Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 08

The big question is: would Misaki transfer to Miyabigaoka or not?

As expected from the developments in last episode, Misaki is hounded by the Miyabigaoka boys led by Maki to transfer school with bribe offerings in shape of roses, chocolates and cakes delivery to her home. They show her many green pastures and inform her that she has three days to respond. Suzuna walks in on them and labels them as new students of Ayuzawa Cram School. While walking to school, Sakura and Shizuko talk about the same offer with Misaki and speculate her future if she transfers.

Becoming Tora’s wife? Yuck!

In school she overhears some boys talking about her transfer being a good omen for them to do whatever they want. However, her supporters from previous episode arrive to hit their head and remind how she stood by them while they were insulted by Miyabigaoka guys. They agree but speculate how good an offer it is and she should accept it. Usui visits Misaki in the Student’s council room, only to be told to leave her alone.

Yukimura is just too cute! <3 Usui you changed his life forever! 😛

Usui demoted to a stalker?! TAT *huggles Usui plushie*

Suzuna is one awesome sis, making scrumptious looking food from tofu! I love it how to-the-point she is! One-chan~, not your fault but father’s who left us and now mother is working hard to raise two girls. She’s something alright! Misaki tries to get her opinion about Miyabigaoka but simply waves it away as wishful thinking. She remains totally zoned out throughout the coming few days and Usui keeps a watch over her but from a distance, not showing up on Maid Latte even. From her dark looks, it’s clear she’s very restless.

Sakura calls Misaki to invite her to a YumeMichi concert. Why the lead singer looks like Usui? Misaki informs her that she would talk to her later as she’s in Miyabigaoka Academy. Sakura gets appalled to hear the news and motivates the whole Student’s Council to fight for their President to remain at Seika High.

Seemingly, the idiot trio is affected by Misaki’s absence from Maid Latte on Shiroyan’s birthday as well. They cry rivers but are compensated by the manager with a special dedicated cake.

At Miyabigaoka before Misaki could say anything, drinks are deliberately thrown at her to compel her to change. After she comes out of the spacious shower of Student’s council, to her aghast she fails to find her uniform. Tora tricks her to wear a revealing maid costume, threatening to come in while she changed. I think alarm bells should have started sounding in her the moment she saw the maid costume but le sigh to our tsunedre who’s very slow on the uptake.

Beware of the peeping tom, Misa-chan!

Tora sure enjoyed his prank. The bastard!

Tora assumes that he has won her over and throws a lot of money on her to buy her affection as he’s tired of the usual obedient girls flocking him. Reminded me of Indecent Proposal’s legendary scene but coming back, Tora is a douche bag as previously predicted.

Misaki foils his plans by telling him not to look down upon anyone as nobody’s worthless; she only visited to refuse his offer. However, having the advantage of Judo’s pinning technique, he was about to steal a kiss from her when Usui barges in. He also heard Misaki’s whispered ‘Usui’ all helpless under Tora. Note to self, Usui’s can-do attitude includes: ability to break glass with a kick (learning from Shaolin Kungfu), master at game of cards and chess, last but not the least super-hearing!

He escorts Misaki outside threatening Tora to never lay his hand on her again. Misaki also add that she had no intention of stepping down as the president of Seika High Student’s Council. Usui comically gushes at her, how she was fooled by that pervert Tora and then calling his name in a delicate situation. Misaki is typically flustered by being saved by him yet again; however, she thanks him quite sincerely. Switching back to her Seika uniform, they go out to finds a large group of Seika High students awaiting their return and to welcome her back.

Interesting enough, Tora’s interest in Misaki has only deepened.

End Thoughts:This was mildly entertaining episode. No big laughs but Usui’s shenanigans and tsunedre Misaki took it home. Tora’s moe fang didn’t get much screen time this time around but he sure is a pervert, trying to peek inside a girl’s washroom. Good riddance to him and Miyabigaoka Academy!

It seems the chemistry would only deepen between Misaki and Usui, but it’s clear that she’s running away from him. But every typical tsunedre get’s a rightful love interest and I can bet Usui would keep on being himself and fight on.

Preview shows a school festival (most probably around the Momotarou legend), Sakura and Yukimura transporting the peach while the idiot trio seems to be on a journey. The only thing I don’t get is foreign looking costume of Usui with English frills.

Update: Supposedly the episode is more about Misaki’s fantasy/dream so forget about the school festival. Also, I won’t be blogging 9th episode but would put it together with 10th next week. Gomen~ to regular readers. =.=;;


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20 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 08”

  1. Flags says:


    • Kyokai says:

      You top the list but where’s the comment? =P

  2. ayano26 says:

    I hope they will animate the Kanou arc… I really like that part.

    • Kyokai says:

      Surprisingly, J.C.Staff hasn’t disclosed how many episodes this series would have but I hope they make their minds soon and animate all the good parts! ^^;

  3. nagi says:

    yeah, Tora’s a douchebag, but~ whatever, his moe fangs is still HOT! though nothing and no one would be HOTTER than my Usui-kun~~~ 😉

  4. Starry says:

    Oh. I know what the next episode is about. Hahas. 😀 It’s definetely not about a school festival though.

    Show ▼

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks for the heads up! ^^; Definitely sounds interesting! Will blog it together with the next episode.

  5. Hellomotto says:

    Misaki…in that maid costume…I might have squealed from a cuteness overload. I approve! >.<-b

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL! She definitely looked awesomely cute! <3 ^^;

  6. Xiao says:

    Haha, too soon when you say “good riddance” that you know a perverted jerk like Tora is going to be back later on. Especially since Misaki didn’t fall for his filthy rich trick like all the other women did.

    Anyways, have to say it was very nice to see a few of the male Seika High students go and bring Misaki back even and on top of that, not want her to transfer. She’s still hated by majority of the school population for sexist attitude but this shows there’s been improvement on both sides so yay for that. ^^

    And of course, Usui’s for-real “don’t touch my Misa-chan” angry face made this girl go :cheer: inside. Then I totally cracked up when he went “You just called out for me, didn’t you~?” and made her blush by patting her on the head. Oh, Usui, where would Misaki be without you? xD
    Anyways, I have some guess that Tora and Usui may be “acquainted” somehow since both didn’t seem so surprised to see each other but as to what relations they have, it hasn’t been revealed yet so looking forward to what will happen. Yea, it’s practically “bring on the drama, Tora” for me. lol xD;

    As for next episode, hmmm. I think it’s based on that sort of special parody chapter? I don’t know. I only read the first few pages and skipped it since it had nothing to do with the main plot and just there for lulz. :/

    K. Awesome review as always, Kyo-chan! Lookini’ forward to the next one! ~.^

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh, I so know he’ll be back after that last scene with him overly interested in her. Though, I do like his moe fang and some competition for Usui is never bad! Imagine him going, “I’ll be back, baby!” Can’t really pull it off though. >.>

      At least there’s some improvement in the whole I-hate-men thing. The credit sure goes to Usui who is determined in letting her know his feelings along with continuously working on her trust issues. He makes me into a mushy fangirl with his antics! :love:

      You have a point there about Usui and Tora, as we know zilch about Usui and his background, he could even be an ex-Miyabigaoka or know each other from distant relations. Ah well, I’m just speculating.

      You are right about the theme of the current episode, as I haven’t still read the manga, this was the best I could imagine. I still have to catch up on a lot of pending episodes, Orz!

      Arigatou! Readers like you keep me going~! *hands out special cookie*

  7. Dan-go says:

    quote yukimura “Sorry i’ve been ash for the last week” BAHAHHAHAHAHA

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