First Look: Durarara!!


…Or “DRRR!!”. I’m already looking forward to it this Winter season~

At first look, it totally gave me Devil Summoner vibes with the look. This one is from the creators of Baccano!, which is a really consistently awesome show all through out, and one of top 20 favorite anime like ever. So that reason alone makes it an instant watch for me ^__^.

You might want to take a look at the seiyuu ensemble:

Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Mikado Ryūgamine


He looks like your regular guy protagonist who gets stuck with some crazy events. All I know about his seiyuu is that he voiced Sentarou from Jigoku Shoujo III so it seems like our lead guy is a quiet type?


Mamoru Miyano as Masaomi Kida


He looks so cool!!! Plus Miyano Mamoru-voiced character is auto win!!! He seems like he’ll bring up fun in the show~


Kana Hanazawa as Anri Sonohara


I can see a little bit of Kobato and Sengoku (same hair btw, lol) innocence in her. Lol, but I hope she’ll turn out to be an awesome female lead ^^.


Hiroshi Kamiya as Izaya Orihara


OMFG!!! HE IS LOVE *AAA* He’s frikken awesome at the trailer!! Plus ugh @ smexy Kamiyan voicing him~ Why am I drooling already?! xD


Daisuke Ono as Shizuo Heiwajima


So much more +GAR points for OnoD voicing another character that seems so kickass awesome~~


Jun Fukuyama as Shinra Kishitani


Fabulous-crazy-weirdo?…. Sooooo Fukuyama Jun xDDD. Looking forward to this character because he definitely looks awesome ^^.


Other seiyuus:

Ayahi Takagaki as Erika Karisawa
Kazuma Horie
as Seiji Yagiri
Sanae Kobayashi
as Namie Yagiri
Takaya Kuroda
as Simon
Yuuichi Nakamura
as Kyōhei Kadota
Yuuki Kaji as Walker Yumasaki

Ayahi Takagahi and Kana Hanazawa on the female cast? Not to mention my favorite male seiyuus piled up such as OnoD Kamiyan, FukuJun, Mamo-kun and Yuu-kun?? xD I’M ALREADY SOLD just by this one. Cool cast already.

More info ~ANN~: Show ▼

>> Official Website




Oooooh~!!! The music is freaking smexy~ Not to mention the overall trailer is really fine. Bwahahaha!!! So awesome already, I can’t wait! Seems like this is the show where I’m gonna love all the male charas xD. Everyone definitely looks interesting, and the animation is alright ^^.

Catch DRRR!! this January 2010.


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19 Responses to “First Look: Durarara!!”

  1. I made a similar entry but I didn’t know about the additional seiyuus during that time (NAKAMURA YUUICHI!!! YESSS!!!!)

    I got a little spoiled on this . . . like I had been with Baccano . . . and this is giving me Baccano nostalgia . . . I am very SURE this one’s going to be epic as well! I CAN’T WAIT CAN’T WAIT!!!!! xD

  2. fenixdown110 says:

    Wow. I’m looking forward to this too. Jazz. I like. :thumb:

  3. Kiseki says:

    Ooh, the guy who voiced Shouichi huh (and at this crucial moment, I forget what he sounds like).

    It looks awesome.

  4. kirapika says:

    Durarara I’m so reminded by Ararararararagi looks interesting, judging by the PV. >:3 Ahh yes, anyone voiced by Miyano Mamoru is an instant LOVE. (And he looks so cool too ^^)

    Definitely checking it out this Winter~

  5. Daywish says:

    Interesting. Looks very Persona (3/4)-like.
    Definite +++++++ for seiyuu’s (now that I’ve looked them up ^^.

  6. LuluChan92 says:

    Daisuke Ono + Yuuichi Nakamura = PURE WIN!!! ()Sorry, but I totally LOVE these two seiyuu!) *fangirling mode*

    OK, seriously now. This anime seems to be a kickass production (and just when I thought Winter Season was a piece of trash!), so I have high hopes for it. See ya!

  7. Yukiko says:

    WOW. So, when I first saw the art I thought “Yozakura Quartet, nya?” but then I saw Baccano and almost had heart failure. Baccano is by far one of the BEST animes I have ever watched, so now I am definitely going to watch this. Thanks SO MUCH for the update~~~

  8. mefloraine says:

    Durarara and Devil Summoner have artwork by the same person (the one who did Yozakura Quartet: Suzuhito Yasuda).
    And wow, Anri Sonohara looks just like Touka Kishi from Yozakura. I love Suzuhito, but he might want to consider changing some of his character designs in the future.

  9. mikumin says:

    The seiyuu list is absolute love! It’s my main reason for wanting to watch this.

    I haven’t seen Baccano! yet, but I heard that it’s quite good so I have high expectations for DRRR!! Can’t wait~

  10. Xiao says:


    I was pretty much already sold on watching this (still not done with Baccano! but it’s pretty good so far) and then I see the seiyuu list and literally melted into a puddle of fangirl ecstasy…OMFG, I’m invisioning Ocean 11 seiyuu-style! *demented fangirl* :kyaa: MAMO-KUN~! OnoD! KAMIYAN~! And kyaa, Junie~! :kyaa2:
    And of course, my lovely Kana-san~! <333 (lol, yea, Anri looks very Sengoku, hahaha XDD)

    Anime-wise, the character designs makes me :blush2: yaoi jackpot galore = pretty much guaranteed, haha and trailer looks extremely promising. I mean, how often you get to slam a guy’s head into a pillar with your front motorcycle wheel (not to mention random-flying/colliding refridgerators~ 😆 ).

    Yep, can’t wait. Thanks for the first look. ^^

  11. Shadow says:

    Thanks for pointing this show out. It looked interesting at first glance, but the trailer has really made it jump to the top of my list for winter. I expect great things from this show with the Baccano team behind it and the Spice and Wolf II studio in tow. The show already looks action and intrigue packed, despite the disparity in female protagonists.

  12. rainbow says:

    i can smell gore nice action

  13. Jamie says:

    Wow….Really cool I look forward to watching :thumb:

  14. foomafoo says:

    I definitely saw Horo <3. Haha. Another Guns and Roses type of OP i presume.

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  16. ShyBlueAngel says:

    Considering the fact that this is from the same studio of Spice and Wolf II, the art and animations, not to mention to CAST (lots of my favorite seiyuus are there), this is totally going on my to-watch list. Music is HAWT too. 😀

  17. Keito says:

    this is a great show! And I love the music so much.

  18. Jon says:

    What is the name of the song in the trailer?

  19. Judy says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you still had the Durarara!! pictures because I can’t seem to view them.

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