Where are the unicorns and princesses?!


OP1:Snow fairy” by FUNKIST

Generic shounen animu OP is generic. I swear I’m gonna close my eyes and I would have mistaken this for Naruto. Blech. Also, if I wouldn’t go double-check on ANN about the OP title, I would have put in “Oh Yeah~!” in it because that’s all I heard in the chorus. The animation sequence was pretty nice though, but overall it’s passable.


ED1:Kanpekigu~no ne (完璧ぐ~のね)” by Watarirouka Hoshiri Tai

I kinda like this one. It’s hyper-active, cutesy, and fun~ I’m a sucker for chibis so this ED made it auto-win already. I don’t mind the song much, it actually gave a little shoujo feel about it tbh. But what matter most are the chibi cuteness overload ^^.


They look like one lulzy happy chibi family, right?! xDD

Going over with the impressions… I don’t really know. It was kind of average, I guess? I’m not really expecting anything from it aside from great animation since A-1 and Satelight are behind this. The bad thing is, the animation disappointed me, in a sense that they could have done better. Which sucks because I had expected so much from it.

I won’t comment about how loyal this is going to be in the manga because I’m trying my best to restrain myself from comparing, and we ALL know the manga is always better when it’s the original source material anyway~. Btw, I also gave up on the manga back then. About how long I’ll last in the anime, that’s the thing since mainstream shounen anime I’m watching lately is only Hitman Reborn, I gave up and got sick of the few others.

What I’m happy about though is of course seeing Natsu and Lucy animated, and the other characters as well soon ^^. I heard Hirano Aya’s voice as Lucy on the trailer first and I got annoyed and start to have my worries. But after watching this one, I MIRACULOUSLY don’t have anything bad to say at all to be honest. Probably I’ll grow on that more and more with how she uses her Haruhi-voice on Lucy. The thing that made me laughed so hard is Happy’s voice (Rie Kugimiya) because Taiga always enter my mind hearing Happy xDD. Everyone seems alright. Aquarius, the one Lucy summoned, has a very DIVA attitude she’s awesome xDD. Natsu is awesome so far as well, being the male lead.

So yeah, everything else makes me want to stick with it for a few more episodes. Like GRAY, of course. I love his smexy beast-ness and resemblance to Musica from Rave (same creator). I think I shall declare Gray-service with all the scenes he’ll be going topless, and that would be a lot xD. I’m also very excited to hear Sayaka Ohara as Erza, which is another fierce character to add in her character roles already. And oh about my shipping, NatsuxLucy or GrayxLucy is fine either way~ xDD.


Summing it all up, it could have been tons more better. If this would be below the 26-episode count, then I might stick with it until the end, but if not, then no thanks. Knowing that it has the word “Satelight” behind it, I won’t be surprised if fillers after fillers would be stacked in this show. I’m still watching a few more episodes until I get contented with my Gray, Erza, Natsu and Lucy fun fix.

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7 Responses to “FAIRY TAIL – 01”

  1. Kiseki says:

    I’m pretty sure the beginning had Sieg talking with the Magic Council (whatever it’s called) about Fairy Tail.


    Best thing to look forward to = Gray’s unconscious stripping.

  2. I WANT GRAY NOW!!!!!!!!!! xD ALSO ERZA-SAMA!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tara says:

    Yay, was looking forwards to this one and it certainly didn’t disappoint me. Of course there are always things that could be better, but so far so good ^^
    *sits and waits for gray to appear* OwO

  4. Lea says:

    I liked it a lot actually. It wasn’t great, you know, and the manga will always be better, but it was pretty decent. And it seems like it’ll be fun to watch. :’DDD
    Aya Hirano did a pretty good job. Hearing Tetsuya Kakihara makes me think of Fujioka too much but he’s still pretty good as portraying Natsu too. <333
    But I really want to hear Gray now. And Erza. ;3;
    … For me, I'm a bit more biased to GrayxLucy lol.

  5. Wind says:

    WHERE IS ERZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Starry says:

    Natsu voice sounds pretty awesome. 😀

  7. Kaze says:

    i have high hopes for this anime … the manga is super interesting so i hope this becomes a long running series like one piece, bleach, and naruto.

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