Kobato. – 02


Kobato Dance is lul.


I’m totally loving this series so much because it serves as my lulz fix (in a good way, not in a Miracle Train way). Everytime I watch this, it always leaves off a light feeling, and this episode also didn’t fail to give me a few laughs and giggles again, while it still maintains mystery and little dark tones just waiting in the corner to surprise us soon. *Ooooh~*

Ok, so it’s already the second episode of Kobato and we all continue with Kobato being… uh, Dobato xDD. Just like the first episode, we have Kobato doing very random dumbness again, get fooled easily by humans because of her innocence, and gets toasted by Ioryogi again because of her naiveity. Ok, so it’s like the first episode’s pattern, to put it basically. Even this one:


SECOND ENCOUNTER OF SHIPPING DESTINY #2!!!!!!! I just love it when potentially shippable characters get bumped, and I loved it even more when potentially shippable characters got bumped twice. Ok, so this time, since Kobato wants to thank him up close, she tries to follow him and ends up in a nursery school.


Meet Sayaka. She’s the one in charge in the nursery school. She’s already kind and motherly at first sight ^^. Well, she is xD.


OMG KOBATO MOOOOOOOOOOOE!!! Ugh, who wouldn’t reject if someone makes that face to you, right?! Kobato wins so much in many things~ Now she’ll start to help in the nursery school!!


KIDS!!! How I hate ’em. SO CUUUUTE~!!!

But you know what’s cuter than nursery kids?


A grumpy man in glasses getting pulled by a nursery kid :3

Seems like Kobato and Fuji-san always end up in the same places~


And lol @ how these two deny when Sayaka aked if they already knew each other. So cute and funny xD. The more these two hate each other, the more I wanna tease them both :P.


Let’s do the Kobato dance, everyone~!! *starts looking like an idiot* xDD

Kobato’s dance is hilarious~ and cute!! xD. Ok, it’s forgivable since she has no knowledge anyway about how humans dance so… lol.


Also, at the same time, it seems like Kobato looks at Fujimoto as her competition already. Quite funny because going back to CCS, Sakura and Syaoran are also both people who compete against each other and they both hate each other~ xD. Can I say that I can see where this is going~?


Lol. Kobato finally realizes that her bag is missing, and Ioryogi too. Tsk tsk, you’re dead honey xP.


Booo! Fuji-tan’s a jerk. Ok, I’ll call him Fuji-tan because I find it cute and contrasting to his srs bsns emo facade xP. He really needs to get healed. And by healed I mean get a pair of scissors and cut THAT PONY HAIR. Ugh I don’t hate it, but everytime I see the ponytail I find it funny and I want to just cut it xDDD.

Ok seriously now, it’s pretty obvious that Fuji-tan needs to get healed, but like what Kobato realized, there are people who wants to get healed, and there are people who won’t yet. So let’s see how this goes. We get on with more Ioryogi for now…


Nuuuu~ Poor Kobato is getting scold hard by a plush dog…

But do you know what’s worse than this?


Getting scold by a plush dog with a huge mouth that could fit you in.

But do you know what’s waaay scarier?


Getting scold by a plush dog with a huge mouth that could fit you in AND can breathe fire to toast you. Poor Kobato~


So the person Kobato heals in this episode is the nursery kid a while ago that seems to have a work-aholic mother that can’t spend much time with him ever since she had been divorced. The kid is very defensive of him mom though, since he’s been hearing what the other mothers talk about her. Well, even though I believe Kobato can’t even understand half the shit the kid said, she applaud his mom and they hug. D’aww~ touching moment.


YAAAY~!!! So Kobato finally had her very first err, candy… thingy… in the bottle. *claps*. Ok, you still have 23 more episodes to fill that up 😛


I definitely enjoyed the episode as usual. Kobato is definitely enjoyable. Which is really weird because I typically hate dumb characters… Kobato is, I guess, quite different. She’s definitely special. Ioryogi also makes this show too~ Though I think his fire breathing might get old though so he better think of something else to keep his awesomeness up. As for the other two characters, Fuji-tan needs more love while Sayaka needs more vitamin E.

I would definitely want for Kobato to move now, and I guess it’ll happen next episode since apartments are shown in the preview. I just feel sad for her living on a playground to be very honest T_T. She can’t stay that for so long, and she needs an actual closet to stuff with all those clothes xD. And speaking of clothes, NEW CLOTHES NEXT EP OMG!!!

Overall, it’s still heartwarming and cute. It’s really a fun watch for the comedy antics Kobato and Ioryogi does, but like what I said earlier, it still maintains the mystery like Fuji-tan’s scarred heart, and most of all, Kobato herself. She’s definitely the biggest question in the entire series. But I guess answers would be given yet, since it’s CLAMP, so expect a long ride ^^.

>> More Screencaps @ Komatome

And another note, you may have heard about this but new cast additions had been announced (too lazy to link~ just search the seiyuus on ANN):

Ginsei: Daisuke Namikawa
Genko: Rikiya Koyama
Zuishou: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Shuuichirou Kudou: Ken Narita


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7 Responses to “Kobato. – 02”

  1. Kiseki says:

    …I should watch this soon. Kobato is so cute! <3

    Ginsei is voiced by Namikawa Daisuke? He better sound like Vongola Primo or else I'm going to draw him with an erogenous zone. (In which I shall do to Kazehaya now.)

  2. Lea says:

    Kobato makes me feel so happy. ;3; Seeing Fujioka this much already is great though lol.

    I’m totally for the Fuji-tan x Dobato ship. :’DDD

  3. Cinnamon says:

    Totally cute! I find this series ‘safe’ & fluffy but I don’t want it to turn into some miraculous supernaturnal story.

  4. Reika says:

    I totally forgot about this xD *to busy watching KnT*
    NamiDai is like, in everything xD not complaining, tought, I never get tired of his voice~
    I wish CLAMP will hurry up and continue the Kobato manga ._. is not fun waiting a month or something for a chapter with only 15 pages T.T

  5. Kitsune says:

    I loved the first episode, but was somewhat cautiously optimistic because I didn’t know how things will go once she is somewhat settled. Well, I just loved the second episode, especially the end, and will continue blogging about this anime regularly 😀

  6. sumant says:

    This post has really captured my attention, it’s quite informative too. What really caught my fascination is that the post has been really done in an interesting manner, something i was really looking for. Thank you very much.

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