Shiki – 11

Time to bring out the crazy, psychic lady

Posting this was just one big struggle. My day was filled with pouring rain, blackouts, and the site refusing to work for me. It’s scary how little I have to do when the internet is gone and there’s no good light to read. Anyways, things are better now!

Sadistic, as per usual, Shiki forces us to wait on news of Natsuno’s wellbeing in order to focus more on Toshio and a new (sort of) character. Ikumi, who appeared briefly before, is a crazy old woman who is thought to be psychic. She seems to be confident that the Kirishikis are bad news, too. Does she have any basis to her claim like the other okiagari hunter? Heck no, she just believes a crazy legend!

Expect the word crazy in this post A LOT

Setsuko’s husband gets a nasty surprise when he comes to visit. Good job telling him the news beforehand, Ozaki clinic. The nurses are once again gossiping instead of doing their nursely duties. Toshio has been acting like he’s in some sort of trance, which is a real change of character from his anger fits just a few episodes back. Ritsuko gets a phone call from Towada, another employee at the clinic who wants to quit because he’s scared. Ritsuko is instantly reminded of the walking corpse, Nao, but still seems to be in denial for the most part. She’ll probably be the next one on board the okiagari hunt.

Hey look, it’s Kyoko! This time she’s tormenting Toshio’s mom by telling her that the Kirishiki’s are opening up a clinic to replace an old convenience store. She is appalled, obviously, which brings great joy to our doctor’s wife. Oh, and she’s just chillaxing with Tatsumi in the clinic too. No big deal or anything, right?

Natsuno’s dad is doing some chilling of his own at a little cafe to do some man-gossiping about the epidemic. They turn all their questions onto Toshio almost as soon as he enters. Toshio manages to be vague enough at answering their questions to have them believe it’s an epidemic, without actually saying so. The poor guy looks a mess, but he’s doing a good job keeping the villagers calm with blissful ignorance.

Toshio looks more and more like House as the series progresses.

Meanwhile, Miss Cleo and her psychic hotline isn’t doing so well. Her daughter is fat, stupid and teased because her mother believes the old okiagari legend. Ikumi tells us how she was forced to marry an incompetent man, and all of her children died a year later except for whale-face over here. Awww, I feel kind of bad since Ikumi used to be kind of pretty…

Anyways, she is the newest villager in Sotoba who we know wants to save the village. Her method? Going to all the stores and houses in danger and raving about okiagari in their faces. She is promptly thrown out and chased away from just about everywhere.

The graveyard makes another appearance, this time with Toshio wielding the shovel. As he’s about to bury Setsuko, Seishin appears from behind him. Toshio explains to Seishin in one neurotic breath that he will dig her up, see if she rises, and capture her for research purposes. He wants all of the villagers to believe him, and to stop all future cases of this. A noble thought, but Toshio doesn’t exactly have an Okiagari pokeball or anything with him, or any means to research such a thing without getting bitten himself.

Also, does he really need to wear his Doctor’s coat everywhere he goes?

Seishin is also exhausted and depressed, mostly from pondering about shiki so much, and tries to dissuade him from digging up corpses. Toshio snaps at Seishin for trying to be compassionate to the okiagari, and Seishin almosts faints as he gets a flashback from his novel. Too weak to continue the discussion, Seishin apologizes and disappears.

Seishin retreats to his usual spot, and as night falls, Sunako joins him. Seishin explains his novel to Sunako, and how the murdered younger brother follows the older one as a corpse demon – a shiki. Sunako does that weird, music box-like twirl of hers while she appreciates how spot-on that definition is. She also while praising the shiki for being better than ghosts, humans and zombies. Sunako goes over to bite Seishin, but stops when Seishin accuses her of being a shiki. She simply calls his a romanticist and stalks off. That preview was such a tease! But Seishin is safe for another week! Ahh~

Ikumi is back in action, telling off villagers left and right that the okiagari are gonna get them and that the Kirishikis are to blame. She predicts that Setsuko will rise up, and tells villagers to come to her place if anything happens. At this point, she is surrounded by tons of people listening intently. Her next prediction is that the rest f the Yasumori family will die. She really has no regard for sensitivity, huh?

*pokes eye* 8D

For some reason, Ikumi goes to visit Toshio to confirm her okiagari theory. The face-off is kind of ridiculous, as instead of talking face to face, they shout over a windy field, with villagers in the background. It’s like a battlefield or something. Toshio keeps his cool and reveals nothing, still obsessed with being the one to solve the mystery and not involving the other villagers. He only falters slightly when she asks him to come visit the Kanemasa mansion with her to really see who is right. Sounds interesting, hmm?


If the Kirishikis are fine when dragged out into the sunlight, then her theory is basically false. So, of course, Gackt appears in his full glory, opening the gates. This is only after Ikumi chased away Tatsumi (aww he was so meek today, as opposed to deadly~) and somehow changes into a tuxedo in 2 seconds…Yes, I’m afraid I will refer to Seishirou Kirishiki as Gackt because he is voiced by GACKT. When he talks, all I see is Gackt. ANYYYYHOO, Ikumi has an epic fail moment once everything is proven false.

Toshio gets a spark of inspiration when he dares to ask if he can give Gackt a quick vital sign check to console the toothless wonder beside him. It’s a miracle that so many people followed her to the house. Guess there’s not much to do in Sotoba. Amazingly, Gackt passes the vital sign check, and Toshio’s clever idea doesn’t pay off. Everyone leaves, bored to death.

How about we let him give you a nibble and see what happens then?

This is a big hit to Ikumi’s ego. She’s still insistent that the villagers are dumb for not believing her. Suddenly, a knocking at the door. A villager has come to her for help since okiagari are attacking. Ikumi to the rescue! …Except it looks like this girl is an okiagari herself. D’oh.

That’s what you get for  announcing “THEY’RE OKIAGARI!” everywhere

Good Luck Amulets, er, Screencaps:

The crying in this anime is glorious. They must have huge tear ducts.

We all know Ikumi just wanted to feel up Gackt’s chest.

He’s cute when he’s not planning the demise of the entire village~

Show all the other lolis how fierce you are. Sunako has STYLE.

…Yep, your foot is generally bigger than your head. Mystery solved.

End Thoughts: I feel like Ikumi is too silly to belong in Shiki. She’s not quite comedic relief, since she is utterly serious…but she seems far too absurd to even be a believable character. Believing that the Kirishiki’s are okiagari is one thing, warning villagers is another, screaming accusations in the middle of the streets just breaks the scale. Not to mention her frenzied “assault” at the Kanemasa mansion. Yes, people are this extreme in real life (they scream “JESSUUUSS” on the street corner near a mall I go to), but wow…she’s so weird. XD I guess it’s less that she doesn’t belong and more that I DON’T WANT HER THERE. Luckily, she seems to be in mortal peril the next episode. That was quick. <_<

SEISHIN DIDN’T DIE! YES! I’m glad Sunako stopped, although I’m not sure why. Why did she choose now of all times to bite him? And what was it about his words that stopped her? If anything shouldn’t that accusation give her all the more reason to suck him dry? Sunako obviously has some mysterious motives. As for the Cain and Abel reference, well, Cain kills Abel so he’s just asking her if she’s a shiki in a more poetic way.

Speculation time about why the Kirishikis were okay in the sun. At first I was like “YO, IT’S CLOUDY, THAT’S CHEATING” but if that was the case, the ladies of the house wouldn’t need to hide. Scratch that one. Right now I’m wondering if the males can come out in the sun (Tatsumi and Gackt) and the females can’t. Why? I don’t know. It still doesn’t explain Gackt passing the Doctor’s test, but then again, no one has checked if Tatsumi happens to have a pulse too. Unless the male higher-ups are like a different type of okiagari…<_<

Overall, a good episode. Not as mind-blowing as the past few, but still keeping up the great Shiki-certified quality. At this point of my post, I suffered a SUDDEN BLACKOUT, texted my friend and made shadow animals for an hour, then finished the post as the power returned.

Preview: LOOKS LIKE WE’VE GOT ONE HELL OF A PREVIEW. I took a screenshot of, like, EVERYTHING. XD Natsuno seems to be disobeying the Shiki code and showing his bitemarks to Kaori and Akira (at night, of course).  Gah, but now those 2 are in danger!!!! He also raises a stake and hammer against Tohru, who still looks like he’s wracked with guilt. Will we have yet another Cain and Abel theme here with Tohru’s second death? T.T


We also see more of the Kirishikis doing…something. So they’re probably going to be more involved with the villagers to lower suspicions. Also, Seishin still seems to be alive and kicking, so Sunako hasn’t come back to finish off the job. Whew.

Lastly, and most importantly, Toshio is filming his experimentation on his wife, Kyoko. I always find the “twisted doctor” thing to be beautifully twisted, and this could be the most horrifying thing Shiki has had to offer as of yet. Either Kyoko became a shiki somehow or he TURNED HER INTO ONE using blood sample. That is FREAKY. AND AMAZING. OH MY GOD, I NEED TO SEE TOSHIO GOING CRAZY WITH HIS OBSESSION. Anyways, looks like I’ll have to wait…*sigh*Shiki, you’re such a tease…

News Update by Kyokai: Yes, kids, it’s official. Shiki is going on a break for three weeks…. TT__TT And they leave us with such a cool and tantalizing preview to boot. Damn you, Daume/FujiTV!



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31 Responses to “Shiki – 11”

  1. Jo says:

    I’m surprised at how much they showed us in the preview. It wasn’t even the usual small insert either. They didn’t even bother to hint at things, its basically ‘here is next week’s episode in a minute’.
    Oh, and Natsuno showed Akira and Kaori the teeth marks at sunset. It wasn’t night time yet. Not that it matters, because Natsuno hasn’t died yet, so its ok for him to be out and about.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, the whole ending was one big preview. O_O Boy, did they reveal a LOT. It’s not hinting, you’re right, they’re just basically telling us IT’S ABOUT TO GET SERIOUS.

      Sunset, night…meh…LOL. Thanks for pointing that out though, I kind of just lost faith in Natsuno being alive and wrote him off as being an okiagari. XD

      • Jo says:

        Maybe with the three week break (i don’t know if its confirmed or not) they figured ‘hey, lets just show them everything, so people won’t rage at us for three weeks lol’.
        or it could be one of those montages for a time skip type of thing, so by the next episode we can get straight into things (I know this is probably not likely because we’re only halfway through).

        I don’t think this is a spoiler but just in case it is Show ▼


        • Overcooled says:

          Yep..3 week break now…>_< No wonder they wanted to spoil us, to keep us utterly hooked. They're so tricky! XD

          Yeah, once you told me in your first comment I went back and watched the preview…Natsuno isn't as pale as Tohru and doesn't have the okiagari eyes. My bad~ ^^; Not sure how I feel about him surviving, I'm glad he's fine but I was all prepared to see him become a rebellious okiagari XD

  2. Nola says:

    Do you happen to have a streaming link to that preview? None of my raw sources are working and Funi always cuts the previews out.
    BTW, I’ve read the manga and the thing with Kyouko will blow you away.

    • Overcooled says:

      Streaming? Ahh, I torrented it… I’ve gone stream-with-preview hunting before and it didn’t turn out very well. The torrents don’t take very long, actually, if you don’t mind downloading it just for the preview. 8D

      Ahhhh, what twisted horrors await us~? I’m so excited just thinking about it kekeke~

  3. Namika says:

    Just as I expected, we wouldn’t get ANY glimpse of Natsuno and Tohru in this episode. Though it still was very good. Not that dynamic or specially informative, but it was still good. Personally, I too thought that Ikumi is a bit out of place there. But we probably won’t see her anyway.
    About Muroi, I was SO relieved about him being unharmed… :tea But as I noticed, she didn’t make an attempt to bite him, it appeared as his possible imagination, or a suggestion, or something like that. I don’t really know. But the fact that Seishin is alive is already more that enough! *whew*
    And I have to say that Toshio broke a little easier than I’ve expected.
    Uwaa~! :woo TohruXNatsuno are now one of my fav. pairings! ^^ they’re both so cute! :nosebleeds: I don’t think Yuuki will kill him though…. Oh, I just can’t stand how much I love and hate the way Shiki is teasing it’s watchers!!!

    • Overcooled says:

      Natsunoooooo~ Tohruuuu~ I miss them already *sniffsniff* But at least Seishin is okay. It was his imagination? It looked pretty real to me. O.o And if Seishin told her that he thinks she’s a shiki, she has every reason to take him out before he causes trouble.

      Toshio went from “yay, solving a mystery!” to “HURRRR MUST SOLVE THIS MYSTERY” very quickly. I didn’t see him as the type to get so obsessed…even Natsuno has a more level head than him <_<

      Shiki is in an abusive relationship with all of its fans…and we can't stop coming back for more T_T

      • Kyokai says:

        Shiki is sadistic, hands down. See the whole SAW thing going in the end, yeah, that’s a sample. ^^

      • Namika says:

        No, I think that it’s still not that simple. About Sunako having to kill Seishin, if he found out that she’s a Shiki. I can’t say for sure but I think that scene when she almost bit him didn’t really happen. Oh well… And Toshio was a bit of a let-down, but I think and hope that he’ll have his “mental comeback”.

        • Overcooled says:

          Hmm, perhaps. Everyone who has found out their true identity up until this point has become a major target for them though. Seishin is constantly wrapped up in his thoughts, so it’s not a far stretch that the biting scene would be something he was just imagining. For some reason I still think he did really almost get the life sucked out f him though XD

          I love seeing Toshio go crazy, I don’t mind~ kekeke~

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  5. Kyokai says:

    You saw House in Toshio? I saw Kiritsugu Emiya, who not only has similar hair but features along with the habit of smoking like a chimney.

    This episode was definitely not as happening as the old ones but still a good addition. I’m now wondering if the males, who don’t have extended irises are all day walkers. Of course, we have only seen Tatsumi and Seishiro so we’ll have to see. It was a big whoa that they showed a full screen preview. Let’s see if the new OP/ED gets introduced in the next episode. I can’t wait for Toshio to go poking up Kyouko with full experimental flaire; she was stupid to let in Tatsumi, no less let him drink from her. >.>

    • Overcooled says:

      All he needs is a cane and he’s house. If you just style his hair a bit he’s Emiya (which I didn’t notice until now). XD

      I was wondering that too…only the males seem to be able to come out in the sunlight. It could be a coincidence or a red herring, but it seems suspicious enough for me to believe it~ I was so happy for the fullscreen preview! Every second was a delicious image of what was to come. *excited glint in eyes* YES, I WANT TO SEE TOSHIO GO NUTS!

      • Kyokai says:

        You know what? We have to wait for 3 effing weeks for that now. WTF Daume/FujiTV!!! :rage:

  6. anaaga says:

    i skipped this episode, i only watched the last part. and i didn’t read this part in the manga too. izumi is just too ugly for my eyes, even worse than those old ppl that gossip (at least they have normal face).
    i think seishin refers to his novel, where the dead younger bro’s ghost follow the older bro everywhere (stalker). more like he’s telling sunako, “btw, i know you’re not alive.” i don’t get why sunako didn’t bit him though when he said something like “i think you’re shiki though.” that part is just too deep for my brain

    • Overcooled says:

      LOL, anaaga…you rebel, you. XD Ikumi looks okay when you see the back of her head since her hair is nice, lol.

      Well, at first he’s just kind of giving her the shiki idea, and then he elaborates with the Cain and Abel thing. The “Are you Abel?” is just his obscure way of actually implying that he knows she’s not alive. So he implies both at the same time – the concept of what a shiki is and the fact he knows that she is one~

      Wut, I totally didn’t say anything <_<

      • anaaga says:

        yeah man, srsly. i really want the hair. how the hell can the hair be so awesome but the face is not?? THIS WORLD IS SO UNFAIR :'(

        but why didn’t she bit him? that’s what i don’t get. as a girl of logic, i fail to understand the reasoning behind sunako’s action D: btw, i ship seishin and sunako. they can make vamp babies, just like twilight 8D

        i think i’m gona start re-reading the manga. i’m too impatient, i need to some some sex action between tohru and natsuno 😉

        • Overcooled says:

          Her hair should be a grey bob by now. And yet she looks like she should be in an Herbal essences commercial. JEALOUSSSSS.

          XDD Oh God, little vampire babies…Sunako must have some reason for keeping him alive, like how Tatsumi is keeping the doctor alive. Why? I don’t know. No doubt a part of some elaborate plan. That or Sunako really really likes his books.

          I’m actually gonna wait since I prefer the anime of Shiki over the manga. I get all my NatsunoxTohru loving from pixiv and Tumblr. Kekekeke~ *hoards images*

  7. ichigopocky says:

    OMG i cant wait i ahhhhhhhh :dead

    • DKCesia says:

      YES!!! so excited!!! Toshio testing on his ugly wife FTW it can’t get any better!! :runs:

      *it can only get better…if tohru chan and natsuno…tehee~~~* :nosebleeds:

      anyhow, thank you once again for the fast summary and caps, specially under such circumstances…blackout are not fun…

      btw, I have a question: is the next ep going to air next week, or is the hiatus really going to happen?

      if the hiatus is rly going to happen…just tell me to pass out for 3 weeks

      • Overcooled says:

        I CAN’T WAIT EITHERRRR, I WANT TO KILL SOMEONE I’M IN SO MUCH SUSPENSEEEE! Gonna work off that tension at the dojo tomorrow~

        LOL I’m glad there’s so many TohruxNatsuno fans out there, bwahaha. Posting as fast and as best as I can is what I do best! Mostly because I hate procrastinating…XD

        To be honest, the forums at MAL are still abuzz about a 3 week hiatus starting now and I’ve even seen a magazine scan in Animedia of this schedule…But apparently the official site hasn’t said anything yet. And the official site is, um, official and stuff. I didn’t want to say anything official in case I’m off again. XD

        • ichigopocky says:

          i really hope it isnt i am already crying in a tamaki corner over kuroshtitsuji i dont think i can take three weeks without shiki
          i need to go find something to distract me till then and thaks for posting even under a black out.

  8. Kushi says:

    OK, I am definatly lying to myself… Horror can’t be my genre…
    ughhh…. As if school and sleep depravation wasn’t making me freaked out enough! And the worst part is part of me wants to know what happens next the other’s wants to get the f— out O__O
    oh what to do…

    • Overcooled says:

      Horror is supposed to scare you~! I only wish Shiki was more frightening for me, then I’d really be into it! =D Try to get some sleep though…I know school is consuming all of us, but try not to burn out too fast D= I sound like I’m lecturing you, but really…SLEEP IS GOOD.

      I say make sure you watch this show during the day to make it less freaky. Shiki is going to keep you hooked until the very end, so if you’re going to stop, you’d better get out while you can~~~ kekekeke~ :spark

  9. Kami-sama says:

    I remember the insane Ikumi from reading the manga, and I have to comment on how much I hate her useless and annoying daughter. >8|
    That preview looks AMAZING. Next episode isn’t for two weeks though, right? ;A; Ahhh, I’ll be waiting impatiently… orz
    and who the hell doesn’t want to touch Gackt’s manly manly chest

    • Overcooled says:

      Ikumi is pretty insane, I would be horrified if I had an old lady like this as my neighbour or something <_< Her daughter really is useless, too. When I saw her husband, I cringed XD

      They gave us an amazing preview, but we have to wait 3 weeks TT_TT Guess I'll be catching up on other shows in that time? o.o

  10. amado says:

    its because of all this yaoi hints/tease thats making me lose interest in shiki. im fine of the fact that they’re close friends but I think they’re a bit too “flashy” on their “moments”…

    the only relationship that I still can see that I like is sunakoXseishin and that even looks really hard to become…

    anyway I heard in a forum that the manga is diff from the novel so these are to tell if it is following the novel or manga:
    novel if Show ▼

    manga if Show ▼

    or the anime will have its own ending

    • Overcooled says:

      I thought the hinting was only there because I’m biased as a fangirl, otherwise, I thought they didn’t react much outside how normal best friends would act. Although, their moments together are always emphasized and flashy, so I can see what you mean XD that I think about it…lots of little hints if you look for it…XDD I doubt they’re going to actually be a couple in this show though~ SunakoxSeishin is an interesting pairing if Sunako didn’t have a little kid body :3

      I’m not following the manga or the novel (I only read a few chapters of the manga), so I guess I’ll find out how the anime compares to them once it’s done.

    • anaaga says:

      where did u get the spoiler for the novel? i’ve been searching for it and i wasn’t able to find it :'(

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