The World Only God Knows – 01

When there’s something strange, in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?

Strangely enough, my girlfriend to told me to watch this. I was a bit surprised, because it turned out it was a harem. And at that, the main dude is into Gal Games. I pinched myself a few times and realized I wasn’t dreaming. She’d been reading the manga and fangirled it up when she heard they were animating, so I jumped on the wagon and checked out the first episode. What did I think?

Well that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? For those of you who don’t know, The World Only God Knows follows Keima Katsuragi, a high school student who has no interest in real girls. On the internet he’s known as “The Capturing God” (or something like that) as he can win over any 2D girl in any gal game on the planet. Upon hearing this, some random e-mails him, offering him some sort of challenge. Think just so, Keima replies, accepting the so called challenge. That’s when the heavens open…

…Literally. Big clouds come along and some random girl pops outta nowhere claiming to be a demon from Hell. Which is funny, because she came from the sky. She introduces herself as Elucia de Lut Ima and asks for his cooperation in catching some souls. You see, the souls escaped from Hell and came to earth and hid themselves inside girls hearts, and the only way that Keima can get them out is by making the girls fall in love with him.

Yeah, it turns out the challenge was actually a contract and it was actually from the Devil (or something like that)! /twist. Keima slams the idea as he finds the thoughts of ‘romancing’ with real girls disgusting and he does not want part in the contract. That’s all well and good, but Elucia reveals that if the contract isn’t complete, they both die. Their heads explode. Really. So without a choice in the matter, Keima begins chasing his first target soul Ayuma, one of his classmates. Using his knowledge from his Gal Games, he cheers Ayumi on for some track meet through Hell and high water, showing his dedication to her.

After many moons of cheering her on, he reaching the ‘turning point’ (or something like that), the vital part in the story where everything changes. As the upperclassmen are bullying her, she accidently trips and sprains her ankle the day before the meet. Being sharp eyed, Keima confronts her, saying she isn’t even injured. Turns out he’s right! Apparently she’s worried she cant run anymore and Keima manages to convince her otherwise. She falls for him, they manage an awkward (really awkward) kiss and the soul is driven from her heart. She looses her memories of the incident. She wins. Everyone wins. Elucia transfers to his class as Keima’s sister. Yay!

End Thoughts

Nerd Rage. Serious Business.

Lol, Kanye West.

Bloomer patrol, reportin’.

Don’t ask. Seriously.

While I thought the first couple of minutes to the first episode where extremely slow and, well, terrible, it definitely picked up towards the end. One thing I can’t understand about the anime is the main dude. I guess he’s made out to be a creepy Otaku dude but really, does he look that bad…? I assumed he would look like a really pedo kinda guy, but he looks rather refined and awesome. Unfortunately, he seems like the only bearable character in the show so far. While Elucia doesn’t really do much at all in the first episode, she was kind of annoying.

The story seems like the high point here. Despite clichés, I didn’t really find them so apparent in the presentation. I’m sure as the show progresses things might get a bit hairier (in a purely metaphorical sense) and it might actually tug at some strings. Then again, the latter is pure speculation. Even from a first episode like that, we can assume where the plot is headed. I won’t spoil it for people who haven’t figured it out yet (how can you have not?) so I’ll leave it to you to work those brains. It’s nothing spectacular though. Maybe I should read the manga, would anyone recommend?

While it wasn’t the most amazing first episode I’ve seen this season, it was fun. Hopefully some of the girls that the spirits reside in will be a little more interesting as well, Ayumi was a little boring. Hell, a romance might even develop between Keima and Elucia. Wow, that would be weird. Then he would have some epic fight with the Devil to keep her on Earth or something like that? Man, I can just predict and anime so well. Maybe I should go write them. Yeah, I’ll do that. But I wont be about the beat the AWESOME OP ANIMATION.

The preview, like many before it, don’t tell much about the next episode, but do we really need the preview? I mean, episode 2 came out today, right? So I’m going to motor through what posts I have left, then explain what happens in the second episode, yeah? Bad news hinders productivity, and I apologize, Metanorn. I’LL BE GOOD, I PROMISE.


I'm Hato, born and raised in glorious New Zealand and a self-proclaimed awesome person. I started writing here in July and I'm loving it so far! I'm Metanorn's go-to Moe Man (lol) and the games guru, so don't be shy to say hello!
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13 Responses to “The World Only God Knows – 01”

  1. Hypothermic says:

    Hahaha didn’t know the manga was appealing to females XD
    btw their heads don’t explode, they just get decapitated by the collar :P, not battle royale style, which would be much more entertaining

    • Hato-kun says:

      Decapitated by the collar? Jeez, that sounds a lot worse 🙁

  2. Dan-go says:

    and the girls conviniently lose their memory after falling for him…AFTER ALL THAT WORK…GAH i would rage if i was him

  3. BK201 says:

    They remember something. The track girl retained some feelings for him, but just didn’t remember how.

    • Hato-kun says:

      Yeah, that is a good point. At the end she still got her blush on, so I guess that’s a factor.

  4. Overcooled says:

    Yayyy kaminomi~ It’s actually pretty entertaining, and Keima is pretty darn cool for a character that’s supposed to be a loser otaku o_o The school uniform makes him look like a prince too XD

    I guess he will slowly start to love 3-D girls as the series goes on. =O And no, I’m talking about the 3DS.

    • Hato-kun says:

      That’s what I was thinking, it really does make him look refined.

      And I’m glad there was already a Love Plus joke in there. There just had to be one.

  5. Kyokai says:

    I was surprised at how much I liked this. 0_0
    The OP was brilliant like Higashi no Eden’s and the characters are very interest-piquing. This is almost like Amagami SS just an episode long. Yeyeee~

    • Hato-kun says:

      I love the OP. While the song isn’t amazing, the animation just makes it all the more better.

  6. Junko says:

    Don’t worry, I hate that girl too, she pretty much becomes a background character and boy do the girls get better. So much excite for more of this

    • Hato-kun says:

      I’m a little worried that you say that the girls get better…


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