Seitokai Yakuindomo – 07

Must see SYD. Beach bonding  antics and Fanservice galore!~

As promised, this week we have the Seitokai beach episode!

The episode starts with Tsuda, Suzu and Aria waiting in front of the school for their ride to the beach when Shino arrives just in time complete with summer clothes and accessories. She makes the opening wink wink nudge nudge joke with the help of a prop dolphin which she rides enthusiastically just to welcome us into our weekly SYD. Naruko-sensei arrives to deliver the punch line with a calm and collected request to join in on the dolphin riding.

The next scene with the deflated dolphin toy allows Aria the chance to let us know that yes, she too enjoyed a ride. Tsuda, Suzu and Shino’s expressions here pretty much deliver much more than their words ever could.

Shino: This is why we can’t have nice things!

The drive to the beach provides some pretty breathtaking scenery which Tsuda would definitely know firsthand as the girls happily smother him against the car door as they look out onto the water.

Sugisaki Ken would die happy in this position…

Shino and Aria have their first tag-team joke of the episode which takes place at one of the restrooms at the beach, taking the setting into account, it should really have been expected that the jokes were going to be related to feminine hygiene products but I still sweatdropped ^^;; The worst part is it actually gave me some pretty nostalgic feelings of the first episode! We’ve just past midway for the season so that’s sort of understandable but really, SYD is the only series that could bring about nostalgia with talk of tampons. Moving on before I reflect too much on my anime watching habits lol.

SYD waves have superpowers.

Suzu makes a reappearance with the swimsuit we saw her in last episode along with her green floatation donut. But just when you think Suzu’s looking kind of cute, Aria steals the show with her white bikini used to break Shino’s heart at the swimsuit store. However, Shino seems to have gotten over that this week as she’s rocking her red bikini quite enthusiastically.

The blue riding dolphin is revived with a little pumping work from Shino and Tsuda who shows up to help. He does quite a good job but ends up having issues with the blushing Shino and Aria comments from the sidelines.

If it shouldn’t be thought, they’re thinking it.

Later on, we get some more fanservice from the Tsuda / Aria combination as they look out onto the waves together. Wouldn’t be a beach episode without it I guess and out of the girls, Aria is definitely the one to look to.

Soon after hitting the waves with dolphin in tow, a few falls into the water causes Shino to find out that the floatation device works better for her purposes on land than in the water and promptly ditches it on the beach. Seeing Suzu in the background probably told her she should have gone for the donut after all.

Precious Moments~

Suzu’s regular height issue gets brought up again as she tries to buy Tsuda a drink and the guy working the counter doesn’t even see her lol.

A random beach guy shows up to hit on Aria which leads to Tsuda posing as her boyfriend and Suzu as… their love child. This was a pretty funny part of the episode though they didn’t play it for very long. Plus Tsuda was kind of sweet being all accepting and offering to help Aria out again should she need it ;D

Mr and Mrs Suzu’s pretend parents.

Meanwhile Shino also has similar problems with the same beach guy who tries a move on her too but the inflated dolphin takes care of him with a hard knock to his privates. Even if it didn’t though, I’m sure Shino would have handled the situation fine with a mention of a few sexual harassment lawsuits or merely just smacking the guy in the face. She’s the type of girl that can pull off almost any defence and turn it into a suitable attack.

No means no! Is a lesson the guy learns rightfully enough through Naruko-sensei as she catches a whiff of his young male scent and sets off on the hunt.

Suzu continues to feel the pain of her height when the only person who hits on her is an elementary school student which kind of makes me feel sorry for them both! Watching all this romantic failure made me wonder why everyone was using the beach to hunt for dates anyway! Gotta go for the sun, the sand the waves… and the beer. ;o am… I … Naruko-sensei?!

*cough. Suzu also plays the part of that one character in the episode who seems to have a combined engineering and architecture degree when it comes to building amazing sandcastles though I don’t think I’ve seen anyone beat Strawberry Panic’s Kagome for both size and design 😛

Naruko-sensei finally gets her prey ‘Jaws’ style as she comes up from underneath him with scuba gear. She’s like a perverted member of the Mounties. The episode doesn’t show what happened to the guy in the end but let’s just assume he lived.

And what did you say the name of this shark is?

#1 way to spill a milky drink.

Just as the team is getting ready to farewell their bonding experience outing with a last look out onto the horizon as the sun sets, a look at Naruko-sensei’s current (extremely drunken) state quickly changes the beach day into an overnight trip.

Everyone pretends to be part of a family avoid excess questions from the inn staff about them all sharing a room together. Aria calling Shino ‘onee-chan’ was cute, Suzu calling Tsuda ‘onii-chan’ with her fangs out was less so. Poor Tsuda!

Especially as he finds out that his sister had also ‘helpfully’ chucked in a pack of condoms while helping him pack for the trip which just serves to earn him a Shino lecture.

The talk then moves to whether or not the girls need to ask their parents for permission since they plan on sharing a room with Tsuda, though I hardly think he counts as a dangerous male. The girls reply with odd theories on how it’s ok since they’ll explain he’s either a guy who’s only into 2D girls (complete with ero galge simulation) or he’s gay. Poor Tsuda! x2. At least he’s the top in their imagined version? Lol, as if that’s any comfort ^^;

We get even more fan service in the bathroom scene with Aria, Shino taking a bath together. It seems like a fly on the wall experience until Shino takes it upon herself to suggest Suzu be taken out of the fanservice scene as she’s a little too loli!

When Shino gets out of the bath, she finds Tsuda doing the same from the male side. They head to their room together, still acting as close as brother and sister when none other than Ranko Hata finally makes her way into the episode and stops them in their tracks. The three stay silent for a long while but you can just tell what’s going through her head…

Kuroko translations: ‘Your dirty secret is safe with me… desu no.”

Ranko claims to be on hand due to a Newspaper Club trip but I’m guessing that’s only because it’s against her policy to say ‘following you to gain evidence for false rumours!’ Luckily for Shino and Tsuda any unbelievable news of the President and Vice President’s romantic getaway gets put on hold with a bribe of coffee-milk.

The girls want to get ready for bed but Tsuda is a little afraid of staying in the same room as Naruko-sensei in hunt mode… which she is always in so he attempts to get out of sleeping in the same room. Shino and Aria ‘solve’ the problem by tying her up sushi style so the rest of the group can get some sleep.

Four Shadows Wing?~

During the night however, Shino ends up using Tsuda’s shoulder as a pillow. You play a dangerous game Kaichou with Ranko and her spycam being so close! Surely enough, the resident paparazzo has set up on some random building and manages to take a few shots of the cuddled couple just before Tsuda wakes Shino up just to have her shout out some panicked statements against ‘sibling intimacy’.

Ranko: >: ), Suzu: >:O,   Mutsumi: ;_; ,   Naruko-sensei: ;_; ,   Aria: ;D

The group wakes up in the morning and share a nice ryokan breakfast together, though the calm mood is soon broken for the sake of humour with Naruko-sensei wondering what they were doing there in the first place.

End Thoughts:

Ah, this episode really made me want to go on a trip! My apologies for this being later than usual but I did grab the subs as soon as they were released. Unfortunately I don’t think they’re all that accurate we might be missing out on a wordy pervy joke or two here. Working with the subs I did end up with though, I’d still say that the episode was a good one which even rivals the Kyoto episode they threw in early in the series.

The first laugh out loud moment for me was when Shino has a go at her dolphin for not being able to stay steady with her on top of it in the water. It was pretty cute when she shows her fangs and dumps the thing on the beach after it caused her to bail out several times and hit the water face first.

I know the Shino-Aria joke came before this but in my humble opinion they’re never really the jokes that get the big laughs. Besides, whenever Shino and Aria are together for long periods of time being all pervy I’m always thinking ‘whoa, Mio and Ritsu totally grew up wrong’ 😛 Makes it weirder when you think about all the characters being in the same age group!

Also, with the way Tsuda reacted to Shino and Aria’s antics here, does anyone else sense a little favouritism going on? I mean, he imagines Aria losing her bikini top in the waves but has nothing to say about Shino’s drink spillage lol.

I really loved the fact that the episode continued right into the ‘inn/motel half’ right from the ‘beach half’ as it would have been a shame to end it with a quick return to school. The ‘inn half’ also proved to be a winner with a good balance between humour and casual interaction with the characters which was really nice after watching them during what seemed to be day after day after day being stuck in the student council room.

However I did end up missing Mutsumi for some reason though there really wasn’t a way to throw her into the episode as well as have everything else going on. Maybe if she could have had a cameo as the ‘2D’ girl from Tsuda’s erogame experience that the Shino and Aria thought up for him? Lol. That would have been awesome actually as I’ve become pretty attached to Musumi as well as Tsuda’s little sister though they’re a faaaar cry from Azunyan and Ui lol. Wait… would that make Tsuda… Yui?! 😛

All in all I’m much happier with this episode than last week’s one though the new setting helps out quite a lot. There’s a few episodes left so I’m hoping they deliver at least a couple more ‘special event’ ones. Maybe a school fair or festival episode? Anything that gets them out of the school routine lol, then again they are the student council so maybe I shouldn’t hope for too much!

Needless to say for those who actually read my other posts that the best part of this episode for yours truly was a little Ranko Hata action. Now now, before some Kuroko related eye-rolls get set off there, let me just say that I do have quite a bit of love for the character herself. Come on, she gots herself a sniper cam people, I’d like to think she’s a special breed the paparazzi is cultivating in Japan. Either that or she’ll grow up to be a spy. Everything depends on whether or not Shino moves into politics! Can you imagine… the SYD kids as the PM of Japan and her minions. O.O!


The episode preview was vague as to be expected with the usual announcement of which manga chapters are going to be covered next. Though there is the possible introduction of a new character which comes in just in time I think. It’s been a while since they introduced Naruko-sensei, Mutsumi and Ranko Hata. Those three have added quite a lot to the humour of the series so I hope the next addition doesn’t disappoint!

Little note: If I have late replies to comments on this or any other posts I’m sorry >< as I told Kyo my net has fallen over and is taking a while to get back on it’s feet. I’ll catch up with replies though, promise!


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  1. oplover says:

    I haven’t watch this episode yet T_T
    Still waiting for ayako.

    • Ryuuko says:

      Good call, I would have done the same but I didn’t have time to wait for it >,<; Some of the hit-and-miss translations were pretty bad though :dizzy

  2. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Finally got the ayako subs…

    Totally should have thrown a .gif of Shino grinding the dolphin xD

    True that Ranko is a loveable unique in herself (also it helps that kuroko is x1000 pervy-ier :P)

    With the amount of manga and anime out there its hard not to have characters overlap each other

    • Ryuuko says:

      Lol I was totally going to but I didn’t know if it would be appreciated ;p True Kuroko one-ups her in pervyness but Ranko has skills of her own lol. I knew she’d manage to get in on the trip somehow!!

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