Banner C♥llab L♥ve~

Not just one but three aces in the hole. We have our first header collaboration~

Happy Valentine’s Day, Nyaa~

*sound of purring*

Kyokai & Ness: *look around*

Ness: Ooh, what do we have here?

Eri: Nyaa~

Ness: Is that a neko-boy…?

Eri: *purrs* I think I got lost in the Metanorn corridors… I was just visiting for our collab.

Kyokai: Oh hai thar, Eri-kun, I’m glad you didn’t get hijacked by any other team member…

Ness: Ahem, so how you doin’, Eri?

Eri: Why, I am feeling great. Though all that rabu rabu feeling has been driving me nuts since yesterday. @.@

Ness: Oooo. Rabu rabu pyon~?

Kyokai: Hah, all DEM banners… V-day is like tomorrow and we’re still thinking how to do a post. >.>

Ness: Well, V-day usually just passes by for me. :X

Kyokai: Well, not this time for sure, Ness. We got loads of stuff planned for Metanorn. And this collaboration with Neonovic is just the beginning.

Ness: Indeed, so many things are planned and it’s all exciting~!

Eri: Oh, I’m feeling like part of a big plan already.

Kyokai: Oh, yes, you are *glomps* We arise from the same network too. :3

Eri: Ah, The Kombine, I’m already feeling like home~

Kyokai: Actually, I like Eri’s banners so much that I kidnapped him from Neonovic to be a slave for us on the V-day.

Eri: *struggles to talk through Kyo’s hands*

Ness: Poor Eri, being part of Kyo’s collection of slaves. But yes, Eri’s banners are pretty cool. :3

Kyokai: Well, I like to be entertained, you know?

Eri: Awww, I could never match up to you, though, Ness. And yes Kyo,  just for this day I will let you do with me as you please. ;3

Kyokai: Muhawahahahaaa, oh my neko neko moe bishie~ <3

Eri: I’m not moe… >8(

Ness: LIES! Without proof, you are what the boss says you are. :3

Eri: *hides in lonely corner*

Kyokai: I get this neko-feel from your logo even. xD

Eri: *gets back* Yeah   As I’ve said in my introduction part of my site is dedicated to neko boys~ So cuuute! >///<

Ness: Neko boys… Sounds too cute for me.

Kyokai: Well, I imagine Eri as a neko boy so there; all the cuteness aligned into one.

Eri: I wouldn’t mind getting neko ears and a lovely tail. ^w^

Kyokai: It’s official, you are Metanorn’s neko bishie~

Ness: Hahaha, neko bishie Eri-kun~ :3

Eri: I just hope a particular someone in your Team takes pleasure only into killing lolis and nothing more… X_x

Kyokai: Hahahaaa, well, if something does happen and when that particular someone gets on his rage fits, I usually chain him in the dungeon. Works out every time!

Eri: Pffff! Dungeons, is safety in Metanorn that low? <.<

Ness: I had no idea that Metanorn had a dungeon….

Kyokai: Uhem, we got some problems of our own so we don’t publicize but we have lots more than just a dungeon. :3

Eri: *pats Ness* Be afraid, Ness! Be REALLY afraid!

Kyokai: Where did she disappear to? I hope I won’t have to use my Death Perception to find her.

Ness: Thanks for the comfort, Eri. But I’m not afraid. <_<;

Eri: I can see drops of water falling around you already…

Ness: Well, it is raining… outside. 😛

Kyokai: Oh, I didn’t even notice… What happened to the climate today. >.>

Ness: I know, really, it was sunny and then dark out and then rain!

Eri: Ahaha! You poor people! From where I come from, it’s so hot there…

Ness: Way to rub it in, Eri. Anyway… V-day! CHOCOLATE YUMMM!

Eri: I know that I’m getting some chocolate, heheheh!

Kyokai: Ohohooo, playboy neko. I will be getting some too but I will be distributing it in my office.

Ness: Ooooohh passing out the goods to your minions. You should have little notes tucked in the chocolates telling them how bad they are and how to improve. Heheheh.

Kyokai: Muhawhahahaaa, right on! I plan to. I’ll be distributing chocolates among my minions. And as I’m getting three more, I will train and fatten them up; then give them the work axe!

Ness: The work axe!! How terrifying.

Kyokai: I know, I’m evil…… ^^

Eri: *gives secretly Kyo a box of chocolates* Don’t tell anyone!

Kyokai: Oh! Daww, Eri~ So, V-day! We finally finished the collaboration technically. And damn, it was hard finding the raw images. I wasn’t happy with my first lot. I had to search a lot for resources. >.>

Ness: Finding images wasn’t too hard for me until we decided on a specific theme. :X

Eri: Why you guys are talking like you think I’m not going to bother you in the future with my crazy ideas…? <_<

Kyokai: Hahahaa, you are our neko boy now; you can go crazy any day you like.

Eri: Nyan~ Not to mention, this neko boy here is proud to have finished first of all (obligatory personal boasting).

Kyokai: Fufufufuuuu~ So, tell us about your choices, Eri; what made you select the banners you made for the big day?


Eri: Featuring a genderbent Izaya, this banner is the odd one out of the group. While gathering resources for the banners, I and Kyokai agreed not to use personal fandoms like yaoi and genderbenders so as to keep things neutral. However, with DRRR’s being so popular and having an ever-growing fandom, mainly consisting of Shizaya OTPs, we let that one in considering the fact that it may not suit the lovey-dovey feeling completely but being the awesome banner it turned out to be, we couldn’t exclude it from the set. Making this one reminded me that even I can make good headers in order to catch up with the super talented greatness that Ness is.


Kyokai: It’s a known fact that I LOVE Bakemonogatari and a big reason behind it is the love for Senjougahara Hitagi and Araragi Koyomi. I mean, this pair has something very special and that episode twelve was just boss with that surreal feeling. I would still say, there should have been a kiss between them but I patiently accepted the lure of it being suggested anyway. The starlit background, the right amount of sharpening and red hearts are just made for Valentine’s. I literally fangirl squeed after finishing it; so, hope you like it~ <3


Ness: I just finished watching Arakawa Under the Bridge last month and man it’s such an epic anime. The night scene in this banner is actually a screenshot from the anime and the other image was provided by Kyokai. Recruit and Nino-san are so cute! How the two met and how they ended up being together is just awesome.


Eri: This one was the most interesting to make for me ‘cause it was something completely different from what I’ve been making all this time. I can’t explain why, but it feels different. Due to Valentine’s I got to remember how enjoyable Umineko was and how many OTPs the show has. Having both chocolate and hugging, this is by far the most successful banner out of my set.


Kyokai: The only header with the Valentine’s message on it because this is one awesome pairing! I specially love the silhouette effect with something promising. In truth, with Valentine’s coming and a lot of work, I have been lagging in reviewing the current episodes of Kimi ni Todoke but fear not, I’ll be on it from next week so my love for Sawahaya is quite intact and after all, they are our welcome mascots since last month for a reason.  Their innocent love is just one of its kind and total WIN.


Ness: Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve watched Lovely Complex and I think that I will re-watch the anime soon. How could I forget about this lovely couple that got past their difference in height and came together? Thus, I chose our super duo-comedy couple, Koizumi and Otani.


Eri: Well what can I say? Two of the banners I’ve made are about shows I haven’t watched. I dropped this one right after episode 1 for no particular reason; I just didn’t feel like watching it. It was around the period when I relentlessly dropped and picked random shows. The banner, however, is another story. While making this, I used some more complex effects than usual and I finally found a use for all my Bokeh patterns. Sparkles FTW!


Kyokai: An anime, not watched by many, sadly. I have been recommending it for some time and I will continue saying that it’s one of the best out of 2010. I especially like this image—which was actually found by Fosh on my bidding—because of that Arakawa feel and it fits SO well in the craziness of Tatami Galaxy. I mean, it’s not actually a shark’s jaw but Akashi is coming out of Ozu’s sharp-teethed mouth. Not to mention, Watashi being cute and blushy is so adorable; the reason for me to add so many hearts all around. Those who have watched this, will enjoy the hints.


Ness: While I have yet to watch this anime or read the manga, there’s something attractive about this couple. I actually randomly chose this image and somehow had a good outcome for the banner. Usui and Misaki seems like a very hawt couple and puts chocolate to good use.


Eri: Call me a noob but I still haven’t watched this anime and I don’t think I will soon. It’s too long for my daily schedule and I’m already too occupied with currently airing anime. In the beginning I thought this was a gag, which was technically true, so I had better titles to watch at that time. Soon, it turned out that 99% of the anime community went crazy about it and I had got fed up with all that Arakawa worship so I didn’t watch it even then. Now I’m thinking it’ll be a great candidate for my summer marathoning tournament. The banner I made for it is both good and bad ‘cause the image of the couple is sparkling from awesomeness but the background proves how terrible I am at filling plain white backgrounds.

Kyokai: Oh man, so much love in the air that I feel the Kimi ni Todoke sparkles coming up. So, how does it feel to be Meta’s slave for a day, Eri?

Eri: From now on, Valentine’s Day is going to be my favorite day of the year!!!

Ness: Ooooohhh that exciting?

Eri: You have no idea~ *wavers his tail on Ness’s face*

Ness: Well, that’s good. As for me, I will be busy in a secret mission throughout the V-day. Yay~

Kyokai: Ness, yes, very secret indeed. So, Eri, should I kidnap you every year then? :3

Eri: Yup, I think I’ll just occupy a room here as my yearly home~ Fufufu.

Kyokai: I will book a special room for you then.  Just don’t get lost in the corridor! xD


Kyokai: Sure *pats Eri’s head*

Eri: Waiii~ *rubs on Kyokai*

Ness: This neko cuteness is just too much for me. I’d rather just stare at a picture of Setsuna. <_<;

Kyokai: Oh, the Setsuna fangirl/boy trap of ours.

Eri: Kyyoooo ;A; Ness hates me…

Kyokai: Lulzzzz, she’s still making up her mind about your tail, me thinks.

Ness: I don’t hate you; I’m just not into the abundant amount of neko cuteness. That reminds me, don’t wave your tail in my face. I have a slight automatic reflex reaction of smacking things that come close. :X

Eri: Ohhh~ Go ahead then >8) *wavers tail more*

Ness: I’m going to cut it off…  <_<;

Eri: GYAAAAAAAAAAAAH  *hides behind Kyo*

Ness: But I’m trying to be a good person on such a day devoted to looovvveeeee.

Kyokai: Oooh, did I see an axe in your hand, Ness?

Eri: It’s the looovvveeeee axe… -_-”

Ness: Uhhhmmm, I don’t know what you’re talking about Kyo. *shifts hands behind back*

Kyokai: It has a red ribbon too. You, you got it from my collection, didn’t you….?

Ness: Well, you left the door to your secret stash unlocked.

Kyokai: Oh damn, I have been careless this month, haven’t I?

Eri: *Staaaaare* <_<

Kyokai: Let me take that and place it in its proper place. Eri, you are safe now. xD

Eri: Place it in its proper place? That sounds kinky. >8)

Ness: Buwahaha! Fine! But there’s more where that came from!!

Kyokai: *coughs* So, I think we are done here. Expect some more lovey-doveyness at Metanorn because this is just the beginning! We will be livening things up even after the White Day so this collaboration work is going to stay up for more than a month.

Ness: Indeed, there’s more to come. After all, V-day is just the start of all the fun for now.

Kyokai: Wooo, yeah~

Eri: Ah that feels nice. I’ll make sure to be back next year too then~ Maybe even sooner. >8)

Kyokai: Ooh yes, Neonovic is a buddy site after all and we show love all our buddy sites! :3


Kyokai: Uh, you can have whatever word you want? I always use this word for DDD, SJ and the like.

Eri: Nah, I’m just nekoing with you. :3 All Love’s to Metanorn~ <3

Kyokai: Nekoing? Nice. xD

Eri: That being said, it was a real pleasure working with you two, nyan~

Ness: Yes, it was awesome to be collaborating with Eri for V-day. I hope we do this again for other events to come.

Eri: That’s for sure, Ness. :3

Kyokai: It was fun, Eri-neko-kun, to collaborate for the lovey-doveyness~ Of course, this is not the last one, you being a site regular and all that. So, here’s us three signing off for now. Hope you enjoyed the little ditty to V-day with some awesome visuals.

Ness: Laters all and hope you all have a good V-day with lots of yummm chocolates and goodies.

Eri: And expect to see me here again really soon. Till then, I’ll be watching you…nya~!

Kyokai: PS, like I said, this is just the beginning. Watch out for some more lovely awesomeness in the coming days. Happy Valentine’s, everyone! Ja ne~


The combined forces of Metanorn and their buddy sites. We come together on special occasions to celebrate, discuss and share fandom love.
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45 Responses to “Banner C♥llab L♥ve~”

  1. Overcooled says:

    Ohhh, what do we have here? How interesting, an intruder managed to get in without me noticing. Looks like we got some banners out of it, so I guess it’s okay *snerk* LULZ, but seriously, thanks Eri for the collab. =D Those are some gorgeous banners by ALL OF YOU >w<

    Happy Rabu-Rabu day to all~

  2. Whisper says:

    Really like the new banners. One thing I really like about Metanorn are the really cute banners ^^. Of course and the insightful and fun posts. But cute things … ^^

    • Gunny says:

      Cute things are cute. You can not deny their existence. :3

      • Kyokai says:

        @Whisper & @Gunny, DAWWW~ thank you, both! We do like to customize stuff rather than just the plain old theme just being there.

  3. Hato-kun says:

    Mwahahaha, it’s already V-day where I am! I’m the time traveler that wishes you all a happy valentines day!


  4. Amutofan123 says:

    Oh, so many adorable couples~ *gasp* Risa and Otani! Wow, I haven’t watch Lovely Complex in forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Gunny says:

    Oh my eyes can’t believe what they’re seeing… Metanorn is pink.

    Since in my country we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day in the same day that you guys (and it is not called like that too), I’m kind of feeling lost >_< .
    I only knew about those Valentine's stuff cuz of anime and that's it. I think the name we use would be something near to "lovers day" for you, and we've got to give and recieve chocolates at the same day.

    Besides that, great banners! They're very cute :3
    Happy V-day for ya people! x)

    • Kyokai says:

      Hahaaa! Now, it’s going to happen every year. And I just read up and wow, Valentine’s happens in June?! Must be weird for you on Feb, but hey, it’s out own option to celebrate it whenever we want. :3

      Thanks for the compliments! I’ll wish you in June then. ^^

  6. Starry says:

    The banners! The wonderful banners! XD I love the KnT one best!

    And your tag team posts never fails in making me go ‘lulz!’. Awesome post as always! 😀 Glad to see more coming up. XD

  7. yanagi says:

    these are so cool! are the holiday ones going to be posted soon?

  8. Foshizzel says:

    omg omg omg! These banners are aweeessommmeee! GREAT WORK! 😀

    Lol tag stuffs yay!!

  9. anaaga says:

    neon pink is definitely better than magenta.

    is that hakuouki? *start crying* look what you did, u make me cry on v-day >.<

    umineko has OTPs? i remember there's this one where butler's with everybody. hehe

    but kimi ni todoke still wins because of my bias over that show. IT'S SO EEFIN ADORABLE

    anyway, happy v-day guys. hope u guys get lots of chocos. each one got virtual chocos from me. each as as who? as in everybody who read this comment *share chocolate*

    • anaaga says:

      btw, that durarara banner screams “SEXY AND HOT” right there
      but i prefer the maleXmale because of my yaoi fangirl hormone. HEHE

  10. Alynn says:

    Awesome banners guys! My personal favourite is the Bakemonogatari one!

  11. Tofu says:

    I’m getting excited as to what Eri and Metanorn is gonna get up to these few days ahead of us XD Happy Valentines everyone, hope everyone had a special day to spend it with ^^

    By fav banner would have to be the Bakemonogatari… Hands down, best valentines banner EVER!!! Senjougahara!!!!! <3

  12. Carla says:

    So Cute!!!

    Where is Overcooled’s Banner!?
    I wanna see it! ^.^

    Kyokai: I’ve watched “The tatami galaxy” because of you…
    And you were right, it’s amazing, Thank U

    • Overcooled says:

      Kekeke, I would if I knew how to make them or had the programs to. Just imagine something with bloody kisses and that would be my banner~

      …I need to get around to watching that too. I have it torrented already and everything @_@

  13. baka_girl says:

    Happy valentine day everyone!
    OMG, so many gorgeous banner!!
    Is that Shizuo and Vorona in Durarara banner?
    My fave is Bakemonogatari!! And Durarara, KimiTodo + Lovely Complex 😀 (basically, almost all of the banner are my favorite :p)

    I’ve been wondering, who is the next guest?? xD

    • Overcooled says:

      =D everyone is so talented~

      Oh, and that’s a female Izaya in the banner, not Vorona. It says so in the description if you double-check it. :3

      • baka_girl says:

        Oh sorry >_< Too excited when I see it, so I don't read the descriprion carefully 🙂
        I'd like to see your banners too! xD

    • Ruby says:

      Oh me me me~ I wanna be the next guest! but there’s no way I can compete with the pros XD

  14. Eri says:

    Lotsa love to all you guys who commented and lots of love to the ones who are going to comment from now on. Thanks for your applause; it really motivates us to do even more!

    Now I have to post that one too since I just came back from school X3

  15. Namika says:

    Happy Valentine’s day, minna-saaaaaan~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    I wish you LOTS AND LOTS of luuuuve x3 No, srsly…..a LOT of it!!
    The banners are all awesome, every single one fitting this day in it’s own way. And the couple choices were great too. Ness, I’m praising you especially for picking OtanixKoizumi couple! I haven’t seen anyone mention this anime before, but since I love it so much, I enjoyed this banner very VERY much! ^3^ Kyokai’s KnT and Eri-kun’s Umineko were just as great too!!
    Hope to see you around more often, Eri-kun! We all love neko-bishies, so :3 nyaaa
    ♥♥ Minna, omedetto~! ♥♥

    • Ness says:

      Heheh thanks!! Yeah, Otani and Koizumi are just an awesomely cute and funny couple. Such a good anime too! Even the J-drama movie for it isn’t bad. :3

  16. uwwaa~ such pretty banners! Happy Valentines/Single awareness day 😀 The banners look great,I especially love the Otani x Koizumi one not just because they are the only couple i know in the mix, but that they ARE THE FUNNIEST COUPLE EVAR (even beats Tamaki x Haruhi from Ouran :O )

    After seeing these banners, I was inspired to get better at photoshop 😀 Now if I only had time to practice..

    • Ness says:

      Thanks Star-chan~! Otani x Koizumi, so cute and funny.^^/ Hmm but Tamaki and Haruhi is pretty cute too but I know what you mean.

      GL on the photoshop. It’s pretty fun but sometimes it can be time consuming><;

  17. Bass says:

    The blog headers look amazing!! You guys did a great job decorating the place XD

  18. Snowley says:

    St. V’s is such a downer. Only Izaya loves me ;______;

  19. Dan-go says:

    Ness’s arakawa one is amaaazing, it gives off that same surreal feel as those intro stories arakawa had

    • Ness says:

      Thanks Dan. Also I really like the festival part of the anime where I got a screenshot for the banner from. The night view was just so awesome that when watching, I knew I had to take a screenie haha XD

  20. Nayu says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day (even though I’m one day late) !

    Gyah, I leave my internet connection behind for a week and when I can finally find somewhere where I can go online for free, Metanorn’s all pink! I love ♥ pink ♥. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for painting Metanorn pink!!!!!

    The banners are awesome too (even though I can’t view half of them because of my horrible internet connection). Out of the ones I can see, I love the Lovely Complex one (even though I haven’t watched the anime yet…) a lot :D. Congrats to all of you who made these awesome banners *claps*!

    • Ness says:

      Thanks much! Yes, pink on Metanorn. But I’m glad that it’s not overwhelming because of the black/grays. :3

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