Gundam AGE – 04

Spider-Gundam launching!

More giant robots headed your way! Woooooooooo! Well this series is slowly becoming my new addiction and I look forward to it each week. Not sure how everyone else feels about it but I find it really entertaining. Anyway time to start the review for episode four enjoy.Plot this week is about the mysterious white wolf aka the extreme ace pilot, who challenges Flint to a game just to see who should take control of piloting the Gundam. While playing this game they suddenly get attacked by a passing UE machine and the White wolf tries his best to fight them off, with some help from Flint they work together to escape and return to the Diva.

Grudech- “This nyan-cat video….is…AMAZING!”

We start off with our ace pilot the White wolf aka Wolf Eniakuru waking up and taking a shower for some random man-service. I am not really sure who they were aiming that shower scene for? Maybe it’s for the few girls still watching? When he finishes, he checks out the crew and gets shocked seeing Flint and his friends and wonders what happened to the freaking colony. Maybe Wolf left all his anime and manga there and Gundam models?! But he rubs everyone the wrong way with his attitude and leaves the room laughing at Flint.

Wolf uses old spice Gundam for those long space flights.

Wolf- “We’re in freaking space bitches….! WHY AM I SCREAMING!?”

After listening to Wolf ramble on for a while, we join Flint while he updates his Gundam, only to have Wolf wanting to pilot it instead of Flint because it’s his favorite color of course! And what’s his favorite color? White of course, just like that fabulous hair of his. But Flint objects to this and the two of them agree to a mini game of space paintball. The winner gets to pilot the Gundam as the prize. Sure it’s not like the ENEMY will mind that they do this, right? Sadly not so much! They get some time to play this silly little game before they get interrupted by a passing UE machine that detects them and enters trigger happy shooting mode. Someone is just mad they didn’t get an invite to the space paint ball match.

Random guy- “We’re betting on this, we are really bored.”              Emily-“Shut up! I wanna see some blood!”

Flint- “Oh yeah take this! What the hell.”                    Wolf- “Ha! I have real ammo!”

Flint- “DUDE, WAIT YOUR FREAKING TURN!”                  Wolf- “Who invited that guy, he sure is rude.”

During the attack against this UE machine, which is called a Gafran, thanks to Anya on Twitter. This Gafran gives the two of them a hard time; well it was mostly scenes of Wolf shoving Flint out of the way trying to save him. Flint chases after the Gafran and discovers an invisible wall out in space. This reveals more enemy suits and a really massive mother ship. Flint is joined by Wolf, who tries his best to calm him down before he goes crazy and attacks one of the Gafran suits.

I think you need a bigger gun to take this on Flint…

Wolf- “I just woke up today and I already wrecked my machine! I am so going back to bed.”

Wolf pushes Flint away and tells him to get some weapons from the Diva; I guess you can’t paint the enemy to death now can you? So, Flint gets his super cool beam rifle and rushes back to save Wolf. Sadly, Wolf really loves to steal the spotlight and “borrows” Flint’s rifle, and blows up a random asteroid that distracts the UE causing them to forget what they were actually doing! So these UE things are either so damn dumb or just really slow? They return to the ship for more chances for Wolf to pick on Flint. The end of this episode follows Grudech in his quarters as he begins to put together an idea of what the UE actually are. Come on tell us already! I bet they are freaking robots and their master is Yurin! Right?

Wolf- “I really smoked that rock!”              Flint-“You really need to go back to sleep for five more years.”

Grudech- “Nyan-cat, you are my only friend in these lonely nights.”

Extra Gun-damn

Dike- “You smell nice…I like you.”                   Aloi-“………”

Grudech- “Fuuuuuuuu I glued my glasses to my face.”

Wolf- “Flint what are you doing?”                   Flint- “Uh, I thought we were combining… duh?”

Hnnggggggggggg face.jpeg

End Thoughts:

Well another brand new character with Wolf, who’s voiced by Ono Daisuke. So now we have Shizuo in space! This guy is awesome and he is starring in Bleach as a new filler boss for our current arc. But back to what really matters: Gundam stuffs! We did get to see Wolf’s machine the Genoace Custom; that suit reminded me of Zechs marquise and his Tallgeese suit, but Wolf is really cocky. I can see him being annoying really fast. That said I liked watching those scenes with him and Flint, even though it seemed that they have a brother type of relationship with him constantly picking on Flint like that.

And we got to see more Emily and we saw another side of her this time. Well, not really anything brand new as she was mostly getting really worried about him becoming a soldier and having less time around her. But I know most of us want more Yurin of course! But Emily will have to do for now. And we got to learn more about the mysterious UE, that massive mother ship was damn cool. It screams robots to me! What about you out there? What do you think they actually are? Well, Grudech will spill the beans next episode on his own thoughts.

So new characters and more secrets revealed for AGE! What else could we get? Oh that ridiculous space paintball match between Flint and Wolf. I did sort of enjoy watching that because it was different and interesting. I could so see a spinoff of that for future Gundam themed sports. Ahahah imagine mecha soccer in space; well, I don’t think that dream will ever come true. I guess we will see how things develop between Wolf and Flint. Dare I say they feel more like Kamina and Simon? Well, I don’t think Wolf could be as amazing as Kamina.


Oh hey, look another Yandare character….

Random guys show up to steal everything and Flint gets the crap scared out of him by this evil looking redhead.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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12 Responses to “Gundam AGE – 04”

  1. Kitty says:

    HAHA! I died when Woolf-sama tried to take the Gundam!! So funny!! Oh if only Flit was as smart as you Shizzel-kun.

    Painting the gundam black
    We’re painting the gundam black
    We dare not stop
    Or waste a drop
    So let the paint be sprea
    We’re painting the gundam black

  2. anaaga says:

    Why is everybody hating on Emily? D: Sure, she’s all naggy now, but the boy she has a crush on might die in one of those wars! D: Not that I don’t like Yurn (nngghhh cuteness), but Flit and Yurin are so not going to hook up. Emily x Flit FTW!

    Did UE just teleported? Holy smoke they did. This makes the theory of the UE as creatures from the future more believable. Kind of makes sense if Yurin is the enemy’s pilot too. So far there’s no Newtype who’s as awesome as she is. Maybe she’s a Newtype from the future? Evolved ability yada yada


    • Foshizzel says:

      I could never hate on Emily! She is always fun and a blob of cute! Yeah I can see more Emily and Flint than Yurin, hopefully we get to see more of Emily here soon!

      They either teleported or went back in super stealth mode to hide, yeah that could be one idea of the UE having future tech vs what everyone else has. Right Yurin being a possible enemy makes things a bit more interesting if it ever comes out true!

      Hahah yep I was shocked that it was Ono! Very cool to hear him in a gundam series xD

  3. The Gray Ghost says:

    Aaargh the nostalgia! It was such a long time since i watched a gundam series!!!
    Haven’t gotten to watching this one yet though, is it any good?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohh? Nice! I haven’t seen every Gundam series before I have skipped a few of them, but this series so far is decent the character designs take some time to get used to for most.

      Other than that it has been interesting the story is usual Gundam stuff here colony blows up = people escape and so on, I would check out the first three episodes and see how they hold up for you.

  4. Anya says:

    Look at your man.
    Now back to me.
    Look at your man and back to me.
    Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped using ladyscented Gundams and use an awesome white Mobile Suit he could look like he’s me.
    Look down, back up, I have it, it’s a DODS Rifle that can kill Gafrans.
    Look again.
    Anything is possible when your man’s mobile suit is white and not pink.
    I’m on a loli.
    *Whistle di di di di dee di di diu~*

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