Eden of the East: 02 – The Ultimate Death Phone 2009™


Sick of your cheap, lame phone? Come one, come all here!


Tired of your lame-assed cheap phone?


THEN TRY THIS! Ultimate DeathPhone 2009™! With just a short call to Juiz, you’ll be having 8,262,307,719 yen to spend whenever you want, whatever you do! Other than that shitload of cash, Juiz can also grant any requests you take, as fast as you could imagine!


This guy samples the Ultimate Death Phone 2009™’s capabilities as he kills a man as fast as he could say “bang!” (did I mentioned that it’s a Death Phone? …Watch out Yagami Light!).




Special feature also gives you an access to the ladies’ bathroom.


Increase your chances of becoming popular with it! And most of all, score yourself a girl that’s head over heels for you, like below!


See? Be the coolest kid on the planet! Get one now before it gets out of stock! >EDIT: Oh, breaking news: It’s out of stock already.

Srs impressions:

Ok, it’s time to get srs. Eden of the East continues up to be very promising, mysterious and entertaining. The fact that on how Juiz fulfill requests very fast is really crazy. We get a couple of new characters that we’ll be probably seeing more of. First is on the side of Saki, the two guys in the car, which I also saw the early promo character sketches of them before. We also get to meet the bad guy at the end part of the episode, which also has a phone similar to Akira. It seems quite implied that he has intentions to take on Akira’s assignment.

So far, this is still on my top priorities to watch this Spring, it just sucks though that they don’t put previews on the next episode, but I guess it adds up on the suspense.

Something really interesting popped out of my curiosity that I noticed is that at the very first start of the series in the first episode, we see Saki and Akira’s picture already and how she talks about him being Prince etc., I wonder now on how Akira will end up at the end of this series in relation to Saki’s narration at the beginning.

Srs screencaps are on the next page, srsly…


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8 Responses to “Eden of the East: 02 – The Ultimate Death Phone 2009™”

  1. My favorite post of 2009, this has become! *Yoda’s voice*

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  2. Ashelea says:

    😆 Lmao. 😆
    Episodic post turned out to be a hilarious advertisement (or vice versa? XD).

  3. kanzeon says:

    I lol’d, especially at the standing guy caption XD.

  4. anon289 says:

    I can’t think of anything wittier to comment.

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  6. vandakiara says:

    I seriously loled hard at this :’D it’s a brilliant post ahah <3 :XD:

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  7. Hotaru says:

    Haha. I lol’d. I seriously want a phone like that, though. :glares:

    Hotaru’s last blog post..First Impressions on Spring Anime

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