Kuroshitsuji II – 07

A ridiculous danse macabre~

~A word of caution: Never go looking for pictures on Deviantart the DAY a new episode of Kuroshitsuji comes out in Japan. The fangirls are already all over the raw video, and can’t help but start to post those tantalizing screencaps! All day Thursday I was teased and taunted by pictures of a bloody Alois, and of the strangest pairing of them all, Claude and Hannah(???). I wanted to see the new episode so badly I almost would’ve punched somebody in the face =3=;. Finally however, I got to see it, and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed. This new season is taking things way too over the top, even for my taste.

An apology letter arrives from the Trancy household, which also includes an inviation for a private ball that they wish Ciel to attended to the next day.

Before actually going, Ciel and Sebastian narrate as they are investigating the Trancy household.

The Phantomhive household delivers evil-doers to judgement in the darkness, while the Trancy household obliterates them into darkness. Both households have the Queen’s trust as ‘Evil Nobles’ but Alois disapporved. He wanted the Queen’s attention all to himself, so he spread a rumor. The rumor that the Queen’s watchdog had been pocessed by demons, and that the Phantomhive family had carried out the incidents involving the last human combustian case, that we saw in Episode 2. It led to the Phantomhive household being set on fire just to excorsise the supposide demons in the house. Alois and Claude then destroyed any evidence of their crime.

I feel like I’m missing something here. Did Alois do this to just Ciel, or his whole family? It doesn’t really make it clear.

Ciel and Sebastian end up at the home of the man who set the Phantomhive house on fire, who says that Alois did indeed order him to. The price he pays for his actions is his life, as Ciel shoots the man right in the head.

The duo arrive at the Trancy household to a very happy Alois. Instead of the shotas doing this suppossed danse macabre, or death match in less elegant terms, they let their butlers instead. Whoever loses has to follow the winner’s orders no matter what.

The deal is set, and the servants bring out their simple weapons, and charge…

What’s this? Who interuppts this epic servant battle? Our flamboyant Viscount Druitt. Mistaking this day for the Costume ball in the previous episode, he ends up sticking around to witness the two households’ servants battle it out. Why does he? Because of the lovely(?) Hannah (FINALLY she gets a fan! xD)

The battle goes on, and surprising things are revealed about the Trancy servants. For instance, the troublesome triplets are actually demons, and Hannah has got some skills with guns! (Now we have two maids with guns for weapons? I wonder if Meyrin could take her…)

Both battles end with the servants left in ridiculous defeat positions.

Before Sebastian can deliver a final blow to the poor Hannah, Claude kicks in a huge chess piece in front of her, only to announce that it is tea time That’s a demon butler for you).

We get to see a little jealousy from Sebastian as he starts throwing pudding (or is it dough?) at Claude for taking a look at his beloved Ciel. It’s quite a funny scene actually, I’ve never seen Sebastian do that before xD

After tea time, the battle continues with Claude and Sebastian finally fighting, but not before Claude pulls out his weapon….from Hannah’s mouth?!

How the hell does she fit that in her body?! I actually got goosebumps…so gross =A=;

See? Even Alois is like ‘Eww!’

Anyways, another epic butler fight ensues but it seems that the young masters get bored; Ciel ends up asking Alois if they could take a tour of the Trancy estate, and leave.

In the mansion, Ciel challenges Alois to a sword duel, saying he robbed him of his dignity. He accepts, and plays innocent before Ciel tries to do a foul move before they turn around.

As they battle, their butlers end up ending theirs to return to their young masters.

Our shota-senses are tingling…

Ciel ends up on the floor after Alois pushed him off the second story ledge in the study room they are dueling in. Alois stands over helpless Ciel, and it about ready to slice his throat when…

Ciel grabs Alois’s sword blade, and gets his own to stab Alois in the stomach.

Alois just loses it, and starts moaning and crying over the pain. It becomes so pitiful to watch him as he starts begging to Ciel to keep him alive. He makes a note of saying that Ciel doesn’t understand what’s going on, and that the demons around him are fooling him.

Ciel ends up going to kill him despite his pleading, but Claude grabs his hand with the sword to prevent him. Ciel smacks his hand across his face, leaving thin bloody fingerprints on his cheek. As Claude licks it off, he gets a very…strange reaction to the taste of his blood.

Umm, can I even say what I think this looks like?

It’s ends as Sebastian takes his precious young master away, not without a fight from Ciel though.

The episode ends with another finger-licking scene from Claude, and Alois’s bloody, pitiful face doing a bittersweet smile as the screen blacks out.

End thoughts: This episode was a complete WTF moment, through and through. There is no way I can describe it elegantly, seriously. All the situations in this entire 20 something minutes were ridiculous, eventful, but goodness I couldn’t help but think ‘what the–?’. The whole ‘Dance’ battle scene among the servants was awkward. The triplets get a huge spear stuck through all of their heads, and Hannah pulls guns out of her from under her dress and from her freaking chest?! It’s like they’re trying too hard to make the Trancy servants as awesome as the Phantomhive servants, which we all know they aren’t!

They were trying too hard on so many other things as well. For example, they keep adding in a lot of fanservice whether it was with Hannah, or Claude and Sebastian. They’re trying to please the fangirls so much, especially with the new couple Claude and Sebastian, but it’s starting to get a little tacky. From a fangirl’s point of view, it IS a bit funny and rather enjoyable to watch and giggle about, but from a serious review point, it is getting annoying. This is why you need to have a lot of estrogen to watch Kuroshitsuji! Also, another thing they tried too hard at was the moments they used to try and ‘lighten’ the murderous mood. This too way also really tacky, especially when they brought in the Viscount. HE WAS SO ANNOYING! I wanted to punch him! *A* He was such a lame excuse for a comedic character in the episode. The fact that he was in the episode just to be a flamboyant annoyance really made me mad. The light moments were just fitted in there very awkwardly, I actually felt embarrassed a few times. I did enjoy the throwing of pudding by Sebastian and Claude, though. You can tell Sebastian is jealous, heehee.

Gah, when Alois got stabbed, I almost screamed. I actually started tearing up when they showed his sad pleading face ;A; It was so hard for me to do screencaps on poor Alois face, I couldn’t stand to look at them. I love Ciel, but when he stabbed him, I couldn’t help but curse at him! This time around I actually felt sorry for Alois, no matter how bi-polar and slutty he can be. I know he was playing the ‘Innocent’ game right around the time Ciel challenged him to the duel, but I think afterward when Ciel was telling him why he wanted to kill him, he really was innocent for once. That whole contract between Claude and Sebastian in the previous episode is probably meddling in to this situation. When Alois said ‘the demons around him are fooling him”, I instantly thought of that contract. Now I’m afraid that Claude might end up trying to help kill Alois just to get Ciel’s soul. If he does, I think I’ll cry because it looks like Alois might feel really close to him.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode, but I am dissatisfied. The only part I really enjoyed was the sudden twist of Alois and Ciel dueling and Alois getting stabbed. Everything else was shot to hell for me, especially the fails of trying to make a dark situation more comedic. The series is getting really dark, so what’s wrong with that? Leave the comedic relief to Yana Toboso please, she’s the only one best at that.

Wow, I have never ranted so much over a Kuroshitsuji episode! I love the series, but goodness I hate watching the anime sometimes. It’s just that Viscount guy just really made me angry! First he tries to rape, i mean, sell Ciel, and now he’s ruining episodes. Can he please die?! Hello animators, writers? Kill him off please as my early Christmas gift!

Preview: Finally a look at Alois Trancy’s history! I just hope the present Alois is fine and dandy, and that Claude won’t try to kill him.

My hopes have actually risen for this next episode. Though, the fact that this look like a very sexual episode kinda scares me (my poor innocent mind! Okay that’s a lie). And why is Grell in the preview? Does he have a connection with Alois as well? I’ve wanted to know about Alois’s past for a long time now, let’s hope the writers don’t tacky it up! Let’s see next week shall we~?


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14 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji II – 07”

  1. Kami-sama says:

    Yay, episode seven~♥
    I was a little disappointed with the scene where Ciel shoots the man that was ordered to burn down his mansion. Although Alois ordered it, it was this guy that did the dirty work. Ciel has been after this man since the incident, his whole goal was to kill the ones that destroyed his dignity, and he just shoots him as if it was nothing. Scene over in under 30 seconds. Should have been a bit more dramatic, in my opinion.

    Ahhh, I wanted to cry too, when Ciel killed Alois. </3
    I loved his bi-polar and slutty type. I hope he doesn't die, because Claude didn't look too merciful in that last scene. I'll miss him too much if he dies.

    Thanks for the review~

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Oh really? I haven’t finished the first season so ^^;
      But now that you told me that, that scene really was too short then! You are right, it needed to be more dramatic instead of some little piece.

      I knowwww~!!</3 That bloody face of his was too hearbreaking. If Claude kills him, I'm gonna be so mad, and end up crying! Alois is so adorable ;A;

      you're welcome~ :3

      • Kami-sama says:

        Finish the first season, you must! XD
        Right? It was so quick, no emotion at all. DX

        Ahn, Alois, be mine you cute insane creature~ ; A ;
        I’ll cry too, he had better be alive next episode! D’X

  2. Toma says:

    Where does Hannah get all of those weapons to fight with? :wah In one scene she pulled a gatling gun out of thin air! :shock And did anyone notice that for some reason her maid uniform was open to show her breasts but it was never ripped off by anything in the first place. :nosebleeds: :red:

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I KNOW RIGHT? XD When she pulled that gatling gun I was like where the heck did that come from?!

      Ah, she actually ripped her shirt because she had guns in there |’D Which was really weird too…

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  4. Namika says:

    First, i’ll say this : this episode was stupid. As much as I like the series, they’ve overdid it a bit. With all those erotic scenes, with Trancy’s hysteric, after he got stabbed… :red:
    It was actually sickening to watch, that brat is damn twisted. Though I DO feel sorry for him, his character isn’t that strong(spiritually) to take on pain and get over his hard times without any side-effect. I mean, comparing him to Ciel, they both had painful past, but Ciel is absolutely sane, and doesn’t act like a bipolar bitch.
    And +……..

    what the hell that idiot Viscount was doing there?? :dundun I wanna kill him so much….. :kill

    And the action was pretty ridiculous to…. though it made me LOL when Sebastian pierced the spear through the twin’s heads, it WAS a little funny…

    The best parts in the episode were when Sebastian threw batter at Claude! :woo They’re “duel” was too adorable! :kyaa2: And the part when Sebastian was taking Ciel away at the end and the boy was continuously slapping him XD it was funny, but really stupid at the same time. :sigh

    From the preview, I get the feeling, because of that duel incident, Alois will act even more…. *sslike I guess[is that even a word?? ==” now it’ll be ^^] I wonder, when will Hannah snap and kick his ass?? :ohohoho: and btw, can’t imagine, why would she and Grell be fighting….. ❓

    Sebastian’s last words of love just knocked be breathless! :nosebleeds:
    Daisuke-kun sure is amazing :woo

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Gah you couldn’t have said this comment any better! :love:
      It was just so ridiculous, I felt embarrassed to be a fan actually :/ The faces Alois made when he was practically dying were so sad, and slightly creepy! I wanted to cry ;A; And you’re right, Alois isn’t very strong in the spirit sense~.

      The batter throwing was just adorable, and so was Sebastian taking Ciel way<3 x'D

      I know right? Why is Hannah fighting Grell? o.o I'm just excited to see that part xD

      • Namika says:

        absolutely agree with you on that!!! :tea

        I wish this next Friday would come soon~ :love:

        And I DO hope, that the next episode won’t disappoint us like this one did…. :sad3

  5. avner says:

    I think that Claude definitely is going to betray Alois or something like that, in fact he already “sell” the Trancy family -Alois- to Sebastian for the new revenge, Sebastian needed a new one just to make ciel a delicious soul again, so, Claude made de deal and, forme, that is betray his master. the final look fron Claude to Alois said a lot.

    I want to see Grell again, I love him so much. But…. hate to wait so long.

    ps. forgive my english, is really bad.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~It is all right ^^
      Yeah I agree with you on Claude “selling” Alois to Sebastian just so that Ciel’s soul can be delicious :sad2
      I feel bad for Alois now even more…

  6. ichigopocky says:

    Man when the raw came out i was freaking out because I had just finished season one in about 2 days (yeah i am an otaku) but then we had to go help friends move all day so i couldn’t watch it when it got subbed very sad but finally did and O.O …. yeah that is all i have to say
    thanks for the post

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