Umineko no Naku Koro ni: II-III


Happy Harroween!


Gotta greet Maria a Happy Halloween first. It seems like there’s a huge trick-or-treat surprise for everyone.


And look~! It’s her relatives with their stomachs cut open and stuffed with candies all over them! TRICK or TREAT~!!

Booo~~ At the censorship though.. But I guess DEEN’s trying to make moneyz out of their DVDs so they put them up in television. Oh well~ :/ But I still gotta love how the killer makes this murder so creative. I thought at first that they were gonna repeat the same style of killings just like the first cycle but it’s not. Yay~


And can’t you see how Bea~to~riche-sama just does the business in a very sweet way?? Literally.


And every time she makes an entrance, it just says one thing:

“BITCH PLEASE. The QUEEN WITCH is here and you’re so dead in a snap.”

Okay, enough with the worshipping (will go back to that later asap) because it’s time for…


Inb4someonecomplainsaboutthe’shoujo’thing. Well, Mr. Furniture has a female seiyuu anyway… And that’s why I would LOVE to have a Yu Kobayashi x Marina Inoue yuri animu soon~~ *SHOT*.

Well look Mr. Furniture having some sort of shiny-red-blade-thingy~ And he’s bound to protect Jess! Kyaaaa!!!


Epic shot is epic. Gotta love this. You know what? Jessica and Mr. Furniture could have their very own spin-off show about them fighting all these magical goat-looking freaks. But I guess Beato-sama wouldn’t approve because the whole Umineko thing is hers so~


I enjoy the fight scene, I gotta admit that. It came off a bit shounen-ish though, but heck, at least Mr. Furniture shows off his inner-GAR-ness <33. Yes Furniture go! GO! GO!!


But Beatrice suddenly summons One of the Stakes of the Purgatory, Asmodeus (sin of Lust) to conduct the second Twilight.

You’re probably aware that Asmodeus’ seiyuu is Aki Toyosaki, who is known as Yui on K-ON! Not digging Asmo’s voice so much because I find it so high-pitched. I know she’s the youngest sister of the Seven stakes but I would have expected a more flirtier voice since she’s portraying ‘lust’. I love Asmo’s character design though (twintails FTW), and as well as her personality.


Asmo attacks Furniture but Jessica takes the stake instead.


NUUUUUU!!! Our oujo-sama is dead already T_T.


Kanon still has no escape from the clutches of death and Beato’s awesomeness because this time, she summons one more Stake, this time it’s Satan (sin of Wrath).

Now this is LOVE. Gotta love Satan’s elegant character design and her voice as well. No, not because she voices Mio (K-ON!) but I guess Yoko Hikasa does a very sultry voice on her. Nice to see a really different voice variety from her. I hope Yoko Hikasa will get more major roles soon though T_T.

And LOL @ K-ON! girls moving in here. I won’t be surprise if we’ll be seeing Asmo and Satan fanarts playing guitars xDDD.


Gotta love how she spins too. Girl is a natural-born acrobat.


Awwww~ Tragic but romantic death for these two T ^ T. They’re reaching each others’ hands!! T_T.


BAWWWWWWWW these two slowly realizes TEH LOVE!!! T___T




:baww: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!!!!!111 :baww2:

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And Beatrice-sama’s like, smoking fiercely and the depression about Kanon and Jessica’s death only lasted a second because I’m back to the Beato-fierceness worshipping mode xP. OMG BEATO, Y SO FIERCE?! *AAA*


And on to more fierceness, we get to have another thing to take note of in this series, everything Beatrice says in red text will be the truth, or what definitely happened. It’s like, very reliable on this game because it serves as real hints in here.

Here’s what’s proven true/real so far… Bear with the red text~ I’m having fun using it XDD:

  • Everytime Beatrice speaks of the truth, it appears in red text.
  • The six people who entered the chapel definitely entered the door, whether if they are living or dead.
  • There’s only ONE key to the chapel that exists.
  • You can’t lock or unlock the door to the chapel without its key.
  • Beatrice entrusted Maria the chapel key, which was inside the envelope she gave her.


Awesome Phoenix Wright “Objection!” Battler pose~

But since he still doesn’t believe in magic, etc, and doesn’t worship Beato-sama’s awesomeness like we all do, then he’ll just stay losing and losing to her.


Looks like Rose will replace Natsuhi this time being the shotgun mother of this arc. I hope she shoots up Maria. Pretty please~?


Umineko may not be (and won’t be ;P) the best of the season but it does keep me more and more interested on it ^^. I find the Seven Stakes idea to be definitely awesome and I wonder if the sins named after them have something to do with the deaths. Like Asmo for Kanon and Jessica with the sin of Lust, as well as Satan for Kanon because Kanon’s definitely in rage now after Jessica’s death, as well in EP1 when he does the raeg speech as well. Take note that Satan killed Kanon twice now. But yeah, I’m glad this show is just boiling more and more ^^.

Gotta love the meta scene so much. This is where all the mindf*ck’s happening. Those I won’t really bother to think much about it because I have studies to take more seriously than this one ;P. But I gotta love how Battler stands up for himself, and Beatrice’s is just amazing~ Her psycho faces aren’t all that annoying unlik Maria’s. Maria needs to learn from the pro.

Anyway, everytime there’s red text, it’ll be red text in here. Oooh~ It does!! XD *gets sidetack* Lemme try it again, red text sample~!! OMG It’s working!! Haha~ *gets distracted forever* LOL. But to be really honest, they could have made it look better. But at least it’s not SHAFT-esque or just putting up flashing stills for us stare at O.O lol

It felt quite extended though, but I still appreciate on how they made Mr. Furniture’s fight with the goat freaks the highlight of the episode. Vey very awesome~ But we must know the reason why this Furniture has that… thingy. Chaos;Head meets mahou shounen much? XD. And I wonder when will Shannon show hers too. Anyway, I love him so much for ending all his furniture dorama finally… But then, he’s dead there. So is the budget for the show… Looks like they blew it all in here xDD.

I enjoyed this episode so much. Looking forward to next ^^.

Next Episode Preview: II-IV – skewer


Canned food. Yeah~

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7 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni: II-III”

  1. mikan-sakura says:

    Happy Halloween Maria! Go and eat those candies! XD HAHAHA EW

    LOL Mahou Shoujo Kanon :XD:
    Love the animation scene in there. Maybe they really did blew off the budget in that scene cuz the animation on the other parts are quite meh. Here we go again with Maria’s faces, DEEN.

    Yay for the Stakes!!! Love Satan as well~ I like Asmo if weren’t for that high pitched voice though, but I guess it’s no big deal ^^.

    :baww2: :baww2: :baww2: @ Jessica and Kanon’s sweet death…
    I guess they’ll be taking chances now on the next arc since there’s an improvemnt with their characters, mot specially Kanon. Hopefully his furniture emo whine would be over.

    And yeah the red text thing is a cool addition. Well, Battler only has to bow over Beato’s awesomeness and wear a slave choker and serve his master for this to end right? Come on, Batty~ Let us ship! xD

    Awesome episode again, with your awesome gifs to match ^.^! Thanks for the post!

  2. maya-nee says:

    Mahou Shoujo Kanon :15: :XD:

    Love the Satan Spin.gif :XD: :XD:

    Well at least they put some effort on the battle scene, but still screw you DEEN! Meta scene here is also important! 😡

    Show ▼

  3. fye says:

    I agree that the Meta scene could’ve been better than that, but knowing Studio DEEN, they aren’t that artistic at all so..

    But gotta love the Kanon fight scene. Lol they really did blew the budget away with that XD.

    Love the stakes. Can’t wait for Ui to show up as well too xD. Satan’s voice is awesome.

  4. animehalf says:

    Aw, I love Kanon and Jess… ehem. lol @ Mahou Shoujo Kanon :cheer: *imagines him in a Sailor Moon outfit* :ehh:
    The fight was great. Haha, see you in two weeks! xD Battler, hurry up and surrender because I wanna go into ship mode NAO~!!!!!!

  5. Xiao says:

    Actually, I read on the Umineko LJ that the broadcasting station was the one who censored the candy spilling guts. So the animation is just being regulated for public viewing, DEEN had no say in it. ^^;

    Still, mosaic censor or not, the twilight murder was better than the first one. More fun! Candy! *sicko* xDDDD


    lol Mahou Shoujo Kanon ftw. :thumb:

    I really liked the fight scene with the goats, too…and demand like some sort of army of them to storm Rokkenjima. Oh yea, LoTR-style all the way~ MWUAHAHAHAHA! :haha:

    I liked Asmo’s voice though I agree, it came off a little more chirky (chirpy + squeaky) than I imagined but maybe Aki Toyosaki’s still getting to use to the role. I did, however, liked it very much when she said “ANSWER ME, YA CUTE LIL KID! >8D”
    And ohh yes, Yoko Hikasa was definitely very well done. Sadistic and sultry. Nice~ I can’t wait to hear Satan start raging mad! That would make my day. And I think those fanarts are being drawn as we speak. |D;

    SATANSPIN FTW. Move aside, Spinzaku. LOL xDD;;

    I like ze red txt much. 83 Haha, and Battler will be remembered best for his “Objection!” stance, I’m sure of it. xD

    Last but not least…all the awesome moms have rifles, apparently. 😛

  6. foomafoo says:

    Can’t wait for Jessica to use her knuckles already :14: And, George’s fierce martial arts as well. Oh noes it’s getting even more shounen 😳

  7. Brenana says:

    Wow, some murder method. I guess those could be called sweetmeats! Hahaha-*shot*
    I seriously thought that Maria-mama was donna blow her daughter’s brains out cause she was possessed. (At least someone should figure it out by now. And then she’ll go all soft after the lovely death and do the awkward chest burying thing….with a little girl *shot again* )

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