Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 15


I usually watch whatever I’m blogging about on my desktop, so I can multi-task on my laptop and such. My desktop screen is a lot smaller than my TV screen (it’s the same one Flags got), so when I suddenly switched to my TV…Wow. I never noticed how GOOD Tegami Bachi looked until I saw it in my living room. I need to stop watching stuff on my computer!

If it weren’t Miyuki Sawashiro doing the whining, I would be pissed. Right of the bat, Lag is bitching at Lloyd to let his precious Gauchie-poo go home despite the fact that he’s still healing. Lloyd has a lot of questions to ask him about Reverse and how he lost his heart, but figures one day back home can’t hurt him. The Doctor’s opinion isn’t important at all! Lag dashes off to fetch Gauche, who offers to accompany him on his last delivery of the day.

Lag is all doki-doki and doe-eyed to be even near his idol (who looks REALLY TALL now that they’re side by side). His face is as red a tomato. Not the unripe kind, because that would be green. And…that’s not the colour of blush. Right. So. Deliveries. They opt for a kind of cheesey montage of Lag screwing up multiple times in his delivery, which sucks since he just said “I WILL DO MY BEST FOR GAUCHE, BELIEVE IT!”

This does not please Lag. He didn’t get to show off in front of Gauche. In a scene practically screaming BISHIE MOMENT, Gauche tells him that Lag’s ability as a Letter bee was already delivered to his heart. He then proceeds to list some events from the past as some dandelion fluffs (sans moustaches) float by. Lag breaks down and cries in Gauche’s arms, saying his name a good 5 times before the scene actually changes.

Lag gets excited and starts dragging Gauche home as a mysterious figure (Roda. lulz) hides in the background. Even though lag cried just a scene ago, Sylvette has to have her turn now. Even Lag goes at it again. Aria  just stands at the back like “Why you trippin’?” as the waterworks continue.

They all sit around the table for a touching dinner…where Sylvette cries again because Gauche drank her soup. Aria just sits there like “Naw son, I know you’re Noir. Franklin told me.” and drinks her soup like a good girl. There’s finally a break from the crying as Gauche heads to his room for bed.

Meanwhile, at the Hive, Thunderland takes the time to conveniently point out that Noir is probably just pretending to be Gauche. WELL THANKS FOR THE TIMELY NEWS FLASH, BUDDY. ARE YOU ALWAYS THIS FAST WHEN SOMETHING IMPORTANT HAPPENS? Now Reverse sees Gauche as another man to kill, and he’s run away from Sylvette’s house, so everything is screwed up. Lovely.

Bonus Crying:


Niche probably won’t even remember who Gauche is when she wakes up XD

Gauche’s brooding face. …Yeah, just an excuse to post more Gauche wearing minimal clothing.

No screentime and no proper food. Life is hard.

End Thoughts: I’ll be honest – that was kind of boring. Nothing essentially happened, making it possible to skip it and not miss anything meaningful. All you need to know is that Gauche went home for a day and seemed to be back to normal until Dr. Thunderland ruined it all by saying “lulz, he could just be pretending to be Gauche.” Not only was it light on plot, it was heavy on the sobbing. Lag cries so much, that sometimes sad moment just aren’t sad anymore since he has that kind of reaction to almost everything. =/

I know this is supposed to be a touching episode, but you want me to maintain that heartwarming feeling for AN ENTIRE EPISODE? I would’ve at LEAST not made Sylvette cry when serving soup. I wouldn’t call it a complete failure to tug at heartstrings, but it could’ve been executed a loooot better. TL;DR, THE MANGA DID IT BETTER.

At least there was a bit of suspense underlying the sappy reunion. Noir saw all these memories, and could very well just be smiling and reciting everything he saw in those memories as if he actually remembers them. You would think he’d be happy when Lag said “let’s go home!” but he hesitated, and stared at him…unsure how to react. You could write it off as shock from losing his heart, but I doubt that’s the case. After all that gratuitous bawling, blushing and babbling – Lag’s heart is going to shattered again, isn’t it?

I honestly don’t recall if it’s diverging from the manga now, but I don’t remember Gauche running away. <_< This is sad, considering I should know if it’s changing (and have no desire to look it up. That’s just how helpful I am). Anyways, I should HOPEFULLY notice if any big changes happen. I get the feeling an anime-specific ending is in store now that will just close of Tegami Bachi forever. In the anime realm at least. Heck, I’m surprised it’s come this far already. :3

Preview: The next episode looks a bit more like what I want to see…Everyone is on the lookout for Gauche, but they end up coming across…Roda?! Gauche is Lawrence’s next target, and he seems to cooking up another Gaichuu…They’d better find him! Next week, Niche will be fighting against Roda right above the rooftops of Sylvette’s hometown. See you next week~


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9 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 15”

  1. Elyon says:

    I love how Dr. Thunderland’s all like “Oh, I forgot to mention-” =3=
    I actually think this episode was done pretty well. All the sappy emotional reunion stuff built up to that ending that just sort of destroyed it all and left you utterly depressed in the end. (Well, I was depressed…and a little enraged at Dr. Thunderland. D:< POOR SYLVETTE!)

  2. anaaga says:

    oh we’re already in this arc? all right, time to start watching this again :3 yes, i skipped some episode. it’s just so effin boring now, and there’s no new chapter >.>

  3. Tofu says:

    It’s a Lag X Gauche combo (Oh wait, it’s still Noir… O_O) Till the next episode, titled “The secret Yaoi couple…revealed!”

    I TOLD YOU OC!!! I TOLD YOU NOIR WAS FAKING IT!!! xD I knew this would happen, I was RIGHT from the beginning, Gauche doesn’t come back lols! I’m not sure why I’m so excited since I still can be wrong…

    I have to agree with you OC, I think they overused the crying in this episode, to me it was fine since I’m forgiving, but yes, overused it was… hehehehe… Steaky eating bread (or whatever it was) SO CUUUUTE~~~!!! and and how Steaky’s sleeping… NAWWWWHHHH~~~!!! <3 <3

    • anaaga says:

      um, it’s the same like the manga too. noir was faking it in the manga too. so….

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh God, no shota for me please <_< Please no. As anaaga said, I already knew Noir was faking it from the manga ^^; But it's exciting for your prediction to come true I guess. I thought I was just being heartless XD Ahh that's good. This episode needed more Niche (and Steak)

      • Tofu says:

        Well Anaaga and Overcooled, I don’t read the manga xP But at least I haven’t completely lost my prediction skills ^^ Reverse needs more Steaky!!

  4. Hime says:

    I like that Noir is faking to be Gauche, cause I can just hear his inner thoughts when Lag is gushing over him. Just insults, shut up you crybaby, I kill you! etc…bwahaha!

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