Amagami SS – 06

Junichi becomes Kaoru’s new sugar daddy. Rest assured, it’s still awkward. 

Amagami is back! Once again, sorry for the late post, I’ve been having a few computer issues lately. It was just one of those days, you know? Everything goes wrong, nothing work the way you want it too then your ISP shuts down? Yeah, like that! But anyway, let’s get into Amagami 6! But be warned, I wasn’t pleased….

When we last left the two love-birds (Junichi and Kaoru) they were both confused about their feeling for each other. And it’s the same as we enter this episode. Kaoru is taking a bath (of course. The less clothes the better) and is talking to herself, worried that she might be in love with Junichi. And yes, she’s worried. Because she’s an anime character. That’s what they do. On the other hand Junichi is extremely pleased about this whole situation.

The next day at school, we see that Junichi’s advice to help Kaoru’s friend went horribly wrong. Kaoru gets angry and storms off in a huff to the roof. Junichi finds her and they eventually get into a discussion about what sort of relationship they’re in. Junichi agreed with Kaoru as she says it would be better if they made some sort of change. She jokingly tried to kiss him, but as they are fighting their lips lock, and Junichi gets himself a bit of sugar. ^^ They are both surprised at what happened and then Junichi vows payback for Kaoru stealing his first kiss.

He calls her into a dark corner of the library then revealed his motive. He shall kiss her belly button. No, I’m not shitting you. I really, really wish I was. I’ll admit it’s a fraction more realistic than the back of the knee, but still. What the hell. After that awkward little scene (Miya spied it as well!) they seem to be totally fine with it all and they head off to take a stroll in a nearby park.

They meet some kids who have a coc-, sorry, shuttlecock stuck in a tree. Junichi and Kaoru team up to get it down, with Kaoru deciding to slide Junichi’s head between her legs. No, not like that you perverts, she’s on his shoulders. There’s the awkward “Don’t look!” moments until Kaoru runs off to work, leaving Junichi quite lonely. On her way, she spies her mother in the distance. As she runs to meet her, her mother is suddenly swept away by who we can only assume is her new man candy. What’s this? Her mother dating again?! Oh, the drama!

End Thoughts

Kaoru’s hair may be awesome…

…But Ai is a strong competitor!

Junichi takes it like a man. Kaoru is happy to comply xD

Junichi’s original idea. I think getting into those tights would be punishment enough….

The exact moment Junichi realized Kaoru was not a female ^^

Well, I’m in an awkward position once again. I thought it would somehow differ from the Haruka arc in the ways of awkward romance, alas, it’s not so. Now I don’t know about any of you, but when you first kissed someone you liked, did you kiss their belly button? No? Thought so. Maybe later on it’s considered acceptable (generally it is :P), but in a school library? It’s a little too weird once again. The shift in relationship between Kaoru and Junichi seemed very fast as well. They had had a small chat on the roof,an accidental kiss, then they get into licking each others stomachs? Is that not weird?

At least we get a little something at the end of this episode. With a ‘new man’ in Kaoru’s mothers life, perhaps she’ll start to feel a little left out? Will there be tension in the household? If I was the series writer, this development would send Kaoru to start depending on Junichi for emotional support. Hell, I’d even chuck in a little something where she has a fight with her mother and runs away, spending a night at Junichi’s. Maybe that is a little too suggestive? (It can’t be as suggestive as the ending of the Haruka arc…)

Another difference between these two arcs is Junichi’s part. In this episode, there was barely any of him. He was in most of the scenes, but there are only a few scenes where we actually hear what he’s thinking and what he’s planning. Kaoru on the other hand gets a bulk of it. It’s not exactly a bad thing, but the shift was a little sudden it struck me off guard.

We also got a few other scenes with other characters. Ones past, and some upcoming ones as well. Rihoko, Ai and Sae all make an appearance, whether it be a few lines of dialogue. It’s not a lot, but like I said earlier, it slowly builds character. Haruka and Hibiki are also there, though their parts now don’t feel like they contribute to the overall arc. Just a pet-pevee really. However disappointed I am with this episode, I still have hopes. I think I’ll have to live with the fact there will be awkward romance scenes in every arc as well. It’s not something I’d like to do, but hey, they are funny to watch. Also, it seems Kaoru has a competitor for best hair. Watch out, Kaoru! Ai’s hair looks badass!

Oh mah gawsh, Nii-nii?!

Preview: I’m starting to not like these previews. They are hard to see and the dialogue doesn’t relate at all. We get a lot of random shots of side character before we finally see Kaoru (and her stomach again). She’s playing pool, making cutesy faces and then sitting with Junichi. So damn revealing. No audio clues either, just Junichi and Miya talking about what he was doing in the library. Saucy~


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  2. Masu says:

    oh boy, got to love those stomach kisses. i’m starting to wonder if miya is starting to wonder what her brother does in his planetarium at night, much like how i am.

  3. Kyokai says:

    Niishishishiii~ Junichi’s up for some slappin’ from his sister; though he has to man up for becoming Kauro’s pillar.

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