2010 Year-Ender – Villainous Character

Seventh in line: Villainous Character nominations for 2010~

Oh, finally, some free time this weekend! Happy Xmas, everyone! I can bet, except for Hato everyone is jittering in cold in one form or the other. I have been inside a blanket from yesterday. Well, not the whole while but you can catch my drift. I must say though, that SHINee songs complement drafting such long posts, requiring lots of trawling for images and videos; yeah, it’s all Hoshi and baku’s fault – damn it! Btw, I had almost lost hope for someone guessing the next category and finally on the second try, amado did it right and proper; congrats!

For an update, so far I’ve completed the following:

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  5. 2010 Year-Ender – Supporting Male Character
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  7. Keep VOTING! If you missed these categories because polls are still open in their respective posts. Follow the links!

I know everyone is soooo jittery to find out the main category nominations but not to worry! They are on their way. And for starters, how would a hero or heroine shine if there were no bad guys? Sometimes they are the essence of a story; remember the Dark Knight? Why so serious…? Ah good memories. Anyway, without any further ado, some real bad boys and girls (in no particular order) for your consideration:

1. Orihara Izaya

Oh god… From where to even begin? He’s one of those roles who makes Drrr!! an awesome watch. He is evil, manipulative, hypocrite, schemer, yada yada and ad nauseum; a giant douchebag in short. STILL, everyone loves to hate him and I love this character to pieces (though Shizu-chan is one step ahead). Ikebukuro would not have been the same without its highly slipper information-broker, whose hysterical laughter is just too good to pass up. He has a big fixation with one Shizuo and would do anything to do him in… Yeah, that is a fact.

Nostalgia from my first completed series

2. Shiki – Togainu no Chi

Another guy who is fangirl-worthy. I understand the term now, why most of the girls fall for the bad boys. Because the bad boys are smexy as hell and even their red eyes don’t ward off your admiration. Shiki (my favourite fandom-name ever), is also known as Il Re, who is undefeated till now in the vicinity of Toshima. He likes to wear leather and is more than proficient with his sword. Do not cross him because killing you is like swatting a fly for him.

3. Hideyoshi – Sengoku Basara Ni

This picture amused me to bits… Introducing Hideyoshi, the big bad wolf of Sengoku Basara Ni. I mean, look at his physique compared to others. His fight with Date was ridiculous and even Keiji seems small in front of him. He is the ultimate boss of any game that has more power than you can think of and needs a lot of strategy to finish. Yeah, that is what happened in the end but he sure was an awesome last BOSS.

4. Scanty & Kneesocks– Panty & Stocking

Now that PnS has ended, you could actually rejoice for some plot but wait, was that really an end. u_u Let Overcooled deal with that ending, I was expecting something else altogether. Coming to the opposite of Tenshi sisters, these two sure stood their ground and even with not much footage. They love their RUUUULLLLES and do survive the shitstorm.

5. Shido – Highschool of the Dead

This dude is sooo creepy! I mean, what kind of students would look up to the guy who has this kind of eyes? But some do and end up, well, dead. Someone should have thrown this guy in front of a firing range, zombie apocalypse or not.

6. Sunako – Shiki

I always wanted to see her cold side; ordering people around to kill humans but Daume very tactfully removed all the negativity aspect by not showing her direct orders. Even when all the okiagari reverently are afraid of Sunako, there are people like Seishin who sympathize with her and treat her like a little girl. Her origins are still unknown but being one of the oldest, her hands are bloody with many a thousand lives.

7. Tatsumi – Shiki

Hubbahubba… He’s something alright, even with those diclonus horns and blaze blue hair. His friendly style is but a visage for the rest to get captured into his glamour. He is only faithful to the Kirishikis and would anything or everything to obey Sunako’s wishes.

8. Hannah – Kuroshitsuji II

In the first episode, she loses one eye and quite hideously so. There’s a time when you think kawai sou~ Though, in later episodes she becomes a baddie of an epic proportion, making people hate her. A good villain is just that.

9. Mikaze – Occult Academy

I hate this bitch. Like seriously. From the time she was introduced in the series, there was definitely something off about her. Of course, not seen by the main lead but oh well, we knew. Burn in hell, all I care.

10. Shouko – Kuragehime

Another bitch of the bitches. She is manipulative to the degree of misconstruing circumstances as she pleases. I just hope Hanamori’s detective catch her in her act soon or else she might just make Shu-Shu cry again. Damn you, witch. >.>

11. Bakumatsu – Hakuouki Hekketsuroku

They are cool and evil; not to mention hot Onis (I have this affinity towards them being known a half-Oni myself…). That is how bad guys in bishie-land go. And this fangirl approves.

12. Shikizaki Kiki – Katanagatari

The damn old jeejee, who started it all; the quest to change the future and to forge his hentai blades. Hold up, people with dirty minds, these are not about some special dildos for pete’s sake; hentai doesn’t always mean porn. Anyway, damn you, Kiki! Don’t reincarnate, please.

13. Shirou – Ookami-san

Your typical high school rapist; who preys on innocent girls, who actually think he likes them. The worst thing that happened in Ookami-san was this guy was not dealt with properly. He needed some real punches and then some for what he did.

14. Arbitro – Togainu no Chi

Look at the epitome of BDSM. He has made a man dog. He’s a sick fuck and that is all I’m going to say.

15. Glittering Crux Brigade

Are not that glittering but oh well, they do have fancy yet revealing clothes. The Head is a wily one, caging a shrine maiden in his chambers. Their ultimate goal is to free the Cyboddies from their space-time to real-time. Will they succeed? Like any other hero series, I don’t think so.

16. Dead Master – Black★Rock Shooter

The demon that possessed a school girl over jealousy. Gimme a break, I say… Cool art design though.

Honourable Mentions, because I have watched almost EVERYTHING this year and except for a few titles left due to uninteresting genres, I think following should be mentioned:

  • Namie in Durarara!! – because she is a psychopath having the hots for her little brother. Ugh.
  • (Seishiro) Gackt in Shiki – he was awesome; I just wish he had some more lines, damn it!
  • Nanami in Katanagatari – some onee-sama, alright. Kowai~
  • Seiji in Durarara!! – another psychopath who fell in love with a head. Yeah, you read me right.
  • Tora in Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – I still remember his moe-fang. That is all.
  • Miu in Bungaku Shoujo – Another bitch who should have died after falling from that building. At least some people could have rested at ease.
  • The grey-haired and red-eyed old fart in Psychic Detective Yakumo – whenever he showed up on screen, he was beyond creepy. Red eyes and that smile. Ugh.
  • Hanadate in Otome Youkai Zakuro. He’s one of those oily ones, who are all goody-two-shoes in front but actually quite the opposite in reality. He should find a sour end? I hope so!


Yeah, you know right? Time to show your support for the most villainous character of this year. Like all previous categories, you can vote up to SEVEN (7) choices! Also, don’t forget to vote for all the previous nominations already posted (linked above). So, let us know which of the nominees you voted for and why? Till my next post, Ja ne~ ^^



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18 Responses to “2010 Year-Ender – Villainous Character”

  1. Ness says:

    Oh nice selection. My top 3, considering I’m still behind on many series would be (no particular order):

    Izaya – Durarara!! – He’s insane yet cool, ’nuff said.

    Bakumatsu – Hakuouki s02 – Come on, they’re pedo-oni’s who want poor Chizuru to themselves and yet Kazama is kyaah~!

    Shouko – Kuragehime – The bitch of the season, I find her more annoying than PnS demon sisters. As well amusing for her awesome yet lame blackmailing plan. *Cell phone flash!*

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Wooooo awesome post! great list of villains!

    Best ones on this list
    Glittering Crux
    Scanty & Kneesocks

    Those would be my favorites for 2010 😛

  3. Xiao says:

    Izaya handsdown.

  4. anaaga says:

    ow man, i’m waiting for the main characters…but oh well

    1) izaya –> DUH. OF COURSE he’s gone be in most people’s number one list! i effin love everything about him. cunning, smart, evil, asshole, bastard, and he has CHARISMA. he can turn everything upside down, he can make people follow him, and he’s HOT. he’s perfect perfect perfect. I DEMAND SECOND SEASON NOW. i mean, it’s getting better after volume 4! D:

    2) Sunako –> she’s adorable. she’s like merlin in a small girl’s body. she’s wise. like izaya, she can turn the truth upside down. she can make okiagaris look like the good people. yet she can also acts to her human age.

    3) Shiki –> the only reason why he’s on number 3 is because the anime fucked him up. he’s sexy,he’s hot, his eyes are red, his goal in life is being the strongest, and he’ll do anything to achieve that goal. and he has katana too. only hot guys use katana >:D

    4) Tatsumi –> he’s the perfect subordinate for sunako. he’s very obidient and cares about sunako a lot. he’s willing to do anything for her. but he needs to have a better sense of fashion

    5) bakutmasu –> OMG THEY’RE ALL HOT. but i like the leader the most. forgot his name ^^; he’s actually pretty kind. to chizuru the most useless female character only and his friends though. sometimes i wish they’d use his route in the game instead of using that crappy anime-only ending. GRRR

    6) Hannah –> i was surprised how big her role is in the second season. i thought she’s just some stupid maid who has a crush on claude. and she does has a crush on him. i really can’t see her as a villain because she’s just doing her job as a demon

    7) shikizaki kiki –> he’s fine. i guess he really cares about japan to the point where he decided to make the 13 perfected deviant dildos swords. like hannah, i can’t really see him as a villain because he’s doing it out of kindness for the Oh so great japan

    8) Arbitro –> he should change his gender into a female. he’s a WUSS. and he makes doggies out of little kids. what a pedo

    9) Shirou –> a pedo, pervert, weirdo, *insert more bad titles*. and his hair, ugh…

    10) mikaze –> she’s an ugly bitch. even the amazoness is prettier than her

    11) shouko –> she’s worse than paid prostitutes. why? because she’s free.


    13) dead master –> lol what a name. so original. i like her weapon though

    14) hideyoshi –> he’s the only person in this list that i think is normal. i don’t hate him, but i don’t like him either. just so-so.

    and as for the other two, i don’t watch Panty & Stocking ^^; i like Glittering Crux Brigade’s clothes though.

  5. wonton jr. says:

    Ohhhhh villains!!

    Well my choices would be
    Izaya -not only because of my inner fangirl but his awesome cellphone stomping skills XD

    Demon Master- Actually.. I only liked her design

    Bakumatsu – not only is Chikage a bishie, but he wants to use Chizuru as a baby making machine?

  6. Overcooled says:

    Izaya changed my life, HE WINS.

  7. Mimiko ♥ says:

    Izaya , he totally and just simply is the troll character of the year.

    God, Shido… I hate that guy so much I forgot about him. Trustfully, he barely have screentime as the villain either. So he was easily forgotten. It felt like he was just there, acting as “villain” with his stupid hateful speech that would make us hate him and it success. When he appears again after few episode, he dies. Eh?

    Anime!Sunako seems. in a way, “innocent” to me than anything. I know she have a great power and fears her. But all I felt was pity for her near the end of the anime. (expect if the anime didn’t just turn 180 degree, then my option of her would be different.)

    Ahh.. many lovely pictures *___*

  8. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Ahahahaha hands down Izaya on this one
    I like how he was pretty much untouchable by anyone exept for Simon.

    Since Shizuo can’t touch Izaya but Simon can, does that mean Simon > Shizuo?!!? I would love to see a Simon x Shizuo battle.

    Oh and the no particular order thing? THAT IS A LIE!!! I know you put Izaya as #1 on purpose xD

  9. Amutofan123 says:

    Izaya – Durarara!! (He’s the type that you love and hate all at the same time)

    Hannah – Kuroshitsuji II (Bitch got to be felt up by Sebby, therefore I hate her.)

    Shouko – Kuragehime (GET AWAY FROM SHU-SHU!!! D:<)

    Dead Master – BRS (Well… Yeah, I love her character design!)

    Shirou – Ookami-san (He's a meany.)

    And that's all I voted for. Mostly because that is all I have seen. xD But, anyway… YAY! IZZY! Evil and manipulative and a cell phone stomper!

  10. Miyu says:

    IZAYA ftw! A freaking bastard who is too hot for his own good >w< I do love shizu-chan too though <3
    Kazama from Hakuouki is loveee.
    It think I just have a weakness for good looking bad boys, I'm sorry HAHA.

  11. Tofu says:

    Wow, I didn’t even have to go through these again, there’s no one I like besides Izaya from Durarara and Dead Master from Black Rock Shooter. Well, I’m not a big fan of villans and I dislike most of them… Even the ones I’ve voted for like Shido, Mikaze and Shouko. But before you read on these may contain spoilers. (I can’t be bothered putting the spoiler button in)

    Number 1: Shido is DISGUSTING!! Religious cult involving high sexual activity, now come on, I’m sure most of you hated this guy, and why won’t he just die! ><"

    Number 2: Mikaze was alright before-hand but when she turned into a witch, I couldn't stand her… Luckily she died in the end so I was happy. ^^

    Number 3: The last on my dislike list is Shouko from Kuragehime, although I'll be honest, she's not that bad but the way she toys around with Shu's personality and his innocent virgin heart is something I really hate.

    Izayaaaa-kun!!!!!! xD The BEST villainous character I've ever come across, I mean come on, it's Durarara!! Right Overcooled? But I think I would stop here before I rant on about how awesome he is and go towards my final pick, Dead Master~~~!! Although HEAPS and I mean HEAPS of people hated Black Rock Shooter (the OVA) I actually enjoyed it, I understood it's concept and how the fighting in another world linked towards Mato's school life relationships with her friends… Sure there were holes in the OVA but I think it was good. Dead Master's art design get's me the most but to me she's not dis-likable so yeah~ That's why I chose these 5, here is the list of them:

    Izaya – Durarara!!

    Shido – HOTD

    Mikaze – Occult Academy

    Shouko – Kuragehime

    Dead Master – BRS

  12. baka_girl says:

    My vote? Of course it goes to the mighty Orihara Izaya!! No one beat him! xDD

  13. amado says:

    il go for the char I know:
    izaya – a fantastic manipulative bastard, he also gets funny moments in the novel, I also like when he gets snarky when talking to namie.
    Scanty & Kneesocks – though again I dropped this, they made a pretty awesome first impression.
    sunako – she’s cute and not really evil, I pity her state now.
    tatsumi – looks like a goofball but he can show some badassness.
    glittering grux brigade – interesting characters, I even think they have more screentime than the main characters.
    dead master – im still expecting that theyll continue with blackrock shooter.
    shirou – just really there so I can vote for 7.

    and since I got it right(though on 2nd try). I would like my custom title be: “romance expert”

  14. Namika says:

    I just realized, that this is my most favorite nomination of ALL TIMES *,_,* Yippie for being bad! ^O^
    And my first vote goes to (try and guess) Izaya-kun! My most favorite villain of them all…. I fell for him, and that’s all I can say ** Then comes my dear Tatsumi-san. I came to love him so much! Because his friendly behavior mixed with the moment he had threatened Masao, was simply amazing! (I keep quiet about the clothing though >>) And after the 21st episode, which I watched just now, I fell for him completely. He’s really vicious and sometimes scary, but he knows how to love and be loyal, and that’s what counts for me the most.
    Then, it’s Hannah, who was the biggest WTF?! I remember LOL She turned out to be such a bitch, but I liked her even more, after the last scene with her and Claude. And the last one I voted for was the awesome vixen Shouko. She’s such a bitch, but i ADORE her ** Call me weird, but I do! ^^

    hihiiiii~ Izaya-kun is on the first place for now. And ever….. YES! ^3^

  15. Nayu says:

    My vote goes to Izaya-kun (of course :D), Scanty&Kneesocks and Dead Master. Actually, I highly dislike Dead Master (even her character design, actually), I only voted for her because she’s voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro. . .

  16. Elyon says:

    I say Tatsumi FTW!!!!
    Well, no, Izaya is still better, but Tatsumi is definitely my second choice xD

  17. Kushi says:

    Izaya definitly
    and Shirou gets a vote for being annoyingest mosquitoe that got away with drinking a mother lode(AKA no humilitating beat down)

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