C³ – 04

Let’s play a game of “Spot the Yandere”!

So I’ve decided to try a new life strategy or maybe I should call it a SURVIVAL STRATEGY: Not putting my homework off until last minute! Hopefully this will give me time to post C Cubed earlier.

This episode of C Cubed starts off with exhibitionism! Peavy still doesn’t have any clothing and now she’s making her loli partner strip too. She asks for the loli’s name, but the loli just says to call her Mummy Maker. Peavy has her take off the Chupacabra bandage as well since she hates cursed objects and Mummy Maker is covered in burn scars or something.

After seeing Mummy Maker naked, Peavy tells her that her scars aren’t ugly when compared to cursed objects and pats her on the shoulder. It turns out that Mummy Maker likes to be touched (no, seriously. That was what she said.) because no one ever does. Not even her parents. Peavy says that she can wear clothing now and goes to take a nap.

At Haruaki’s house, Kirika finally gets an explanation on why Fear can summon giant drills. She takes the fact the Konoha and Fear aren’t human pretty well and instantly believes them. Fear apologises for trying to kill her, but Kirika is also okay with this. It’s around this time that Mummy Maker appears. Konoha notices immediately, but the loli is not there to fight. Instead, she wants to make a deal with them since her mission is only to destroy Fear In Cube. Either they destroy her, they hand over Fear to the organization or they do nothing to protect Fear. Mummy Maker is doing this whole thing to avoid bloodshed (because we now have a pretty good idea of what happens when Peavy gets involved). Fear asks if she’ll avoid harming the others if she goes and Mummy Maker leaves a contact card saying that she’ll give them a day to think about it. Kirika takes the card. Later, Kirika is shown calling someone saying that they need to talk with a serious look on her face.

That night, someone with bandage-looking appendages is seen standing over Haruaki and Konoha and Fear run into the room attacking the intruder. They escape though after Fear cuts off their arm. Afterwards, Fear still looks like she’s ready to murder someone.

After waking up from a disturbing dream (or at least I assume that was her dream), Peavy asks Mummy Maker for some water, only to find her gone. Instead, she finds the case she threw away in the 2nd episode and a card that looks like the one Mummy Maker handed Haruaki’s group. Inside the case is a cursed object and Peavy plans on actually using it.

The next day, Konoha calls Fear out and attacks her saying that she’s only good for killing. Fear retaliates by summoning her giant drill, by Konoha stops it WITH HER BARE HANDS. Fear goes into yandere mode and Konoha confirms that Fear kills without thinking. Konoha gets Fear back to normal saying that Haruaki is there. It turns out Konoha was just confirming that Fear is bound by her past and then tells Fear that she’s not allowed to fight anymore since she’s just a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny bit mentally unstable.

Scene change to Kirika getting dressed up and telling herself that it’s perfectly normal to visit them since she’s worried. Another scene change and Fear is searching for the card Mummy Maker left behind, but even Haruaki couldn’t find it after. Fear thinks she’s too dangerous again and Haruaki has to tell her once again that it’s up to her whether she wants to be there or not. However, Fear STILL doesn’t believe him and summons a giant ass cleaver just to prove her point.  Haruaki continues telling her that it’s okay or her to be there and so Fear gives up. She then notices that Haruaki’s finger was cut, so she decides to suck on his wound (complete with sparkle sounds effects).

Peavy ruins the moment though and she appears with a gun outside. Konoha has the ability to slice through bullets apparently though, so Peavy ditches the gun in favour for a new weapon: a cursed object. It’s an axe and its name is Dance Time. However, Peavy has the extreme hatred for cursed objects going on still so she vomits after she uses it (while everyone watches awkwardly). Konoha goes sword mode and both Haruaki and Konoha tell Fear to just stand there and watch since it’s too dangerous.

After explaining that the only thing that can kill Fear is another cursed object, Peavy chooses this time to tell them that she’s killed Mummy Maker. She got pissed that Mummy Maker (or I guess her real name is Amanda Carrot) tried to solve things peacefully, so she murdered the loli and used her blood to wake up the cursed object.

With that out of the way, the two fight (Fear has a hard time watching this) and Konoha can’t use her weapon breaking move because the axe is moving on it’s own. This probably explains why Peavy can sing it around with only one arm.  Peavy wonders why Haruaki bothers protecting cursed objects.  Haruaki explains that he does this all out of guilt. Humans created cursed objects and treat them as tools of murder, so he’s touched by the fact that cursed tools come to humans for help when they have every right to hate humans. Peavy thinks this is disgusting and Fear decides that she wants to join the fight despite everyone telling her not to. Also, Kirika appears at the gate to their property then.

The results to Spot the Yandere:

Everyone is a yandere. EVERYONE.

End Thoughts:

Well it looks like I don’t have to worry about this show reverting back to episode one level plot. I give this anime full marks for unpredictability. I was worrying about how/if I should shorten Mummy Maker’s name during this episode but I guess I don’t have to anymore unless she somehow survived. I don’t think Peavy would have left her alive though. That woman is bat shit insane. I’m glad she’s back so soon though because she keeps the anime from straying back to the obligatory harem fanservice stuff (you have no idea how happy I was when she appeared during the finger sucking scene). Though I’m still wondering what the deal is with her and cursed objects since she couldn’t look at the bandage, but she can swing around an axe just fine.

I’m also curious as to who the other bandaged figure was. I’m pretty sure they lost an arm during the short battle (and they had both of their eyes), so I’m not sure if it was Mummy Maker or not… Oh also, I think there’s a possibility that Kirika is somehow involved with the Peavy’s organization (or at least knows more than she lets on) since she was the only one with the card and the card somehow wound up with Peavy. Was she purposefully trying to kill Mummy Maker for some reason? Was that even her? Her expression while she was on the phone was pretty suspicious and her role in this story hasn’t even been introduced yet. She’s got to be important somehow if they bothered to give her that much screen time in the OP (or that’s my logic anyway). Also, I meant to mention this last episode, but Fear is much more interesting with her yandere side as opposed to being a straight tsundere. Though the whole point of her going there was for her to receive positive thoughts and such to remove her curse. Has that even happened yet? Sure there’s Haruaki, Konoha, Kirika and the class, but it’s been maybe 3 days (going by what the episodes have shown) since she arrived and it’s all been fighting Peavy and trying to throw herself in the ocean. I can see why she’s doubtful if she can change since all of this has happened in such a short amount of time.

So once again, I have no idea where the story is going from here. Sure they’ll most likely  to restrain Fear/defeat Peavy  and then Kirika will get involved with the plot somehow. Then what? There are a ton of possibilities and it’s kind of refreshing not knowing what will happen next. In any case, I can actually manage the random fanservice they throw in here since they’ve kept it to a minimum and it’s only in between the serious scenes. Nothing ruins the mood of anything quite like sexual frustration xD. This is actually pretty refreshing as a harem anime in general. I only noticed this episode how there’s only one male main character so far and the difference between this and other harem anime is that not all of the female leads are trying to get into his pants (lol only the three main ones are).

Next episode: So since Mummy Maker is gone, maybe Peavy will get a new Auxiliary. We could have an Auxiliary of the week.



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9 Responses to “C³ – 04”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Sweet!! Every girl here is a yandere, be it hero or villain and Fear switches her modes like a light switch. I wouldn’t want to put her in a bad mood, just look at what she tried to do to Konoha, Haruaki and what she did to the intruder who was most likely Mummy Maker. What’s worse, she has trouble holding her power back when she’s on bloodthirsty rampage. Why was she tasting the blood from Haruaki’s wound?

    Handicapped or not, Peavy proves she’s still raring for a fight. I believe she’s gotten even crazier since she sustained that injury. She was even willing to use a Waas, and she hates those things. Mummy Maker/Amanda is a cute character. I hope those Chupacabra Bandages save her. I hated Peavy for using Amanda’s blood for personal gain to awaken that Curse Tool that has a mind of its own. It should chop off that other arm of hers.

    I want to know more about that mysterious class president. It’s time we hear her part of the story because she exudes too much of a dark atmosphere to be on the sidelines. She’s gotta be hiding something big.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yes yanderes~! I’m rather pleased with this turn of events. Though I could have done without the fanservice blood tasting.

      Holy crap not even losing a limb is stopping Peavy. I don’t think anything will make her sane at this point. I kind of hope Mummy Maker survived as well, but at the same time she’s probably the least interesting character right now.

      Kirika needs more screen time (or at least until her background is explained). Maybe next episode will cover her.

  2. amado says:

    the term is actually yangire. its only yandere once that person is in love with someone.

    and yeah, this one is really interesting. though I dont mind the slice-of-life and harem scenes since they’re done well. I liked how konoha managed to distract fear and made her drill on the ground.

    • Karakuri says:

      …Is it? Thanks, I learned something new today.

      The occasional harem scene is okay I guess and for me, slice of life depends on the execution. I liked that scene too overall and Konoha is a way more appealing character than I originally thought. She goes outside the big boobed childhood friend stereotype.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    I just love fears weapon! Such a great one xD

    Fall = season of crazy ass Yandares And I love it ;P

  4. Shey says:

    I love your summary. The way you describe things makes me chuckle, a lot! 😀

  5. Moni Chan says:

    this episode was


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