Nichijou – 09

Hands off my strawberry!

Fosh: So, are we in for another fun week with Nichijou? I sure hope so! Lately this series has slowed down a bit from the usual over the top comedy from previous episodes. Well I always have fun with this anime even if it lacks in laughs sometimes. Other than Nichijou a few other shows have finally gotten exciting! Also I have done a few drawings using the Nichijou art-style; you can see them here and now it’s time to start the tag review episode nine with Ness!

Ness: Busy busy lately and no time for relax! But I wonder where do I find the time to do some of the stuff that I do outside of school and work. But that’s the busy life heheh and Nichijou is always something to look forward to for a small relief from things… well kind of.

Fosh: Side stories this week follow Mio’s sister Yoshino messing with her cake, and Yuuko with the others ordering food. We also have Hakase spoiling her dinner by eating all the snacks in the house, so this is a heavy food themed episode.

Manabu- “Well, damn, I guess my one question test was too easy!”

Students- “Thank yo,u sensei! For that one question test! Wooooooo Hoooo!!”

We start the episode with the students in Takasaki’s class celebrating a finished test. Never seen students so excited about a test before. Anyways, we join Mio who’s at home with her oddball sister. Yoshino really does enjoy messing with Mio and she’s the older sister. As I’m the older brother and I always mess with my younger siblings so I can relate a bit. Not that I dress up in odd costumes either!

It’s just another normal day in the Naganohara house.

Mio- “News paper attack go!”                        Confused Yoshino is so lost.

Mio- “Who dared to steal my Strawberry? HOW COULD YOU?!”

Yoshino- “Oh no! I have been defeated…”              Mio-“I will avenge you, strawberry-kun!”

I could go for some cake right about now after seeing all that cake! Well, after Mio deals with her sister she goes to lunch with Yuuko who orders a Vegetable tendon, while Mio and Mai both order something simple. They end up getting their meals early while Yuuko has to wait, which annoys her until she gets her food after she gets angry making the others wait on her.

Yuuko- “I also work at birthday parties as a clown, here take my card!”      Mio-“You need a better job”

Now loading food into Yuuko’s mouth, please wait….

Yuuko is quite impatient when she has to wait. Then again most sane people would remain perfectly calm. Yuuko then goes home and has herself an epic battle fighting off some mosquitoes. That is until she wakes her mom who slaps Yuuko for being so loud. It did kill one of the blood suckers on her face so good work Yuuko’s mom.

Yuuko was trained in the art of bug slaying! Look at those amazing reflexes!

Mosquito- “Damn your momma knocked you into next week! I’M LAUGHING AT YOU!”

We can’t leave out the ever so popular Nano, Sakamoto and Hakase! This time Hakase eats a ton of snacks before dinner. Naturally she tries to use her cuteness as a weapon to battle with Nano, but she she doesn’t fall for it until Hakase says she will remove the key on her back. Damn Hakase, you are a sneaky little girl!

Hakase- “Sakamoto-sa,n what color is this??”     Sakamoto-“If you weren’t so cute I’d cut you…”

Nano- “I detect a disturbance in Hakase’s stomach…”

Hakase- “Look I made you a robot pirate!”          Nano-“Nooooooooo!! I wanted to be a ninja!”

We wrap things up with Mio getting a part time job with a Daifuku fair, until she gets there and realizes she is now a Daifuku mascot. She really is super embarrassed having to wear such a random costume, the owner notices she is doing a terrible job and swaps spots with her.

Mio- “Why do I feeling that I was tricked again by my sister?!!”

Looks like your average day over at the Daifuuku cafe.

Extra jokes

Yoshin’so my favorite older sister! Love that long hair.

Yes, Yuuko, you are a true Wiener of the day.

Hakase- “VICTORY IS MINE! I HAVE WON a lifetime supply of frozen pops!”

Sakamoto is enjoying the good life.

Nano now has magical sparkles and flowers powers!

End Thoughts:

Fosh:Well we got another semi slow paced episode with a few random moments here and there that save it from being entirely boring. That said, there were a few great scenes for me. I did enjoy watching Yoshino play a few pranks on Mio, just reminded me of myself too much when I messed around with my own brother and sister. I think I had the most fun seeing a somewhat new character on the screen for once, even seeing the teacher at the start was a refreshing change.

That whole restaurant scene kind of made me laugh but also was expecting Yuuko to get screwed out of getting her food on time. After seeing how she reacted up to this point we all could see something happening with her food; I was waiting on the waitress to throw the food at Yuuko or something else. I felt a bit like I was watching Lucky Star again because food was used so much as a plot in that show; then again Nichijou is called everyday life and we all have to eat.

I had the most fun watching Hakase, Sakamoto and Nano’s scenes more this week; I do look forward to seeing what random events they get dragged into. Nano should really lock up all of the snacks! For real man, that girl can eat hahaha. And wow poor Sakamoto getting the blame as well; damn sneaky move for Hakase. I can’t forget the funny scenes with Yuuko and her battle against the bugs! That whole scene made me laugh especially with all of the dramatic animation for her fighting moves. But a huge high five to Yuuko’s mom for slapping Yuuko, oh man that was so hilarious!

Ness: Not that bad of an episode. I wouldn’t say that this was the best but there sure was some good laughs but mainly random stuff. But that’s what this is all about, the randomness. XD This whole putting shogi pieces on Mio’s cakes made me want to watch an anime called Shion no Ou, that I didn’t finish yet which is about shougi. So random but yes, in the middle of writing this, I started watching the anime again. Mio’s sister reminds me of Yuuko for her devious and yet stupid ideas. Poor Mio having to deal with two people like that in her daily life sounds tiresome.

The restaurant scene was humorous, shows how impatient Yuuko is but I doubt that I’d complain for my food being brought late. There’s always a reason and it just can’t be helped sometimes. That waitress got it down to show such a face to stop the complaint but I doubt that would work all the time. Extreme mosquito smack-down, now that was amusing and I did wonder when Yuuko’s parents would show up. But man, I don’t really hear mosquitoes but they are annoying and creepy, especially those big ones.

Sometimes I forget about Hakasei and Nano. I wonder when Nano will get a chance to go to school and how can Nano take the crap that Hakasei gives her. Living with a deviant genius kid that you have to take care of who blames things on a cat is just sad and funny. Nano needs to put her foot down since she’s like the caretaker. Other then that, the daifuku scene was just sad. You’d think Mio would know not to take up things handed to her by her sister. Being a mascot isn’t the best of jobs with little kids walking by. I think that I wouldn’t have the patience for such a thing but I would like to experience wearing a big mascot suit one day. But yeah, going back to watching some shougi psychological mystery anime. Laters~


The award for best voice-over for a piece of cake goes to you, Aya Hirano.

Next week, fingers are crossed for something amazing and over the top to happen as usual.




Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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16 Responses to “Nichijou – 09”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    Yuuko never gets a break.
    And so does Mio from her older sister.

  2. Toori-chan says:

    The reaction after the test finished is pretty off. Well, its not like i dont understand their feelings (just finished a very long test)
    CHECKMATE!!! Loved here reaction.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol ya I haven’t took a test that exciting in a long time, it was great seeing how they reacted xD

      • Ness says:

        That was over the top reaction to finishing a test hah. I don’t think I’ve ever felt excitement after a test too.

  3. Moni Chan says:

    yuuko’s whole family must be loud like she it

  4. Dan-go says:

    My favourate scenes in Nichijou are the over the top actiony bits, like the mosquito attack this episode, they’re just so goddarn intense! favourate was still the wiener save

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! We need more epic moments to happen, the mosquito attack was great! Yuuko such a fun character during those. Well almost all of them include Yuuko anyway! Yes the wiener save and chase scenes are by far the best oh and deer wrestling.

    • Ness says:

      Yeah those are my favorite scenes too, the extreme ones. xD They all seem to be mainly involving Yuuko though hehehe. The deer wrestling was my favorite one, so funny.

  5. MikADo says:

    Mio needs moar love

  6. […] “Well we got another semi slow paced episode with a few random moments here and there that save it from being entirely boring. That said, there were a few great scenes for me. I did enjoy watching Yoshino play a few pranks on Mio, just reminded me of myself too much when I messed around with my own brother and sister. I think I had the most fun seeing a somewhat new character on the screen for once, even seeing the teacher at the start was a refreshing change.” – Metanorn […]

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