GIANT KILLING Original Soundtrack – Get Tough! by Mori Hideharu

This is an anime that I’ve followed since FIFA. Love all the characters and their development, especially Tatsumi, Gino, Tsubaki, Mistah ETU and Kuro; though it’s giving me grief these days with a continued match that is not showing any signs of an end. No one likes endless cliffhangers, no? Get on with this already! Le sigh.

So, once the series ends in two weeks, I might just read the manga while listening to this OST. Another tip, some of the peppy ones are really good for your workout playlist so try that too with your game face on~! Enjoy. ^^

Artists: THE CHERRY COKES, G.P.S, Mori Hideharu


Disc 1:
1. Let’s Go ETU
2. My Story ~Mada Minu Ashita e~
3. Reflashing
4. Supporters
5. Mad Man
6. Warm Up
7. Surrender
8. Yokaze
9. Victory
10. Run
11. Ice Man
12. Doko Fuku Kaze
13. Sun Sumba
14. Seesaw Game
15. Seijaku
17. Eleven
18. Trick Play
19. Impatiently
20. Yellow
21. Victory Dake ni wa Makerarenai
22. Zunousen
23. Insecurity
24. Munasawagi
25. Hot Coffee
26. Issho Kusokuhatsu
27. Determination
28. Distress
29. After the Game ~Alone
30. GIANT KILLING ~Main Theme

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Disc 2:
1. Pride of ETU
2. Kougekikaishi
3. Morning Glory
4. Hitoyasumi
5. Beginning of the Game
6. Rough Play
7. Inferiority
8. Haiboku
9. Dare mo Nai Ground
10. Hidamari
11. GIANT KILLING ~Yorokobi
12. Relax
13. Run Rumba
14. Giri-giri
15. The Game
16. Advantaged
17. Hangekikaishi
18. Mayoi
19. Green Field
20. Battle Field
21. Ira-ira
22. Bosa Bossa
23. Feel the Strain
24. Anchuumosaki
25. Swinging
26. Confusion
27. Red
28. Shikirinaoshi
29. After the Game
30. Get tough!

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4 Responses to “GIANT KILLING OST – Get Tough!”

  1. paper says:

    This is depressing. I can’t believe it’ll end in two weeks. two more episodes. nooo~ T.T

    • Kyokai says:

      I know right! T__T
      I hope there’s a second season so that we can see some more ETU awesomeness. ^^

  2. Flags says:

    This just reminds me at how I’ve been too busy to do any posts in two weeks.

    …damn it.

    • Kyokai says:

      I hope you get a breather soon! You will be getting your top show so be ready. ^^

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