2010 Year-Ender – Anime

Tenth and last in line: Anime nominations for 2010~

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YESSS!! Finally the last list! Sorry for the one day delay. As previously informed, I was kidnapped by buddies yesterday so only had the energy to crash when I finally reached home. Also, IT’S COLD!!! Which is making me lazy but I gotta do what I gotta do!

Moving on to update, I’ve completed nine categories till now and this the last in line for the Fan-favourite votes:

  1. 2010 Year-Ender – Anime OPs
  2. 2010 Year-Ender – Anime EDs
  3. 2010 Year-Ender – Male Seiyuu
  4. 2010 Year-Ender – Female Seiyuu
  5. 2010 Year-Ender – Supporting Male Character
  6. 2010 Year-Ender – Supporting Female Characters
  7. 2010 Year-Ender – Villainous Character
  8. 2010 Year-Ender – Main Male Character
  9. 2010 Year-Ender – Main Female Character

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These nominations were the toughest because well, it’s the whole year. There have been many good series that I enjoyed watching and this was not even the average, it’s OK bit. The list is in no particular order and made with the rule of including shows that started airing in the complete duration of 2010. Coming to the draft, I’ve actually added some more info like, Studio, Director and Source material to give you an idea which is what. There were instances while my web trawl that I couldn’t find the exact videos I wanted to show so I can easily say, youtube failed me. Anyway, whatever I could muster around this short period is what you will find below.

1. Durarara!!

Studio: Brains Base | Director: Takahiro Omori | Original Story: Ryohgo Narita (Light Novel)

Do I even have to say anything about this? Made of total awesomeness with everything FTW about it. It’s not flawless though and there were some plot-based ups and downs in tempo but who the hell cares when it had an amazing cast that is full to the brim? Every episode left you wanting for more and even after 24 main episodes later, we haven’t had enough. Props to Narita for the original story but Takahiro sure used the content to a superlative degree and this otaku approves wholeheartedly.

By LeonChaos18 (Song: Declaration of War by Hadouken)

2. Angel Beats!

Studio: Key/ P.A. Works | Director: Seiji Kishi | Original Story: Jun Maeda (Original Work)

Another ditty offering by Key, who are loved by mostly everyone. I can’t say this is their best work because I have seen better from them but even after being too short a series (at least 13 episodes short), it still made its mark with an array of varied characters and tear-jerky scenarios. The music by Jun Maeda was the catalyst that made this work out even in the episodes that panned out. My only advice to you would be, don’t get disheartened in the first two episodes. It gets so better, just give it time.

3. Arakawa Under the Bridge/ x Bridge

Studio: SHAFT | Director: Akiyuki Shinbou | Original Story: Hikaru Nakamura (Manga)

An amazing comedy that is so giddy and weird that you won’t even register it until you see Kou getting abused by some street kids, who dislodge his pants. I mean you see his shiny butt in the initial two minutes and remember Akira’s badly scribbled-censored penis from Eden of the East. You also keep on gaping as each new character is introduced and a plethora of idiocies ensue. You would love the sense of humour in it, which is a genre to itself. This is definitely one of the best comedies of the year with a philosophical touch to it. Yes, SHAFT and Shinbou have created something amazing indeed.

By youlSiegenReturning (Song: Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows)

4. The Tatami Galaxy

Studio: Madhouse | Director: Masaaki Yuasa | Original Story: Tomihiko Morimi (Novel)

This also needs a lot of love. Yes, it’s a hard series to follow because it seems random but it isn’t. Every episode has a clue and matters as the end rolls in. The main protagonist is nameless yet with a very pronounced personality. The supporting characters and endless events make it all interesting; also, love the superfast dialogues by Shintaro because well, amazing!!! The end is highly satisfactory and it’s so worth watching because well: Madhouse, a mixture of 2D/3D animation, loads of references and the fact that it won the grand prize in the animation category in the Japan Media Arts Festival.

Tatami Project by Evermindsoldier

5. Katanagatari

Studio: White Fox | Director: Keitaro Motonaga | Original Story: Isin Nisio (Light Novel)

This needs more love and I mean it. The story comes from the same guy who has written kizumonogatari, Bakemonogatari & Nisumonogatary. Seeing Bake already by SHAFT, I knew for a fact that thus would be brilliant & it was. I won’t say this is Everyone’s anime because yes, there’s dialogue & truckloads of it. Don’t expect this to be another Sengoku Basara because it isn’t. The art style is unique and flow is low paced. Still, it wins with one of the best character developments because you actually see it after every episode. Like I said to a friend, watch out for Yoshimasa, he’s going to go big after his Shichika role.

Good stuff by Suzumitachiman

6. Kuragehime

Studio: Brains Base | Director: Takahiro Omori | Original Story: Akiko Higashimura (Manga)

One of the most adorable series of this year! It’s known that when it comes to Brains Base’s selection of work, they usually hit the goldmine with the material they pick up for animation and what could be best than the award winning manga of Akiko-sensei, which is a treat to the eyes. The main protagonists are just too adorable to miss and the level of empathy is quite high in relating to all the different types of otakus living the Amars residence and going on with their lives in a set manner. The disruption that the entry of Kuranosuke causes is actually the beginning of change for these lovely ladies and audience/readers alike can’t wait to know more. Can there be another season of Kuragehime? Knowing Brains Base, you are better off reading the manga…. Also, Takahiro get busy on some pending season twos, will you?!

7. Shiki

Studio: Daume | Director: Tetsuro Amino | Original Story: Fuyumi Ono (Light novel)

I can say, favourite horror of this year, maybe one of all times because it was treated oh so well! I didn’t even listen to some people whining about weird character designs and predictions of it being bad. I had a gut feeling that it’d be good and like a few other instances, my expectations were not only met but went overboard. The music of this is ideal to the L, every scene is accompanied with the exact right theme and tempo. Do you remember the scene when Megumi came out from under Tohru’s bed? Classic horror, I tell you. I had goosebumps and remember going OMFG!!! with Flags with whom I was watching this with. It’s filled with twists and turns, keeping the watcher busy. It definitely deserves more than accolades for creating a new high for the horror genre.

8. Giant Killing

Studio: Studio DEEN | Director: Yuu Kou | Original Story: Masaya Tsunamoto (Manga)

I was not a sports-anime fan at all. In general I’m interested in very few games and football was something I grew out of but for one reason or the other, I gave this a watch and I couldn’t stop after I was done with the first episode. It is that addictive. My love for the game reawakened and I enjoyed FIFA while watching this. Even if you are not into sports anime, I still recommend giving this a go. Also, do not expect hot bishiness like Hakuouki or Starry Sky (something of a Studio DEEN domain), because this is not one of those pretty boys anime BUT do depend on liking most of the guys because well, they have depth!

9. Bakuman

Studio: J.C. Staff | Director: Kenichi Kasai | Original Story: Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata (Manga)

Everyone tells me to go read the manga and I plan to do it eventually. When I get free time that is. As if my work, social and aniblogging life aren’t enough. The anime has been good for me. Nothing too over the top but Mashiro and Takagi make my day with the injections of youth and determination. I take a leaf out of their books for trying your best in something that you really want to achieve. It is kind of something that can actually define one’s life so inspiring stuff? Yeah! Go read the manga now, I don’t expect much from J.C. Staff…

10. Kuroshitsuji II

Studio: A-1 Pictures | Director: Hirofumi Ogura | Original Story: Yana Toboso (Manga)

Sakamoto Maaya was the first hook and then OD came along with a storyline that was filled with mystery. Not to mention very memorable characters. I watched the first episode of season two just out of curiosity and found out that it was interesting enough for me to catch up on the first season, which was still on hold. The new pair introduced totally meshed well with the rest of the cast and thus this became the cannon fodder for fangirl. I like.

11. Nodame Cantabile Finale

Studio: J.C. Staff | Director: Chiaki Kon | Original Story: Tomoko Ninomiya (Manga)

At least there was some conclusion in the finale! I watched this for the love of music and my adoration for Nodame and baka Chiaki. They are still one of my favourite couples out of anime, especially their hilarious fights. Yeah, I can so re-watch this.

12. Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai

Studio: AIC | Director: Hiroyuki Kanbe | Original Story: Tsukasa Fushimi (Light Novel)

While reviewing this in Fall, I was not even sure to check this out or not. I thought of it as another sibcon-fest but as I give every anime a test, I did and was totally surprised to find it entertaining as hell. For me, Kyousuke is what makes this total WIN~ Kirino is such a bitch that gaahhhh. My favourite would be Kuroneko because well, she is kawaii and of course Saori as well. I would love another season and hopefully we will get it.

13. Occult Academy

Studio: A-1 Pictures | Director: Tomohiko Itou | Original Story: Multiple (Original work)

This was another stray I picked up and was surprised to find it really good. Though there were plot-holes but I love me some time travel storyline. I have this extraordinary affinity towards time travel and usually end up liking stuff relating to it. Don’t even get me started over the many theories I have researched about it like an otaku! The strongest character was definitely of Maya and she overshadowed all yet when you see the endings twists; it was a very decent anime indeed.

14. Working!!

Studio: A-1 Pictures | Director: Yoshimasa Hiraike | Original Story: Karino Takatsu (Manga)

Another surprise for me because I didn’t think I would like it. But who can hate Poplar? Not to mention poor bastard Takanashi, who kept on getting beaten up by Inami. Souma and Satou come as an awesome fangirly prize (Kamiyaan/OD nyaa~). Characters are what keeps you engaged. Definitely one of the good comedies of the year.

15. K-On!!

Studio: Kyoto Animation | Director: Naoko Yamada | Original Story: Kakifly (Manga)

I can’t be really objective about this because I haven’t watched it but it’s still in the schemes of things and on the list. I love its music however and HTT ftw~ You say, why it’s on my the list? Hey, I’m trying to be objective here and trying to mirror the majority of the fandom and a lot of people love this moe-crack so be my guests! xD

16. Panty & Stocking

Studio: Gainax | Director: Hiroyuki Imaishi | Original Story: Multiple (Original Work)

Aaahhhnnn! That was Panty, singing that moany song in the OST… What a troll by Gainax and very typically so. Their stories are usually over the top but I wasn’t expecting much from the explicit version of Power puff girls. The first episode blew me away though and I joined the bandwagon though I was not very happy with most of the middle episodes. D Rock City was the highlight, while last episode was WTF-FTW~

17. Star Driver

Studio: Bones | Director: Takuya Igarashi | Original Story: Yoji Inokido (Script – Original Work)

An original work over a musketeered mecha? I sure hated the first episode and showed it in the first impression I did with Hato. However, I did continue to watch it and if not the most impressive mecha series, it’s a decent one. Also, you can’t really hate Takuto who is fabulous~ GINGA BISHOUNEN!!! That transformation scene makes my eyes hurt but, oh well. xD

18. The World God Only Knows

Studio: Manglobe| Director: Shigehito Takyanagi | Original Story: Tamiki Wakaki (Manga)

This has been a very good adaptation. It’s a sign that I have started liking Manglobe more than J.C.Staff. >.> I caught up very late with this series but so glad that I did! Hiro Shimono was so WIN as Keima~ I know for a fact now that why we got the second season announcement so early! I’ve heard manga being hilarious and the episodes I have watched till now, I pity Keima yet love him conquering the many levels of each challenge he is faced with; also seeing him getting beaten many times in the process. Sadistic I know…. XD

Honourable Mentions: Oh wow, end of the line already or is it really?! XD

  • Otome Youkai Zakuro – J.C. Staff. It had its moments and the main seiyuu cast really gave it the lift yet not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Sengoku Basara 2 – Production I.G. FANGIRL SQUEE. I love this manliness. Next!
  • Psychic Detective Yakumo – Bee Train. I just have to say this, the original material is SO better; I wish the studio could’ve done it better. >.>
  • Legend of the Legendary Heroes – Zexcs. It was good, that is all.
  • Amagami SS – AIC. Even being a typical harem anime, the animation was top-notch, not to mention voice acting. Get props for ftw girls~
  • Break Blade – XEBEC/ Production I.G. If only they had made an anime rather than movie but I do understand that they were going for quality than quantity. Release the subs already!
  • Bungaku Shoujo/ Hiyokoi – Production I.G. Both OAVs brilliantly animated and same for the storyline.
  • HOTD – Madhouse. If only there was less ecchi, this could have been even more FTW!
  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – J.C. Staff. This could have been so better! What the hell happened, JC?!
  • Koi Suru Boukun – PrimeTime. Where is more BL this season, damn it?!
  • Saraiya Goyou – Manglobe. An amazingly animated series with a mellow storyline.
  • To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Pierrot. What the hell did you guys do… This is supposed to be good, damn it!
  • Tamayura – Production I.G. A very cute anime that actually lightens your heart.
  • · Seems like I have spammed Production I.G too much but damn, they are good!


TIME TO MAKE THOSE CLICKS COUNT! Show your support for which titles should be the Fan-favourite Anime of this year. As these nominations were damn tough! You can vote up to EIGHT (8) choices! So, let us know which of the nominations you voted for and why?

Remember, ALL POLLS CLOSE ON 30th DEC, 2010! If you have missed the previous categories, follow the above links and make those clicks count for your favourite fandom nominations. Till next time, Ja ne~ ^^



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    I feel kinda bad not putting Durarara as the number one of my list, seriously. After seeing all the people above me xD

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  2. A-chan says:

    Oh !! I am so happy ! Yay Arakawa 3rd place, AB 2nd and DURARARA 1st !! Here are the best animes of 2010 to 1 til 18 !! This year was awesome !

  3. OverAnime says:

    Well my all-time favorite is Maid-Sama. The story is super cute and the Usui is super cool too bad it’s just a Honorable Mention.

    But thanks for the effort for the post 🙂

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