAnarchy says:

    Go Gintoki!! Go Stoking!! Go you beautiful goth bitchy Angel!! X3

  11. Amtuofan123 says:


  12. Yippy says:

    Man…Stocking and Gintoki aren’t looking too healthy there. Go on, you two! Don’t make me regret ignoring Natsume’s awesome photos and choosing Gintoki for his interview!

  13. Alynn says:

    Senjougahara always <3

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