Highschool of the Dead – 11

Because nukes solve everything

Just as Highschool is nearing an end, I’m just starting another school year. I’m the type who actually is relieved to go back to school (yeah, crazy, I know) so we’ll see how much homework slows me down. Probably not much! My love for anime always perseveres! …Don’t…quote me on that one though in case I end up being slower than usual. <_< *cough*

What better way to start off than a good old orgy in the orgybus? Well, most of it is Shido giving a speech to his cult about the new world. The students eat up every lie as the unlucky scout from the last episode is devoured right in front of the bus door. Oh Shido, you sly, detestable fox, you.

Crocodile tears~

Continuing with the adults vs kids theme from the last episode, Takagi tries to talk some sense into them. Despite trying to help them, they seem to run on an entirely different logic system. In other words: they’re pretty dumb. Or at least the psychotic chick who convinced everyone to be “peace-loving adults” was. Takagi, Takashi and Kouta realize that it’s useless and leave.

The three have a wee chat about how humans cope in crises by only seeing what they want to see in order to ignore the horrible truth. It’s a coping mechanism that’s completely blinding the adults. Surprisingly, this revelation comes form the lips of Kouta, who has mostly just been “HELL YEAH, GUNS!” for the most part. Takashi gets teased for honestly being impressed with Kouta and is called the leader by the two of them.

Ah, that’s where you were, Saeko! Off meeting with Takagi’s dad! He gives her a sword which is double edged and only slightly curved, which apparently is enough for her to tell who made it. Of course, you only show someone a badass sword if you’re going to give it to them (or kill them, I guess) so he offers the blade to her. She reluctantly takes it after some coaxing and uncharacteristic laughter. He turns serious once again when talking about Takashi, who is a good leader but is still hesitating…

New weapon, GET!

Honestly, I heard Rei’s voice and had no idea who it was. It wasn’t any of the girls I remembered…I had entirely forgotten about her since she was basically furniture the last episode. Naked furniture, but you get the idea. <_< Rei totally comes onto Takashi, explaining that she should’ve noticed how super special awesome he was before all this, and that he’s become really super special awesome once the zombies appeared. Rei cries that she wants to be with him forever, despite being right next to his ear, and they do some…stuff. All we get is the sound of breathing and a shot of an inanimate object.

Cheatcam activated!

Rei leaves due to back pains only to see Saeko waiting outside because she felt a presence (and probably heard some heavy breathing). Saeko asks her to stop calling her sempai, but she refuses, still too pained by the past to even think about it.

As expected, Shido rolls right on up to the barricade, getting easy access through with his arsenal of slutty schoolgirls. A very potent weapon, indeed. Meanwhile, Takashi talks to Takagi’s dad about going to find everyone’s family. He seems convinced he can find his mom before everyone else leaves the mansion by tomorrow. As he is prepared to go, Saeko shows up – gorgeous as usual – ready to head out to help Takashi. Rei looks jealous as Shizuka…is texting someone? Anyways, let’s not get distracted, the devil is knocking on the door~


Shido reveals his sob story, which isn’t sad at all seeing as he’s ruthless. Father made mom commit suicide, so Shido is now a heartless fiend. Bawwwwwwwwnot. Looks like the reason Rei hates him so much is because his father made him fail her. Why? To teach her dad a lesson. While having to repeat a year sucks, is it really enough to want to stick a bayonet in the perpetrator’s face and try to kill them?

Well, Shido is a jerk, so no one would miss him. He tries to manipulate her with the guilt card, saying she’ll forever remember her sins as a criminal. But it’s hard to be confident with something so sharp pointed at your face. Even after a booming “KILL HIM IF YOU WANT TO” courtesy of Mr. Takagi, Rei decides that this piece of scum isn’t worth her time and stomps off. Shido’s rejected face is priceless. BACK TO THE BUS FOR YOU!

We conclude this week’s zombieless episode with….nukes? …Bwuh? HOW IS THIS HELPING ANYTHING? Furthermore, how are those astronauts going to get down from there if everyone on Earth dies? At least there didn’t seem to be a LOT of them fired, otherwise…well…let’s just say I’ll be pissed if the series ends with the world exploding.

HINT: they’re not shooting stars


*faints of cute overdose*

Takagi as the wizard = YES


Saeko looks so natural like this~


End Thoughts: Oh my God, they’re still in that mansion and we only have 1 episode left. WHAT IS THIS? Not to mention there’s missiles now. How the hell is that going to help? This isn’t helping the plot OR to kill zombies. Another lackluster episode. It’s an okay episode, but it really just goes to show that HOTD just isn’t as interesting without, well, the dead. (you can skip the highschool part). What I expected to be a more manipulative showdown with Shido turned out to be a short encounter that ended with very little happening. I guess I should at least be happy that our characters are getting some progress, but it’s kind of late to be deciding that Takashi is the leader and such…

Rei’s chat with Takashi…Rei is being pretty honest that she was too late in seeing Takashi’s good points. But then…”I’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU EVEN IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE ELSE” UM…WHOAAA….I know having a hot girl in your lap saying that might be kind of nice at first, but…OBSESSIVE MUCH? So even if Takashi likes Saeko, she wouldn’t even give up? C..c..creepy! Move on, girl! She says she needs him to survive at the end, so this desperation might have to do with the pressure of a near-apocalypse situation. This reminds me of when Takashi said a similar thing about Saeko, accepting her in order to survive. This makes Rei’s confession a little…off.

What’s worse is that Takashi makes a move on her. So…which one does he want and how long is going to keep playing around with them? -_- PICK ONE, DAMMIT! You dirty cheater, you *shakes fist*

Preview: I am worried since a lot of these shots were still IN THE MANSION. I saw a bunch of zombies, thank God, but I really think it’ll be safer to just lower my expectations for the finale. Sorry to dampen any spirits, but…I don’t know how they’re gonna pull off a decent ending. Season 2, pretty please?


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24 Responses to “Highschool of the Dead – 11”

  1. Jo says:

    I don’t get the whole Rei calling Saeko Sempai thing. Did I miss something?

    Also Rei= annoying prick. Takashi just give up on her please..!! :shakesfist you have Saeko! :woo

    • Overcooled says:

      Saeko is technically in the same grade as Rei, but since she had to stay back an extra year, she habitually calls her “sempai.” And Rei just doesn’t like her staying that extra year ever being mentioned for whatever reasoned because she’s kind of moody like that ^^;

      I really want to like Rei. I really do. But the things she says..just…*shakes head*…Takashi is better off with Saeko. =/ Now if he could just control his hormones more XD

      • Jo says:

        Cool thanks for that. I had a feeling that was the case, but I wasn’t entirely sure because Rei was just being so bitchy about it that I thought it might have been about something else.

  2. jaiger says:

    all i can say is b prepared to be disappointed…. :sigh

  3. Kyokai says:

    This episode really disappointed me. I thought they would go on towards some action and finale in case of the war between the adults and kids but c’mon MOAR dorama?! Ridiculous! Not to mention Takashi getting distracted with Rei… =.=;; I don’t think they would ever resolve the Rei or Saeko matter.

    Why do I get the feeling there’s another season in the horizon the way they are taking things slow. Ah mo~ I just dunno…

    • Overcooled says:

      same here…I would’ve forgiven the drama last episode if they made this one better,but nooooo <_< With the finale coming next episode, we're probably going to get some horrible cliffhanger…like ending it when zombies are attacking the mansion or something -_- Ugh. I want a season 2. (Baww, I was the Saeko and Rei issue to be solved)

      I'm going to be shocked if they actually make an ENDING. Bombs explode and everyone dies, the end! *ending song plays*

  4. Valius says:

    Grah! Madman forgot to release this last week! I shall have to wait until tomorrow for ep 11, so I’m not reading your review till then. Spoilers aren’t my thing. 😉

    Be back tomorrow arvo!

    Oh, and by the way; you’re starting school in September?! That’s confusing… New school year starts in February in Aus, and this Thursday we end term 3 of this year. 3 weeks of holidays, then 7 weeks of school. After that; I’m out! Freedom! Until I start uni of course… 😉

    • Jo says:

      Good luck with your HSC.

    • Overcooled says:

      I shall await your return! Don’t keep me waiting, I’ll get lonely~ I hate spoilers too, so I’d probably do the same. Nothing worse than knowing what’s going to happen before it happens.

      Yep, our new year is in September. The school systems are so different all over the world =O Enjoy highschool as much as you can! Before Uni eats you aliveeeee! And as Jo said, good luck~ XD

      • Valius says:

        Cheers guys! (I’m in Queensland though, so it was our QCS. Silly Australia having different names for the same thing…)

        Hahaha, uni shouldn’t be too bad; two years of animation and games design sounds fairly good to me! xD

        Still not up yet, which means I may have to wait another day… :baww2:

        • Valius says:

          Nope, nevermind; it’s up now.

          Well… Yeah. :/ That episode was alright; and I wouldn’t be too worried if this was your usual 26 episode show. Seeing as it isn’t, I’m not too sure how this is gonna end up…

          As I usually do, I shall keep it in good faith until I see for myself what the last episode is like. Clearly they are going to have to do a sequel as any story needs at least half an episode explaining how life went after everything went back to normal. (or something like that…)

        • Overcooled says:

          Yeah…okay..just make me feel bad for picking a major where I’ll have to go through the tortures of med school…LOL You’re lucky…THAT SOUNDS SO FUN!

          If only HOTD was 26 episodes…*sniff* Or a sequel/season 2. Guess we have to stick it out until the end. I heard there’s gonna be an OVA though <_<

  5. Arakan7 says:

    Takashi should have aggressively suggested (at gunpoint) that they take the bus that Shido came on and use that to get around. 🙂 It was theirs originally. Then he can get the Saeko/Rei thing figured out….nah, he wouldn’t.

    • Overcooled says:

      That would’ve been smart! But I guess they didn’t want to leave the students stranded…they at least deserve some sort of safe escape since they can’t help being paired with a psycho D= And no one wants to keep them in the house so…

      Takashi is gonna be a pimp for life. XD

  6. Dan-go says:

    i’ll put u out of ure misery, without spoilering it,and they didnt show it too well at the end of the episode, the nukes are inferred to blow up the republic of china and north korea, both of these retaliate by firing nukes back (shown by the 4 pretty stars coming from land), the nukes fired by china and nk don’t actually kill ny1, but do hav an affect on our sexy zombie ass kicking highschoolers

    • Overcooled says:

      lol that…sounds almost like a spoiler, but I don’t care much about anything outside of our zombie-killahs XD I really don’t get why they need to bring nukes into the story…>_<

  7. CHRIS RODGERS, XAnImEzLoVeRX = MyAnimeList.net says:

    lol just watch 11 and i loved it, can’t wait till episode 12 comes out

    i’m so angry that it comes out every week 🙁

    • Overcooled says:

      Really? I didn’t like this episode that much compared to the earlier episodes D= But I want episode 12 to come out just to see how it all ends~

  8. anaaga says:

    why is this thing getting more dramatic? need moar zombies plz. slutty girls are not good replacement for the zombies

    • Overcooled says:

      I really don’t know. I thought this was Highschool of the Dead but we have neither of those in this show right now <__<

  9. bryan says:

    hey i haent seen what the mangas like and i was wondering if its with the same story line as the anime? and if it inst should i look into it? hope season two comes out i didnt know there was only twelve episodes till i saw the last one i must admit i was sad. it was so short =(

    • Overcooled says:

      I’ve read like 9 chapters or so, and the anime follows the manga pretty closely. The biggest difference is they shuffled the “Takashi goes alone with Saeko” part around so the order is different. Plus some extra stuff happens in that episode too~

      I’m sad it ended too T.T Baww…I’m going to probably finish reading the manga while I wait and hope for a season 2 XD

  10. Seems look good. I never watched it before. I think I’ll add this anime to my watch list! Thanks for the info dude!!

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