Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 07

Too many Presidents, don’t you think? Introducing Igarashi Tora of Miyabigaoki Academy

So, the confession is out of the bag in previous episode and the next step should be for Misaki to accept that there’s definitely something there with Usui. However, who would have thought that he would do this:

Just to make the lady he likes at ease around him? Usui, nandedayo~

Poor Yukimura: It’s not for sampling new territories but tsk.

All of this started at the spectacles day in Maid Latte. Misaki was a bit distracted with what happened with Usui and his confession. Before she could continue with her thinking the real-deal visits her all wrapped in bandages. She pushes him away when he tells her that he wanted to see her in Maid uniform as soon as possible (he has such a fetish for this!). A dark look passes his face after she leaves while stewing in her own emotions.

She gets a call from Sakura that a fight has broken out between the boys of Miyabigaoki Academy (with a high celebrity and rich quotient) and Seika High. The reason of brawl is unknown but the Miyabigaokians want an official apology. Misaki compels Seika boys to do just that but they refuse and leave.

This is just one part of Misaki’s stress + Usui’s confession + Usui’s image change as a sexual harassers = something snaps in Misaki’s head and she comes to reason that Usui’s confession was just a sham and she should not waste time in trivial things. *insert a big sigh here*

However, Usui being himself (as expected of him), he tags along Misaki and the captured boys to visit Miyabigaoki Academy for the official apology. Of course, Misaki’s doing this for the betterment of school’s reputation but hearing how the boys were bullied for being too poor to even window shop for chess board, she makes another plan. When the four-eyes smugly asks for an apology from the penniless fools, Misaki snaps and goes on a tirade about how they induced the Seika boys to act violently from these degrading comments.

Four-eyes sweats seeing Misaki crunching her fists (being the delicate he, it’s evident that he’s a wuss) and challenges them to a chess match instead to save face. According to him how can little flies win a sophisticated match of chess? Oh, how wrong he’s proven.

Usui steps up to play and stares with his typical deadpan looks (Dakara?), when told that four-eyes came fourth in the national championship. This made me ROTFL.

He simply states that if he won, they have to agree that their Pres is like a butterfly than a fly. Ah, love~!

Usui makes the four-eyes sweat like a pig with tactical moves and a speedy checkmate.

On the way back, the boys laugh their guts off and thank Usui and Misaki for their hard work. Misaki zones out Usui, thinking about Miyabigaoki troubles rather than his swipe at she troubling him. On the other hand, four-eyes go to plead with the Students Council president of Miyabigaoki to get some vengeance only to be thrown water on his face completing his shameful-day.

The President (belonging to the famous Igarashi family) visits Seika High to apologize in favor of four-eyes. He sweet talks Misaki into believing that due to her forgiveness four-eyes would not be expelled from school. He also sees a live example of the demon-Misaki who would beat up anyone breaking school rules. He offers her a position in the Miyabigaoki Students Council and asks her to transfer presenting a flowery picture of scholarship specially made for her and many added perks.

Misaki is quite speechless after being praised like that while Usui simply stares on not showing emotions.

Ugh, run Misaki, disinfect your hand now!

After all the drama, the real bad boy is revealed in Tora. I’m not surprised at all.

It’s ‘Ladies day’ at Maid latte the next day so all the maids cosplay as waiters. Aww, the faithful fans of Misaki don’t get to see all the fun.

Genderbending suites them for sure!

This whole scenario reminds me of Ouran Host Club. Misaki does resemble Haruhi.

Misaki’s on seventh heaven with so many girls falling for her. She waltzes into the kitchen full of herself and declaring that if all guys were considerate and gentlemanly like her she would not hate them so much.

Usui tries to be funny while asking if it was him? Getting a no, he further asks is it Igarashi, which is deflected by Misaki.

I totally aww’d over Usui’s sad face!

The fawning girls have a perverted discussion about Misaki-kun being seme or uke. In the changing room Usui asks if he should teach her about it? Seeing him strip for changing clothes and getting close, Misaki blushes, making him conclude that she’s definitely a girl.

She tells him to stop confusing her already. She has had it with his teasing. I was amazed that Usui didn’t do a comeback when I know he’s always filled with such lines. This scene was more than lacking.

The episode ends ominously with Tora finding out about Misaki working in Maid Latte. He has an amusing welcoming plan for her. Oh boy!

End Thoughts: So, it’s time for plot twists after the last lovey-dovey episode. Of course, how can things go smoothly in Shoujo? There has to be some misunderstanding regarding a confession when made early in the series. Though, I think both the parties are at fault here.

Usui’s quite straight forward but he sure does some stupid things to make Misaki at ease. Kissing Yukimura, like seriously? He did earn some graces beating four-eyes in chess but Misaki being her clueless self needs consistency in understand things rather than a back and forth between being a tease and frank.

Looks like Misaki still needs time to process people’s intentions. Tora sure looks sincere with his long-winded speech about how great she is versus the ever-teasing Usui. I sure hope she has the sense to recognize the honesty of Usui versus Tora’s hypocrisy.

It seems the plot is going under and all depends on how Misaki reacts to Usui’s feelings and Tora’s double standards.

Preview shows more interaction with Tora and talks about transferring schools and a very brooding Usui.


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7 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 07”

  1. Flags says:

    First of all, Tora’s moe fang is sugoku kawaii ne? Secondly, Usui is mai waifu so I would appreciate if you wouldn’t call his sad speechlessness lacking :sad6
    Also, Yukimura’s first kiss was stolen, and censored………..poor kid……….

    • nagi says:

      i must agree with Tora’s moe fang! ahh~

      • Kyokai says:

        @ Flags, Hai Hai! They showed up everywhere, even on his chibi self.

        Hahaa! You know I love Usui, right? I was looking for a comeback but sure speechlessness works too sometimes. ^^; Misaki hit him hard! >.<

        Poor Yukimura though! Tsk!

        @ nagi, kawaai indeed! :laugh2

  2. Xiao says:

    Poor Yukimura indeed. Poor, poor Yukimura. |D;

    lol, totally loved it when Usui told the dumb chess guy to call his Prez a butterfly if he won. That just earned some major :laugh2 here. xDDD

    And of course, reverse trap!Misaki was a real treat…because if you think in that context, Usui is the seme through and through. LOLOLOL

    Haha…haaa. Well, anyways, I think Usui did all those silly things because his confession was really bothering Misaki so much that she couldn’t function right. I mean, yea, she never can when she’s around him but more so than normal. And at the same time, since she’s so embarrassed, she doesn’t want to even stand near him which distances them away from each other and makes Usui feel sad and lonely so he just does what he feels he has to do to bring things back to normal.
    I think it’s okay this way, even if Usui gets the unfair end of the bargain for all his troubles. It’s clear that Misaki has feelings for him, she’s just not ready to accept them yet. And good romances take time so patience~, m’dear. ^^

    On Tora, he’s such a two-faced playboy bastard. Seeing the REJECTED! sign thrown at him by Misaki will be quite cool since aha~, guess your money and your charms don’t work on every woman after all. :ohohoho:

    • Kyokai says:

      Usui is such an awesome character! I think if it weren’t for him I would have quit on maid-sama ages ago! A tsundere can’t shoulder a show alone, ne~? XD

      I also agree, Usui is such a seme! :15: And he genuinely loves Misaki to a level she isn’t even aware of. I know good things come to those who wait so yea~ patience for development! <.<

      Tora's moe fangs were kawai~ though, it was awesome seeing him dumbfounded by Misaki’s retort. You go girl! ^^;

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  4. Liablebibly says:

    That was a really interesting post, I enjoyed reading it. You are dead right!

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