Durarara!! – 21

Kyaho~! The game is set and all pieces aligned. Are you ready?

Domo minnasan~! Genki desuka~? This week has been full of updates at Metanorn, mostly due to lots of music releases. I’ve been ODing on Yakushimaru Etsuko’s soothing voice and if you haven’t checked out Arakawa under the Bridge or even its music, go now, you! Though, it’s starkly different to what I’m about to review because we are BACK to a typical Drrr! episode. Previous one was slow in case of progress but the current is a WIN. All major characters show up to say “Hi!” even though briefly. There’s no narrator this time around because characters are doing the talking themselves. It revolves around the sannin friends who are distancing themselves from each other knowingly or unknowingly. The plot thickens so here we go!

Things start rolling with Mikado browsing sites and getting more info about Dollars being bulled. It doesn’t help to see the battered face and broken arm of Takiguchi, who’s recuperating in hospital and has decided to quit Dollars. Mikado is at constant war with himself of what to do about the onslaught of Yellow Scarves who are making victims out of his group. He remembers what Izaya had told him that his power on Ikkebukro was short-lived and he would have to continue evolving in order to survive.

Masaomi has his own problems; one of them being a bunch of imbeciles led by Horoda who would not listen to his commands and are continuing to wrangle the Dollars. According to them this should be continued to make Dollars’ leader show himself. However, Masaomi stresses on the fact that he would personally look into the matter; however, it’s already too late. An avalanche of attacks is underway against the weaponless Dollars from every walk of life.

If only looks could kill. Kakkoi~

You gotta love Shizuo: Terror with one word? “huh! Huh! HUH?!”

Kadota has a chance meeting with Mikado, who was listlessly making his way back home. They talk about the non-responsiveness of the Dollars leaders. Mikado is quite perturbed at the current happenings and tries to quell the heat of argument with a peaceful route, only to be lashed out online. The general opinion on boards is that the Dollars leaders should talk with Yellow Scarves rather than sitting and doing nothing.

Celty is clearly trying to be very protective of Anri; however, she would soon find out that the attack on Takiguchi was not randomly done, while witnessing some Yellow Scarves bullying indiscriminately. Same goes for Izaya’s (Kanra) comments on the Dollars board about the confrontation between Yellow Scarves and Dollars to soon ensue.

Celty was not successful in making Anri tech savvy!

Shinra gets some screen time while chatting up Celty about what was really happening with the sannin (trio). He meets the points of Sonoharadou, Anri’s father’s antique shop where Shingen sold Saika, to Anri being classmates of Mikado and Masaomi. He pretty much knows everything that is going down.

Mikado’s uneasiness hasn’t subsided but he has avoided getting involved in the continued bullying of Dollars members, who are deciding to leave the group seeing no action from their leader. He also notices the acute absence of Masaomi, who has started avoiding him, not even answering his calls. After school Anri runs off to use her Slasher children for saving the unarmed Dollars. She gathers as many Yellow Scarves as she can.

Of course, the voyeur Izaya’s on the lookout, keeping an eye on things and playing his board games.

No, it’s not candid camera, kozzo, you just got OWN’d by Kah-chan!

Slasher children do their Kah-chan’s bidding, becoming useful in saving few straggly Dollars but are soon found out and punished by Horoda, who is bent on becoming the right-hand-man of Shogun.

Few eyewitnesses describe the girl who has been coming in contact with the unruly bunch. When adding the fact that the Slasher girl wore glasses too, along with the typical description of her bust; Anri’s identity is pretty much busted in front of Masaomi, who can’t really believe it himself.

I’m reminded of Yojouhan (Tatami Galaxy) here and Horoda somewhat resembles Jougasaki, whose motto is: “If you’re a man, then grab victory! Grab victory, and grab women’s tits!” >.>

You sure deserved that, ossan!

Mikado is stopped by Harima after school to inquire about Anri. He’s quite surprised to know that something has been bothering her.

It was quite strange to see Harima concerned about Anri, while Seiji delivering such high-handed yet moving lines: “If you really love her don’t look away. No matter what you see or learn about her, don’t look away. Once you’ve got her into an embrace, don’t let go. Once you decide to love someone, that’s your responsibility.”

With a heavy heart Mikado returns home and contemplates his next move. Due to his troubles, he hasn’t paid much attention to either Anri or Dollars. He logs on to the site after many days and goes through the general opinion of members which vary from leaving the group to old memories of doing good for the community while remaining invisible. The conversation turns towards making rounds and reporting results, something like citizen journalism.

What’s up with me seeing Tatami in Drrr! this episode? Maybe my minds wants a restart like Watashi… =.=; Anyway, Mikado’s internal ramblings reminds me of Watashi’s musings while looking at the mochiguman. (Yojouhan pics courtesy Flags)

At that exact moment, Horoda notices Anri on the street while whining to his mates about being ordered around by the Shogun. He immediately recognizes her and the same thing gets reported on Dollars board.

Nosebleed? Pervy Horoda! You do follow Jougasaki’s footsteps! =.=;

The last scene is pretty cliffhangery as usual. Mikado stands beside his window contemplating his next move while Anri moves limply to an alleyway after being captured by Yellow Scarves. The peeping Tom, Izaya watches on enjoying every second of it.

End Thoughts: Wow, seemed like not a lot happened in the episode yet a LOT happened! Let the studio torture us for what’s gonna happen next for another three more episodes. Just three more…? Err, before I start lamenting let me organize my thoughts:

Cyberpixie-chan should be happy with this episode as it shows not only Shizuo but Shinra too. Except for Simon, every major character showed up. The absence of Kinnosuke, Shingen and Kasuka either points to the fact that they won’t show up or appear to help a faction out in the end. The biggest surprise was Seiji and his definition of love, which was inspiring to say the least. If it weren’t for the absence of his mother and Namie’s obsession over him, he might have turned out to be a decent kid.

Mikado or Mikapuu as Xiao-chan affectionately calls him has a lot of issues going on. Not as serious as Masaomi or Anri but his war is mostly internal, with his morals and determination to bring change for good. Currently, he seems very gullible and unsure of himself but I can actually see the cogs of wheels turning in that brain of his. He would be the blind Knight that barges in to save the day and simply accept all secrets of Masaomi and Anri’s past and present. He understands that his non-action is making Dollars question his authority and demotivated like Takiguchi quitting.

It’s really interesting to see how a Chinese whispers circle is closing around the trio: Anri knows about Masaomi, Masaomi knows about Mikado and Anri, and now it’s Mikado’s turn to know about the other two. Now that Anri’s in danger, I would love to see him all worked up and determined to do something extraordinary.

Masaomi has now all the information, more than even Anri. He finally showed his fierce side that I was looking forward to. At least, he can switch modes from a playful talkative teen to a dangerous Shogun in a second. His gang is going unruly but if he really wants to he can control all of them even the Baka Horoda. If he went into denial after finding out about Mikado, what would he do about Anri? She was the reason of his rejoining Yellow Scarves after all. Would he check out all facts or just get upset over why she didn’t tell him and ad nauseum? I still give him the benefit of the doubt though, after facing so much hardship he must have at least learned something about trust and coping.

I’m not even worried about Anri, she can take care of herself and Horoda and his minions are no match for her. I am more interested in finding out how she would be confronted by Masaomi and her reasoning with him.

Izaya’s got a shiny new board game! That actually is siren-worthy! Only three episodes to go and he’s prancing around the town whispering tanoshimi da ne~ in his typical flippant tone. Somebody save the town from this freak also please someone punch him too? I would prefer Shizu-chan, Trio, Dotachin gang and Celty saving the day from the coming showdown.

Preview disturbed me in many ways! If I didn’t know better I would be obsessing about why Shizu-chan was laying half-dead in the rain. However, there are more things to worry about like Masaomi confronting Anri about her secret and Mikado on a mission. Most of the characters have cellphones in their hands that can only mean one thing: the Dollars leader is ALIVE and ready for some legendary badassedary!

Countdown: Only three episodes left? Maajide?! TT__TT

Note: If you haven’t already, enjoy our Durarara!! OST and OP2 releases.


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21 Responses to “Durarara!! – 21”

  1. amado says:

    so its not because of izaya but because of seiji that mikado is like that in the later novels,Show ▼

    I thought mikado became like ‘that’ because of izaya’s speech on evolving.
    well things are gonna heat up(hopefully) next ep and I hope mikado makes a cool move again.

    • Kyokai says:

      While reading that excerpt about Mikado and Aoba, it reminded me of Seiji but well, it was the other way around.

      It would be fun to see what Mikado has cooked up next episode and please let it be some more badassedary! ^^;

  2. Ultimate Tempura from the South says:

    Ok. one of the best anime’s ever… and it’s ending soon… T_T

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh well, all good things must come to an end! ;A;

  3. Flags says:

    ……..I can’t believe that you compared the annoying ossan to Jougasaki…….there are none in this show that can compare to him.

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol, yes of course, the epic douchness of Jougasaki is unmatched and incomparable in every respect. Though, you have to accept that these two screens have a weird similarity, no? ^^;

  4. amado says:

    sad to see that angel beats and durarara are ending 3 weeks later…

  5. nagi says:




  6. Reina says:

    Ahh~ I don’t want it to end so soon</3
    I'm worried about what type of ending it will have… D:
    That preview.
    Ifshizuchandiescanihavehisbody? 8D;;; -shot-

    • Kyokai says:

      I have the same dread but I expect better things from the studio as they have made Drrr! into an awesome series. Hopefully! :scared

      Lol! You can only wish if that happens, hopefully there’s season 2! *keeping all her fingers crossed*

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  8. Xiao says:

    Most important thing I have to do first: SHIZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kyaa: :kyaa: :kyaa:

    Where has he been all my life in the past two weeks? I miss you, Shizu, you idiot! :baww:

    *cough* Mmkay, moving on….

    Aww man, it just breaks my heart to see Takiguchi all beat up like that. And then he said he was leaving Dollars, too. That’s just sad. I hope he comes back cuz he’s grown on me even for a very minor character. T_T

    Anyways, wow, so many stuff happened in this ep, I don’t know whether to be happy or dreading the worst. :eh2
    But at least things are finally going somewhere.

    Starting with Masaomi, I was greatly thrilled to see him so angry at Horoda and the members who disobeyed him on not fighting with the Dollars members. Most of it probably stems from what happened to Takeguchi but now that he knows Mikado is the leader of Dollars, I guess he’s grown even more protective and wary, making his bad mood all the best thing to scare the rebels in his gang into submission. And boy, it’s a good thing he can hold his own in fights (only by himself, too).
    The bad side of it is that nothing’s goin’ to get better for him until he comes clean of his secrets to Anri and Mikado, which seem to be happening with the former in next ep but I really wonder if he’s ready to tell Mikado yet and what he would ask Anri to do if he didn’t want her telling his best friend. His fear of that is kinda similar to what was holding Mikado from acting these past episodes. :/

    Anri, I’m not too worried about either. She has her army of offspring if things get outta hand. lol xD;
    But it’s good to see her finally taking action. And she looks so badass in some shots, too. Haha.
    Though judging by the preview, she still seems to be the one being saved so I wonder just how much help she’ll be able to give Masaomi before what I’m guessing is Celty saving her again. Also, it’s very odd to see her sitting between Celty and Shinra while wearing Celty’s pajamas. o.O;

    Finally, with my Mikapuu~ (believe it or not, it’s Erika’s nickname for him as she seems to have a nickname for everything she goes :fangirl over, lol), omg, YES! Bosskado is coming back, me hopes!! :cheer:
    It was nice to see him conversing with Dotachin on his worries about Dollars and even more surprising when Seiji actually said something that was important and not yandere-crazy blabbering. *gasp!* No waiz…
    The biggest concern is where that advice will take him. I know he said he made the choice to evolve but looking at the people and circumstances that have heavy influence on that (and it’s not just limited to Izaya), I’m worried if he’ll be misled off the road that he intended to take (doing things for good). I mean, I love Mikado regardless cuz that’s what’s so great about his character in that it’s always changing but I’d like it if he doesn’t have to suffer when it can be avoided. Mikado~ 😥

    *sigh* Well, for now, signs that there are lot of cellphones is a good thing in my book so bring it on!
    …BUT WHY IS SHIZU K’OED?!?!?!?! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! :wah

    Yes, now would be a good time to break out that second season announcement cuz you do not abuse Shizu that way! No you don’t! Shizu~ T_T

    K, I think I said everything I needed to. Great post and insights as always and thanks for taking your time to reply to the comments! Looking forward to your next review. ^^

    • Kyokai says:

      Seriously, without Shizu-chan Drrr! is not Drrr! And wait till you see the current episode… >.>

      Takiguchi comes back so all good for him but srsly Masaomi needs to see a therapist to get over the why-does-it-always-happens-to-me-god angst. I so want Mikado to kick some major ass now but ah well… >.>

      Ah, Mikapuuu…… I need moar action from you. Wake up already!

      I’m going crazy about Shizu-chan right now. Somebody, go save him goddamn it!

      *hands out special cookie* Arigatou~ for always stopping by and leaving such awesome and epic comments! :omg:

  9. berrish17 says:

    ahhhh Masaomi and Shizu-chan are just too hot <3
    awww this series is ending soon????!!
    they should have Durarara!!2.lol
    the PSP game is coming out soon though =]

    • Kyokai says:

      Violence sure brings out the hotness out of Drrr! men! xD

      After the series is done, definitely would look forward to the game. ^^;

  10. nagi says:

    SHIZU-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kyaa: :kyaa: :kyaa:

    that’s all i have to say for this episode. :love:

    (oh, and masaomi-kun’s deadly, HAWT glare is also noteworthy. 😉 )

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL! Oh definitely, hot and awesomeness! :fangirl

  11. Namika says:

    oh man, 3 episodes!…. shinjirarenai! how are they gonna make it? :sigh oh, scratch that, I’ve already seen newest episode(22) and OH MAN!!!! :scared won’t be a spoiler, but DAMN IT! I wish I could jump in there and beat some senses into these drawn people! :wah Show ▼


    • Kyokai says:

      I share the same sentiments, Namika. If it was up to me I would kick his butt to Kingdom Come, the ijit bastard!

      With only two episodes left to go, things are sure looking scarier by the minute. I’m looking forward to the things going full circle rather. If they kill off Shizuo…….. :punch :rage:

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