Mayo Chiki 11 – 12

Subaru- “It’s not easy being the hottest girl around.”

Mayo Chiki is back! I’m finally back as well! Since I missed out on episode 10, I’ll say this now: I totally wish I had a little sister like Kureha. Not that I want to be German suplex’d  every morning (lol, who would?), but that girl is SO FREAKING MOE. WHY CAN’T MY SIBLING BE THAT MOE????
Sure has been a while sorry to keep everyone waiting on these! I blame my demon computer that wanted a break from anime… HOW DARE YOU! Well yeah that happened but I am back! Anyway time for a special double episode review for Mayo Chiki! with Kara of course. Enjoy.

In short, episode eleven follows Subaru on the way to school with Jirou who almost gets run over by Usami’s new bike. Meanwhile at school Kanade has trouble battling some hiccups that make her say Nyu, which really embarrasses her. Jirou and Subaru do their best to cure her of the hiccups. Before the end of class Kanade has an accident falling down some stairs spraining her ankle, sadly this causes Subaru to lose her job as a butler. Episode twelve follows Jirou, who is helped by Usami to search for Subaru. He soon finds her at the hot-springs inn from episode ten. The two of them share a night together alone, as Subaru goes to school the following day as her alter ego Punyuru-san. Jirou learns that Subaru still desires to be Kanade’s butler, and he gets help from the S4 by starting a petition to get Subaru back as Kanade’s butler which works. Before the day ends she decides to pay Jirou back with a special kiss as his reward.

Usami- “Is it cool if I just sit and watch you two kiss?!”              Subaru- “I have to charge you…”

Things start out with Jirou headed to school with Subaru who is by herself while Kanade heads off later. While walking together, Usami suddenly shows up and almost runs Jirou and Subaru over! Someone needs to give her a normal bike or she could just walk to school? Anyway Subaru pushes Jirou out of danger and falls right on top of him, which makes Usami believe the two are making out. Sure that’s the best thing to do before a near death experience.

After almost dying, they arrive at school where Kanade requests Jirou to eat lunch with her and Subaru on the roof, but it seems Kanade did something to the food as Subaru gets “drunk” off something. This causes her to strip due to being too hot. Kanade decides to have some fun and puts some sauce on Jirou’s neck, which draws Subaru like a magnet to his neck and she licks the sauce off. Damn, Jirou! He will probably visit the blood bank for some donations later.

Jirou- “Dude… like Nyuuu and stuff.”

Jirou carries Subaru off to the nurse’s office to let her rest and learns something funny about Kanade. She has a cute hiccup that makes her do a Nyuuu sound. It’s really a cute sound but so deadly according to Subaru who recalls some events with Kanade as a child how people always wanted to “help” her get over them in the past. Subaru rushes back home to get the special tools to help, but unknown to her Kanade has some plans of her own with Jirou. After she gets him to fall on the bed, she moves in for the kill! Well more like straddles his lap as she unbuttons her shirt and Jirou’s. Again DAMN IT, JIROU! But he plays it smart and runs away from Kanade to avoid any possible loss of blood or a beat down from Subaru.

Subaru- “OH MY GOD! Aren’t you two a site for the sore eyes?”

Kanade- “It’s time to increase this show’s fan service budget…”           Jirou-“……Please be gentle with me.”

Kanade and Jirou walk together while Kanade jokes around and then she suddenly falls down the stairs! Well she was walking backwards and that’s always smart and safe, huh? Subaru tries her best to grab Kanade’s hand but fails as Kanade messes her leg up. After arriving at the hospital, Subaru runs off, sad that she failed to protect her. And to make matters worse, Subaru’s father arrives to inform his daughter she has now lost her job as a butler! Naturally Kanade and Jirou feel that is a bit too harsh. Subaru tries to accept this but runs off before anyone can talk to her.  Though, Jirou chases after her and Subaru suddenly kisses him as he passes out allowing her to flee from him! Damn that is a deadly weapon….

Moe butler versus Gar butler who will win ?!

Motorcycle safety; the Mayo chiki way! Do not attempt this unless you want to die.

Things start out with crazy Usami bringing Jirou back from his blood loss nap, as she agrees to give him a ride to search for Subaru. Well, Jirou managed to survive the death ride with Usami and eventually finds Subaru alone at the hot springs. The two of them end up sharing a room together for the night; however, Subaru asks a few questions to Jirou about what they should do while they are alone. I don’t know maybe sleep? I blame Kanade for filling Jirou’s mind with all kinds of thoughts on his first time. Subaru doesn’t really mind doing THAT with Jirou. But they just end up holding hands for the rests of the night.

Jirou- “Damn… the last bath scene was so much better..”   

True anime romance the Clannad way.

So the following morning, Subaru goes to school as Punyuru and transfers into Kureha and Nakuru’s class. Oh man, those two girls have bricks for brains! Usami is starting to figure it out slowly; well she just thinks Subaru is cross-dressing as a girl. While the three girls walk down the hall, Jirou spots Subaru and asks her to eat lunch with him, which surprises both Kureha and Nakuru. Well again like I said they have bricks for brains. Jirou meets Subaru on the roof and learns she’s still depressed over the butler deal, so Jirou decides to find the S4; who are currently sad learning Subaru-sama “transferred” from their school. Jirou defends himself from the S4 attacks and requests their help to sign his petition to get Subaru back as a butler for Kanade.

Nakuru- “I hope the transfer student is hot!”                Kureha- “Oh man its just that girl again.”

Subaru and Jirou just realized they were being watched!

Jirou’s plan works as the S4 begin to gather lots of signatures; even Kanade, Kureha, Nakuru and of course Punyuru sign this paper. The following day Subaru returns to school as a butler and calms the chaos in school. Kureha and Nakuru are blown away learning Punyuru transferred out! YOU GIRLS ARRGHH! QUIT BEING SO DUMB! Anyway before the night arrives, Subaru calls Jirou to visit her for a reward. He arrives to see Subaru wearing an odd outfit and the two talk for a moment before Subaru plants a big wet kiss on Jirou, knocking him out! Well, that was a very epic kiss, but watching this leaves Kanade feeling a bit jealous of Subaru and Jirou’s relationship.

Best moment ever! Finally Subaru takes the lead.

Extra service

Kanade- “Bitches love money so I gave her some MONEY YO!”

Kanade- “Time to play GTA on the way to school! For every guy I hit 200 points!”

Kureha- “How dare you not take any ecchi pictures of Subaru-sama!?”

Nakuru- “Jirou’s blood loss level is off the charts!!”

End Thoughts:

LOLOLOL these two episodes! It’s like the writers decided to half ass the plot and then add in a bunch of awkward/romantic scenes just because they could and there’s nothing we can do about it. The sad part? I didn’t even mind. I’ve had to switch over to reading a bunch of extremely fluffy flower filled shoujo manga because this summer has been completely devoid of any of that (or at least what I’ve been watching). This works just as well (ish). Subaru was so forward in episode 12, but Jirou is just DOESN’T GET IT. WHYYYYYY. Do they even have enough episodes left to make it work anymore? (Probably not… plus they’ve kind of added Kanade to the harem now)

I was excited when Subaru was kicked out of her butler position because I thought there would have been some awesomely awkward school scenes with her and Jirou. Sadly, the writers thought differently. Though it was amusing to see Kureha’s reaction to ‘Punyuru’ accepting Jirou’s invitation for lunch. The whole having people sign a petition to get Subaru back seems like a cop-out solution though. Why would Kanade’s father (or whoever is in charge of that stuff; I can’t remember who it was) care about what a bunch of high school students think? Oh well, at least Subaru knows that she’s loved.

 Kanade, Kanade, Kanade. I don’t understand your motives whatsoever. You seem to like Jirou (which he doesn’t understand because he’s as dense as a brick), yet you’re also making Subaru kiss him (which he also doesn’t understand because he’s as dense as a brick). But then she also has a big sister thing with Subaru. Oh well, her character is awesome anyways. Why do they have to make these harems so unnecessarily complicated? ….On another note, the next episode is titled “Please Grope Me”. Lolwut? Thanks, but no thanks.

Well episode eleven sure was filled with lots of Kanade and Jirou service! I mean she practically throws herself on him in the nurse’s office. I won’t complain too much on that as it could have been a super fan service scene! I was shocked that Subaru didn’t walk in on them because the one rule in any harem themed anime, NO ONE EVER LOCKS ANY DAMN DOOR! Or ever tries to knock before opening them. Anyway, I still like that pairing even though this series is about Subaru and Jirou eventually getting together. I just about forgot Kanade’s hiccups?! Damn those they were so cute, but they are super dangerous too!! They might cause some heart attacks for some viewers.

And Subaru losing her job because Kanade got hurt? That was totally not even fair! I mean Kanade was the one messing around at school, but I know that was a failed attempt to cause some drama for Mayo Chiki. Because in the next episode Subaru is a butler again. Nice try for drama, sadly that episode twist was way too late in the series. Of course who would want to see Subaru mope around for three or five episodes? I know I sure don’t. And I still can’t get over the fact why no one can figure out Subaru’s secret! Well at the rate things have been going with Mayo Chiki I honestly think that will probably never ever happen.

One character is slowly figuring things out though: Usami! I would say she is one of the smarter girls in this series next to Kanade, but she is more twisted on the mental side. So I wonder who gave Usami this new killer bike!? She almost killed Jirou in the past two episodes, but I did think she had on a nice outfit this time but honestly, it doesn’t seem to be bike friendly with that short skirt. During that whole Subaru and Jirou sleeping together scene I was laughing most of the time. Damn Kanade left that thought in his head and the censors? I laughed! Giant Subaru made of all that light.


Oh yes fondle those demon looking sheep; oh wait… you mean those?!

Nakuru pays a visit to Kureha and Jirou and she takes Jirou out on a date? Well we might get some yuri scenes this time, because Nakuru was talking about Kureha playing with her boobs…


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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9 Responses to “Mayo Chiki 11 – 12”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Episode 11 : Subaru’s personal gym !!! That’s more reason to be afraid of her, just look at what she did to that sandbag!!! What’s been going on lately in these shows? LOL. I’ve noticed there’s been a lot more girl on girl groping. Kanade was all over Subaru’s chest. That’s a perfect way to end the summer season shows.

    Honestly, Kanade feels like a demon to me. Her red eyes, black hair and her manipulating and sadistic personality. She knew Subaru was sensitive to wine and she still spiked her lunch. So sensitive she started to strip. Nagare would kill Jirou if he knew what was happening. Drunk Subaru was really funny, she was like a puppet accepting any order given to her. She bit Jirou on the neck!!!! She should bite harder next time!

    Who would have thought the sadistic princess had such a weakness? Hiccups? But it seems to attract people. As if she needed that work to get people but apparently it works on girls, too. Subaru couldn’t keep her hands off. Nice Yuri ability, Kanade.

    Assault in the nurse’s office. It’s plain to see Kanade wants Jirou for herself. Her eyes were like “It’s raping time” and Jirou’s reaction was like “I’m so not ready for this”. And she tried to make him look bad in front of Subaru. Unfair advantage.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I liked Subaru’s personal gym and the sandbag thing was sort of cute, she wrecked it and was like A’wwwwwww! And yeah honestly I think Kanade swings both ways she is always messing with Usami too.

      True Kanade does give off those feelings well I enjoy watching her the most, sure Subaru is the main star but the side characters are so entertaining to watch. LOL ya the one theme with Mayo Chiki! You have so many ways to get characters drunk xD

      Those hiccups! So cute <3 yep! They work on guys and girls, haha ya Jirou has a rough time with Kureha's beatings and Kanade screwing with his mind always!

      • BlackBriar says:

        Episode 12: Even handicapped, there’s no rest for the sadistic princess, Kanade. Causing chaos as usual. She deserves her own spot on ANTM. Her gynophobia therapy on Jirou must finally be taking effect. The guy was blushing when he saw Usami’s underwear and there was no nose-bleeding.

        Alone in an inn presents a perfect opportunity. If it wasn’t for the way Jirou was, he could’ve had his first time. But there’s a problem. Date Subaru at your own risk because there are three possible outcomes: 1. Subaru could kick your ass or 2. Nagare could kick your ass or 3. Both Subaru and Nagare could kick your ass. An over-protective father is a guy’s dating nightmare.

        I’ve become so used to the butler outfit that it’s awkward seeing Subaru in school with girl clothing and glasses. Her secret’s in trouble, there’s no fooling Usami and she completely onto Subaru’s act. She’s halfway there to the truth.

        Asking the S4 to help Subaru become a butler again should be an act of pure suicide in Jirou’s case. And walking into a dark hallway alone is no better. I guess he never heard of murderous intent. It’s like wearing a sign that says “kill me” but thanks to Kureha’s tough love, he survived their attack. By the way, where does she go to learn those crazy wrestling moves? She did a number on her brother in this episode. Especially that last move, I memory locked that one for sure. I won’t be forgetting it for a while. It looks like there might be a second season as I thought there were only 12 episodes and because Subaru still has her secret holding out strong.

        The previews look promising. Please tell me we got some yuri action ahead of us because last time we got cheated when Nakuru and Usami should have kissed. This time it’s Nakuru and Kureha. Odd pairing but it works for me.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ohh yes! Kanade will get a spot in the next ANTM! Hopefully, well I don’t think Jirou will ever get over his gynophobia and will be stuck with it forever…

          Yeah being along with Subaru was the perfect set up for Jirou, yep Subaru could kick your ass in five minutes and her father! He is skilled too xD

          I was so waiting for Usami to reveal Subaru’s secret! But ah well I think that whole plot line was thrown out with the first three episodes. I agree that butler outfit looks great! And that school uniform does take a while to get used to.

          I was shocked to see the S4 agree to actually help Jirou out you would think they would kick his ass instead. Yeah I can bet episode 13 will probably be filled with so much fan service, and more Kureha and Nakuru <3

  2. Reaper says:

    Ah, that motorcycle face cracked me up so much!!! And let’s not forget about the futon scene…the continuous repetition of first time by Kanade made me fall off my chair, especially with Jirou’s imagination XD. Oh, Mayo Chiki, you have no serious plot (as of yet) but how you make me crack up with each passing episode 🙂 and now, we wait ofr megane yuri? I don’t know but the moe factor in the next episode might just blow up my laptop

    • Foshizzel says:

      Usami is a deadly driver ahaha

      Oh yes that first time scene over and over made me laugh to and Subaru’s dad’s reaction? That was great! Course Jirou wouldn’t really do anything with Subaru unless he has a death wish.

      Yep more possible yuri scenes in the next episode.

  3. Dan-go says:

    The plots always seemed a bit cliche and boring, but i just absolutely adore the character’s over the top reactions to eeeverything.

  4. Hime says:

    DAT KISS <3

  5. neko kanade says:

    :3 omgmayo chiki is sow kawaii :3 i ust love it

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