Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 09

Confessions x’s 6, Fabulousness x’s 1000%

Dear whatever shipping company I paid like, $3 to deliver my UtaPri game: It’s been half a month. WHERE THE HELL IS MY GAME?! I WANT MY FABULOUS SPARKLING BISHIES NAO DAMNIT!!! I was even too cheap (a HUGE mistake on my part) to bother paying for tracking too so I don’t even know where in the world it is. I’ve never had it take this long for any of the other games I’ve bought from Japan. Remind me never to underpay on shipping again. I’m SO regretting it right now.

The school trip is over before it even started and suddenly there’s singing. While no one questions where the background music is coming from or why he can make his voice suddenly echo, Tokiya seems to have finally found heart in his music. Everyone is pretty impressed, including Shining, who says that Tokiya might make it back to the S class at this rate. After he leaves, Shining and Ringo talk about how Haruka is great at solving bishie problems.

Reason # 251 why Shining is the greatest person ever

Haruka meets Tokiya in the hallways and he thanks her because he might make it back to S class. Also, apparently he can smile. After he leaves, Haruka finally realizes that if she pairs with Tokiya, it would be like having Hayato sing one of her songs. Before she can think more about it though, Otoya asks if he can talk to her.

He apologizes for bothering her at the summer camp, but says that he can’t think of anyone else and that he could do his best if he’s partnered with her. He also grabs her hand and gets all adorably awkward when he realizes what he did. However, Haruka doesn’t seem all that interested in paring up with him and he says that she doesn’t have to give him an answer right away.

Afterwards, Haruka thinks about how she’ll have to repay his kindness back eventually, and she runs into Ren. He hands her a bouquet of roses and says that he wrote down her name on the partner form. Haruka just seems surprised and shies away from Ren as he explains that her looking for the lyrics in his episode awoke something within him. Like Otoya though, he just kind of leaves her after explaining all of this and says that he’ll wait for her answer.

Ren runs into Masato further down the stairs, who tells him to stay away from Haruka. Ren brushes it off as rivalry, but Masato says that he needs Haruka to sing. Him and Ren have an “I need her more than you do” argument until they both walk away. Outside, Masato flashbacks to Haruka’s group of demon children singing in the park and he says once again that she was the one who taught him the beauty of music.

They’re going after the same girl, but it still looks like a BL relationship. How is this even possible?

Towards the evening, Haruka (who is still carrying Ren’s roses lol) finds Syo waiting for her outside. He tells her that (surprise, surprise) he wrote her name on his desired partners sheet. Since he’s a Hyuuga fanboy, he understands how Haruka admires Hayato and that’s why he started stalking watching her. Also, he likes how serious she is towards music.

Syo tells her that he wants to partner up and suddenly Natuski’s there saying that he feels that way towards Haruka as well. Natsuki then says the Haruka is the only one who can really understand him and then he hugs her. Right in front of poor Syo XD. Syo says that Natsuki is only stressing Haruka out, so he apologizes and releases her. While Syo and Natsuki argue about who’s going to partner with her, Haruka uses the opportunity to slip away.

However, inside her shoe box, Haruka finds a long letter from Masato (LOL how traditional) telling her that he wrote her name on his paper. Haruka just seems bothered by all these bishies suddenly confessing to her though.

Even Tomo can’t believe that Haruka managed to build herself a harem, but admits that the guys have good taste because Haruka is pretty talented. She even admits that she would have wanted Haruka as a partner too if she wasn’t already with her boyfriend who never gets any screentime.

Haruka asks Tomo what she should do, and Tomo tells her to believe in the heart of the cards follow her heart. To this advice, Haruka immediately thinks about pairing up with Tokiya, but then thinks about all the other bishies she’s involved herself with.

In their room, Ren talks with Masato about how 5 guys are going after Haruka, but the main point is who she picks in the end. Same goes for Syo and Natsuki. Syo even tapes the room in half and says that Natsuki isn’t allowed on his side until Haruka decides XD. Finally, in their room, Otoya talks to Tokiya about how he chose Haruka as his desired partner. He also asks who Tokiya wants to partner with, but Tokiya refuses to tell him. He thinks about Haruka though.

Miyuki Sawashiro FINALLY gets an insert song and the montage is basically Haruka acting awkward around her harem. In the hallways, Haruka goes to ask Ringo a question, but Ringo says that he won’t help Haruka choose a partner. He also mentions that a sixth person has asked for Haruka to be his partner: Tokiya. Haruka is so shocked, she drops her books.

Haruka. Just pick one of them already.


They actually had his teeth sparkle. And here I thought they couldn’t make these guys any more fabulous.

End Thoughts: …. This episode was adorable. Where the hell is my game? I NEED TO PLAY IT LIKE, RIGHT NOW. Seriously Haruka, just pick one of them. It doesn’t even matter which one at this point, they’re all great choices. Though from the looks of it, she’s probably going to end up partners with Tokiya. He was the only one she didn’t avoid like the plague this episode (though she didn’t find out about him wanting her as a partner until the end). Again, as long as this doesn’t end up as her picking ALL of them, I’ll be content with whatever ending they come up with.

LOL was this supposed to be Ringo’s episode? If it was, then it sucked more than Natsuki’s did. Gah, so if they’re skipping over his route, they’re probably going to skip over Hyuuga’s too. We’ll probably get a nice preview picture of him though. I guess adding them in would just make things more complicated, so the animators just decided to ignore them. Or maybe they’re just going to follow the original game (even though they’ve pretty much ignored the plot of the original already). Just how many episodes are they going to waste while Haruka decides which bishie to pair up with anyways? And what was the point of having Ren tell Haruka that he wants her to be his partner last episode if he’s just going to do it again in this one?

…. I feel terrible, but there’s something I need to admit to you all. As Overcooled pointed out to me a while ago, there is no such thing as ‘an unreasonable amount of bishies’. No amount of bishies is even unreasonable unless the number of them is zero.  I’m sorry for lying to you all. I’m off to repent and maybe murder some postal workers while I wait for my bloody game to arrive.

Preview: So yeah, hopefully Haruka makes up her mind on her partner next week or else it’s going to be another 20 or so minutes of awkward avoiding everyone.

Excuse me while I consider buying go buy Sweet Serenade. I NEED TO PLAY THIS TRAP’S ROUTE.


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14 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 09”

  1. mads says:

    Just a personal opinion, but this anime is beyond lame. But I still continue to watch it for some reason :/

  2. Junko says:


    Haruka’s no fail guide to getting a boyfriend:
    Show ▼

    But seriously, how you do that gurl??

  3. Alynn says:

    This episode just made me laugh so much. Just seeing all the bishies fumbling around Haruka and Haruka herself fumbling around on who to choose as her partner.

    I hope your game arrives soon!

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah this episode was great. The whole part with Syo and Natsuki was pretty funny, but I wish that Haruka figures things out soon…

      Same here. XD

  4. Elyon says:

    Masato is just trying to get Haruka out of jealousy because he’s in love with Ren. Ren is just trying to get Haruka to make Masato jealous. Syo is just trying to get Haruka because he’s in denial about his feelings for Natsuki. Natsuki is just trying to get Haruka because his feelings were hurt when he overheard Syo trying to be her partner. And Ittoki is just trying to get Haruka because he has no other friends apparently.

    This is how everything looked through my fujoshi filter. XD
    But really, we all know she’s going to pick Tokiya. Why did they have to drag it out so much?

    • Karakuri says:

      That explains EVERYTHING. You have no idea. Though I’m under the impression that Otoya and Tomo get along (gingers unite!).

      Yeah, not a clue why they’re dragging this out for so long. Maybe to make them getting together more climactic?

  5. animeducky says:

    Whilst I’m pretty sure she’s going to end up picking Tokiya, I can’t help but feel she might pick them all and create the ‘Fabulous Starrish Rangers’ from the ending clip/song.

  6. Kitty says:

    And this is the episode in the game when you would pick your final boyfriend XDDDDD I vote Tokiya or Otoya…..

  7. sai says:

    i just look but ittkoi will never have a matching with haruka becuase none of the lines match him (;o;) so sad

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