C³ – 02

Insane people make everything better

This episode…. Came as a surprise actually. But my question is WHY THE HELL DIDN’T THEY DO THIS IN THE FIRST EPISODE?! At least now I feel like the anime I chose is less crappy than I thought.

Since having proven last episode that leaving Fear to her own devices is a bad idea, she gets a uniform and is going to attend the same school as Konoha and Haruaki. Actually, this is all Honatsu’s idea and he even gave her a last name, so Fear is now known as Fear Kubrick. While Haruaki isn’t impressed with his father’s naming skills or the fact that he set Fear going to school up so fast, Fear is pretty happy about all of this.

After Fear changes into her new uniform (oh look, she has new striped pantsu as well. At least she changes them.), she gets angry that Haruaki isn’t paying attention to her. So she climbs up on the table, giving Haruaki a great view of under her skirt. He gets flustered and finally compliments Fear, so she falls while trying to get down from the table and lands on top of Haruaki.

Of course, no awkward moment is complete without someone walking in on it, so Konoha chooses this moment to enter the room. She is not amused.

No tsundere is complete without zettai ryouiki

So they go to school to thank the superintendent, Sekaibashi Gabriel, for going and getting Fear her uniform and Fear almost attacks him thinking that he’s a pervert. Why? Because he wears a gasmask. Haruaki stops her though because apparently despite the mask, he’s an okay guy. Sekaibashi explains that his mask is for medical reasons, so Fear apologises (though he told the other two it was because of a scar and religious purposes, lol). Before they leave, Sekaibashi has Konoha inspect a mask to see if it’s cursed. Konoha says it isn’t.

I immediately thought of Will. I don’t know why.

So the superintendent has arranged it so that Fear is in Haruaki’s class and she introduces herself. The whole class thinks that she’s the cutest thing ever. However, Fear lets it out pretty quickly that she’s living with Haruaki, so he has to explain to a very shocked class that it’s all because of his father. The student council president, Ueno Kirika (the third girl from the opening) gets an introduction here and she demands to know more about the situation. So yeah, Fear is pretty popular.

At lunchtime, Haruaki complains about how out of hand things got while his two currently unnamed friends listen. Kirika says that Fear will join them as a judge today and Haruaki has to explain that for some reason, Kirika and him have a cooking competition every lunch. So everyone tries some of each person’s fried eggs and Haruaki wins once again.

There’s a sudden change from the slice of life stuff here while the blonde woman from last episode is in some dark warehouse type place. She looks inside some sort of case and then flings it away in anger for some reason. She calms down with a cigarette. Also, her catchphrase seems to be integrating the word ‘bitch’ into any given sentence. It’s then that a bandage-tentacle loli makes her appearance saying that this is the first contact with a supporting Auxiliary. Apparently the Auxiliary has been supporting the blonde woman since she entered the country, but has remained unseen because Auxiliaries can’t fight. The two talk about something called an Indulgence Disk in the ‘worthless item’ that the blonde woman threw away and then they begin the mission. Whatever that is.

Loli/tentacle combinations are NEVER a good thing.

There’s a random scene with some girl showering in bondage/ looking at her computer and suddenly the story switches back to Fear, Haruaki and Konoha walking home together. After she talks about how much she likes this town, Fear asks what the ocean is and so they detour to go look at it. Haruaki asks if Fear has ever seen the ocean before and ear offers to tell the two everything about herself since her past is still unknown to them.


Before she can however, the blonde woman appears and says that she’ll tell them what Fear is for her. She introduces herself as Peavy Barroy (…that’s kind of an unfortunate name) aka The Balancing Toy and she’s part of an organization called the Knights of Gathering. Also, the reason Fear escaped their attention so long was because she was in a dark old castle for several hundred years.

Peavy explains further that her organization and his father are opposite from each other because her organization exists to destroy cursed objects (aka Waas) because they believe that they use emotions as a justifiable means to kill. She attacks Fear calling her by the name Fear-in-Cube and Fear fends her off using some blue glowing cube thing.

Peavy goes on to talk about what Fear did, but Fear tells her to stop. Ignoring her, Peavy explains (in an awesomely animated scene) that Fear has tortured and killed thousands of people regardless of age, gender and social standing. Fear keeps telling her to stop, but Peavy continues saying that Fear is just a torture and execution device made during the Inquisition.

Suddenly, Konoha attacks Peavy with some sort of blade on her arm, but denies that it was for Fear’s sake. Peavy says that Konoha is calm, so she calls her a tsundere (what? No. No freaking way). The two battle until Konoha gets pushed away and Haruaki proves his worth as a cushioning pillow.

Peavy threatens to kill him too if he gets in the way and he says that he wants to do something for Fear too since she came all of this way for his help. Konoha transforms into a katana (she’s a cursed object as well) and Haruaki uses her to fight. Konoha doesn’t unsheathe though since she wants to avoid bloodshed and Peavy asks for her name since she’ll have to write a report on this later. It turns out that Konoha’s full name is Muramasa Konoha.

There’s more fighting and Konoha decides to try something. It turns out that she can observe the weak point of her opponent’s weapon and strike to destroy it, so Haruaki unsheathes the blade and destroys one of Peavy’s claws in one blow.

It turns out that Peavy’s claws are not a cursed object, but are instead made of steel. Also, they hurt her every time she attacks. Explaining that she’s a giant M (which is ironic because she talks more like a ドS) she enjoys pain, Peavy then hurts herself even further, bleeding all over the place. Konoha reacts to the blood, and while telling Konoha that it’s not her fault that she’s bleeding, Haruaki notices that his wrist is bleeding as well.

Fear suddenly loses it thanks to all of the blood and laughs manically. Her personality changes completely saying that hearing their screams of terror will be enjoyable.

And then they all died of lung cancer thanks to Peavy’s incessant smoking. The end.

End Thoughts:

Well would you look at that. Stuff actually happened. I was going to blog this regardless if it was actually good or not, but it’s nice to know that it might actually prove to be good. Calling this an improvement would be an understatement. Have I mentioned that I love insanity? No? I love insanity. Peavy was definitely my favourite person here until Fear lost it. Lol, she definitely has more than a few screws loose up there. Also, the awesome animation style complimented that battle sequence completely. It’s good to know that Silver Link’s effort and talent isn’t going to waste here. Those backgrounds during the fight scene were so freaking awesome and detailed. Sure, there were a few derp animations here and there, but they made at least 85% of it look good.

That being said, this episode just added a whole new layer to the plot. Normally things that kill people are labelled ‘evil’ and the things that destroy them are labelled ‘good’. So technically speaking here, Peavy and her organization are the ‘good’ people here and Honatsu is the bad guy here since he’s keeping them around. However, Honatsu is trying to get rid of the curse in the objects (or at least that’s what Fear and Haruaki say he’s doing), so he’s not really using them for evil purposes. Does this mean that there will be a third organization out there wanting to use the cursed object’s power? I mean, having Peavy’s goal to destroy them caught me completely off guard. I would have totally pegged her as someone wanting mass power to take over the world.

Anyways, judging from the opening, Kirika is probably another cursed object. Why else would they put so much focus on her? I’m pretty sure she was the one showering in bondage (…wtf was up with that anyways?) too since the hair colour matched. Will she show up to battle as well? What was she reading on the computer screen? I know I’ve focused on this a lot, but back to the last 10 minutes, I freaking love Fear’s insane laugh. Tamura Yukari gets full points here. I wonder if they cast her because of her role as Rika in Higurashi…?Anyways, the voice change between tsundere Fear and insane Fear is awesome.

…One more thing. Peavy needs to study more on her Japanese character stereotypes. Yes, Konoha saying something along the lines of “It’s not like I’m doing this for you or anything” is tsundere. HOWEVER, the definition of someone being calm unless something terrible happens is more of a KUUDERE. Like hell is Konoha a tsundere. That’s Fear’s job. Anyways, that bothered me immensely during the episode (lol), so I’m glad I could rant about it here.

Preview: Fun times with the Peavy and insane Fear continue. Things are looking up.

Though I wasn’t aware that curses had temperatures.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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26 Responses to “C³ – 02”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    Well, I’m glad to hear that things got better this episode, but I’m planning to wait and just watch the reviews for a while, because I had a bad reaction to the first episode.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. Things got interesting this episode, but who knows where this will go after Peavy leaves again.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Daaammmmmm this episode! So amazing I loved how Fear finally showed her true side and lol childhood friend character transforms into a weapon!? Awesome someone has been watching some Sacred Blacksmith or lots of Bleach.

    Well at least the main guy can fight sort of! But I want to see fear kick some ass <3

    • Karakuri says:

      Yes! I’m going to be sad again when she reverts back to tsundere loli…. LOL or Elementar Gerad.

      I was pleasantly surprised when Haruaki actually did something. Though I don’t know how much of it was him and how much of it was Konoha guiding him.

  3. Dan-go says:

    Trololooloolol first episode much? hahha, totally different genre to what i expected, the animation that was the saving grace of the first episode really came into it’s own here. but we damn well better get a proper explanation for everything…like the friend being a sword and fear being…a torture box?

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha indeed. Though I’m more curious about the Auxiliary and Indulgence Disk stuff. They just kind of threw that on us without even explaining what it all was. At least they kind of explained what a cursed object was…

  4. Dan-go says:

    Also, most impressed karakuri with your animism knowledge on kuuderes and tsunderes and the like! And I like insanity too! we have so much in common. Although i like to think everyone else is insane and i’m the only normal one

    • Karakuri says:

      Why, thank you. VN/Otome gaming has actually proved useful for something, if only to give me useless knowledge on character stereotypes xD.

  5. Reaper says:

    Wow, what is this, I don’t even…after watching the first episode, I felt as if it was JAHA, (just another harem anime) but instead, I’m pleasantly surprised by the School Daysesque turn of events…and I’m not even sure if I should be saying something like that. I don’t know much about the back story yet (my bro does, he’s read everything about it), but I have to say, wow…Muramasa Konoha, Auxiliary, women who love pain and Fear Kubrick (not related to the movie directed? haha). Fear seems like that woman who bathed in the blood of hundreds of people just to stay young, a female Dracula, but I don’t think this could possibly be about that…right?
    Now, I’m just waiting for the Iincho to come in and just say, ‘hei-shin!’ Oh, bad Sacred 7, bad!

    • Karakuri says:

      …Yeah. Though if you’re pleasantly surprised when things turn into School Days, that only goes to show how bad the first episode was. …Or how much you love yanderes. Either or xD.

      Hmmm yeah. Elizabeth something or other? Though I’m pretty sure that she only bathed in the blood of virgins. Fear doesn’t sound like she cares who’s blood it is.

      Sacred Seven is still on my to watch list xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, Elizabeth was a countess who was obsessed with eternal youth and so hunted down a countless number of people, in general virgins, so she can bathe in their blood to stay young. That is the very basis and origin where they got the idea to introduce female vampires.

  6. Overcooled says:

    So much better. To be honest, I still had to skip the first few minutes because they were intolerable, but the ending was great! Not sure why they’re protecting Fear though, I would’ve killed her on the spot upon finding out she’s a mass murderer. Or get her to kill the bitching smoking lady first and THEN kill her when she’s tired. You don’t just start risking your life for some creepy, homicidal loli <_<

    • BlackBriar says:

      Is that so? Hehehe, we’ve seen this kind of twisted loyalty and friendship before. Think back, here’s a few hints: Glasses, silver hair, reserved personality because he likes to keep personal secrets, betrayed his people and left with a pale faced murdering loli who’s been killing people for more than a hundred years.

      • Karakuri says:

        …. LOL you’re going to have to be way more specific. That went right over my head.

        • BlackBriar says:

          LOL. Overcooled knows without a doubt who I’m talking about. His name is Seishin Muroi from Shiki. While the village he lived in was being overun by vampires, he turned his back on them for forcing him to become the traditional village monk, he secretly hated them for that, and fell in love with the loli vampire queen Sunako because he can relate to her.

          Even though he was nearly drained alive by her and her friends, he did everything in his power to save her and became one of them in the end. And thing is, she’s been killing people to survive for more than a hundred years.

          • Karakuri says:

            SHIKI. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN *headdesk*. Ahaha now I know who you’re talking about. The minute you mentioned glasses, my mind went straight to CLAMP.

            • Overcooled says:

              Haha, I knew a Shiki reference was coming! I guess my “if it could kill me, I should kill it first” attitute seems to carry across different anime series. I guess the people in this show sympathize with her, although I wonder if they still will after her outburst. Not only that, Seishin could actually relate to the Shiki and this is just some random, nice guy. Oh well, people are just super nice in anime and will protect anyone that’s cute. XD

    • Karakuri says:

      But they can’t let Fear die! Mass murderers are the only thing this show has going for it! Oh well, I’m sure these people have some sort of logic behind this… maybe. Though it’s probably just the usual ‘she’s part of my harem so I have to help her’ logic.

  7. BlackBriar says:

    Whoo! “Improvement” is an understatement in this episode. The insanity meter has just jumped high. Fear is both a tsundere and a yandere. I can’t believe Haruaki is willing to protect such a monstrous beast wearing human skin. She loves to hear people scream and I can already see Fear is going to cause a bloody mess.

    Peavy is just as insane as Fear, only she doesn’t have a problem showing it, especially with that foul mouth of hers. And it doesn’t seem like she has any objections to making herself bleed as much as her enemies.

    At least this seemingly weak main male character isn’t completely useless right off the bat. I’m surprised he knows how to fight at all and his best friend can turn into a sword. I wonder what else she can turn into.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha by the looks of it, we may need to come up with a new term to describe Fear. Though to be fair, theres a possibility that Haruaki had no idea how bad Fear was until now.

      I’m not entirely sure if it was Haruaki fighting or Konoha guiding his body, but either way, the kid kicked some ass. I hope this is foreshadowing for how the rest of the season will go, but I’m not sure where the storyline will go after Peavy leaves.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I have a strong feeling there’s gonna be a lot of blood, gore and insanity from here on out. Is it me or does it seem like everyone is a monster hiding their true selves? Fear, Peavy and others…

        Hopefully they’ll explain exactly what Auxilaries are and what thing with the red eye was behind it. And give us a body count to how many people Fear has killed. That little murderess is just one of many.

        Lol, whenever I hear Konoha, I think of the Hidden Leaf Village because Konoha means Leaf and they usually say that in Naruto.

        • Karakuri says:

          God I hope so. Though I don’t think they’ll abandon that slice of life crap completely.

          I hope they explain that soon too. I hate it when they throw around a bunch of terms without explaining and then hope that the viewer will keep up.

          But LOL I instantly think of Naruto as well.

  8. steev says:

    This show just took a turn for the best. Episode 1 did nothing for me to want to watch more and after episode 2 I am quite interested in the series. I love the dark turn and combat. It takes that tired old formula that the show started out with and adds a layer of creepy awesomeness.

  9. Moni Chan says:

    *watches episode*
    ok time watch the second episode of C3


  10. Alynn says:

    Wow, it seems like this series is looking up. I think I might pick it up again. I’ll wait for when the next episode is release.

    Insane people just appeal to me.

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