Highschool of the Dead – 10

Since when was this a soap opera?

This week’s episode reminded me of one of those reality shows where random people are all put together under one roof and drama ensues. Or a soap opera. Or BOTH. There’s only one zombie to be seen this entire episode! Not to mention a surprising lack of fanservice. Yep, this episode is a bit of a deviation from the past episodes, and it’s pretty dull until we get to the last part of the episode. At least it starts off with some action…Shizuka rubbing lotion on a naked Rei while Takashi holds her down!

Wait, why are her pants gone if only her back needs the lotion? OH WELL

Rei complains that Takashi hurt her boobs 2 episodes ago, and demands that he rubs lotion on them, because she’s apparently incapable of doing it herself. I love how Takashi gets the hell out of there upon hearing that, ohoho~ After ditching Rei, who does he run into? Saeko! Complete with a very regal kimono that Takashi can’t help but compliment her on~ (yeah, I ignored the adults who walked by and insulted Takashi for being a kid…).

Alice runs in next, acting as cheerful as ever despite having cried all night long in Shizuka’s room. Awwww, she’s so strong.  To make it so that Takashi runs into all the girls, he bumps into Takagi. She’s still raging from arguing with her mom, and practically bites Takashi’s head off. She leaves in a huff, allowing Takashi to have a calmer chat with her mother. She explains that they can’t have electricity and water forever…people working at the plants have families as well. She also explains how they use a bus to go around saving those with the will to survive.

Having no one else to yell at, Takagi specifically goes to Kouta to harass him. She basically says the same thing as her mom but with more detail and more sass. Kouta gets even more abuse from a passing adult, who tells him that kids shouldn’t play with guns. Tch, he knows more than you, I’ll bet. Takagi puts the man in his place and he runs whimpering off. After that, Takagi continues to degrade everyone’s favourite gun otaku.

Everyone gathers in Rei’s room, not in the least bit distracted by her naked state. I guess they’re just used to it now. Takagi begins the discussion, noting that since everyone here is an adult, they look down on them as “children.” They have two options: be absorbed into the group, or diverge. I think we all kind of know what they’re going to choose.

Things start to derail as Takashi tries to get Takagi to see her parents in a positive way. Takagi responds like a true drama queen, pouting, crying and screaming all at once. She’s mostly pissed at how her parents didn’t come looking for her right away. Because this episode is all about teh drama, Takashi loses his cool too and grabs her by the collar, lifting her off the ground with one hand and yelling in her face. The screaming mixed with the violence calms her right down. <_<

At first I thought he was grabbing her boobs because of last week’s episode lawl

GRAND ENTRANCE TIME! TAKAGI’S FATHER! He’s a stiff, strict military man. In fact, the first time we see him in action, he’s decapitating his ex-best friend who turned into a zombie to demonstrate his will to survive. Harsh. The decapitation scene is soft…we see him lift a sword, then it cuts to a…baby bottle shattering. We only see a goofy-looking head bobbing up and down in a fountain.There’s not even action or gore in this episode…-_-

The sun always shines at a dramatic angle when he appears

Kouta starts ranting about how swords are inefficient out of nowhere. Saeko calmly explains that this isn’t true, and Kouta just reacts with more anger. Takashi tries to calm him down and he suddenly snaps at him for not being able to shoot a gun, because that is also making him aggravated. As the final straw, Takagi defends her precious Takashi. Hurt, Kouta runs away crying. Was that…really necessary?


Alice is so cute. How many times will I say this? EVERY GODDAMN TIME SHE APPEARS. She tells Takashi to make up with Kouta, then happily skips off with Zeke. Now it’s time for a pointless flashback so that we have a metaphor for why everyone is going loopy. They can’t handle this relaxing mansion since they’re used to life or death situations and know that a relaxing life is impossible now. The flashback is dumb and out of place, but at least we see what looks like Hisashi for 2 seconds!

Takagi and Saeko talk about fish and how everyone is arguing. Okay, okay, how many times are we gonna go over this? Skipping to the only really interesting scene of this episode, we see Kouta being bullied by some adults who want to confiscate his guns. Without a gun, Kouta will return to being useless, so he clings onto them for dear life.

Takagi’s father steps in to question Kouta, but he’s so frazzled he has trouble answering properly. Takashi heroically steps in and defends him. Actually, pretty much everyone jumps in to defend him, even Takagi. Especially Takagi. She goes as far as to say “He was the one who protected me..not you!” Kouta changes his tears of fear to tears of joy.

Slight change of scene now. Shido-sensei is back and he’s ordering around students as per usual. He’s headed for the Takagi estate, and he’s as sleazy as ever. Most notably he turned the bus into an orgy bus. I think the screencaps speak for themselves. Enjoy, my lovely readers!



I love this screencap without context, because they look like mimes trapped behind a wall

Why was I so disappointed when she ate it normally? <__<

Well, I guess that’s one way to show overly dramatic crying

Some ReixTakashi to make up for my SaekoxTakashi bias.

End Thoughts: Everyone gets into a relaxing house and they go nuts? Really? I think they would, you know..relax. Whatever, fine, be dramatic. This episode wasn’t as entertaining, especially since the drama was pretty shallow. I will forgive the show since the ending was pretty nice, and Takagi’s last line to her father is touching. The Takagi and Takashi scene wasn’t bad either, even if they randomly inserted some inappropriate gasping.

Everyone was a huge bitch this episode, especially Takagi. I find it harder and harder to like her now. She just talked everyone’s ear off. Kouta’s rant about swords was bordering on meaningless. Why get so mad about someone using a sword? It WORKS, doesn’t it? I know it’s probably supposed to show how much he’s afraid of losing his guns, his source of power, but it’s just such a stupid outburst. Then he runs away all frustrated too. Although, I think his frustration was that Takagi defended Takashi and not him. If you watch the scene where Takashi lifts Takagi off the ground, she listens to him when he says her family is great. But before, when Kouta said it, Takagi just brushed him off. Jealousy~ That’s partly why he’s so touched at the end when Takagi finally defends him. He just wanted her to be on his side and not just Takashi’s. Awwwww~

Hmm…I’ve been thinking…have any of the other parents been trying to find their kids at all? We know Takagi’s parents had their hands full but I wonder if the other parents have kinda given up too @_@ There’s no way to know though, it’s not exactly easy to find your offspring in a near-apocalyptic city.



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32 Responses to “Highschool of the Dead – 10”

  1. Nica says:

    “Everyone gets into a relaxing house and they go nuts? Really? I think they would, you know..relax. Whatever, fine, be dramatic. This episode wasn’t as entertaining, especially since the drama was pretty shallow.”

    I actually think they did a pretty good job on this episode. The drama wasn’t shallow, Takagi and co. actually made good points. Adults treat the children (in these case the high school students) like what they are— kids. They don’t take them seriously. That’s the whole point of the episode and the drama (between Hirano and those adults). They’re also not used to having other people around- as you know they’ve only been working with each other since the pandemic broke out, so they’re not used to the atmosphere now that they’re safe in Takagi’s house.

    • Overcooled says:

      I guess the drama just didn’t do it for me. =P The only cases we had with the adults looking down on the teens were minor instances..carrying a box, and attempting to get Kouta to stop fiddling for guns but failing because Takagi was there. I just waved them off as annoying passing remarks to be used for foreshadowing of a bigger event. The last instance where they all surround Kouta and try to take his guns was a good demonstration of the adults looking down on the kids. Other than that, the adult vs teen tension didn’t seem meaningful.

      Everyone was so annoying this episode, I can’t help it XD

      Ah, good point, they’re only used to their own group…now that they have a bunch of others around them, they’re out of their “natural environment”. So that’s another reason why they were so easily irritated.

      • bakuhasu says:

        I definitely have to side with you on this Overcooled. I think the reason why it annoyed me was just because of the episodes prior. Again not much drama with the exception of episode 9, it’s just boobs,guns, zombies, and just being on point for the past 8 episodes. I wouldn’t say the drama is shallow, it’s drama I just don’t give a flying f*ck because I know these characters are better than this…

        But again I can see why they incorporate drama, one being that they are in paradise after living two days of hell, and I think it is the sole reason why this episodes questions in how they got this far in surviving ie. Hirano’s WAHHHHHHHH~.

        As always great episode, and good review! Gives me a good spot to talk about it fresh after the epiosde is over ..hehe~

  2. Hato-kun says:

    All aboard the orgy bus!


  3. bakuhasu says:

    Christ that reply *above* didn’t give enough chills that I had for this epiosde….

    I think I have to say for this episode my favorite characters have definitely shown a side that I have to stomach with… Saya is being a bitch for the 1st half of the show, and Hirano is not being that one liner Gunjin Otaku that we see him as 8 episodes before (Saya episode was last ep I just don’t want any corrections), and turning into a fat man crying. But only that is if I accept this episode an episode of H.O.T.D.

    The good, Nakata Jouji *hoh?* being the ever so fitting Soichiro Takagi and just seeing that badassery of a character on screen with that voice sure got me yelling… *Hope the neighbors don’t mind..*

    All in all the episode was pretty meh, nothing extraordinary considering we have 2-3 more episodes left of the series OMG HOW THE *&^% CAN I FORGET THAT!? The orgy bus has clearly left me into shivers because of how explicit the anime went.. EWWWWWW~ That is all..

    • Overcooled says:

      lollll the orgy bus has done it’s job. :sparkle

      Takagi and Kouta were very unlikable this episode…If I had just watched this and none of the other episodes, I would absolutely hate them. Which is a shame, because they’re good characters. If they gave Saeko this “let’s be annoying” attitude too, I would’ve died.

      Why does watching anime always result in you yelling? XDD I wish I had your enthousiasm while watching. But yes, we got some nice seiyuu action. 8D

      2 episodes left and they’re still in that house? And they’re probably still in the house int he next episode? Finale…please be good! >__<

      • Tofu says:

        I’d like to comment o your post overcooled but what do you mean 2 episodes left? as in in the season or the whole anime’s gonna end in 2 more episodes? :eh cause i read the manga and ti’s still continuing. PS: i expected the orgy bus part but the anime producers add too much to it!!! EWWW~! i hope there won’t be some special uncut episode of HOTD hentai –” probably will… besides all that, it’s a good anime with a more realistic story line, hopefully they continue this anime till it ACTUALLY ends :nosebleeds:

        • Overcooled says:

          Well, MyAnimeList lists the anime as being 12 episodes long…and although the manga is still going, I haven’t caught word of a season 2 or anything yet. So as far as I know, in 2 episodes we’re done T_T I know, HOTD deserves an anime until the ACTUAL end of the series!!!

          LOL even moooore uncut HOTD? I…don’t know how they’d stick MORE fanservice in there XDD

  4. bakuhasu says:

    Saeko is the only saving grace that is this episode.

    Ahhhh crap I guess I leaked out my hotbloodedness when watching anime. Which is really frequent when watching H.O.T.D and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!

  5. SaekoxTakashi says:

    Im glad Saeko didnt go crazy, cuz then this episode would be really be bad. All in all this episode was okay I actually fast forewarded the Saya and Kouta drama. Im also happy that Shizuka sensei was normal and not her “air headed self”. The only thing that pissed me off was Rei, all this time she was leaning on Shizuka sensei and then towards then she decides to lean on Takashi. Needy ars girl!

    my questions are: cell phones still work at this point?
    how come that kid on the shido bus get past their hightech mansion? and how did he get passed zombies?

    • Overcooled says:

      If anything, Saeko looks kind of badass when she’s in a sour mood…lol.

      Shizuka was normal! Even marginally useful! I bet the other adults still treated her as a kid..<_< I guess Rei's back REALLY REALLY hurts so she needs support still. I kind of prefer her in a crippled state, she can't do much. 8D At least she wasn't bitching at everyone lol

      I..have no idea how the cellphone works. <_< Maybe because they're in close proximity to each other? Gah. I think the kid is still on the outskirts on the mansion and hasn't done any ninja-ing just yet. He probably got by the zombies out of sheer luck…the wire cables are probably still up so the area around the mansion should be fairly clear?

  6. Tofu says:

    more of a talking episode till the orgy bus came along damn censored, had to riun it for me xP LOLS but all anime needs to have some talk or else we would never know what’s happening (becomes shit story line) i think takagi’s one lucky guy xD

    PS: i’ve always wanted to know how to put a picture up because everytime i post, it’s blank and i want to know how to put a picture up or like sometimes i see names either blue or white, someone please save me from my misery :wah

    • Overcooled says:

      Mmm hmm, ’twas a talky episode (Ahahaha yeah, how dare they censor that orgy! Wait….) All anime needs talking, but why do they have to always put it in one episode? XD

      Ahhh, let me teach you how, because I used to not even know how people even commented here…LOL. Just set up an account at http://en.gravatar.com/ and you can upload a picture. The blue name means when you click it, it goes to a website (which you can also pick). The only thing you have to remember to make it work is to use the same e-mail as your wordpress account name here at Metanorn. I thiiink that’s everything, let me know if you have issues.

      • Tofu says:

        Thanks Overcooled! xD now i can die in peace ahahaha and yerh i’ve also noticed how they always put all the talk in that ONE episode –” so cliche, action action action…talk… action action action…talk… fingers crossed for a season 2, such a good anime xD
        gotta feel sorry for kouta in this episode

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  8. Dan-go says:

    GIVE ME MOAAAAAR ZOMBIES, even in the manga version of this part they fit in some zombies, like how shido sensei dumps a kid in the bunch of zombies for wanting to find his parents

  9. BlackLagoon187 says:

    :kyaa2: Saeko in a Kimono~~~

    Ughh my expectations for this show’s ending is getting really low.

    1)The separation of Saeko and Takashi from the group is supposed to happen after they reach Takagi’s house which in turn connects to the next arc in the manga (also, the vehicle and sword are obtained at takagi’s house instead of the vehicle shop and shrine)

    2) with point 1 stated there’s a high chance that the ending will be a studio original which may or may not link to a season 2 which also may cause some raging

    Oh and I just noticed, the episode titles correspond to the manga chapter titles(content wise as well most of the time)

    • Overcooled says:

      They mostly stayed true to the manga, they just changed the order of the Saeko and Takashi escapade (and that episode has a few differences too, like how they get the sword). But seeing as how they haven’t even left the house yet, the last episode will either be a rushed cliffhanger or yes, an anime-exclusive ending. Hopefully it’s a cliffhanger, because then they’re set up to have a season 2~ ^.^ *wishful thinking*

  10. Kyokai says:

    I wonder how they would end this series because only two episodes remain. They can go for a season two because I don’t see any resolution happening unless there’s a quick fast forward to some months and all zombies foooosh.

    Oh man Nakata Jouji as Takagi! He’s one awesome character. :fangirl also that whiny voice didn’t suite Nobuyuki at all but at least he got his guns back! Last but not the least, Saeko in kimono… I have a sudden urge of making another banner! XD

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m guessing they’re gonna leave it hanging so they can make a season 2. Or some terribly rushed, awkward ending they make up <_< lol, zombies going fooooosh…not how I want it to end XD

      Nakata Jouji was awesome this episode, and I actually love anything that comes out of Nobuyuki's mouth…he suits Kouta so much! Ahaha, time to make another bannerrr~

    • BlackLagoon187 says:

      Do eeeetttttttttt!!
      I love the first Saeko banner I saw of her slashing her sword on the site xD

  11. gwern says:

    Swords are too inefficient! Name the last modern army defeated by sword-wielders. Was it even in the 19th century? I rest my case.

    > “Everyone gets into a relaxing house and they go nuts? Really? I think they would, you know..relax. Whatever, fine, be dramatic. This episode wasn’t as entertaining, especially since the drama was pretty shallow.”

    “Never get out of the boat.” Absolutely goddamned right!

  12. Valius says:

    Back again for the next ep. xD

    I must agree with you that this one was a bit dramatic etc, but I suppose it does help to flesh out the characters a bit more; especially since this is such a short series.

    It certainly shows how Kouta (or Kota, as Madman’s subs are calling him in this one) feels about Takagi, and a little more about his character. His outburst about swords isn’t too misplaced either, as he was still fuming and irritable about having Takagi manhandled by Takashi. Maybe he was hoping Takagi would back him up due to the fact that he’s been protecting her with guns and her father uses a sword. Silly symbolism…

    And why oh why must that sleazy SOB come back?! I know it adds to the tension and stuff but seriously? That guy is a creep! I wish to see him die horrendously. Somehow. Zombies? Maybe. Gunfire? Nice, but I doubt Kouta would do it. Fire? That’s more like it. xD

    PS; Do not diss the swords guys; despite Kouta saying they break easy, I think swords are fairly strong and lethal… Against an army with rifles they might not be so effective, however against the living dead; they would work like a charm. 😉 Maybe I’m just biased cause I play Warhammer 40k and chainswords rock. Oh well. 🙂

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, drama. It was a weird way to do character development because it made me dislike everyone for being a jerk -___- Yeah, they tried too hard to make Kouta’s rant symbolic XD

      I’m..not sure how I feel about Shido LOL. I hate him, but I don’t mind hating him…? *scratches head* Something like that? I’m all for him dying though. 8D Pretty sure Shido-sensei has a good chance of dying. I mean, he can’t use any weapons and he’s only good at using people. Once his meat shields are depleted, I’m hoping some zombies kill him~ (that or him getting run over by the orgy bus)

      CHAINSWORD!!!! =O Daaamn. I didn’t even know that existed. I WANT ONE. It’s ok, if you’re biased from Warhammer 40k, I’m biased from my kendo training. Wielding a sword just feels so good~!

      • Valius says:

        Ah, I see what you mean… You like hating him cause it gives you someone who’s ACTUALLY a jerk. xP

        Haha, yes; the chainsword has to be the greatest invention in history. Probably a good example of its awesomeness is this one;

        http://www.deviantart .com/download/133666891/Space_Marine_Chainsword_by_HawkSilk.jpg

        (Please excuse the break in the link; school’s filter blocks deviantart links due to incidental nudity. 0_o)

        Taking to the zombies with one of these would get messy very fast.

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