Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku OVA


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9 Responses to “Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku OVA”

  1. Iggy says:

    Ooooooh……where can I download this….?? O____O

  2. AOKO says:

    wow Finally THE OVA !!
    Even though i like shounen-ai more, but i think i’m gonna watch this!!!

  3. issa-sa says:

    Just watched it, and well… honestly it felt so recycled from all the other yaoi OVAs out there already that the only thing that makes this one stand out is that it seemed like it really wasn’t bothering to stand out. (I started yawning within the first few minutes and went “Oh, stop wasting my time with this haphazardly series of cliches and bring on the smut already”) At least I laughed at the Giant Chin of Maiden Rose, but this one was just *nyeh*

  4. *nina-chan* says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! hearing about this just made my day!! :kyaa2:

  5. ladydeathh says:

    super cool anime. i like it. :kyaa2: it is very beautiful.

  6. Suzu-kun says:

    there IS a manga, i think you can dl it on mangatraders

    and yess this was wayy better than Maiden Rose eww >.> and so cutee too!

  7. madelyn says:

    wow so cute!!!

  8. Chirowae-san says:

    OMG ummm… [*Starts Sweating*] Its BoyxBoy… um Wow…Those pictures gave me a nose bleed :nosebleeds: . If Their Very Passionate About Each Other Then Thats Really Interesting :love: … but still im curious ❓

  9. potato-chan says:

    i really wanna know who the molester is though, im suspecting akutsu hmm

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