Black★Rock Shooter OVA

A long tale of friendship filled with moe and action moments galore~

For many months, I have been pretty interested to figure out what exactly Black Rock Shooter was to be, an anime, or just an OVA. After many delays, the 50 minute long OVA of Black Rock Shooter had finally premiered! I’m still extremely confused on whether this will turn into an actual anime or not. I’ve already been intrigued by the many amazing fan arts done of this interesting character and her enemies, and the gorgeous, 100 dollar figurines that have been released for the series. An anime would surely answer a lot of questions the OVA raised, but at the same time, this does feel like it should be a one time thing. Anyways, just the whole theme, switching to-and-fro from the real world to the ‘otherworld’, and the gorgeous animation of this OVA really got me hooked, and left this impression on me that I rarely get from anime these days.

Black Rock Shooter was originally a song by Supercell, and featured the illustrations of one of their members, named Huke. Interestingly, Nagaru Tanigawa, the author of the Haruhi Suzumiya light novels, co-worked with Yutaka Yamamoto(supervisor of the project) as scriptwriters. A pilot edition came out before this official OVA around September of last year, and finally, the OVA has come out after being postponed for it to be expanded and improved.

Our 50 minute experience into two different worlds begins with an entrance into a dark place of mysterious rubble surrounded by water. We are suddenly engaged into a battle scene between Black Rock Shooter, and an unknown foe wielding a large sword.

We are cut off from the battle and whisked into the real world; Japan, at the house of new middle-school student, Kuroi Mato.

She is a cute, quirky girl, nervous as she enters her first day of middle school. We follow her on her amusing journey to her school, and her encounter with another girl coming out of her car by the entrance to the school.

She quickly finds the girl interesting and works up the nerve to talk to her. The girl is named Yomi Takanashi, a really quiet, mature girl who warms up to Mato’s quirky-ness. The two end up becoming good friends, embarking into so many moe middle-school moments.

But in between these moe school moments, we end up being transported to this ‘Otherworld’; a dark, melancholic place filled with rubble, and other strange objects and places. It is here where Black Rock Shooter is walking, traveling to a palace where her enemy lies.

We repeatedly keep swinging going back and forth, from the real world to this otherworld where a battle between Black Rock Shooter, and her green-eyed opponent, Dead Master, engages.

I really love the idea of switching worlds, no matter how annoying and nail-biting it might get; it’s a really interesting way to get you seriously hooked onto how these people and these two places are related. In the real world, we see the growth of a sweet friendship through many clichéd school moments. In the ‘otherworld’, we see the fierce and mysterious battle of two people; why are they battling, and how is this going to end?

I’m also really loving the animation for the battle scenes as well<3. It’s really smooth, and realistically swift with great action moments. And it’s not so fast to where you can’t even see who’s fighting who. Very excellent battling scenes indeed<3

However, there seems to be a little bump in Mato’s and Yomi’s friendship when their second year comes around, and they’ve been put into different classes. Quickly, I felt that bittersweet feeling that comes with one of these plot twists…this is why I don’t like watching anime with school drama, waaahhh. =A=;

To make things even worse, Mato starts to spend more time with a girl from her class, named Yuu, who is also the Basketball Club’s manager (in which Mato is in). Quickly, you can tell Yomi doesn’t really like the situation much. She slowly starts to fade away from Mato…

But the battle rages on in the Otherworld while a silent chaos is happening in the real world.

I’d also like to say that the weapons they use are extremely kick-ass too, as you go throughout these battle scenes. My favorite has to be Dead Master’s; that scythe and those demonic skull heads are something *A* Of course, Black Rock Shooter has got a pretty kick-ass transforming sword herself.

Back to the real world, the two girl’s friendship has deteriorated, and Yomi hasn’t answered emails from Mato, or come to school the next day.

But Mato suddenly gets an email from her mother, and she rushes home to two detectives who tell her Yomi hasn’t came home from school since yesterday.

No word of Yomi or what has happened to her appears, and Mato feels extremely guilty and worrisome. Suddenly she receives an email from Yomi, but nothing is written…and Mato takes off. She rushes towards their special meeting place, and finds the beloved keychain that Mato had given her at that same place. Cradling the precious trinket, it suddenly starts to glow…

Umm…beam me up, Scotty?

We are quickly whisked back to the battle scene, where Black Rock Shooter has been chained.

Of course, our ruthless, non-talkative heroine frees herself, and does a dramatic walk to her ruthless opponent. Dead Master ends up stumbling over a cliff, but is saved by a bittersweet hug from Black Rock Shooter.

Dead Master is stunned, and starts aggressively trying to pull away from her, and when she is finally free, she falls off the cliff, turning into a pile of screaming ashes…

But who has taken her place in BRS’s embrace? The missing Yomi, now free of a raging villain who had taken her hostage.

Meanwhile, dear Mato has been whisked away as well to a blue, starry place where Black Rock Shooter appears in front of her, telling her, does she really want Yomi back? Mato gives a passionate confession; she doesn’t want her back, she wants to be and laugh with her again.

“Who are you?” Mato asks. And they merge, together as the Black Rock Shooter.

After the credits, and the pretty rockin’ ending song, the OVA ends with Yomi and Mato and Yuu together again, walking home from school. But it looks like Yuu isn’t too happy now…

~End thoughts: Overall, I think Black Rock Shooter was a very bittersweet story, especially with the ending. It went really slow, I mean, most of it was shots of their friendship building, but I was hooked from the start because of the gorgeous character designs and the pretty kick-ass battle scenes between Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master. Why those two were in it, and why they resembled the main characters so much really intrigued me, and that’s why I kept watching.

I also think it was a pretty unique twist to a sort of cliche school story. It’s almost as if Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master represent the inner demons of these girls and their battling between the transitions of the real world was the physical battle underneath the emotional one they had in the real world…at least, that’s my theory ^^;

The animation was wonderful, and as I mentioned earlier, the battle animation was pretty amazing as well. I couldn’t wait for the next battle clip x’D The music was also very lovely, and had great transitions; slow, mellow music for the school moments, and some good ol’ head-banging rock music for those tense battle moments.

Would I recommend this? Of course, but to people who are patient, and like a good mystery and thought process 😉 There wasn’t too much action, but like I said before, that isn’t what hooks you.

It was a long ride, but Black Rock Shooter was worth the long screencaping x’D Check out Black Rock Shooter and be intrigued~.

Now, I was asked to give a little paragraph about myself here, and well, hello! My name is Hoshi, and I’m one of the new writers here on Metanorn ^^;  Other than this BRS review, I’ll also be doing Kuroshitsuji II, which is one of my most favorite series ever, and manga updates since I am a huge manga fanatic. Let’s see…I am a crazy fangirl at times, especially with Kuroshitsuji so you’ll probably be seeing that soon x’D I almost always prefer the manga over the anime, just because the manga doesn’t have those cheesy extra episodes, which I really despise at times *A* I’m a bit new to anime blogging so I hope I please you viewers out there. Thank you for reading, and hope we can get along! ^^


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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31 Responses to “Black★Rock Shooter OVA”

  1. foshizzel says:

    First off welcome to the blog! looking forward to seeing more posts/reviews always exciting to see new people getting into this type of thing.

    I really enjoyed this movie great soundtrack,animation but story was a bit strange felt like two animes in one to me. Will be interesting to see of another movie comes out or they do a 12 episode series, overall I wanted to see more fights rather than the school stuff but wasn’t to bad a bit boring in some parts.

    • hoshi. says:

      ~Ah, thank you! ^^
      Yeah it did feel like two different animes, I actually got confused for a bit hahaha. I heard they might do another OVA with some new people, but I’m still not sure. And YES I would have loved more battle scenes too!

  2. Felice says:

    The enemy that BRS was fighting in the first scene is called Black gold saw

  3. Overcooled says:

    *sings* Blaaccck Rooockk Shooterrr~

    Teehee. Yeah, I thought it really took its time setting everything up too, but the switching between worlds kept up the tension =D I will probably be stealing some of these pretty screencaps now XD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahaha I got a little screencap happy after a while, so yes please do take some screencaps! X’D Also, thank you for the comment! :3

  4. Xiao says:

    Welcome, Hoshi-san! ^^ Although Kuroshitsuji is on hold for me, I’ll be looking forward to your manga posts. There aren’t a lot of people doing those lately since they’re more absorbed in anime so it’s nice to know someone will do them.

    As for the OVA, I don’t think you could have put it more perfectly. I wouldn’t call it the greatest watch of the year but it’s very enjoyable if you gave it the chance. I guess the ones who didn’t like it much didn’t warm up to the relationship between Mato and Yomi or the slice-of-life traits of the OVA and had their more-action expectations let down. Which is reasonable.

    Still, it was good. I share similar thoughts on that theory of yours about Mato and Yomi’s alter egos except instead of the physical battle “inside them”, I believe it’s probably extended into another world altogether. Maybe if they decide to have a sequel, we might get some confirmation on that. And maybe more action.
    And I’m dying to get the music and can’t wait to get my copy on DVD this December.So excited. x3

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Thank you for the welcome ^^ Yeah, when I applied, I knew that writing about manga was one of the things that I wanted to do.

      Ah, exactly what I thought about the people who didn’t like it! I was talking to friends and they were always like, ‘Oh it was so boring’ and such, but they just didn’t try to find the mystery behind it, hahaha. I know that I was let down on the action-part, but I still managed to enjoy it.

      Oh, I see what you meant, I guess that’s what I was trying to say, about their alter ego’s physical battle ^^;
      Thank you for the comment~!

  5. Legalsounds says:

    Pretty impressive article. I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your opinions. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  6. Ryuuko says:

    Hey hey Hoshi! I haven’t seen this OVA yet but after reading through your end thoughts I think I’ll definitely give it a go! Cool post ;D

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hey! :3 WOOT! I’m glad you’re gonna watch it xD
      thanks for the comment~

  7. berrish17 says:

    Yeah~ the battle animation was awesome =]

  8. ichigopocky says:

    Hey welcome and congrats on becoming new blood and thanks for the review
    and I agree with you on the long part but the animation was to good to stop watching
    also i do that fingerling too when I start freaking out I have even scared one of my teachers because me and my friend where fangirling over fruit baskets. Can’t wait to read your next review.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hello and thank you! ^^
      Ah, I’m glad I’m not the only one who freaks out, hahahaha! I remember fangirling about Fruits Baskets…good times x3
      Thank you again for the comment!

  9. Gantoris says:

    um… so Black★Rock Shooter is officially OVA? not a anime?
    If so, im saddened ):

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Ah I’m not sure at all :/
      I heard they might actually have a second part, but I think it’s just a rumor…we’ll just have to see ^^;

  10. Kyokai says:

    The art was definitely beautiful and had two the female seiyuus I like. I think OVA was a better choice than an anime.

    Btw, keep it up Hoshi-chan~ ^^

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yeah, I think if they made it into an anime, it would drag on and eventually viewers would get tired of it :/ I know I would have, hahaha.
      Ah, thank you ^^ I’ll be trying my best!

  11. nagi says:

    welcome to metanorn hoshi-san! (i’m sorry i mixed you up with ryuuko-san at the ookami-san post. lol)

    i must agree that the art is superb, considering that it is being animated by a small company. i hope they’d release the next installation anytime soon! 🙂

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Oh! Hahaha, it’s okay ^^ And thank for the welcome<3

      I know me too! I hope to cover the next installment! xD

  12. baka tsuna says:

    thx hoshi-dono~
    LOL really thx 4 blogging bout this i heard there were gonna be 6 ova,s
    1 where shes fighting red star shooter another where black rock shooter and yomi r fighting tht girl at the end and thts all i know ^_^ @[email protected]

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Ah, you’re welcome<3 ^^
      Oh really?! 0: Interesting! I really want to see that~.

  13. Shuu says:

    Yay~ welcome Hoshi~ I liked your review <3~!

    Though in my opinion this story had some holes (but how couldn't it? It was just an OVA after all). Or perhaps… I hoped for more deepness in it.
    I'll be waiting for a sequel to this or something, and hopefully another of your reviews~!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~thank you! :3

      Yeah, I felt that too, so I assume they’re gonna fill those holes with a sequel or something, hopefully.
      and thank you again!<3

  14. Junko says:

    Yus, more BRS reviews. Loving the various reactions to this anime. Personally loved it. You got the idea right, BRS and DM were used in this version of BRS to represent another world, inner emotions, while the original PV was about I belive BRS trying to find her sister DM. I like the story remix and new characters, awesome twist on it.

    Small correction of info; Huke wasn’t a member of supercell when he designed BRS, however Ryo, supercells songwriter, found and aproched him over making a song, leading to Huke joinging supercell. The most famous PV for BRS wasn’t actually animated by Huke, though, can’t remember who did it though.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yeah it’s really interesting to see everyone reactions, because before i wrote the review a lot of people were saying its pretty boring and not what they expected, but I too thought it was great. When I got to post my review, I finally found some people who said they thought it was good too, like you. I’ve never actually seen the original PV for it, so I was pretty new to this whole thing ^^; But after watching the OVA I might now.

      Oh oh oh! I see, thanks for that! I researched it only a bit before I actually wrote the review, so I didn’t find out too much. thanks for the comment!

  15. baka tsuna says:

    oops its gonna have 8 ova then the anime series i know this cause im n japan

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Oh really?! AWESOME! 8’D I wanna see if it’s gonna be any good~. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a review on it!

  16. MeiLan143 says:

    FYI: the unknown foe is called Black Gold Saw, and this wasn’t shown in the OVA but the wikia shows that Yuu has her “other self” called Strength (seriously) at the beginning u remember a girl with gigantic metal thing on each of her hands and had a weird tail, black hoody with white hair? that was her, but it didn’t tell who was she.★Rock_Shooter <- if u didn't knew 😉

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