Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 6th Elimination

 Sixth round of elimination were the closest as yet. Check out the first time ever tie!

You had your time to vote, and now it’s time to reveal the results. I’m sure you enjoyed the crossover video Ness and Kyokai whipped up, but how did the judges feel about it? It’s time for more catty comments, insightful critique, and maybe a bit of drooling if they’re caught off guard. Here’s what your esteemed judges have to say about the most recent photoshoot and challenge.



1. Senjougahara

I was wondering where my damn stapler went this morning, until I saw Senjoughara dressed up in her amazing Madoka cosplay today! I just have to say she did an excellent job throwing her own spin on being a magical girl.
Senjou killed QB, so that’s an automatic win for me! Her Madoka Magica cosplay is really good and the school supplies are a pretty good weapon to bring in a battle of magical girls. She has protracted her way into the finals; great job Senjou!
Oh you! Not only did you kill Kyuubey but managed to do an amazing Homura with her own signature staplers. Meeting so many characters from different anime series should have been an awesome treat; though I hope you stayed away from Daru.

2. Stocking

How did Stocking pull off the My Little Pony look?! That was both freaky and head turning, maybe she found some super secret science device? I agree with Jrow, Kuroneko would have worked wonders with Stocking. Good job this week, Stocking! You always make me laugh.
Giddy up Stocking! The My Little Pony thing was very challenging for her, but it’s the goth cross-over that really helped her fit in with the other anime series. Kuroneko might be more of an ideal buddy than Panty.
And I thought it was a horrible joke when My Little Pony started playing, only to notice Stocking prancing in with Panty. But hey, she worked it and same for the gothic and K-On! look. Not to mention that Dark Angel take wasn’t that bad.

3. Nino – Eliminated!

Nino! I am always waiting every week just to see what this girl pulls off. This week she had to hang out with Izaya during her photo shoot. I was shocked to see her actually stand near him like that and she did a great job! Or maybe she just wanted to eat that cake he was teasing her with? Either way good work, Nino.
Nino doesn’t seem as excited to be hanging out with Izaya, but hey, most people in Ikebukuro loathe his presence. It’s really a shame that Nino has been knocked out of this competition. I thought she was consistently the best each round, but the other 2 kept right up with her and finally nudged her off the show. Just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you can be succesful for 15 minutes; just ask Clay Aiken or any of the other American Idol 2nd/3rd place peeps.
Not only she was unfazed by one Orihara Izaya but she did an awesome damsel in distress playing Alice. Like Jrow said, she has consistently been good with throughout the competition and just being around with her unique temperament is a miracle in itself. We will miss you, Nino but you did really good! <3
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1. Natsume – TIED

Ahahaha…. The Izaya cosplay was the one that won me over. I just wish there was a bit more variety with his crossovers. Drrr! is great, but I don’t know if that makes up for doing the exact same thing.
Good god, that Totoro cross-over was great. All of his photos turned out to be gorgeous. Well, except the second-last picture where he cosplayed as Izaya… Natsume looks like a racoon in that picture. The idea where he passed by the famous Durarara!! duo sure was interesting though.
I absolutely adore the My Neighboy Totoro cross-over! So nicely done, but the last two didn’t impress me so much, especially since it was two pictures from the same series. I expected some more variety…

1. Gintoki – TIED

This is how it’s done. Gin, master of crossovers, did well this time around! Like most of the judges, I think that the Sailor Moon cosplay was absolutely flawless (shhhhh, don’t question me). Points for the Sket Dance one too, even though Gin had an unfair advantage since that crossover was official.
Oh man Gintoki, you are a master when it comes to cosplaying. That Sailor Moon cosplay was preciouussss. The Sket Dance crossover was also flawless, you totally blend in with the Sket Dance peeps. Surprisingly, your FMA cosplay turned out to be great too. I love how you can do the different themes of the cosplay perfectly fine without ruining any of it.
All the cross-over pics were pretty decent, but the Sailor Moon one was by far the best out of all of them. I loved everything about it, especially the make-up for some odd reason. It was wonderfully silly and actually kept in-tune with the classic series. The FMA one was gorgeous as well~

3. Rin – (Eliminated by ONE VOTE!)

Rin! Nooooooo! Holy crap the voting was close this round. Unfortunately, Rin’s BRS and Vocaloid crossovers didn’t quite win the crowd it seems… Which is a shame because both of them were excellent. …Though I don’t think I’ll be able to erase that image of Yukio as a bro-con from my mind now. Ever.
The only cosplay I liked of Rin was that Black Rock Shooter cross-over. And I HATE Black Rock Shooter. Rin looks so normal in that FMA cross-over, although the Vocaloid cosplay sure was cute. I totally laughed my ass off at that Kuroshitsuji cosplay. Rin looks like a n00b who landed the wrong job with that butler uniform.
Oh, that Kuroshitsuji cross-over makes my fangirly side giddy with extreme joy~ IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL *cough* O-On a more serious perspective, the Black Rock Shooter cross-over was quite interesting with great, ready-for-battle poses between the two. The FMA one however was a little too simple for my taste, and the Vocaloid one was hysterical…but I must admit I enjoyed Rin’s moe look…

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The votes for this one were incredibly close, with Rin losing by only one vote to Gintoki and Natsume – who are tied! Even the girls side has no clear winner, with Nino falling behind by only a handful of votes. I’m sad to say that Rin and Nino will be with us no more. Like, really sad. I don’t even care about the bishounen division anymore, you guys have ruined it. In fact, you’ve basically ruined Christmas. Do better next time, BECAUSE IT’S THE FINALE!
This was the closest round of voting for sure. In terms of Bishounen division, it was so close that there was a time that all of the contestants hit rock bottom with a minute voting difference. However, the hammer hit hard when the deadline was past and wow, Rin offed for one vote. You know what that means? It means your VOTE IS VERY IMPORTANT! In the last round coming very soon, vote wisely!


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13 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 6th Elimination”

  1. Sabine says:

    So Close u boys!!! ; D The guys were great in this round! Too bad one had to be eliminated D; the harsh reality..

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Ahhh, NO!!!! First Saeko’s gone and now Rin?! This is too much! The bishounen division is dead to me now because there’s no one worthy to vote for. I don’t even care about it anymore, it’s completely ruined.

    Now all my remaining bias in this contest is focused on Senjougahara. Not that I’m worried a bit about the bishoujo division. Go Senjougahara!!!

    • Alynn says:

      Basically the same opinion as me. ;_; Nobody to vote for left in the bishounen division.

      Sigh Rin! why did you have to be eliminated? And by ONE VOTE TOO!

  3. Kitty says:

    Man eliminated by 1 vote! These anime characters are a tough, cut throat crowd! Here’s to Natume and taking it home!

  4. Ringo says:

    Thank goodness Natsume made it. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t even have cared about this contest, as harsh as that sounds.

  5. ZeroAnarchy says:

    Poor Rin… So close!! Go Stoking!! All the way!!

  6. Bob from Accounting says:

    RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! Ahem, not that I, uh, care or anything.

  7. Namika says:

    Noooooo TT^TT what will I do without you?? :'(

  8. Shey says:

    Bah, Rin………………… /cry

    • Dan-go says:

      also “Like, really sad. I don’t even care about the bishounen division anymore, you guys have ruined it.” OC is very partial to her bishies.

  9. Miyu says:


    …That is all.

  10. anaaga says:

    Gintoki, you’re my only hope now!

  11. Dan-go says:


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