Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 04

Presenting the net idol, Aoi-chan/kun (take your pick)

Just like last week, the uproar starts at Maid Latte when Aoi-chan, a net idol shows up at the café – very popular with the crowd who flutter all around her.

It appears that she is Manager’s niece (junior high student), who wants a job at the café to her chagrin. Disowned by her brother, Aoi-chan wants to stay with her aunt.

Misaki tells Aoi-chan to not wear the maid uniform because its only for employees. She treats her like normally, which she doesn’t like at all.

She becomes prone to Usui pheromone when he arrives as if returning home, “Tadaima, Misa-chan!” :love:

While Aoi-chan fawns over getting such a high-level guy for herself, Manager get to know that the cook has quit and they are out of options.

Usui comes in time to save the day and passes the test of cooking by cooking café special moe moe omelet rice.

Kickass egg breaking technique!

Man, I feel hungry after seeing this! The sequence of starry eyed females watching a male cook was giggle worthy indeed.

Aoi slinks around Usui but to no avail. Even the next day, on offering to sit together in the café, he refuses, deadpan looks in place.

Aoi sees Misaki changing and is appalled at her clothing that is not feminine at all. She can’t really figure out how she got Usui interested in herself.

She corners Usui in the locker room, trying to seduce him. Usui, cornered, needles Aoi of her immatureness of not actually knowing the meaning of what she’s doing.

Misaki walks in on them and punches Usui away and slaps Aoi to come back to her senses.

While Misaki lectures, it’s finally revealed that Aoi is really a boy – HUH?! Now liking cute things and being laughed at seems quite plausible. Everyone is quite shocked (I’m reminded of Seiko from Lovely Complex).

Anyway, Usui maintains his deadpan expression but he too was aware of Aoi’s true identity from the beginning. They are not quite surprised by him dressing like a girl (poor otoko’s who fawn over him). He wears the wig again and goes back into the cute character of Aoi-chan.

Btw, these idiots keep on showing up for some more Misaki love at Maid Latte.

The next day, while Misaki is leaving for home, Aoi arrives in his school clothes to borrow some throw-away dresses from his aunt. Who in turn becomes doe-eyed looking at his changed appearance.

Looking at the bad clothes Misaki is wearing he takes her for finding out clothes that are feminine and suit her. On the way, he figures out why Misaki is not fashion conscious because she saves money with super-cheap clothes.

While eating croquettes on a park bench, Aoi opens up about his difficulties and how people laugh at him for liking cute things. Misaki quite abashedly tells him that she likes him the way he is.

On the way back, it’s raining and Misaki shows her kickassness by stopping a purse-snatcher. Aoi-kun is quite aghast yet fascinated with Misaki.

She apologizes to him for not being aware her male characteristics of meddling head-on rather than being cute.

Aoi swears that he won’t acknowledge someone who dresses so badly. Very soon she would be ditched if she keeps this up. Misaki is quite clueless, by whom? (facepalm) Usui Takumi, who else? Naah, he’s just playing; he’s an alien. No Misaki, he’s not. :sigh

After a few days, Aoi-chan visits Maid Latte to gift a dress that he made for her as promised. Everyone stares on at the cute image of Misaki while she flabbergasts nonstop.

Last line would always be Usui’s at the expense of Misaki’s embarrassment:

Conclusion: Another cute episode. In a way, a very typical character introduction of Aoi-chan in case of shoujo: identity crisis fe/male. In the beginning Aoi gave a very narcissist aura but that changed to a shroud of cuteness below which he hid his identity crisis. He definitely can be good friends with Misaki.

Misaki’s different face expressions keep me going while Usui’s antics keep the fangirl in me happy. I’m grateful that I didn’t go too deep into the manga that’s why I enjoy the development rather than resenting character designs or even story development.  I like how things are going and would keep watching it as a light and funny shoujo series.


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4 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 04”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    Do you think Misaki is dumb enough to believe Usui is just playing her, or do you think she is just afraid to admit to herself that he really likes her?

    One of the things I like about this show is how straightforward Usui is. He really cracks me up.

  2. Xiao says:

    At first I wasn’t completely sold on how they handle Aoi’s introduction since I read his part in the manga a way long time ago. Which is a good thing cuz the less I remember, the less I’m critical over details. lol ^^;

    But anyways, as it move towards the end of the ep, I couldn’t be happier that they mostly resolved his arrogance in a short amount of time. I probably wouldn’t stand it if it stretched out any longer.
    That being said, he’s pretty much one of the best characters in the series since he’s not afraid to speak his mind and one of the only few who helps Misaki’s relationship with Usui progress thanks to that sharp bluntness of his.

    And his obsession for cute, feminine things is so cute. <3

  3. Kyokai says:

    @Joojoobees-kun, I don’t think Misaki is dumb, she just has this protective shell around her for everyone. Due to the childhood trauma of her father leaving them, she has problems letting others come close to her.

    Totally love Usui! He’s giving his all to make her understand his feelings, playfully and seriously. His deadpan looks always crack me up. XD

    @ Xiao-chan, I simply loved Aoi’s character! The sheer boldness of him to do whatever he wants because he is just that way. It was a big WHAT for me when I found out she is a he but the way it was presented, me liked! Dunno how many episodes this series would stretch but I would definitely go to manga if they left out important stuff.

  4. anita mindun says:

    i hate misaki………………..

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