Amagami SS – 13

Drop of a hat, she’s as willing as playful as a pussy cat, then momentarily out of action~

When all these other series are coming to a close, Amagami lives on. It laughs in the faces of those 13 episode series and continues to be awkward for another 13 episodes. To be honest, I think I can live with another 13 episodes, generally because the characters seem to be a lot better, and there will be a lack of narrator. God, that guy was annoying. But zombies aren’t.

She looks a lot happier in the flashback. Perhaps deep emotional trauma inbound?

So we kick off episode 13 with a flashback, once again, with Junichi bumping into Ai on Christmas Eve two years ago, the night he was stood up. We then jump forward two years and they bump into each other once again in a local park. He and Umehara are accused of being perverts after peeking up her skirt, and Ai’s twisted sense of humor is actually quite scary. She threatens to report them to the police, which Junichi and Umehara take very seriously. Not a very good joke, Ai.

Her stare is ice cold, yet she lifts her skirt like that…?

The next day Junichi spots her several times, once in the morning after being molested by Kaoru, again at lunch when he can’t decide what to eat, and lastly towards the end of lunch outside the pool. Strangely enough, Junichi deems Ai approachable as they start conversing,  and for some reason Ai decides to lift her skirt at Junichi because she’s actually wearing a swimsuit. Turns out she’s actually part of the school swimming club and has been practicing lately, and flashed him her swimsuit the previous day. To be honest, I can’t see why lifting your skirt while wearing a swimsuit is socially acceptable…

Probably as annoying as a Death Metal Rooster.

Meanwhile, Miya seems to be a bit worried, as Ai has been asking her what kind of guy Junichi is. Funnily enough, we also get a glimpse of a possible Arc end, with Miya saying that a local competition is offering a trip for two to Hawaii. Showing her loving brother how much she loves him, she writes a note on his forehead in his sleep and he walks around all day with it on his face.

Junichi looks like a complete prick in that scene.

Ai, being the incredibly nice girl she is, laughs at him then lends him a towel, afterwards asking him if he would help with something.Whiiiiiich turns out to be carrying her shopping. They walk along together, winning some shopping vouchers and buying some food, eating it by the ocean. Sae also volunteers to clean up the beaches around the town and her swim club funds for bins to be put around the town. So she cares about the environment as well? That’s a first.

End Thoughts

Junichi and Umehara were struck with simultaneous and deadly erections.

I’m pretty sure I’m not watching Strike Witches…

Junichi, you have no manly stubble to ponder upon.

Turns out that Ai…

…Possess a…


Kidding. Stop hiding from your computer screen now.

Now, just imagine, what is he looking at?

This was easily the best first episode to any of the arcs. Perhaps it’s kind of a progression thing? So if we assume that’s correct, Ayatsuji’s arc will be the best (But she looks like the most boring character! Just look at her hair!)? In any case, this set up was nice. How they met two years later was incredibly annoying though. It seemed as if the writers couldn’t think of anything and made up the worst excuse ever.

To my surprise, Ai is a lot more, well, cheerful than I expected. She actually talks a fair amount despite barely talking at all the past 12 episodes. However, the small conversation with Miya was interesting, where she told Junichi that she was a very important friend. Maybe they’re lesbians? Yeah, that explains it. Maybe in this arc well see Miya arguing more with Junichi. I hope so. Please make it happen! Or the lesbian stuff, that’s good too.

And I really hope that whole trip to Hawaii thing will come into the end of the arc, otherwise I will feel very stupid. They mention it SO MANY TIMES in this episode and Ai is also in the swimming club. What do you do in Hawaii? SWIM. Granted you can do other things, but since it is a tropical island, one will assume swimming.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Amagami has the worst Previews ever. Why don’t you have awesome interesting previews, like Angel Beats? Those previews were awesome. The only thing we learn in the preview is that Hibiki is wondering why Junichi is getting close to Ai, and she warns him to be prepared. What… what does that mean?


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  1. Overcooled says:

    Ai seems to have an odd personality…An icy glare as she lifts up her skirt? <_< Anyways, I hope they end up actually going to Hawaii to make things interesting~ 8D

  2. Gantoris says:

    nice joke there for strike witches, 5/5 :thumb:

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