Guilty Crown – 07

Shu is really sexually confused this week….

 This will be a fun experiment. It’s called: “determining if Overcooled is still coherent when immensely tired.” I can’t wait to see the results. At least if I make no sense, Fosh is there to cover for me! Ah, that truly is the beauty of tag team posts…
I hope most of you had a great Thanksgiving Day! For those that don’t celebrate it or know very little about it basically it’s a day when we stuff ourselves on turkey and pie and complain about upset stomachs days later. Anyway! Let’s get on with the fantastic review of episode seven with OC joining in.Plot follows Shu and Inori going back to school where they meet Arisa the student council president! This girl’s grandfather also happens to be the head of the Kohouin group! This group is against the GHQ and Gai has his sights set on her family to back up the Funeral parlor. Shu’s mom Haruka arrives that night on a massive cruise ship, The GHQ in the mean time learn the head of the Kohouin group are up to something and they attempt to blow up the ship with a few hundred dragoon missiles. Shu uses Arisa’s void shield to defend the ship from the waves of missiles, in the end the Funeral parlor gets the go ahead from Arisa’s grandfather to fund them in the future.

Shu-“You remind me of someone…”                        Arisa-“I will pay you to never talk again, seriously.”

To start things off this week Shu and Inori head back to school together! Why? Because Inori seriously needs an ed-jum-ication she really sucks at coloring and math skills are poor. But seriously they go back to school and Shu gets defended by Arisa Kuhouin aka the rich student council president. Gai learns afterwards that Arisa’s grandfather is the head of the Kuhouin group, which happen to be very wealthy and are against the GHQ. His plan is to get close to her grandfather and strike a deal with him to back up the Funeral parlors financially. I guess trying to over throw the government takes lots of money! Hear that Ness MONEY!

Arisa-“No I will not sing Macross songs guys! STOP ASKING!”

After school Shu is folding laundry with Inori and suddenly sees his mother walk in wearing a short night gown and panties and Shu calls her Haruka, seriously that chick is his mom!? She looks the same age as Inori. Why are there so many hot moms in anime? Like Yasuko, Takasu off of Toradora and Nagisa’s mother Sanae from Clannad? They all look eighteen I swear. Haruka clings to Shu in her bedroom looking for a dress because she has a party to attend later on a cruise ship, which happens to be the same ship where the leader of the Kohouin group plans to meet some other rich people.

Robot slavery alive and well in Guilty Crown.

Inori-“What are you doing to my poor little robot?”          Shu-“Giving it a special recharge with my pants.”

Moe moms are really clingy huh Shu?

Unknown to everyone on the cruise ship, the GHQ are currently offshore preparing a few hundred dragoon missiles to blow up the ship and kill off the Kuhouin leader. Shu and Gai sneak board the ship to start their plan, later Shu spots his mom and bumps into Arisa on the ship! Hey imagine that your mom loves to party huh Shu? Gai finally manages to meet with Arisa’s grandfather to discuss a business deal. Afterwards he hears about the incoming missiles and grabs Arisa pulling her out for some fresh air. Shu then rushes over to Arisa and uses her void called the cowards shield, which he successfully uses to defend the cruise ship from several waves of missiles. After Shu saved the ship from blowing up! The Funeral parlor gains official backing from the Kuhouin group, the episode wraps up with Gai having a chat with Arisa well it was more like super flirting mode.

Dan-“I like you, we should be friends.”       Segai-“Oh sure don’t ask me!”      Daryl-“When can I kill this idiot?”

Tsumugi-“What is Gai doing with another girl?!”              Ayase-“Add one more to the harem list Inori.”

Shu-“This classical music gets me in the mood for Basketball!”

Shu-“Oh look a pretty looking flower.”                  Gai-“….please go jump off the boat.”

Tsugumi-“Woooo hooo! Money!”               Ayase-“Now I can buy those spinners for my chair!”

Extra Crown fun

Haruka-“Soo Inori do you want get drunk with me?”      Inori-“If I drink I turn into Yuno from Mirai Nikki.”

You are welcome Arisa fans.

Dan is a man of danger.

I hope you have teeth made of metal Gandalf.

Launching rockets YOU HAVE FAILED.

End thoughts

You just can’t last a season without encountering some slightly lecherous mother who parades around in lingerie now, can you? The beginning scenes with Shu returning to school and having to explain everything to his mom was teeth-grindingly irritating. I don’t know why guilty Crown feels the need to toss in these cliches when it should really just focus on its strength as an action anime with gorgeous, flashy fights. That’s why I watch the show – for the adrenaline-packed moments that just reek of badassery (that sounds more like an unfortunate medical condition, but you know what I mean). Luckily, sitting through Shu act like a dork and fumble over a bra is worth it to get to the exciting parts. The mom also seems to have an important role aside from being eye candy, so that makes her more tolerable.

This week we got introduced to yet another new character – Arisa. I quite like her, even if she is a bit typical and stiff. I would have liked if it wasn’t revealed that she was in on all the drama in the same episode she was introduced though. There’s no build-up of tension – a character appears and then we discover who they really are and what they’re really like by the end of the episode. Some attempts at deceiving the audience would be nice to build suspense…Or maybe I’m just watching too much Mawaru Penguindrum lately so I like the cryptic approach. Ah well, she’s a cool gal and the addition of her grandfather’s group to Funeral Parlour should mean that the battles will get even better. Also, she has a cool shield thingy that blocks missiles! IT IS ALSO SYMBOLIC, WHICH GAI TAKES THE TROUBLE TO EXPLAIN IN CASE YOU DIDN’T NOTICE IT. Ah yes, ~*~symbolism~*~. You’re so deep, GC.

But seriously, I really liked the action sequences. I always do. It makes every episode worth it! It was short and very simple, but effective in moving the plot forward, so I don’t mind. I’m a bit worried at how GHQ is faring though. They took a major hit when the Leucocyte was destroyed, and now they have frickin Sky High leading their troops. Not very promising. Segai doesn’t seem to mind though, so I suspect he’s planning something. He has the face of someone who is ALWAYS plotting something of the diabolical variety. Just…please don’t let Dan be in charge forever. Please. With that, my sleep-deprived brain has only one thing to say: Gai in a tux! :3

Well this was a very strange episode this week! There were a few major WTF moments, like Shu’s mother Haruka? Damn what is it with anime and mom characters?! Ahaha they always make them look sixteen or eighteen. But I did mention other mothers in anime that have gotten the same “hot mom” look, but it seems that Haruka and Shu are more like brother and sister to me. And what was with her reaction to Inori?! I was eXpecting something more from her, but hey this has been done over and over in lots of anime. But if you saw the ending of this episode you know Haruka has a special connection with someone that looks just like Inori! *Cough* Deadman Wonderland *Cough* or at least that’s what it reminds me of.

Now for Arisa! I swear I thought it was really Gai cross-dressing and joining Shu’s school as the new “transfer” student! Man how funny would that have been to see Arisa pull off a mask and BOOM! A shot of Gai winking! I would give Gai the best trollin award. Thankfully Arisa is a real girl and not a dude wearing a mask; anyway the minute I heard her speak I was like WHAT?! Sheryl?! What are you doing in Guilty Crown? And where is RANKA?! I don’t really like Sheryl to much as a character but it was great to hear Aya, Endo again, I do enjoy listening to her lovely voice.

Now for Gai’s role this time, it seemed like he was using his good looks to lure Arisa away which seemed more like he wanted to get with her! Damn dude she is probably fourteen, but I guess Gai is just a player he can’t help himself. The best moment for me was probably watching Shu use that shield to block all those missiles and the name of Arisa’s void aka The Coward’s Shield it was kind of interesting , I almost forgot each void has some special connection to the person Shu removes it from.


Amazing artwork of the week!

Something about everyone going on a school field trip? Possible swim suit episode!


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18 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 07”

  1. Kitty says:

    Omg between the Sky High Dan and the nutcracker music to explosions of death, I was beside myself with awesome! Oh lets not forget how swoon worthy Gai was this episode. mmmhmmmm. Arisa is a interesting edition. Gai X Arisa fans? *raises hand* Another good episode ^_^

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOL Yes!! Sky High Dan for the freaking win he made me laugh and to see Daryl react to him was great xD Arisa yes! She is so good, and interesting I still want to know if Gai knew all along about her going to that party? This was a fun episode

      • Kitty says:

        This is Gai we are talking about. I’m sure he has a ‘who can I use’ location diary. Probably the reason he agreed to bring Shu along too. I mean he DID plan for the attack on the ship did he not! He had to have know Arisa’s void and that Shu could utilize it, otherwise Lady Luck & convenience REALLY love him!

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ahaha yeah I can agree there Gai is sneaky and ya! Location diary would rock for this series. I liked Arisa’s super shield it was very impressive to look at, yep lady luck is on Gai and Shu’s side.

    • Alynn says:

      Oh man. I cannot unsee.

  2. AsteriskCGY says:

    Ah nice, always love Okama’s artwork.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    What was wrong with Shu’s classmates? LOL. They talk as if he was at some supercool place. I didn’t know Arisa was a rich girl. She didn’t look like the type.

    Whoa! Man, Shu’s mom is hot! The way she looked and the way Shu was talking to her, I thought she was at least his sister but I never considered his mother. I was expecting this important overworked scientist figure to fit the discription. I’d date her regardless of her age.

    Gai was in badass player mode this episode. Does he have classes to teach others his awesomeness? He played Arisa like a fidle before Shu took her void out of her body. That’s an interesting flower shield. I wonder what other kinds of voids are out there.

    Dan is way upbeat for someone who is supposed to be with GHQ.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Dude! It’s like Shu became famous for going to jail for a while, imagine what they would say learning Shu has some amazing super power?! Arisa is strange but I did like the fact she stood up for Shu xD

      LOLOL Haruka omg yes what the hell!? She is like Shu’s age…Then again there are countless “hot” anime moms out there hahaha.

      Gai has a hidden weapon of course his good looks always come in handy to win the girls over, that shield was very cool. If anything Guilty Crown has some unique weapon ideas, I can’t wait to see like a gravity gun+Shield combo lolol

      Dan! Yeah he is hyper and full of energy I think you have to be somewhat mental to be a big shot in the GHQ.

  4. Karakuri says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Gai.If I didn’t think he was badass before, I do now

    Ahahaha your screencaps get me every time XDDD

  5. Miyu says:

    Gai must have been specially crafted for the sake of attracting fangirls. He was so HNGGGG this episode I loved how he handled Arisa. :3

    I love how moms in anime seem to have no qualms whatsoever about finding a random girl in their son’s room. (It just happened in Mirai Nikki too ORZ) But yeah at least she seems to have some significance to the story other than being moe.

    And the ending of the episode!! Whaaat? Is that Inori with Hiruka and little kid Shu in the photograph? If it was that would mean Inori might actually have her own secret motive in growing close to Shu rather than just following Gai’s instructions. Or is just someone who looks like Inori? :\

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed! There are plenty of girls for the guys to drool over, lolol ya Arisa will probably fall for his ways soon.

      I know right? It’s like oh a random chick is with my son ah well at least Shu is into girls right? LOL YES! Mirai Nikki is a great example like Inori could have been an assassin hahaha.

      Yep! If you sat through or read the manga of Deadman Wonderland there is a similar thing going on, personally I think Inori is a clone or copy of someone that is connected to both Shu and Gai somehow. Either way! At least there is some “mystery” floating around…

  6. skylion says:

    Gai was in full Magnificent Bastard mode this week; proving himself to be neither good nor bad, but just so f-ing Necessary to his own agenda.

    ..and it was nice to see Inori’s char dev take a break this week, aside from her under reaction to the Hot Mom.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeah Gai was interesting this week xD

      Yep! Agreed nice to Inori acting a bit different and lol hot mom xD

  7. Jrow says:

    Fosh, I thought the same thing when Arisa showed up at school. I was like, “oh lord, is Gai going to school now?” xD

    And just where the hell did Dan come from? And who’s letting this idiot charge an operation? Fire missiles sideways, good lord Darly must’ve wanted to facepalm so hard.

    And Haruka! Another hot woman in Guilty Crown. One thing I wouldn’t have expected Guilty Crown to be is a breast fest, so it doesn’t disappoint there! 😀

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahah YES! It would have been the best if it was Gai showing up as Arisa damn I would have died…

      Dan was so pro! Yeah I can picture Daryl’s mecha doing a facepalm thanks to Dan and those missles, wow good job.

      LOLOL Yep another hot character, ya I was expecting a different reaction to Haruka seeing Inori in the house..

  8. ceyrai says:

    I was rooting for GaixAyase, but seeing GaixArisa… DEYM. I now have a favorite ship for GC. And that classical-music x rocket scene – THAT WAS SO MUCH WIN. I don’t like the hot mom angle – too overdone – though I agree with Foshizzel that other!Inori and mama Haruka’s connection smells a bit like Deadman Wonderland. I wish there was more YanDaryl though. Seeing him get pissed at Sky High Dan just isn’t enough.

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